The Sinking City

Release date: June 27, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Fathers and Sons

The complete walkthrough of the fourth case ‘’Fathers and Sons

Start by going to the Oakmont Chronicle. Use the archive, select ‘’Fred’s demand’’ as the clue and configure the search:

  1. Period: After the flood.
  2. Section: Advertisements.
  3. District: Salvation Harbor.

You will find the announcement ‘’Toothless Bob’s wake’’ in which The Seven Oaks bar is indicated. It is located on the crossroad of Calmshore St and Salvation Rd.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Fathers and Sons-1

Go there, activate the telephone booth on the crossroad and look right to see a building on which you’ll find a giant ship. Go inside – that’s The Seven Oaks bar. Talk to policeman Sam Shaw and get the additional case ‘’Extra Hours’’ from him.

Talk to the bartender regarding the passenger transport. Obviously, he won’t help you for free, so you’ll have to do him a favor. The bartender was expecting a delivery of a package of ‘’the water of life’’ but the courier did not appear. You must investigate what happened and deliver the package.

You must visit the western part of Grimhaven Bay, Levi Coffin Ave, not far from the crossroad with Marsh Ave. Use the telephone booth to get to the center of Grimhaven Bay, to the ‘’anchor’’ marker.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Fathers and Sons-4

Here, you should notice a bearded man who stands by the tent. Talk to him. His name is Vincent, and he has a job for you. Agree to help him to get an additional case ‘’Bounty of the Sea’’. We remind you that we’ll analyze the walkthrough of additional quests in a separate guide.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Fathers and Sons-5

Move to the required place and enter the building to activate a new location – ‘’A favor for the bartender’’. Go down to the basement and inspect the floor. You will see marks from the wheels of something heavy as well as some dried blood. A canister stands on the box on the left side. Examine it and inspect its neck. Reed will say that there was gasoline inside. Further along the wall, you’ll see a skeleton attached to the wall – someone has burned a corpse. Also in the basement, go to the other side and activate the Mind’s Eye to see a symbol ‘’#’’ on the wall. Go to the wall and examine another symbol. The wall will disappear just like in the expedition headquarters. Behind it, you’ll find a box of whiskey on the table.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Fathers and Sons-6

Kill the monster that has just appeared, enter the rift by the stairs and examine four memories. After this, number them in the correct order:

  1. An unknown man is looking at the wall that you have installed.
  2. A man sits in the wheelchair by the stairs.
  3. The wheelchair man’s accomplices beat a guy who tried to go through the wall.
  4. The corpse is burned near the wall.

You will get a new clue. Return to The Seven Oaks bar and talk about everything with the bartender. He will say that the man in the wheelchair is his boss and that he can help with transportation from the island. Read the note in the journal of the case and you’ll learn where you need to go next.

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The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Fathers and Sons

Go to the specified street in the southern part of Salvation Harbor and walk into the alley between the houses. You’ll be met by the bandits. Tell them that you’ll kill the dog as it is mad and then agree to be taken to the boss.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Fathers and Sons-9

Talk to Brutus Carpenter. He will say that somebody tried to kill him. More, the man had his own face. You must learn who wants to eliminate Brutus as only then he will help Fred. Interrogate Brutus about everything and get out. By the way, you can find a corpse of a woman with a medallion in the basement of the same house. Inspect it using the Mind’s Eye to see how she is killed by one of the Carpenter’s men. Most likely, the woman fell through the hole in the ceiling – a piece of cloth is hanging there. Right now, there’s no use for this conclusion.

You must visit two places – Carpenters’ mansion and a crematorium. Start by going to the mansion. It is located in the south of Oldgrove, at Goldbridge Rd. Go to the biggest building – a table stands near it. Read the note: Carpenter family distributes food and medicine every day from 9 am to 5 pm. Ask about work – you’ll be told to bring a sack of potatoes from the basement.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Fathers and Sons-10

Go inside the mansion, go down to the basement and find an empty bag. Activate the Mind’s Eye and move towards the point at which the dark silhouette of man is looking. You will leave the mansion, get through the fence and find yourself in the neighboring courtyard where a man on the roof of the car is hiding from monsters. Eliminate the monsters and talk to the man. You may grab the bag of potatoes from him or show some mercy. We have chosen the second option.

