The Sinking City

Release date: June 27, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Nosedive

The complete walkthrough of the fifth case ‘’Nosedive’’

So, the meeting with Ebernote was supposed to take place in the flooded office in the region of Reed Heights, on Sam Reed St, between Innsmouth Rd and Oak St. Go to the specified place and moor to the pier at the hole in the wall. Go inside and kill two men in strange high caps. Inspect the dead body which is hanging on the rope in the room on the right to get the note of warning.

Go to another body with a knife in the head. Examine the knife, including blood on the blade, and activate the Mind’s Eye. Go to the place that the ghosts show you. Get to the second floor and see a corpse of another Innsmouther. Next to him, you’ll find a letter from EB (Ebernote Blackwood?) which was addressed to professor Dough. Move further and find traces of blood in the far room. Pick up the Translation notes which tell about the Chosen One who will seal the enemy. Inspect the traces of bullets on the wall which is located a bit further to the right from this place, behind the next table.

A rift will appear on the second floor. Enter it and find all memories – two memories below and two memories above. After this, list them in the correct order.

  1. Innsmouther on the top of the stairs that cries to Blackwood that they were attacked.
  2. Blackwood in the room on the second floor. He surrenders and asks to spare his men.
  3. The hanged Innsmouther on the first floor.
  4. Blackwood is escorted (first floor, exit).

In the Mind Palace, combine two clues – ‘’Hooded Massacre’’ and ‘’Not the first, not the last’’. Reed will conclude that this is not the first action of unknown men in the hoods who threaten fish-faced.

Go to the police station, select the clue ‘’Fishfaces not welcome’’ and set three conditions for the search:

  1. Crimes: Violent crimes.
  2. Subjects: Suspects.
  3. District: Reed Heights.

You will learn about The Orion club. The document confirms their relationship with the KKK (Ku Klux Klan) and explains the presence of hoods.

Now you must visit this club. It is located in the central part of Advent district on St. Michael Rd to the south from University St. Go there. You will not miss the club due to a big sign. Go inside and inspect the dead body. Kill all monsters, go down and eliminate the remaining ones. Jump over the box to find a wounded guard. Talk to him and learn that Маг is the main one. You may provide him with the first aid kit or leave him to die. In the first case, he will give bullets to Reed and you’ll get experience points.

There is a wall behind his back. You can examine this wall using the Mind’s Eye. The wall will disappear. Go to the body of Innsmouther and inspect it with the Mind’s Eye. You will see a crow. Climb to the nearest stand and get to the first floor through the hole in the ceiling. You will find yourself in a locked room. On one of the tables, you will find KKK orders.

Destroy the lock to get out of here. However, instead of doing this, use the table where you have found the document to get to the second floor through the hole in the ceiling. Kill all monsters and examine the torture tools on the table to the right side from the body. On the railing behind the corpse, you’ll find Ebernote’s confession. Activate the Mind’s Eye and open the rift on the body of the sectarian. There, you’ll find a nickel key.

Inspect the symbol on the wall of the toilet and go out into the corridor by breaking the lock. Kill the monster – you can break the lock on the door on the left side so that you can use the stairs to go down. Go up, eliminate the enemies and enter the room with the Imperial Wizard. Talk to him about everything. Ultimately, you will have to shoot him and his associates.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Nosedive-7

There are three books in the room, but all the evidence has already been found so you are not obliged to examine them. Leave the club, open the map and leave a mark on the western side of Grimhaven Bay, at Deepshore Rd, between Skipper Rd and Marsh Ave. Go inside the building which doors are marked by the symbol #. Go inside and watch the cutscene. Go to the left and examine the plates and a soup pan. On the right side, you’ll find a box with fish, while a map is located on the table on the left side. Examine the map, activate the Mind’s Eye and see dark ghosts. Follow them downstairs and approach a wall with a symbol. When the wall disappears, examine two bodies in the room.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Nosedive-8

Return to the first floor and examine the bed sheet on the bed in the far room. Go to the second floor. There, you can find the same crumpled bed sheets and a book on a stand in the center of the room. A rift will appear. Go down to it on the first floor and enter the rift. Find three memories – one memory per each floor, and list them in the correct order: basement, first floor, second floor.

In the Mind Palace, combine clues ‘’Into the sea’’ and ‘’Markings on the map’’. You will learn that Ebernote led his people to the shore at the western part of Salvation Harbor, at the end of Pembroke Lane. Go there and dive underwater.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Nosedive-9

Navigate the water from one lantern to another. Periodically, you must shoot at the underwater monsters and dodge hot springs. Enter the cave, kill several enemies and find Blackwood at the top. Interrogate him to collect all clues and then follow the passage up the stairs.

Examine the symbol depicted on the wall to get the first fresco which refers to the existence of an underground Cthygonnaar. Dreamer’s Hidden Daughter was imprisoned in this jail. Use the Mind’s Eye to look at the wall so that it disappears. Examine and go through two more walls until you find yourself in a big hall. Talk to professor Dough who stands near the stone on the right side. After this, open the Mind Palace and combine the clues:

  1. The prophecy / Another vision.
  2. One savior / The prophecy.
  3. EOD is dangerous / EOD planned the kidnapping.
  4. Blackwood and the Professor / Blackwood-Dough correspondence.
  5. The prophecy / EOD planned the kidnapping.

Now you must choose what to do – ‘’Only one may survive’’ or ‘’One, one may remain’’. In the first case, you’ll have to kill Harriet Dough as she is the Chosen One just like the protagonist. In the second case, the detective decides to save the professor.

Our choice: save Harriet.

Talk to Dough and tell that it’s high time to leave. Try to pick up the stamp from the nearby stand and watch the cutscene.

Robert Summers