Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Release date: March 22, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Hirata Estate (Second Phase)

Optimal routes, collectibles, secrets, combat tactics

Right after you have defeated the Great Shinobi Owl, you can go to Fountainhead Palace to get Dragon’s tears for Kuro. The other option is to visit a slightly modified Hirata Estate to get several prayer beads, a new boss and an important storyline item.

How to unlock the second version of Hirata Estate

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Hirata Estate (Second Phase)-1

Having completed the creation of incense required to get into the Fountainhead Palace, hide behind the screens of the incense burner to overhear the boy – he will whisper to himself that he needs to do ‘’what must be done’’.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Hirata Estate (Second Phase)-2

After this, rest by the Sculptor’s idol – Emma will move from Isshin tower/ Kuro’s room to the castle tower lookout. From the conversation with the girl, you will learn that you will have to use the Mortal Blade for the ritual murder of the Divine Heir to severe immortal ties.

Emma does not want Kuro to die, so she proposes to find another way. After you have agreed to her proposal, rest by the idol and talk again to the creator of the healing gourd – you’ll get Tomoe’s Note which tells what you will need to do.

To return the Divine Heir into the human form, you need Everblossom and Mortal Blade. The weapon presents no problem, but the branch that you have obtained from Owl has long dried up and cannot be used for the ritual.

To reflect on the topic, Emma will go to the place of burial of Takeru and Tomoe where Everblossom was once growing. Teleport to the Old Grave idol and find the physician near two modest tombstones. She failed to recall anything, so she will go to the Dilapidated Temple to ask for Sculptor’s advice.

Having arrived at the site, you will not learn anything new. To get some information, you’ll have to go around the building and overhear the conversation of Emma and Sculptor through a hole in the wall – somebody (either Wolf or Kuro) must die in the process of returning the human form to the Divine Heir.

Return to Emma and tell her about what you have just heard. She will tell you about Tomoe’s suicide attempt that was made to severe Takeru’s immortal ties, and then (after some pressure from the hero) she will share Father’s Bell Charm (Owl’s). This item will allow you to get into the alternative version of the Hirata estate.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Hirata Estate (Second Phase)-13

The access to Owl’s ‘’story’’ about the attack of bandits, as well as the corresponding ending, will remain open until the completion of the location ‘’Fountainhead Palace’’. Pray at the Buddha statue to the left from Sculptor in the Dilapidated Temple to return to the past.

Lone Shadow Masanaga the Spear-Bearer (again) and the main hall

Contrary to the established tradition, Wolf will not find himself near the idol but at the stairs leading to the burning courtyard of the estate, where the mortally wounded Owl gave the hero a key to the secret temple. Instead of an old mentor, a difficult mini-boss awaits the hero at the top of the climb.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Hirata Estate (Second Phase)-16

Lone Shadow Masanaga the Spear-Bearer, whom you might remember from the encounter in the great serpent shrine, will be very surprised by the return of the character. Shinobi’s attacks did not change in comparison with your previous fight, but now he has the ability to summon a trio of aggressive dogs.

The enemy can use this ability an unlimited number of times during the battle. The treacherous whistle is preceded by several seconds of preparation, so you always have the opportunity to interrupt the enemy’s animation – with a shuriken, firecracker or an ordinary blow.

In case you were not able to prevent the appearance of animals, use the tool Finger Whistle (it was crafted after you have defeated the Guardian Ape). It will allow you to disorient the dogs and will facilitate the process of killing them. Do not forget to follow the actions of the mini-boss closely or he will repeat the trick.


In other aspects, this fight against Masanaga is no different from the previous one – you’ll need to act more aggressively and prevent the enemy from catching a breath. Try to get behind his back to deal some damage to his health. Do not forget to repel or block his ordinary attacks.

Bounce to the side or counterattack when Masanaga deals a foot blow in the jump so that he cannot continue the attack with an unblockable circular blow. Avoid foot attacks and cut the distance to use Mikiri before his last lunge.


In case you have problems, you may use the limitations of local AI to your advantage. To do this, lure the enemy down the slope to the bridge (you need to first kill ordinary enemies there) where the aggression of the opponent disappears, and you’ll have the ability to kill him without fearing for the hero’s life.

For the victory over Masanaga, you will get adamantite scrap and a prayer bead. One of the courtyard walls is broken – the passage leads to the bandit who guards Fulminated Mercury at the base of a tall tower. The Hirata Estate – Main Hall idol is located behind the corner, but it is guarded by archers and two giants (one with a club and another one with a shield).

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Hirata Estate (Second Phase)-20

In case you don’t want to engage in a fight, make a big detour around the estate and get to the control point through the cemetery. However, this route does not guarantee secrecy – by the time you return, your enemies may turn their faces to the well from which you will appear.

If you have been detected, you can run to activate the idol so that you appear there in case of premature death or engage in a fight. Start with eliminating the weak archers as they will disturb you from your main opponents and lure the brutes to the place of the battle against Masanaga (there’s more space there).