Return to your employer and talk to him. Tell him that you can report to the boss by yourself. He will give instructions and allow you to go to Graham Carpenter on the second floor of the mansion. Also on the second floor, you’ll find a closed door of Brutus’ father. Read the note, activate the Mind’s Eye and follow the octopus. Descend to the first floor and find an open fridge in the kitchen. Inside, there’s a key from Brutus’ room. Enter the room on the second floor, examine the photo of Brutus who kisses a ‘’monkey’’ and also find an empty flask on the shelf on the left side. Talk to the double of Brutus Carpenter. He will ask you whether you brought something to it and then tell you to go away.

Go to another room on the second floor and talk to Graham Carpenter. He will not punish the thief and offer him to come to get the medicines. Talk about everything. Inspect the room: a medal on the military suit, a letter from Boston in the closet, a photo on the outer side part of the closet. You should definitely look at the photo itself and on the inscription on its back part (Paris, December 1918). If you have visited the double of Brutus Carpenter on the second floor, Reed will say that he has already seen the face from the photo (near Graham). Near the Bible on the shelf, activate the Mind’s Eye and open the rift to see how Graham decided to repent of his sins.

Leave the mansion and talk to the thief to learn what Carpenters did before. If you wish, you can provide him with a first-aid kit. The last clue that you must find is a note from Brutus Carpenter diary that is lying in the safe behind his double. Having done this, you will collect all clues.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Fathers and Sons-11

The crematorium is located in the south of Reed Heights, on the corner of Wayne Rd and Phillips St. Use the boat to get to the place and enter the building. There’s a descent in the main hall. Go to the basement and go to the end of the corridor. Read the note on the door leading to the crematorium. Go to the morgue and find the crematorium registry and crematorium keys on the table. Use the key to open the door and go down.

Examine the stinking rag near the stairs, move further and find a shovel near another door. Inspect the handle and the back of the stem to see two clues. Remove the lock and go inside another room. Examine a stinking carpet opposite the door and then a brush on the couch on the left side. A rift will appear. Enter it and find three memories in the nearby and one more memory in the morgue. Arrange them in the correct order:

  1. An unknown man ordered the attendant to burn a new body as soon as possible.
  2. Brutus woke up in the crematorium.
  3. Brutus hit someone in the head with a shovel.
  4. Brutus stands at the stairs and says that you need to get out soon before someone comes back to his senses.

Open the Mind Palace and combine two clues: ‘’Brutus stunned the crematorium worker’’ and ‘’Crematorium shift schedule’’. You will learn that James Warren was on duty that day. Go to the hospital in Coverside and study the archive. Choose ‘’Find James Warren’’ and set three conditions:

  1. Subjects: Patients.
  2. Period: After the flood.
  3. Department: Surgery.

Go to the second floor and talk to the man with his hands at his head. He will say that an unconscious man was brought by some priests from the old church. Open the Mind Palace and select two clues – ‘’Brutus met the priest of an old church’’ and ‘’Churchgoers wanted Brutus to be cremated’’. A new goal will appear – you must find an old Oakmont church.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Fathers and Sons-14

Head to Oakmont library which is located in the southern part of Advent. Go inside and talk to Joy Hayden. Go to the archive and make a request based on ‘’Find and old Oakmont church’’. Select the following conditions:

  1. Section: Religion.
  2. Period: 17th-19th century.
  3. Region: Local.
The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Fathers and Sons-15

You will find ‘’Prayer to the heavens’’. You are interested in Redemption Church. It is located in the center of Salvation Harbor, on Marsh Ave between Polaris Rd and Old Church Rd. Go there and activate the phone booth that is located in the nearby. Go inside the church and find a note from the church on the table on the right side. It says that Hilda failed to seduce the mayor, so the church leaders decided to pour out mercury in his room.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Fathers and Sons-16

Go to the altar, activate the Mind’s Eye and look from the top so that a luminous symbol appears. The cover will disappear, and you’ll see someone’s remains. Kill two monsters and go down. Find a corpse of a priest. Pick up a priest’s diary to learn about a temptress daughter that he burned. Examine his body and pick up a rusty key from the door on the right side.

