The Sinking City

Release date: June 27, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The Sinking City Side Cases Walkthrough: Field Research

How to complete the side case given by Doctor Grant from the Oakmont hospital and unlock the Plague doctor costume

After the beginning of the storyline mission Lost at Sea, this quest is provided by Doctor Grant from the Hospital of St. Mary. You must visit two places – a shop of a former patient and a house of an infected man. The clues contain the necessary addresses.

The Sinking City Side Cases Walkthrough: Field Research-1

Start by going to the shop of the former patient in the center of Salvation Harbor. The medicines are located at the seller’s counter on the left side, at the very end. Examine them, inspect the bedding behind the counter and read the store salesman’s notes. Activate the Mind’s Eye to see ‘’octopuses’’ leading to the basement (that’s a tip). In front of the stairs to the basement, on the table which consists of two barrels, you’ll find a reply from the hospital. Go down to the basement and see a hanged man. On the barrel to the right from him, you’ll find a suicide note. All evidence is found.

Now you should visit the house of an infected man in the northern part of Salvation Harbor. Go there and enter the house. You’ll have to use a boat and moor to the pier on the left from a huge barge. On the first floor in a big room, kill the invisible monsters, examine a wooden horse and pick up Liz’ secret diary which lies on the bedside table. You can break the boards in the bathroom to get into the closed part of the corridor and enjoy some loot. Activate the Mind’s Eye near the bed in the corner and look at the bloody pillow. Hold LMB to see a scene from the past.

Go up to the second floor, examine the plates on the kitchen and a red slime on the floor where you’ll also find a hat and a red boot. You should deal with monsters before you do this. A rift will appear. Enter it and find three memories. First, activate the memory on the first floor, then – on the kitchen of the second floor (the doctor goes to work), and finally activate the memory in the living room of the second floor. All evidence is found.

Go back to the doctor in the hospital and report on your research. He will offer several new places – agree to this offer. You will also receive a reward for the previous part of this quest.

This time, you must visit a locked shop and a suspicious restaurant. The case book indicates their location.

Go to the suspicious restaurant in the eastern part of Reed Heights. Enter the restaurant in the alley and kill the monsters. On one of the tables, you will find an announcement about a search for workers. The official invitation lies at the bar counter. Pass the bar counter, find a ceiling and inspect the blood stains on it. Go up to the second floor and pick up a note Mysterious disappearance from the table.

The Sinking City Side Cases Walkthrough: Field Research-7

Go back to the bar counter on the first floor and jump over the railing to get to the kitchen. Examine big knives and a bathroom with human limbs, and then go to the next room. Kill Meyers who is standing near the corpse of a girl. You will get a key from the basement which allows you to get out. Do not hurry. Instead, read the recipe for human meat which is lying near the dead girl. On the opposite table, you’ll find a diary Cannibalism. Go to the bowls on the floor, use the Mind’s Eye and view the memory. All evidence is found.

The Sinking City Side Cases Walkthrough: Field Research-8

Now go to the western part of Reed Heights where the locked shop is located. Go inside. A huge monster will appear from the basement. Shoot at his vulnerable spot on the chest. A sectarian letter lies at the counter. In the box that is located by the nearby wall, you’ll find stinky bags. Go down to the basement and pick up the book Mother’s Grace. Inspect the slime on the floor until you find an interactive spot. Charles will take a sample of this slime for the doctor. A rift will appear above. Enter it, examine three memories and list them in the correct order – two above and one in the basement. All evidence is found.

Return to the doctor and tell him about everything. In the end, you’ll get your reward for this quest – various consumables, ammo, and a Plague doctor suit.

Robert Summers