Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Release date: March 22, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace

Optimal routes, collectibles, secrets, combat tactics

Following the victory over Great Shinobi Owl, the heroes finally collect the ingredients of the divine incense and get the ‘’pass’’ to the Fountainhead Palace. We’ll now discuss how to get there.

Rope giant and Corrupted Monk

Having visited (optionally) the second version of Hirata Estate and having dealt with the boss there, go to the Wedding Cave Door idol. Behind the altar, you’ll find a wedding palanquin (looks like a tent) – get inside and pray.

After a few seconds, an arm of a huge rope giant will slip into the ‘’ceiling’’ hole, grab the ‘’tent’’ and take the hero to the goal of his journey. Once you have control over Wolf, jump to the stairs to pick up two pellets and climb the slope to the Fountainhead Palace idol

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-6

You cannot choose the route at this stage, so go to the bridge covered with red leaves and deal with the True Corrupted Monk.

For the victory, you will get Memory: True Monk and Dragon’s Tally Board. Thanks to the last item, local merchants will offer an infinite amount of divine confetti, snap seeds, eel livers, black gunpowder and scrap iron.

Sit by the Vermillion Bridge idol and increase the power of your attack, recalling the recent battle. Next, go to the cliff and look around – at the edge of the waterfall, you’ll find the palace whose territory is mostly occupied by water.

At the edge of the lake

Use your hook and jumps to descend the remains of the stairs along the cliff on the right to the entrance to the area. On the road to the first building, suck in two spirit emblems and pick up a mibu balloon of soul on the porch. From here, you will see the main type of enemies in this location – a mist noble.

In comparison with the creature that was the source of mist in Mibu village, these individuals can suck the life out of the hero with their flute, leaving him with little health and ‘’Enfeebled’’ status. In this condition, you cannot resurrect, run or dodge, while the basic katana attack becomes unbearably slow.

If you do nothing, the noble will grab the hero and finish him off. The alternative option is to engage in a (slow) fight. In case you deal a deathblow – the nobles die from literally two pokes – the protagonist will eat his life force back out of the enemy.

The intermediate solution is to jump to a safe place and wait for the negative effect to be removed or to sit by the idol. You’ll have to restore the damaged health by yourself, so you should avoid mist nobles if possible.

Theoretically, you can run up to the first enemy before he can weaken you, but we advise you to stealthily deal with such enemies. You can bypass such opponents outside the building. Having dealt with the threat, move to the next room.

On the left side of the room, the noble will play the flute standing with his face to the window and with his back to the table with the spirit emblem. On the right side, you’ll find another opponent behind the screen – eliminate the first enemy with a deathblow and rush behind the screen to deal with the second one.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-18

Go outside to the waterfall and pick up a light coin purse from a wooden column that is sticking out of the water. From here, you can see enemies at the two-storied building in the front – these are local okami warriors. It’s rather difficult to fight against them in close combat but you can act stealthily.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-19

Get to the opposite side of the building and pay attention to the serene reservoir which is stretching from one end of the palace to another. Do not swim now as the warrior on the sakura will throw thunder spears at you.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-20

Since taking a bath is not an option, let’s get back to the ground. In addition to two guards on the ground, the above-mentioned two-storied building is guarded by four archers – one is located on the parapet above the first tier, while the remaining enemies are located on the roof. We’ll start with the roof.

Using grip points, pull yourself up to the very top of the structure and eliminate all three shooters one by one using deathblows. If you squat and do not go into the zone of sight of your opponents, the hero will not be detected. Jump to the tier below and repeat the procedure with the remaining archer.

As for the patrol, you can stealthily sneak up to one of them. After this, use Bloodsmoke technique to eliminate the second one without an open fight. Noble plays on the flute inside the building – kill him fast and pick up a mibu balloon of soul in the nearby.

You’ll face another okami warrior at the remains of the bridge from the opposite part of the building. You can stealthily sneak up to her but if the maneuver does not work out, this enemy will become an excellent training ground in absence of supporting archers.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-31

Okami attack in a dance style, constantly circling around and combining circular and sharp lunges that you can block (the latter attack can be parried with the help of Mikiri). The enemies do not have a big supply of posture, so a couple of successful parries will lead you to a quick victory.

