Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Release date: March 22, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths

Optimal routes, collectibles, secrets, combat tactics

After Wolf has obtained the white lotus flower in Sunken Valley and Mortal Blade in Senpou Temple, he’ll need to collect another missing ingredient of the divine incense – the fragrant stone which is stored in a sacred village deep under Ashina Castle.

Poison Pool and the headless monkey

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View on the poison pool from the side of Abandoned Dungeon
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View on the poison pool from the side of Sunken Valley

You can get to Ashina Depths using two ways – through Abandoned Dungeon (the Bottomless Hole idol) or through Sunken Valley (the cave of the great serpent). In essence, there’s no difference between them – both lead to the same underground cave with a poison pool in the center.

This area has only four enemies: three gunners (on the rock near the Poison Pool Idol, on an island in the middle and on the walkways next to the idol Ashina Depths) and a mini-boss Snake Eyes Shirahagi – a twin sister of Shirafuji – near the exit covered with a smoke wall.

If you reach this location before you have defeated Guardian Ape (or, more precisely, after the conversation with Kuro at the end of that battle), several ordinary shooters will be located near the tent not far from Shirahagi in addition to the above-mentioned opponents. This is one more reason why we advise you to get to this location after the specified events.

Starting from the side of the Abandoned Dungeon, jump off the scaffolding to stealthily kill the first gunner. Next, use the hook to jump to the hand of a giant Buddha statue near the right wall and pick up a piece of magnetite from the palm. After this, return to the walkways.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-5

It’s too early to eliminate the shooter on the island – he is watched by the mini-boss and the third ‘’walking gun’’. Pull yourself up to the tiny trees in the center of the pool and to the numerous rocks and get to the opposite side of the cave. While you do this, a gunner on the cliff will probably notice you, but by this time you’ll be safe behind the ledges.

Activate the idol Poison Pool if you haven’t done this before, wait until the disturbing music subsides, climb to the sniper position of the third gunner and deal a deathblow. Having dealt with the second ordinary opponent out of three, pick up three bottles of oil in the nearby.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-8

The last ‘’gun’’ walks around its island in circles. When the enemy turns his back to your position, jump to him using the grip point on one of the trees and deal a deathblow. Shirahagi will notice the murder but you can escape from her to go back into the stealth mode.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-9

If you wish, you can activate the Puppeteer technique during the deathblow dealt to the third shooter – in this case, the gunner will fight together with the hero against the mini-boss for some time. However, this method is less effective than a stealth attack which will eliminate one of the two health scales of the Snake Eyes.

Theoretically, you can enter the fight with Shirahagi after the killing of just one of the three shooters (the one near the Poison Pool idol). In order to avoid the fire of the surviving ‘’guns’’, you need to take the warrior behind the nearby rock.

In terms of attacks, Shirahagi is an exact replica of Shirafuji from Sunken Valley. Just like previously, jump over dangerous (come with a red hieroglyph) grips, repel (do not block) shots or jump away from them and use Loaded Umbrella (defense) and Shinobi Firecracker (attack).


If you have problems, you can try to use the limitations of local AI in your favor and lure the warrior into the poison pool. In this case, the hero will only need to deal a deathblow. As a reward for the victory over Shirahagi, you’ll get another prayer bead.

Now that all enemies in the area are dead, start collecting valuable items. Moving from the Poison Pool idol to the former location of the mini-boss, pick up two pellets, two piles of black gunpowder and two pieces of magnetite. You’ll see luminous objects on the Buddha statue — we’ll get to them soon.

On the island in the center of the swamp, you’ll pick up scrap magnetite and a mibu possession balloon, while somebody has left a heavy coin purse in the ‘’water’’ (at the wall opposite the exit from the cave) and yellow gunpowder (behind a big boulder from the right side). There’s nothing more to do here, so go to the other part of the Depths through the unlocked passage.

Talk to the wounded gunner from Sunken Valley near traces of blood on the ground – he was mortally wounded by some big monkey. Before you go to meet the monkey, cling your hook to the grip point above you and crawl under the first of two obstacles.

