The Sinking City

Release date: June 27, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The Sinking City Side Cases Walkthrough: A Delicate Matter

Additional assignment given by Robert Throgmorton

In your last conversation with Robert Throgmorton in the quest Lost at Sea, you may agree to help him.

So, you should investigate the fate of Herbert Glover. The address is indicated in the case book. Go to the central part of Oldgrove and enter the house. Head to the room on the left where two statues are located. The head is missing on one of them, and you can turn the head on the other one. On the table, you’ll find a letter to Mr. Throgmorton and a forty-year-old newspaper.

Monsters will descend from above, including one huge creature. Kill them all, go upstairs and find Glover’s body with a knife in his chest. Go out in the corridor and pick up a strange sketch from a small table near the wall. Note that a mirror was taken from the wall.

Go to the room with a safe. Inspect the safe itself and the bullet hole in the mirror to the left from it. A rift will appear. Enter it and examine three memories. Number them, starting with the corridor from where the mirror was stolen and continuing with the memory by the safe and in the room with the corpse. In the basement, you’ll find a head of the statue - you can set it back in its place.

Go to the police station and use the archive. Select the clue The art collector’s demise and set three conditions for the search:

  1. Crimes: Property crimes.
  2. Subjects: Suspects.
  3. District: Oldgrove.

Read Squint’s police file. His place of residence is unknown, but the file says about his accomplice Sydney. He lives in Salvation Harbor. Go to the crossroad of the specified streets and walk along Moorland Rd a bit to the west.

The Sinking City Side Cases Walkthrough: A Delicate Matter-4

Enter the house and find a letter from the morgue on the kitchen on the first floor – it lies on the table. Inspect the dish on the same table and activate the Mind’s Eye so that ghosts point to the sink in the corner – its lower part is boarded up. Destroy the boards and find the portrait of Stokes’ mother.

Go up to the second floor and kill all monsters. Examine the corpse of Косой with a knife in the chest. Use the Mind’s Eye on the knife to see how a woman takes away the mirror. Inspect the bottle of bourbon on the nearby table and use the Mind’s Eye. Go to the wall on the left from the bed and use the Mind’s Eye to find a symbol to dispel the illusion. Talk to Sydney Stokes and decide what you should do – set him free or hand him to the police. In any case, all evidence is found.

Go back to Robert Throgmorton and report on everything. You can expose Stokes or tell him that both robbers are dead. You must also accept or reject the second part of the task – the search for the mirror. If you agree, the next case will begin, while this case will be closed anyway.

Robert Summers