If you have problems, use Sabimaru tool (the base is obtained on the first floor of Ashina Castle) – the descendants of the ancient warriors are extremely vulnerable to poison. Among other things, one blow with a poisoned blade deals material damage to posture.

Having dealt with the enemy, pick up a lump of grave wax from the edge of the bridge and proceed to the spacious courtyard in the nearby where you’ll find three ceramic shards on the wall. From there, you can see several luminous objects but it’s too early to descend to them.

The fenced territory is full of dog-like creatures that spit lightnings. Without leaving the wall, use shuriken to shoot the animals behind two trees (one-two shots are enough to kill the creature) and pick up Ungo’s sugar and a heavy coin purse.

Do not enter the nearby building. Instead, climb onto it – a couple of okami warriors settled there (with a bow and a sword). Eliminate them stealthily – their location is favorable for stealth assassination – and go to the edge of the roof from which you can notice a cluster of thunder dogs.

Shoot the animals with shuriken and jump to the item that was guarded by them – you’ll find two eel livers (a very useful item when you have to deal with lightnings). Two more ‘’dogs’’ are located near the tree in front – deal with them and pick up two Yashariku’s sugars.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-41

Behind the open gates, you’ll see the Mibu Manor idol – you can activate the control point right now, but do not rest there yet. Face the building behind you – kill two ‘’dogs’’ that were waiting for you at the entrance and move inside.

In the central hall, you will find three more beasts and a local noble. You can shoot them from afar to avoid the risk of being weakened. Having dealt with the enemies, pick up adamantite scrap near the wall and return to the previously activated idol.

Mibu Manor and the Bull of the Palace

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-44

Mibu Manor is a complex of one-storied buildings connected with passages – the place is full of enemies. One of them is patrolling the first corridor along the way – wait until the opponent reaches the corner and finish him off.

Move to the room with a friendly old woman – pay attention to the small courtyard on the left with another noble. The old woman will warn you about a bunch of enemies in the nearby and will ask to save her father from the service to the Great Carp.

Hiding behind the screens on the left – otherwise, the numerous enemies located on the opposite side will notice you – sneak up to two bite downs near the wall and turn to the left. Quickly kill the above-mentioned noble and run up to a nearby tree to get three Ako’s sugars.

After this, you need to get rid of another ‘’musician’’ on the bridge in the distance. Wait until the opponent turns his back and sneak up to him to deal a deathblow. Okami warrior is sitting by the luminous object in the room to the left of this place.

Stealthily sneak up to the enemy and finish her off, then pick up three eel livers and proceed through the fenced corridor in the nearby to another noble and four piles of yellow gunpowder in the dead end. Through the holes in the wall, you’ll be able to see something big and pink outside, but it’s too early to worry about it.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-58

Return to the bridge where the noble sat – behind this place, there’s a room. A patrol which consists of one noble and two okami warriors goes around this room. You won’t be able to eliminate them stealthily when they are so close to each other, so you’ll need to use some tricks.

Use the hook to climb to the ceiling. You can divide the group using Finger Whistle. When enemies are walking under you, focus the camera on any of the guards and use the gadget – the chosen opponent will stop, providing an opportunity for the stealth deathblow.

Repeat the procedure with the second guard, and then eliminate the noble. Another one will guard a lump of grave wax inside the above-mentioned room. If you do not want to make noise, get back to the ceiling and kill the enemy with a deathblow from the air.

It’s too early to go to the main courtyard – there are too many nobles in one place – so get back into the corridor, follow along the left wall and pick up two divine confetti at the turn. Turn to the right to see okami warrior in a purple dress and a noble at the distance.

Follow along the left wall and get to the hole in the wooden floor – the enemy duet can notice the hero, but with proper skill you’ll be able to avoid detection. Dive into the depth – you’ll get above the water in just a couple of meters away from this place.

You will find yourself in a small room with three luminous objects – these are treasure carp scales – and a chest. You’ll find the Water of the Palace – you can give the drink to the high priest of Mibu village in Ashina Depths in exchange for Dragonspring Sake.