Once you are able to stand, look to the left and climb onto the ledge. Use successive bounces from the walls to get to the previously inaccessible Buddha statue. On its shoulder, you’ll find yellow gunpowder, while a prayer bead is on its head.

Return to the low passage and get out of it from the far side to find yourself behind the monkey which is looking at the remains of its huge relative. Kill the primate with a blow in the back and pick up monkey booze near the corpse.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-23

If you have visited Ashina Depths before you have defeated the Guardian Ape, nothing will block the passage to the secret forest. In the other case, prepare to face the headless primate for the second time.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-24

For the ultimate elimination of the huge gorilla, the hero will get two prayer beads, a corresponding memory and the last of the Ninjutsu techniques in the game – Bestowal. Sit down by the idol and recall the battle to increase your attack power.

Hidden Forest and the mist

At the end of the boss battle, use your hook and a couple of grip points to get outside. As soon as you get out of the cave, two ghost Nightjars will materialize – they behave in a usual way, but money does not drop out of them after death, and they also get additional damage from divine confetti.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-27

If you do not want to fight with two ninjas at once, hide from them and wait until they lose interest in the hero. After this, jump at the head of one of the opponents and then eliminate the remaining one – use the Loaded Axe tool to significantly reduce the time of the battle.

Not far from the ghosts’ ambush, you’ll find Jinzaemon Kumano if you haven’t sent him to the experiments in the Abandoned Dungeon – he still follows the sound of the attractive melody. A charming woman playing shamisen escaped to a village covered in mist deep in the forest.

Having left the hopeless romantic behind, cling your hook to the platform at the edge of the ledge – after a short flight, the protagonist will find himself at the idol Hidden Forest. A ravine will be in front of Wolf – its lower level is covered with impenetrable mist, while the upper tier is patrolled by aggressive roosters.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-32

Jump at the nearest tree and immediately jump down to its base – if you act fast enough, you’ll be able to kill the first bird by attacking it from the back. These roosters attack stronger than those you have met in Ashina Outskirts, but they still die from two-three blows. Use shuriken if you want to bring the enemy back to the ground.

Pick up mibu balloon of soul and jump to the next branch to another rooster. Having dealt with him, move to the adjacent branch to get two ceramic shards. We’ll not descend to the lower tier for now as ghost bandits and a Headless mini-boss are there.

Make a small detour and climb the slope to the right to get to the clearing with a bird. Pick up a light coin purse and use the hook to get behind a big tree where another bird is hiding. A pellet lies behind the Buddha statue in the nearby, while a wounded monk is at the base of this statue.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-38

The monk will ask Wolf to kill Buddha’s enemy – the villain has shrouded the location in mist to hide the holy village. The villain is hiding in the abandoned temple in front – the main door is locked, but there’s a hole on the second floor.

Important information: if you dispel the mist – you will have to do it anyway to move along the storyline – all ghost enemies will disappear. Thus, we will leave the lower tier of the ravine for later and move to the above-mentioned temple.

Two paths lead to the next part of the location – an obvious one (through two roosters to the right of the Buddha statue) and a less obvious one (using opposite trees). The first one will lead the hero to the area in front of the temple which is full of ghost warriors, while the second one will allow you to avoid an unnecessary encounter with numerous enemies.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-41

From the statue, jump to the tree above the Headless and follow the branches to the passage between the rocks. Pick up three snap seeds – you can use them to instantly destroy ordinary ghosts, but we advise you to save this valuable resource – and walk along the colored wall.

