Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Release date: March 22, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple

Optimal routes, collectibles, secrets, combat tactics

After a short adventure in the Abandoned Dungeon, Wolf gets into the territory of the legendary Senpou Temple. According to Isshin and Emma, Mortal Blade, which is required to get to the Fountainhead Palace where you’ll be able to severe immortal ties, is kept here.

Approaching the temple and dealing with battle monks

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-1

Having reached the Senpou Temple idol, Mt. Kongo, you will hear the Divine Child of Rejuvenation who communicates through the banner of Buddha on the wall. The voice will warn the hero that the local monks were tempted by the search of immortality, so going further is dangerous.

Once outside, go around the building counterclockwise to find Gachiin’s sugar. The main path leads to the temple in the distance, but we will start by examining the area on the right side. At the opposite part of the structure, you will find scrap iron. If you go down the slope from this place, you’ll find a crying giant named Kotaro.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-6

His comrades left him alone and now he needs a ‘’pure white flower’’. We’ll later tell you where to find this ‘’plant’’ for Kotaro and what to do with it.

Descend from Kotaro to a broken bridge and deal a deathblow in the back of unsuspecting monk or jump at his head off the ledge near the giant. Next, pay attention to the area below – on the edge of the ledge, next to the two spirit emblems, you’ll see a local ‘’rat’’.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-9

Jump to the ‘’rat’’ and finish him off with the stealth deathblow. You won’t be able to use the kite lifting mechanism in the nearby – someone must hold the handle for you, or the aircraft won’t stay at the required height.

Turn your back to the device and proceed to the pillars of the destroyed bridge – there, you will find Gachiin’s sugar and a mibu balloon of spirit. Next, return on the main path and talk to Blackhat Badger (if the character is absent, buy his goods at Ashina Castle) who looks at the kite mechanism from above.

The undersized shinobi needs to get to the opposite side of the gorge – his relative below (the one you have recently killed) could have helped, but that’s not an option now. We’ll return to this dilemma in the end of this location, but for now let’s move up the road.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-14

The path to the temple is patrolled by monks – they die from three-four blows but can deal material damage to the hero. Beware of their grab that you won’t be able to block and pay attention to the end of the opponent’s combinations to use the opportunity provided by a short pause.

If you do not want to fight against the enemies, hide in tall grass on the right side – you can stealthily eliminate two patrolmen. Further along the road, the gate is guarded by an enemy with a staff/spear – despite his inconvenient location (he stands very close to the wall), you’ll be allowed to finish him off with a deathblow.

In an open fight, these enemies actively swing their sticks and use them as a pole to jump. Periodically, they use Ako’s sugar and Gokan’s sugar to increase their characteristics. Prepare Mikiri when you see the warning hieroglyph – the attack is due – and repel the remaining blows.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-17

Having dealt with the first spearman, hide behind a tree to the left of the gate – a group of three monks in front of you that has been guarding a luminous object (a mibu possession balloon), will move up the hill towards the temple. On that side, the number of unholy servants of Buddha increases, so it makes sense to deal with these enemies right now.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-18

Wait until the trio turns away from the hero and eliminate one of the opponents with a deathblow in the back. If you wish and if you have enough spirit emblems, you can use the Bloodsmoke Ninjutsu technique to keep the deathblow option.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-19

Lure the enemies back to the gates to avoid being detected by the remaining monks – first of all, kill the monk that specializes on melee combat as he is the easiest target. Once you have dealt with the patrolmen, climb the gates and pick up a light coin purse.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-20

Examine your surroundings from the roof – you’ll see objects scattered in the distance and assess the scale of the disaster. The approaches to the building on the top of the ascent are guarded by seven monks with staffs and without them. As soon as the patrol part of the enemies reaches the structure, it immediately goes back.

Jump from the roof and move to the guards, keeping to the left side of the area – on the way, pick up a pellet and a pacifying agent that is hidden behind the trees. Sneak up to the enemy’s backs and eliminate them with deathblows one by one – the neighbor will not notice the loss of the comrade, while the patrol team will already be far from this place.

After some time, the monks’ squad will split. Hiding in the tall grass or using tree branches above your head, stealthily eliminate the loners and them finish off the remaining enemies. If you have problems, do not hesitate to use shinobi firecracker to stun your opponents – you’ll be able to deal with melee fighters during the time of its activity.

Having eliminated the guards, proceed to collecting valuable items. To the right from the central path, you’ll find Ako’s sugar. On the ledge on the same side around the tree, you’ll see three portions of antidote powder (2+1) and a light coin purse. Four spirit emblems hover in the air in the nearby.

Without going anywhere, look towards the building and cling the hook to the branch above your head to pull yourself to the heavy coin purse. Return to the structure and pick up a fistful of ash from the porch. Go to the grip point on the beam above and then jump inside the temple – the main entrance is closed.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-33

You will find yourself in a dark room filled with huge crickets. Kill the insects (for now, they are relatively innocent) to get experience points. Before you move on, pick up Ako’s sugar near the statues. The stairs in front will lead the hero into the hall with several monks.