If you visit the priest one more time (after you rest by the idol), you’ll learn that he turned into a mist noble after drinking the water. Kill the monster you created and get five treasure carp scales.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-76

Back to Mibu Manor. Swim out of the secret room back to the courtyard and go to the building where the above-mentioned duet is located. Three nobles can be seen behind the corner – one stands on the porch while the two others are located on the walkways in the center of the open space.

Lure the nearby enemy with a ceramic shard – if you don’t do this, the hero will be detected by two okami warriors and a noble in a red dress – and eliminate him with a deathblow in the back. Next, look inside the room to attract the attention of the warrior.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-79

Lure the enemy away from her comrades to deal with her one on one. Just like the Corrupted Monk, these enemies can swing their weapons but at their feet rather than the head. Jump over this attack straight at the head of the opponent to deal material damage to posture.

Having dealt with the first guard of the noble in red, return to the second one – by this time, both opponents should return to their original positions. Use Gachiin’s sugar or Wolf’s natural speed to deal a deathblow from the back, then eliminate the weak noble.

In case you have made some noise, the warrior in purple dress who is standing behind the wall may have heard the sounds of the battle. Anyway, pick up adamantite scrap from the floor and divine grass from the nearby chest at the end of the fight.

Turn to the two nobles in the courtyard – they look in different directions, so they won’t notice the death of their comrade. Act fast so that you are not enfeebled. When both enemies are dead, pick up one pellet near the tree and suck in a spirit emblem.

Return to the enemy in purple dress and her companion. Draw the attention of one of the opponents with a ceramic shard to divide the pair and to be left alone against the opponent. She fights identically to other enemies with naginata but can shoot lightnings.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-89

You always have a chance to dodge the lightning shot – the range of such attacks is limited. However, if you get hit in the air, make sure to press the strike button before you land to redirect the current to the enemy and stun her for a few seconds. In this case, you will get practically no damage.

Having dealt with the warrior, finish off the companion (if you haven’t done this before) and eliminate another one at the exit from the area. In front of the curved wooden bridge immediately outside the walls of the manor you will find the Flower Viewing Stage idol.

Rest at the control point and walk to the high pagoda on the left before you move on – behind it, you’ll find three divine confetti. Use the hook to climb onto the roof of the nearby building – you’ll see three archers who will disturb you during the fight against the local mini-boss.

Eliminate the shooters to facilitate your life – you can’t get to them from the side of the pagoda, so you’ll have to take a detour. Go around the manor counterclockwise at the top and kill enemies one by one – they stand far enough from each other and won’t hear the noise of their comrades’ deaths.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-98

From the roof, you’ll see the Bull of the Palace walking along the western wall of the manor. Just like the Blazing Bull from Ashina Castle outskirts, this mini-boss has only one health scale and has almost the same attacks.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-99

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-100

Choose the moment and jump at the bull to deal a deathblow. Contrary to the established tradition, the deathblow won’t kill the animal – it will reduce his health by about 45% - but will facilitate the upcoming battle.

Jump away from the beast’s back and activate divine confetti to facilitate the process. As before, stay close to the bull and attack his side/ass – in this case, most enemy pushes will not reach you, while you’ll be able to avoid the remaining ones by jumping back or to the side.

If you can’t keep up with the enemy – the bull runs around almost non-stop – use shinobi firecracker. Frightened by sparks, the bull will be stunned for a few seconds.

How to kill the Bull of the Palace in 10 seconds

The alternative option is to get to the beast in his enclosure and shock him with a firecracker. If the positioning is right, the mini-boss will rush forward, knock his head at the rock and provide you with an opportunity to deal the deathblow.

For the victory over the Bull of the Palace, you’ll get a prayer bead and the Beast’s Karma skill (increases the maximum supply of spirit emblems by one). Before you return to the idol, pick up two pellets, adamantite scrap, a heavy coin purse and three Yashariku’s sugars along the wall and in the nearby enclosure.