A small patch on which you will find yourself will offer you a great view of the temple shrouded in fog. To get to the second floor, you need to climb the tree next to the building. To do this, you need to make a big detour – we have cut the road to it using the less obvious route.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-42

Turn your back to the building – in the gorge below, you’ll find a mini-boss Tokujiro the Glutton (an exact copy of Juzou the Drunkard from Hirata Estate) with several monkeys. Shoot the animals using your shuriken to avoid complications – the primate-shooter is hiding on the ledge on the right.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-43

When Tokujiro calms down after his pets are dead, sneak up (use Gachiin’s sugar if necessary) to the enemy’s back and deal a deathblow. This move will deprive the enemy of one of the two health scales and will cut the duration of the upcoming battle in half.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-44

The Glutton does not differ from the Drunkard in terms of behavior, so we won’t repeat ourselves: hit the enemy when he pauses to drink, interrupt his attacks with Shinobi Firecracker, jump away from grips, jump over circular hits and try to get behind the enemy’s back.

As a reward for defeating the mini-boss, you’ll get unrefined sake (give it to someone to whom you did not give a drink) and a prayer bead. Pick up a fistful of ash near the bonfire and move to the colored ledges. Three pellets will lie on a small platform at the end of the path.

Use the hook to climb the branches above and get to the cliff on the upper tier. Move forward, pick up a lump of fat wax at the stump, and jump over to the tree near the abandoned temple. Move along the branches – the hero will suck up one spirit emblem – to the hole on the second floor of the building and get inside.

You will find yourself under the ceiling of the room with a Mist Noble – another mini-boss of the location. Unlike other opponents of this category, he is very weak, so you can kill him in a few seconds after you have dealt a deathblow from the air by simply pressing the attack button.

When the monster falls, you’ll get a lump of grave wax which is used for advanced prosthetic upgrades, while the mist will disappear. Now the path to the hidden village is open, but we’ll first collect the treasures scattered around.

Cleaning up the forest and moving to Mibu Village

Having removed the mist and the ghost bandits, pick up Yashariku’s sugar near the hole in the wall and two ceramic shards in a small ravine behind the building. Moving around the building counterclockwise, you’ll find two spirit emblems and two cans of oil – one near a tree, and the other near a lantern a little further.

In the area in front of the temple, you’ll find a heavy coin purse (in an open grave), a bite down (up the slope), and adamantite scrap (on the ledge on the opposite side from the temple). In the nearby ravine, you will find a light coin purse, a bite down, two medicines (near the tree) and yellow gunpowder (in the distance).

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-60

Having collected valuable items, return to the wounded monk – now you can look at the Headless mini-boss in the lower tier of the location. In his initial position – under the branch of one of the trees – you won’t be able to deal a stealth deathblow.

However, you have a chance to make your battle easier. If you manage to lure the enemy out of the obstacle and then escape from danger using your hook, you’ll be able to deal a deathblow from the air when the enemy returns to his starting position.

As for the Headless himself, he is no different from his twin brothers. Use divine confetti to increase damage, do not forget about pacifying agents and use the mottled purple gourd (you can purchase it from a merchant further down the road) to counteract the terror effect.


The most useful tool against Headless and other enemies that cause terror is the modification for the Loaded Umbrella called Phoenix’s Lilac Umbrella. This tool blocks all enemy attacks except for the grip and allows you to cause material damage (in exchange for one spirit emblem).

Circle around the enemy with the upgraded umbrella above your head and wait until he finishes his combination. After this, press the attack button to poke the Headless and unfold your defense again. Repeat until victory, but do not deal more than one counterattack at a time.

For the victory over this mini-boss, you’ll get Gachiin’s Spiritfall – this item’s effect is similar to Gachiin’s sugar (temporarily hides the hero’s presence from enemies) but it consumes spirit emblems. Pick up a magnetite and a lump of fat wax in the enemy’s lair and move to the far part of the ravine.

Right behind the massive tree, you’ll see three luminous objects – five portions of scrap iron, a pellet and three mibu balloons of wealth. Up the slope, you’ll find a scrap magnetite. Three Yashariku’s sugars will be located on a small elevation above Headless’ ex-lair – you can jump there from the statue of Buddha near the wounded monk.

At this point, we are done with the forest part of Ashina depths, but we should note that another Shichimen Warrior settled near the Guardian Ape’s Burrow idol after you have killed the Mist Noble. You are not required to kill him, but Malcontent’s Ring will drop out of the enemy. This item will allow your finger whistle to stun phantoms (including Headless).