Do not rush to descend but continue to explore this floor. Find a puddle of smelly slime and a dropped note in an opposite narrow corridor. Open the rusty door and go down. You’ll see a diving suit in good condition. Leave this place, go up to the first floor and follow up the stairs. You’ll find a statue. Activate the Mind’s Eye and find another luminous symbol (on the statue) so that it turns from a maiden into some kind of monster.

Descend to the first floor where the rift appeared. Enter the rift and find four memories – one on the first floor, one near the statue on the second floor and two in the basement. You must list them in the correct order:

  1. People by the statue on the second floor.
  2. People with boxes on the first floor.
  3. The priest orders to burn the bodies in the basement.
  4. People in diving suits pass through a rusty door in the basement.

Open the Mind Palace and combine two clues – ‘’Church records are taken away’’ and ‘’The cultists hid under the church’’.

Go down and put on a diving suit. Come to the wall, use the Mind’s Eye and find a luminous symbol. The wall will disappear.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Fathers and Sons-17

Then, you must follow the symbols of an eye which are glowing when the Mind’s Eye is activated. Go from one symbol to another and climb up using Space. Avoid hot streams since they deal damage. If you see a monster, throw a fire at the side or shoot a harpoon. Get to the luminous passage and enter the cave.

Talk to a sectarian. A battle will begin. Kill the sectarians with accurate shots in the head and throw grenades at the Fecund Mother. If you have the resources, create new grenades and continue attacking. You may also use Molotov cocktails or a shotgun. From time to time, when the Fecund Mother gets damage, she will summon centipedes. Kill them. As soon as you eliminate her, finish off the remaining psychos and mutants that are attacking you. You can spare the people who are on their knees.

The Sinking City Main Walkthrough: Fathers and Sons-18

Then, go to the altar near which the sectarian stood and examine the book ‘’Songs of the Horned Woods’’. Go to the ‘’newborn’’ on the opposite side and inspect the note from the church which lies on the box on the right side. You will also find a wheelchair there. Open the Mind Palace and combine the clues:

  1. It's a cult not a church / The church can control Graham.
  2. Churchgoers wanted Brutus to be cremated / Graham had a deal with Church.
  3. Carpenters are helping poor / Graham wants to change his family.
  4. And the remaining two clues.

Now, you must make a decision:

  1. Help Graham get rid of Brutus. In this case, choose options ‘’Brutus is never going to change’’ and ‘’Graham will stand firm’’.
  2. Tell Brutus that Graham wanted to kill him. Choose options ‘’A second chance for Brutus.’’ and ‘’Graham — cultists' puppet’’.
Our choice: help Brutus (then we changed it and helped Graham).

Get to the surface. On the first floor of the church, use the Mind’s Eye to inspect the symbols on two more maiden statues. As a result, you will find all the evidence.

Note. There is a stone wall with a table and the name of the church near the church itself. There’s a note there – pick it up to get an additional quest ‘’Historical heritage’’.

Return to Brutus. Do you recall the corpse of a woman in the basement? If you have examined the medallion using the Mind’s Eye, you can ask Brutus about the body. He will say that the guilty are already punished and that he does not kill women and children. You have all the clues so you can announce that you have found the villain. Ask him what he will do when he returns to the family. Brutus will say that everything will be the same as before. This did not suit us, so we chose Graham’s side.

In any case, if you decide to support Graham, you’ll have to kill Brutus. You are not required to kill his other men so you can simply escape the smugglers’ lair after his death. Go back to Graham and tell him about everything. He will promise to get Fred out of the island.

Anyway, go back to Fred to the basement of the fish market in the Shells district and report good news. He will say that he was supposed to meet with Ebernote Blackwood, a high-ranking member of the EOD. Now it’s you who will go to this meeting, while the current case will be closed. In addition to an ordinary reward, you will unlock a gangster suit.

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