Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Release date: March 22, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Kotaro Quest Walkthrough

All ways to complete Kotaro's questline, including good and bad endings

Kotaro is a sidequest character in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, whom you'll encounter at the entrance to Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo. You can find him right after the first Sculptor idol. Leave the building and go right to see the monk sitting under the tree. Talk to him to learn that the man is looking for the Pure White Flower. There are several ways to complete this task.

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Where to find the Pure White Flower (Pinwheel)

You can find the white pinwheel after activating the Shugendo idol in Senpou Temple. Proceed to exploring the location from the place where you found Kotaro. When you reach the first large building, get inside from the whole under the roof. Go through the building with the praying monks, kill the enemies outside and head to the broken bridge. From the bridge, jump to the cave on the left. Go through it and activate the Shugendo idol.

Climb the mountain ahead using the wooden plank path and killing on the way. At the top, you will find yourself at the wall you can get onto. This way leads to a wooden bridge, but you need to move in the opposite direction. Instead of going up, take a running jump to cling onto a rock and move further. You should reach the wall which Wolf can jump up on to.

Climb to the left, move to a similar wall and jump down. Jump further using your gripping hook on the edge of the cliff. Following this way will take you to the top of the cliff where you will pick the white pinwheel. Just kill the lizards and jump up between the walls.

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You can also get here from the wooden bridge. Besides, you need to go up there to find the same pinwheel among red-and-white ones. From the bridge, find a path that's going down. Taking this path will take you to another white pinwheel if you haven't already found it. By the way, here you can unlock the building that leads to another idol and the Demon Bell.

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How to send Kotaro away

If you give Kotaro the white pinwheel, he will ask you to send him away. To do so, you will need the Divine Abduction prosthetic, which you acquire following the main storyline. The prosthetic will allow you to move the man to the Halls of Illusion to the Divine Child.

To get the Divine Abduction, head to the Old Grave idol in Ashino Castle. Go back from the idol and then — right across the bridge. Go straight on until you reach the Gun Fort idol in Sunken Valley. Kill the mini-boss Long-arm Centipede Giraffe there and pick up the Large Fan used to craft Divine Abduction. Equip it and return to Kotaro. Press the prosthetic button twice to move Kotaro to the Halls of Illusion. As soon as you unlock the main hall, find Kotaro there and talk to him. This concludes Kotaro's questline.

How to get Taro Persimmon

You will get two Taro Persimmons for helping Kotaro and finding him later at the sanctuary, where you get after killing the monkeys.

Red-and-white pinwheel and Anayama the Peddler

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To get another ending of Kotaro's quest, get back to Ashina Outskirts and visit merchant Anayama located before the Stairway idol.

Anayama has asked money to purchase more goods. If you have given him money several times already, come back after rest and speak to him again. Anayama will ask to bring him a strong man to help with his business. Kotaro fits the description just right.

Give Kotaro the red-and-white pinwheel and send him to the merchant. When you visit Anayama again, you will see that Kotaro is pleased with his new work, the merchant got richer, and the assortment of goods has expanded. You can now buy rare improvement items, including a lump of fat wax.

Kotaro and Doujun (Abandoned Dungeon)

First, visit the dungeon and talk to surgeon Doujun. He will ask to bring him a strong man. You can get there after defeating Gyoubu Oniwa and reaching Ashina Castle. On how to get to the dungeon, read our Ashina Castle guide.

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To help the surgeon, give Kotaro the red-and-white pinwheel and send him to Abandoned Dungeon. Return to Doujun to get your reward — three ingredients for crafting high-level items. You can rest and come back later to listen to the conversation between Doujun with his master. After learning to dive, you will be able to get to Kotaro's cell and talk to him.

Can you kill Kotaro?

While some characters can die when injured, Kotaro is an exception. You can't just kill him. The only way to get rid of the big man is to send him to Doujun. Visit the prisoner in his cell when you learn to dive. Surprisingly, Kotaro is not mad at Wolf, so even in this case it's not possible to kill him.

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