In battle, use the Phoenix’s Lilac Umbrella modification to neutralize all magic attacks of the opponent. Once you are in immediate proximity of the enemy, attack with the ‘’melee’’ attack of the tool. Do not forget that the enemy can repel your attacks.

Once you have cleared the location, return to the destroyed temple and proceed through the opened passage to the edge of the cliff, picking up two spirit emblems and two pellets along the way. Jump to the platform below and then go to the branch of the big tree.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-72

As soon as you step on the branch, two ghost Nightjars will materialize and start throwing daggers at the hero. Block them with your katana and use your shuriken if you wish – you need to make the throw at the very same time when the enemy performs his throw.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-73

The alternative option is to pull yourself to shinobi using the hook (if you have the corresponding skill, repel shots in the air) and kill them with your sword. They do not boast much posture so several consecutive strikes should solve the problem.

Once you are done with this threat, jump along the platforms and branches to the river below – do not get into the water or you will attract several enemies. On the slope leading to a small fishing village, you’ll find the Mibu Village idol.

Mibu Village

Directly opposite the last idol – on the opposite bank of the stream – an exiled merchant has settled with his tent. The most valuable item among his goods is the above-mentioned mottled purple gourd, which decreases accumulation of terror.

Among other interesting products, we will note Dragonspring Sake (helps in conversations with NPC), a rare crafting material Adamantite Scrap, two treasure carp scales and the biggest purses in the game – bulging coin purses.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-78

Against the stream in a dead end, you’ll find a lone ninja similar to the one who was waiting for the hero at the three-storied pagoda in Hirata Estate or in the well in Ashina Reservoir. The enemy cooperates with a pack of wild dogs up the hill from the merchant. If you start killing dogs with shuriken, shinobi will run to the noise, and vice versa.

In this regard, we advise you to run up the hill, throwing shuriken at the dogs, and then return to the idol, bypassing the ninja, and wait until he calms down. After this, you’ll be able to deal him a deathblow in the back while he returns to his original position.

If you failed the stealth part, you can engage in an open battle. In addition to the foot attacks that you have already encountered, he deals poison damage. In other words, you’ll get poisoned if you block enemy attacks, so you need to jump either to the back or to the side.

At the end of the standard ‘’foot’’ combination, there’s an unblockable lunge that can be parried with Mikiri. Try to repel ordinary sword attacks to accumulate damage to his posture. For the victory over the ninja, you’ll get a magnetite.

Now that you have dealt with the enemies in the nearby, you are free to collect the rewards. As it turns out, shinobi guarded treasure carp scale, while the dogs at the top of the hill guarded a light coin purse (on the ascent at the rock). From there, you can see a lump of fat wax behind the house that is located below.

Sneak behind the next building to find the first inhabitant of the Mibu village behind the corner – these are simple workers who do not represent any danger when they are alone. They die from the very first blow, but after death can dig themselves out of the ground two or three times.

Having eliminated the first group of enemies, go up the river to the tall grass on the left side and hide in it. Six more villagers will pass by – the individuals with lamps impose terror on the hero, while spearmen perform an unblockable lunge (you can parry it with Mikiri).

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-90

In case you decide to fight, use Bloodsmoke Ninjutsu technique (to continue the chain of deathblows) or Bestowal Ninjutsu technique (to increase the length of the sword). Opponents do not dig themselves out at the place of death, so you’ll have to chase the resurrected enemies.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-91

As there are many enemies, it may seem that they resurrect endlessly but this is not the case – after a couple of rounds, everything will calm down and the hero will be able to collect the well-deserved reward. It will be higher than usual since technically Wolf defeated no less than a dozen enemies.

At the end of the skirmish, go around the hut on the right side and find a mibu balloon of soul at the shore of the pond. In the distance, there’s an object on the boat (it’s a mibu balloon of wealth) but it is guarded by four fishermen and several more will join the battle along the way.