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Hirata Estate (Second Phase)-21

Stay away from the brute with a shield – his push is very painful. At the end of the enemy attack, take Loaded Axe (the more upgrades it has, the better) and start shredding the opponent’s shield. It will take a few blows, but you’ll be rewarded with a deathblow opportunity.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Hirata Estate (Second Phase)-22

The second brute can deal material damage with his club but he is slow, so the nimble hero can avoid damage – stay behind the enemy’s back, and the victory will come soon.

The road through the main hall and Juzou the Drunkard (again)

There are two paths from the idol – the old one leads around the building through an archer and an armored brute (sneak up from the back or use Loaded Spear). The new one allows you to cut the path to the pond straight through the building that collapsed due to the fire.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Hirata Estate (Second Phase)-25

Three ordinary bandits sit around a luminous object on this side of the reservoir. Three purple ninjas watch them from the roof of the nearby house (there’s nothing valuable inside). Two of them are looking towards the idol, while the remaining one looks in the opposite direction.

You will not be able to stealthily bypass all of them, but you can still facilitate your task. To do this, climb under the porch of the building (from the idol to the street, to the right) and proceed to the very end. In all likelihood, a distant shinobi will detect you at the exit.

Try to take the enemy behind the corner where your fight will not be visible to the bandits and ninjas that were left behind. Block/repel ordinary attacks, dodge kicks to deal a swift counterattack and parry lunges that are accompanied by a red hieroglyph.

At the end of the fight, jump onto the roof of the building to deal with two observers – you can do this by pushing away from a tree approximately at the middle of the house and then clinging to the edge. Once in the air, hold the interaction button so that you do not miss the grip moment.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Hirata Estate (Second Phase)-31

If you do everything correctly, you will find yourself directly behind a pair of purple ninjas. Kill the first one with the deathblow in the back and eliminate the second opponent using Bloodsmoke – if you activate the Puppeteer, the puppet will run to fight against the bandits below and will not help you upstairs.

After you have dealt with shinobi, pick up adamantite scrap from the nest on the roof and jump to the trio of bandits on the ground. Eliminate them, grab two mibu balloons of wealth and run through the pond to the audience chamber where you will face another familiar mini-boss.

Overhear the conversation of Juzou the Drunkard with ninja Masanari (Masanaga mourned him in the great serpent shrine) – apparently, Owl helped the bandits to seize the estate. However, Wolf has more important things to do now.

The entrance to the audience chamber is blocked by a fog wall. It will not disappear until you kill the mini-boss. Fortunately, the protagonist will not be forced to fight against two tenacious opponents at once – Masanari has only one health scale – but the situation is complicated by ordinary thugs who stand around the perimeter.

This time, you should rely solely on yourself – the valiant Gensai Nogami who was able to help Wolf during the previous visit to this location has lost his life and lies on the hot sand in front of the audience chamber.

First of all, move to the far-left room – there are about five bandits inside and outside this room. Eliminate the sentinel with a deathblow in the back and deal with others in an open fight – the noise of the fight will not attract the enemies in the central part of the courtyard.

At the end of the slaughter, pick up a light coin purse and Ashina Sake, then proceed along the corridor to one of the two archers in the courtyard (the second one stands behind the mini-boss) and kill him with a stealth deathblow. Masanari will react to the noise and immediately rush to the hero. Eliminate the remaining shooter during your escape and retreat to the pond.

If you wish, you can fight one-on-one against the ninja – just take him away from Juzou – but we advise you to run away so that the enemy returns to the initial position. After this, use Gachiin’s sugar and sneak up to shinobi to deal a deathblow.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Hirata Estate (Second Phase)-44

Left alone with the mini-boss, rush to the fight or use the limitations of local AI to sneak up to him from the back and deal a deathblow which will deprive the opponent of exactly half of his health.

Juzou’s tricks are the same as in the previous version of Hirata Estate, so we will not repeat ourselves and just leave a link to that guide. For the victory, you will get a prayer bead and an opportunity to pick up valuable items: Gensai squeezes a fistful of ash in his hand while adamantite scrap lies near the tree.

Audience Chamber and the Aromatic Flower

Two bandits stand at the entrance to the audience chamber – do not rush to them as one shinobi hunter (a spearman) is hiding behind the corner, while the nearby corridor is patrolled by another one. Fortunately, he does not enter the lobby so you can sneak up to him from the back and deal a deathblow.

Pick up several Gokan’s sugars in the adjacent room and fulminated mercury in the aisle by the secret door (there is nothing new behind it). A thin wall near this place will open the direct path to the Hirata Audience Chamber idol and will allow you to bypass the above-mentioned ambush.

Go to the enemies from the other side, stealthily eliminate the ordinary thugs and kill the shinobi hunter. His most dangerous attacks are fast lunges that can (and should) be parried with Mikiri. After the fight, pick up three pellets at the far end of the room and go down to the secret temple.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Hirata Estate (Second Phase)-57

At the battlefield where you have previously fought against Lady Butterfly you will face Owl in his prime age – he clearly does not want to leave the hero alive.

For the victory in the battle, you will get Memory: Foster Father and Aromatic Flower. The flower, combined with Dragon’s tears, allows you to perform the purification ritual. Sit by the idol to recall the recent fight in order to increase your attack power and return to the real world.

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