Flower Viewing Stage and Shichimen Warrior

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-105

A curved wooden bridge leads from the Flower Viewing Stage idol to the far side of the palace. When you try to cross it, a huge carp will jump out of the water – that’s the one who subjugated the father of the friendly old woman from Mibu Manor – and smash the central part of the structure.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-106

Jump from the recently formed edge towards the grip point on the branch that protrudes from the rock to avoid falling into the water – in the other case, an opponent on the Great Sakura will throw painful lightnings at you.

Once on the far side of the bridge, pick up a mibu balloon of soul near the high pagoda and go around the building clockwise to avoid being detected by okami kickballer. Unlike ordinary archers, these individuals throw sports equipment – Kemari balls (a kind of football).

Climb to this ‘’sniper’’ using the branches sticking out of the cliffs and sneak up from behind to deal a deathblow. Next, jump onto the above-mentioned pagoda to eliminate an ordinary shooter on the roof. From here, you can see another idol and a blue pot in the nearby, but we can’t get there for now.

Slightly to the right from the inaccessible control point, you will find a destroyed bridge whose right side has turned into a grip point. Pull yourself up to the surviving part of the covered passage where two okami warriors are standing (one with a bow and another one with a sword). Stealthily eliminate one of the enemies and deal with the remaining one in an open battle.

Use the hook to pull yourself up from the sniper position to the roof of the massive arch in front. Having landed, turn around and climb up to an even higher structure where you will find three Gokan’s sugars in the nest. Return to the passage and go down the stairs to the area with two kickballers.

Okamis watch their comrades on the platform below. Eliminate the nearest enemy with a deathblow in the back and activate Bloodsmoke Ninjutsu technique to instantly deal with the second one – if you don’t do this, two patrolmen will rush to the noise of the battle.

Jump at the head of one of the walking opponents and lure the other one away from the training ground so that no one sees you. Having dealt with the enemy, climb the tree branch over the ‘’ring’’ and kill the opponent from the air. ‘’Manually’’ deal with another guard behind the stone figure to avoid being detected by kickballers at the far site.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-128

Move from one grip point to another one to get to the sanctuary behind the above-mentioned platform. Two okami warriors with naginata stand at the edge, an ordinary opponent is walking a bit further away, while several athletes train in the front.

Theoretically, you can stealthily eliminate all five opponents. Start with the couple of thunder makers and use Bloodsmoke Ninjutsu technique, continue with a deathblow in the back of the guard (you may get noticed) and finish off the athletes (who look in different directions) with two stealth deathblows.

Now that both platforms have been cleared, you are free to look around. A mibu balloon of soul, a thunder dog and a passage to the base of the Great Sakura are located further along the coastline. Two more ‘’dogs’’ may be found near the roots of the Great Sakura.

Kill the beasts – we advise you to save the spirit emblems at this stage as you will soon need them – and pick up a light coin purse and a heavy coin purse around the trunk. Two more ‘’dogs’’ are walking upstream from this place.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-139

Eliminate them now so that you don’t have to worry about them later as you’ll have to deal with the mini-boss Shichimen Warrior who is located at the waterfall at the far end of the stream. The best way to start the battle is to deal him a deathblow from the air, but we advise you to prepare for the upcoming fight and clean the area.

Move along the elevated path to the left of the reservoir to get on the platform above the enemy where another ‘’dog’’ awaits you. Having eliminated the beast, look to the left – three more animals are walking under the waterfall, guarding two mibu possession balloons.

Finally, you’ll find two last ‘’dogs’’ in this area in the immediate vicinity of the platform that was previously full of okami warriors and okami kickballers. They have guarded two eel livers (near the third waterfall) and three ceramic shards (under the platform with two lightning shooters, a guard, and athletes).

Return to the rock above Shichimen Warrior and jump at his head to instantly deprive him of one of the two health scales. During the battle, the mini-boss will teleport downstream where two ‘’dogs’’ were walking, so it was important to get rid of them in advance.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-148

For a relatively safe strategy in this fight, you will need an upgrade Phoenix’s Lilac Umbrella for Loaded Umbrella. In this form, the tool absorbs all the incoming magic damage and blocks the terror scale. Each use costs one spirit emblem.