Before or after the fight, it makes sense to look into the house near the pier – there’s a hole in the roof so you won’t have to search for entrance. Inside, Wolf will find Shosuke – a desperate civilian who has fastened an old basket on his head due to fear.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-98

From the conversation with Shosuke, you will find out that the main priest treated the villagers with suspicious sake which was the likely cause of everyone’s madness. You should search for the instigator of the epidemic in the sanctuary up the river, but for now the protagonist has more urgent business.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-99

Also, you will learn about a local hunter Inuhiko who burned pine resin (the villagers seem to be very afraid of fire). Some time ago, the outcast locked himself in his house on the other side of the pond.

Use the hook to get back to the roof of the hut and kill (several times) three villagers on the side of the house that is opposite the pier. At the end of the fight, pick up pacifying agent from the grass and climb up to the nearby hut (inside, you will find five fistfuls of ash), sucking in a couple of spirit emblems along the way.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-102

Kill the rooster on the roof and look around: a huge sakura is in front of you. Under the tree, you’ll see a cemetery with a gourd seed, a mibu balloon of soul and black gunpowder. The road to the right leads to the next idol through a giant with a huge bell, while on the left you’ll see a field with two brutes.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-103

Be careful as local residents emerge from heaps of fallen sakura leaves – they can grab the hero by his legs and hold him in this position for a few seconds. The grip itself does not deal damage, but villagers who attack from all sides surely put pressure on your health scale.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-104

This problem has a simple solution: attract the attention of walking enemies and lure them outside the cemetery to fight on your own terms. This approach will allow you to avoid the attention of the giant with a huge bell that is located up the road.

Having collected valuable items at the end of the battle – the villagers will not disappear from the cemetery, so do not relax – jump into the ditch to the left of the tree (there’s another villager behind it), bypass another flower cluster to avoid immobilization and proceed to three pellets.

Go to the end of the ditch, turn to the left and pull yourself up to the grip point between the trees – this route will allow you to get to one of the workers on the field. Eliminate the enemy with a deathblow in the back and then go around the watchman with a lamp to deal another stealth deathblow.

Be careful: the murder of the next watchman will lead to appearance of four ghost Nightjars, so escape right after you have dealt a deathblow, or the hero will be detected. Go around the field one more time to get behind the first (see screenshots above) shinobi and neutralize him.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-113

The second target is located behind the above-mentioned trees. Nobody will notice this murder, but the noise from the death of the third shinobi will attract the attention of the fourth assassin. If you do not want to engage in a fight, run away after the animation of the deathblow is finished and hide behind the tree.

When the ninja gets back to his place, kill him. The noise will make ordinary villagers raise their heads, while the second brute will start to turn around. If you act fast enough, you can get behind his back and deal a deathblow.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-116

We should note that for whatever reason, the workers on the fields do not resurrect, so you can relax after their first death. Having dealt with the nearby enemies, pick up two medicines in the center of the location and Ashina Sake at the modest altar in the far part of the area.

Once at the sanctuary, look up and cling the grip point with your hook. Move forward and pick up adamantite scrap. Jump into the ditch along which you have made your way to the field and turn to the right near the hill where the house stands. Stealthily sneak up from the back to the giant with a bell.

Go around the obstacle and climb the stairs to the luminous object (two balloons of souls) at a small sanctuary. As soon as you try to pick up the treasure, a local resident will start throwing ‘’terror’’ shells from above. Pull yourself up to him with your hook and eliminate the villain (he will not rise from the dead).

The noise of the battle may attract one of the two old women in the nearby – if you let her come close to you, she will grab the hero and deprive him of a fair amount of health. After the battle, sneak up to the house and eliminate the second old woman with a deathblow from the back (she stands by the door) and another villager in the courtyard (no resurrection this time).

Go back inside and pick up divine confetti and yellow gunpowder. Use the hook and get onto the roof from the side of the small sanctuary. Proceed along the wooden walkways to the two pellets. Jump back on the ground and cross a small bridge leading to the Water Mill idol.

O’Rin of the Water and the Corrupted Monk

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-130

Before you move along the road to the sanctuary of the main priest of the village, we’ll visit the outcast Inuhiko. Turn to the right from the idol and jump over a boulder. Shoot two aggressive roosters with shuriken and move along the shore.

Kill Mibu resident near the tree on the left – no resurrection this time – and jump on the boat in which you’ll find a pellet. If you fall into the water, get ready to fight off carnivorous fish – they die from one hit but can bite hard.

Return back to the land and descend to the lowland where Inuhiko’s house is situated, killing a couple of villagers and picking up a medicine near a half-destroyed hut along the way. The hunter’s house is also not in its best condition – pick up three fistfuls of ash and climb onto the roof.

After this, several aggressive villagers, including several giants with bells, will emerge from the ground. Pick up adamantite scrap and pine resin amber – the base for upgrading the Flame Vent - and cling the hook to the grip point above.

Here, upstairs, you are safe, so do not rush – there’s a luminous object in the distance (two mibu balloons of soul) but the path to them is blocked by the abyss that needs to be crossed. In the other case, the hero will find himself on the same level as an angry crowd of villagers.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-141

There’s nothing more you can do in this side of the village, so teleport back to Water Mill and climb the slope to meet the mortally wounded Jinzaemon Kumano. He is confident that the charming musician is somewhere close.

Move along the only available route until you see a girl playing the shamisen. She is crying as she cannot find some Lord Sakuza. Regardless of the hero’s answer, the lady will get angry, turn into a mini-boss O’Rin of the Water and go on the offensive.


In case the hero dies in battle or you decide to rest by the idol, start the fight with a deathblow. After each death of the protagonist, O’Rin returns to a peaceful state – in order to be able to attack her, you need to knock the mini-boss out of the initial position with a single jump at the head.

Being a phantom type of the opponent, O’Rin gets additional damage from divine confetti. However, the battle can be finished rather quickly even without them (it’s wise to save this precious resource) – you won’t have to deal too many hits to your opponent.


You won’t have to chase the mini-boss across the arena – she will periodically hit the hero with a combination of three-four hits finished by an unblockable circular attack. Therefore, you need to repel the first attacks and then jump over the last one (preferably twice to push off the head of the enemy).

Between ‘’sets’’, O’Rin often flies from place to place – there’s no sense to try and hit her as in these moments she becomes translucent and invincible. You need to hit the mini-boss right after she finishes her attack, but keep in mind that she won’t miss more than one hit.


At the second stage of your confrontation, O’Rin will use a dangerous (comes with a red hieroglyph) grip. As in the case of the circular hit, you need to jump at O’Rin to avoid damage. The two attacks differ at the very initial stage – before the hit, the blade shines.

In case you have problems, lure the enemy closer to the idol or a bit further to the wooden bridge. In both cases, the musician will start to return to her initial position once she moved too far away from the arena – in this state, she won’t attack you.

For the victory over the mini-boss, you’ll get a prayer bead and a skill Breath of Life: Shadow which will further increase the recovery of hero’s health after the deathblow. Tell about your success to Jinzaemon to earn Jinza’s Jizo Statue for completing his quest line.

You’ll find a lump of fat wax to the right from the bridge behind the battle arena. When the hero comes close, a phantom version of Ashina Elite will materialize on the passage. Repel his usual attacks, use Mikiri to parry the lunge and deal a deathblow.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-150

At the end of the confrontation, jump to the right from the bridge and swim to the waterfall. A chest with divine grass inside stands on the rock that is protruding from the river. Use the hook to get out of the water – search for grip points on the supports of the walkway.

Once back on the ground, climb the slope to the sanctuary that is surrounded by numerous villagers including the giant with a bell. Kill the villager behind an obstacle, sneak up to the giant to deal a deathblow and eliminate ordinary villagers (they will stay dead).

Having cleared the courtyard, listen to the priest’s ravings, and then crawl under the house to the revolving floor door to get inside. Talk to the mad priest – you’ll be able to return to him later – and pick up five divine confetti and two red lumps.