In addition, the tool can deal one ‘’free’’ blow from the closed position. The power of this blow is equivalent to the power of katana covered by divine confetti – a great choice. Do not be greedy and engage in one counterattack at a time so that you don’t get a response from the enemy.

For the victory over Shichimen Warrior, you’ll get one unit of Lapis Lazuli – a crafting material of the highest level. You can get only six of them in one walkthrough, while you need 10 to fully upgrade all tools. At the end of the fight, pick up Bundled Jizo Statue behind the waterfall.

Pot Noble Koremori and the Great Sakura

Right now, you can’t get from the place of the battle against the mini-boss to the platform with a strange-looking giant man, so you’ll have to find other ways of moving around the location. Branches are sticking out of rocks along waterfalls behind the palace – you can use them to pull yourself up to the top tier of the complex.

The main entrance to the place at the top of the ascent is locked from the inside, while the stairs lead down to the altar with two spirit emblems. Another one is seen inside the building, which is lit from the inside, while two pellets are ‘’hiding’’ on the platform to the right from the columns.

As soon as you come closer, two okami warriors will come out of the building – the warrior with the sword and then the archer. If you do not want to fight against both of them simultaneously, run away and then slowly move towards the enemies until you attract the attention of the nearest one.

Having eliminated the enemies, pick up the above-mentioned items, go under the big arch (do not go to the building), turn around and use your hook to get onto the roof the structure. Jump to the next building and then go to the cave that is hidden in the rock.

Move forward, shooting white lizards with your shuriken along the way – these enemies spit a grayish haze whose presence gradually ‘’eats’’ your health. Deal with the reptiles and jump onto the building outside to get into the previously inaccessible place on the cliff next to the broken passage.

Jump from the roof and pick up two divine confetti at the edge of the ledge, then talk to Pot Noble Koremori. This merchant has only three items to offer – dragon’s blood droplet, two lapis lazuli and mask fragment: left.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-165

If you have bought the previous fragments from Pot Noble Harunaga (location Hirata Estate) and the merchant from the dungeon at the entrance to the Abandoned Dungeon (location Ashina Castle), you can now create a Dancing Dragon Mask which allows you to exchange five experience points to one increase of attack power.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-166

Just like Pot Noble Harunaga in Hirata Estate, Koremori accepts only treasure carp scales. Do not worry if you do not have enough currency to buy the desired items – you’ll soon have plenty of it. In the meantime, activate the Near Pot Noble idol in the nearby.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-167

Having rested by the idol or having decided not to do this, return to the building lit from the inside that was guarded by two okami and go to the balcony. From here, you’ll have a good view of the training ground with five okami warriors and the Great Sakura idol in the distance.

Even in such a spacious territory, the fight against five opponents (two with swords, two with bows, one lightning shooter) is a hard task. In addition, two more shooters hide below the bridge on the opposite side of the building.

In this regard, we advise you to run to the control point and activate it so that you start there in case of your death. If you want to defeat the group, you are still better off starting from the side of the idol. Having used Gachiin’s sugar, Wolf will be able to sneak up to the warrior in purple dress and make this enemy his puppet.

When you have killed the lightning thrower or made her your puppet, your character will receive dragonspring sake. While your puppet distracts the most dangerous opponents, eliminate the archers – they die from one-two blows but can deal plenty of damage from afar.

If the character is outnumbered, do not hesitate to run away – by the time the protagonist returns, most enemies will be back to their original positions which will allow you to deal several stealth deathblows and tip the scales to your side.

Rest by the idol and jump over to the branch of the Great Sakura to deal with the lightning thrower who prevented Wolf from exploring the water space of the location. Meet Okami Leader Shizu, the weakest mini-boss in the game, who will yield a prayer bead once you have eliminated the opponent.

The only danger in this battle is presented by the ranged attacks of the enemy – he can throw both ordinary and electric balls at the character. In the latter case, you need to jump when the lightning hits you and press the attack button before you land to redirect the charge to the enemy.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-174

As soon as the character gets to Shizu at a katana strike distance, the fight can be considered completed – the enemy cannot do anything against you in close combat. Having received your reward, jump to the branch below to pick up a bulging coin purse. Now the waters of the Fountainhead Palace are open for your exploration.