Climb to the second floor of the building – on the altar, around which you’ll see six spirit emblems, there is a prayer bead. Move onto the roof through the hole in the ceiling and pick up a heavy coin purse. Adamantite scrap lies on the side opposite the entry, while a light coin purse can be found on the neighboring hut.

Get back to the main road through the secret manhole under the floor or through the roof of the sanctuary. Go through the gates and get ready to face the ghost version of Corrupted Monk.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-164

At the end of the fight, you’ll get the memory of the battle (do not forget to activate it at the idol) and a new skill – Mibu Breathing Technique, which allows you to dive in suitable reservoirs and hold your breath indefinitely.

Underwater search and the shelter stone

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-165

Before you rush to the Wedding Cave to obtain the fragrant stone for Kuro – once you pick up the artifact, the state of the world will materially change – we advise you to familiarize yourself with the ability to breathe underwater, a gift that you have obtained after the victory over Corrupted Monk.

Not far from the sanctuary where the priest settled, you’ll find valuable fish food which is used to lure certain fish. Swim further down the river to find ordinary treasure carp behind the chest under the waterfall – there’s also a treasure carp scale in this place.

Several aggressive fishes swim in the central pond, including the one with red eyes – if you kill it, you’ll get an item from the Doujun quest line. In the center of the bottom of the pond, you’ll find two light coin purses. Closer to the shore near the entrance to Mibu village, you’ll find a prayer bead in the chest.

At this point, it makes sense to go to the already explored (but not entirely) locations.

The pond near the Temple Grounds idol on the territory of Senpou Temple hides another prayer bead, as well as Holy Chapter: Infested text (in case you haven’t obtained it before your victory over Genichiro). You can give the document to the Divine Child of Rejuvenation.

The flooded passage near the Underground Waterway idol in Abandoned Dungeon hides three light coin purses in the center, a ceramic shard in the distance, as well as mibu balloon of soul, five pacifying agents and Dosaku’s letter on the way to the cell where Doujun stands.

In Sunken Valley, you can find two treasure carps and one treasure carp scale, Yashariku’s sugar, three Gachiin’s sugars, a heavy coin purse, adamantite scrap (the Riven Cave idol; items are guarded by predator fish) and precious bait (the Guardian Ape’s Watering Hole idol).

Do not forget to visit the Under-Shrine Valley idol – in the nearby, you’ll find an underwater passage to another Headless mini-boss. Now, the region is guarded not only by a lone shooter but also by three phantom samurai. Hide, and then sneak up to the enemies from the back to deal a deathblow. Repeat until victory.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough: Ashina Depths-187

As for the Headless, use standard terror-fighting tactics: pacifying agents, mottled purple gourd. In case you do not have divine confetti to increase damage, upgrade Loaded Umbrella to Phoenix’s Lilac Umbrella.

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If you have killed Shichimen Warrior on the battlefield against Headless Ape, you can upgrade Finger Whistle, allowing you to stun ghosts (including Headless) up to three times in one fight.

For the victory over this mini-boss, you’ll get Gokan’s Spiritfall – this item works similar to Gokan’s sugar (temporarily reduces incoming damage to posture) but consumes spirit emblems. In the nearby, you’ll find a lump of grave wax and divine grass.

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Finally, go to Hirata Estate – in the few reservoirs of this location, you’ll find three treasure carps. One is swimming in the river not far from the Bamboo Thicket Slope idol, while two others are located in the lake near Pot Noble Harunaga.

Having finished collecting underwater treasures, teleport to the Wedding Cave Door idol and go inside. On the altar in the center of the room, you’ll find shelter stone – one of the required ingredients of the divine incense. There’s nothing more to do in the cave, so return to the idol.

When trying to return to Kuro’s room to report on your progress, you’ll find that the vast majority of idols in the location are unavailable. Something bad happened in Ashina Castle – to clarify the details, you need to go to the entrance to the Abandoned Dungeon.

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