Underwater adventures and the Great Carp

Standing on the sakura branch, you’ll see a partially flooded building – the familiar old lady stands on the roof. Swim there to talk to her – the passage to the inner part of the palace is now accessible only through an underwater cave which was chosen by the huge carp as his lair.

The lake in the center of the location occupies a large area, so we’ll move counterclockwise from the shelter of the giant fish in order not to miss anything. In this case, we’ll examine all points of interest and will not get lost.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-177

Directly under the building where you have talked to the old woman, you’ll find a lump of grave wax. During the first dive of the hero, the above-mentioned carp will swim towards his lair – now his is not aggressive, so you can simply enjoy the scene.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-178

When moving underwater, we’ll use ground objects as landmarks – under the currently inaccessible platform with a strange-looking man, you’ll find precious bait and a treasure carp. Do not get upset if you haven’t managed to catch the fish – after a few seconds, the creature will materialize again.

Moving a little further counterclockwise, there’s a cluster of predatory fish. They die from one blow but can deal some damage if you do not swim away in time. Under the enemies, near the wreckage of the bridge that was destroyed by the Great Carp, you’ll find a red lump (provides resistance to attack interruption but deprives of resurrection).

Move forward along the right shore until you see two luminous objects among underwater flowers – a light coin purse and three pieces of magnetite. Follow the outer wall of Mibu manor – near a group of aggressive fish, adamantite scrap lies on the flooded building.

The area near the waterfall at the very beginning of the location contains four carps. Do not try to catch them all at once – each time, focus on a certain fish. In this case, you’ll be able to increase your supply of treasure carp scales by four units.

In the partially flooded building near the remains of the bridge where okami warrior has previously practiced lies adamantie scrap. Somebody has also left a lump of grave wax on the tip of the roof protruding from the water a little further along our route. You will also find three treasure carp scales in the structure not far from the carp’s cave.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-192

Having examined the outer perimeter of the lake, head towards the central cleft – two non-aggressive carps and six carnivores (three aggressive carps per each innocent one) are swimming above it. Eliminate the aggressors and then wait until your targets materialize to get two more treasure carp scales.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-193

We’ll later collect the items located at the lower tiers of the reservoir, but now we’ll deal with the last of the Headless mini-bosses. This time, there are two of them – one ordinary Headless and one ghost. They attack simultaneously, so we advise you to start by eliminating the phantom as it is weaker.

As usual, you cannot count on prosthetic tools under the water – take pacifying agents and the mottled purple gourd to deal with terror provoked by attacks of these enemies. In terms of attacks, these opponents are no different from their colleague from Ashina Castle, so there’ll be no surprises.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-194

You’ll need no more than six-seven blows to deal with the phantom version of the Headless. Do not try to deal them all at once or your victim and his colleague will quickly teach you why greed is bad. Counterattack only after the enemy has concluded his attack, and swim back to the original position after you have dealt two – three blows.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-195

You’ll have to spend more time on the standard version of the mini-boss, but the tactics remains the same: dodge the attack, deal a couple of blows and retreat. Theoretically, you are not obliged to kill the phantom – he will disappear when the main opponent dies – but it’s more comfortable to fight against a single enemy.

For the victory over this Headless, you will get Yashariku’s spiritfall, which works similar to Yashariku’s sugar (temporarily boosts the damage you deal but decreases the supply of health and posture) while consuming spirit emblems.

Under the battlefield against the mini-boss, at the very bottom, you’ll find two treasure carp scales on both sides of the chest which contains a prayer bead. On the way back up, pick up two precious baits (on the log and near the building) and a light coin purse (inside a flooded building).

Once you are done with the exploration of the lake, head to the entrance to the Great Carp cave, near which you’ll find two ceramic shards. Inside the lair of the majestic fish, you’ll find several useful items, but chasing them right now is not pragmatic – we’ll leave it for later.

At this stage, your task is to get to the opposite end of the cave so that you can swim through the destroyed building and get out behind the Fountainhead Palace. The above-mentioned carp will complicate your mission – having noticed the hero, the fish will rush to kill him, eliminating flimsy wooden structures along the way.

Each blow of the fish deals huge damage and can kill the protagonist in certain cases, so you should avoid being hit. In the cave, you’ll find buildings where you can hide from carp’s sight, but they won’t save you from his wrath.

Here’s the stealth route: a structure to the left of the entrance, a long passage from the right side, sprint towards the final goal of the journey – a building with a fractured wall which blocks the cave. Before you move from one shelter to another, make sure that the carp is either far away or looks in the opposite direction.

Once you are inside the safe building – here, the fish can no longer do any damage – swim through the hole in the floor and move to the exit from the cave. Use the hook to pull yourself to several grip points in a row to get to the Palace Grounds idol.

Feeding Grounds and the fate of the Great Carp

Having rested by the control point, head inside the palace where several nobles in red dresses are eating okami warriors. Eliminate the enemies – they do not present any material danger – and unlock the shortcut to the Great Sakura.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-214

If you return to this place after some time, you’ll be able to meet the familiar old woman – nobles have deceived her father to serve the great carp. The old lady will eliminate all the nobles (they will not resurrect after this) and then lie on one of them and fall asleep.

Move inside the building – near the exit, you’ll find a chest which contains the last gourd seed in the game. Open the doors to get outside, but do not hurry to move up the slope. Go around the building clockwise and cling the hook to the grip point on the roof.

Move towards the lake until you can pull yourself to the branch sticking out of the rock on the left side, then move to the building that is located below. Upon landing, an archer will start shooting from the nearby building – use the prosthetic to get to her and eliminate the enemy. You’ll find yourself above the previously inaccessible platform.

We’ll later descend to the platform with a strange man, but at this point you should follow to the pagoda on the left side – two Ako’s sugars lie at the base of the tower. From here, you can get to the remains of the bridge where okami warrior in purple dress is located. Eliminate her with a deathblow from the back and pick up a bulging coin purse in the nearby.

Jump from the pagoda to the nearby platform and activate the Feeding Grounds idol. After this, climb the stairs and pick up two Ungo’s sugars, then talk to a fish-like man – this is the father of that old woman. The hero will be told to feed the carp.

Ring the nearby bell to call the giant fish and throw two pieces of precious bait (you can throw more, but this will not bring any dividends). As a reward, the father of the old woman will give Wolf as many as four treasure carp scales (1 for the first meal and 3 for the second one).

By this time, you should have collected enough resources to purchase all the goods offered by Pot Nobles Koremori and Harunaga. After their reserves are depleted, the Pot Nobles will provide the hero with truly precious bait and will ask him to offer it to the Great Carp.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-237

It does not matter which merchant you decide to support – the result and the reward will be the same. Return to the feeding grounds, ring the bell and throw the bait you have chosen. After this, return to the merchant whose bait you have given to the fish.

After killing the Great Carp – both baits were poisoned – Koremori/Harunaga will turn into a fish, while the other merchant will die. The possessions of the deceased will be available in the assortment of the surviving merchant, while one unit of lapis lazuli will be located near the transformed merchant.

Talk to the old woman’s father near the feeding grounds – he is very concerned about the absence of his master. Teleport to the Bodhisattva Valley idol in Sunken Valley – the body of the Great Carp will lie on the arena of the battle against Guardian Ape.

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If you wish, you can fight against the father of the old woman – he acts like a chained ogre – but do not expect any rewards for the victory

Descend to the body to pick up a Great White Whisker and give it to the restless servant of the Great Carp. As a reward for his release, he will give divine grass to the hero. Rest by the checkpoint if you want to see the ending of this quest chain.

Having eliminated the Great Carp, you can safely explore his underwater lair. There’s nothing especially valuable there, but you’ll be able to find a light coin purse and one unit of adamantite scrap among numerous ruins on the lower tier of the cave.


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-250

Return to the Palace Grounds idol – it’s high time to go for Dragon’s tears. Go through the building with dead nobles in red dresses and go outside. The territory is occupied by some whitish lizards, so be careful. At the waterfall in the distance, you’ll find three mibu balloons of soul.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-251

Use the grip points on the branches of various trees and rocks to get to the mountain path. Be careful as lightnings will strike on both sides of the ascent as you move forward. Thus, you should not stay in one place for a long time. Ahead of you, there’s an ambush consisting of three okami warriors in purple dresses.

Two opponents (naginata and sword) are hiding at the platform near the stairs, while the third one (ball) is hiding a little to the side – we’ll start from her. After the first gates, turn to the right and use your hook to climb on two ledges where the enemy is situated. The opponent is extremely vulnerable in close combat, so just stab her to death.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-254

The other two opponents are more problematic – you cannot get to them in a stealth mode. If you do not want to engage in a fight, come to the place shown on the screenshot above, activate Gachiin’s sugar, jump at the stairs and just run up – the enemies will not detect you.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-255

The alternative option is to engage in a fight. The warriors will attack simultaneously, so you’ll have to act twice as quickly. Eat eel liver before the battle and try to focus on one opponent at a time. Do not forget about Sabimaru and the ability to redirect the lightning charge.

The climb leads to the Sanctuary idol. On the left from the idol, at the ledge, you’ll find a dragon’s blood droplet. At the very top of the stairs, in a small cave, you’ll find the sanctuary itself. If you choose ‘’Pray’’, you will initiate the fight against the boss of this location.

Frozen tears

If you pursue optional endings, this is the last moment to get prepared. We have already written about how to embark on the way of purification in the Hirata Estate (Second Phase) guide, and now we’ll tell you what you need to do to have another alternative to severing immortal ties.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-258

All starts with the rice provided by the Divine Child of Rejuvenation in Senpou Temple. If you have used the rice or have given it to the praying old woman, you can ask for another one after you have rested by the idol in another location. The procedure should be repeated until the Divine Child feels sick.

In this state, the Divine Child will want a persimmon (if you do not have it, buy it from the merchant on the territory of the Senpou Temple). As a reward, the protagonist will get ordinary rice and rice for Kuro. Share it with the boy, then take a rest to get a sweet rice ball.

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace

Eat the treat and then return to the Divine Child to tell about the reaction of the Divine Heir. To continue the quest, you need to get Holy Chapter: Infested – either Wolf obtained it from the high priest, or you have found the text at the bottom of the pond near the Temple Grounds idol in Senpou Temple.

As a result of these manipulations, the girl (after another rest) will disappear. You’ll be able to find her in the Illusive Hall where you have fought against Folding Screen Monkeys – the portal is located in the sanctuary. Talk to the Divine Child one more time – she offers to keep the Dragon’s Heritage and return it to its rightful place.

To achieve this goal, you need to get Holy Chapter: Dragon’s Return which is kept by the main priest of Senpou Temple. Go to the cave with mini-centipedes not far from the Main Hall idol and find the body of the priest in the last room before the exit to the outside.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Fountainhead Palace-270

Return to the Divine Child – she will tell that in order to return the Heritage she needs to consume two persimmons of the serpent (that means liver). Fortunately, we have already written how to get both dried and fresh variations of these ‘’delicacies’’.

Give the ‘’fruits’’ to the child and then rest by the idol. The door to the room of the Divine Child will be closed, but you’ll be able to hear how the girl suffers in pain inside. The sanctuary will not open until the heroes gain access to the Fountainhead Palace.

Having completed all the necessary conditions, talk to the child for the last time – she will provide you with the frozen tears. Together with Dragon’s tears, they should be consumed by Kuro after the player overcomes the resistance of the final boss.

The Divine Dragon

Having prepared yourself for potential endings, go to pray in the cave not far from the Sanctuary idol. The character will find himself in the air space where the Divine Dragon awaits him.

At the end of the fight, the hero will be automatically teleported to Ashina Castle where he will get the rewards for the victory – Memory: Divine Dragon and Divine Dragon’s Tears. In the following article, we’ll tell you what to do with these items.

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