Do not rush to sneak up to praying enemies as the area behind the corner on the left side is patrolled by another opponent. Eliminate him with a deathblow from the back and then go to the remaining ones. They are not armed, so you should not have much trouble dealing with them, but if you want to finish the fight faster, use Bloodsmoke after the first deathblow.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-36

As soon as you make noise – this will happen in any case while you clean up the room – a giant from Taro Troop will come from the sanctuary. He is armed with a giant club and can cause material problems in a confined space. Try to stay below his back to avoid getting hit.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-37

You are not required to fight against him in an open battle – run back into the room with crickets and wait until he calms down to sneak up to him and deal a deathblow. Before you pick up the luminous object under the nose of the ‘’sleeping’’ priest in the middle of the hall, collect other treasures in the nearby.

In the south-west corner of the room, not far from the open window through which you can get outside, you’ll find four ceramic shards and Gokan’s sugar. Behind the corner, there is a lump of fat wax – a crafting material used to upgrade the prosthetic at medium and high levels.

Then, pick up a gourd seed under the above-mentioned motionless priest. As soon as you do this, he will start spitting crickets and a dark substance that makes the insects more aggressive. At this stage, you won’t be able to do anything with the enemy – he will resurrect – so get outside.

Once outside, talk to the praying old woman on the edge of the cliff – if she is not sick with dragonrot, she will tell the protagonist about snake fruits. The fresh one is located on the opposite side of the gorge which cannot be reached at this time. She also needs rice, but the hero does not have it yet.

In the corner on the right side from the window through which you got into the street, you’ll find a mibu balloon of spirit. Use the hook to climb onto a huge rickety tree in the nearby – there, you will find six spirit emblems and a light coin purse. The latter item is located at the far end of one of the branches.

An unsuspecting monk stands at the foot of the tree near a small building – eliminate him with a deathblow (from above or from the back) and then sneak up to another enemy on the veranda and repeat the lethal attack. Turn the corner to find Ungo’s sugar.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-51

Return to the tree and proceed to the courtyard of the temple – the passage to the destroyed bridge in front is guarded by two monks with double-edged halberds (the first one stands on the stairs while the second one is near the precipice) and a couple of soldiers (a torchbearer and an archer). Two more bandits are hiding in the corner on the left, but they will not join the battle.

Use the tall grass to stealthily eliminate ordinary enemies and then proceed to the dangerous opponents. Both can be killed in a stealth manner – jump at the back of the first one and force the second one to move to the stairs. To do this, jump onto the platform in front of the bridge and make a few steps towards the enemy.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-57

In case you have failed the stealth section, you should be careful – battle monks are serious opponents. They use their halberd both as a weapon and as a pole for jumping. This is usually followed by a fast (marked by a red hieroglyph) rush which, given successful positioning, can be interrupted by your own blow.

You should jump over fast lunges – in this case, you’ll be able to use the enemy’s vulnerability during the recovery phase after the previous animation. Try to repel ordinary attacks and sometimes put your own combinations between enemy ones to put pressure on the opponent’s posture.

During their moves, monks often throw shuriken, so be prepared to block them. If you timely throw your dagger, you’ll be able to knock the enemy back to the ground. The alternative option is to use the anti-air deathblow skill (it is purchased from Blackhat Badger in Ashina Castle).

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Besides money, scrap iron and Gokan’s sugar drop off monks

You’ll get a heavy coin purse for killing the monk on the stairs. Before you move on, pick up an antidote powder near the wall and suck in the spirit emblem. Kill the bandits that are located to the left of the bridge (one with a shield and another one with an ax) and pick up a pellet between them.

After this, get on the remains of the bridge and, having picked up Gachiin’s sugar, jump towards the grip point on the left and cling to it with your hook. Having automatically collected two spirit emblems, follow through the cave to the next idol – Shugendo.

Shugendo and Armored Warrior

Full Size
Shugendo merchant settled above the path to the first building on the territory of the temple

Turn to the left from the Shugendo idol and jump (you can use the hook) to the wooden walkways along the cliff. Moving along the shaky path, pick up three ceramic shards from the nest and get into the platform where a Shugendo merchant is waiting for the protagonist.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-66

This merchant has several useful things to offer: besides dragon’s blood droplet and persimmon (restores posture even if you get damage), you can buy five-color rice, which is replenished during rest and can be used to mark important places.

Go back to the idol and cling to the branch in front to jump to a small cave. Once inside, pick up two mibu balloons of spirit and pay attention to assassins from Senpou Temple that are located outside – one is hanging above the exit while the other one is waiting on a remote platform.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-69

You won’t be able to stealthily deal with this location – you can attract the attention of the first enemy by throwing shuriken and deal with him inside the passage, but the shooter at the distance will sooner or later notice the hero. Two more enemies await you on the tiers above.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-70

Having eliminated the first opponent – use Loaded Axe if you have problems with destroying the enemy posture – and jump over the island to the sniper to kill him (he does not have much posture). After this, pick up Gachiin’s sugar behind the tree.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-71

Another shooter is located on the platform above the cave – wait until the disturbing music stops and pull yourself up to deal a deathblow. Even if you engage in an open fight, this enemy won’t cause any problems.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-72

The last assassin from Senpou Temple is hiding on a narrow wooden walkway above. Use Gachiin’s sugar to hide your presence and use the hook to climb the branch above the opponent. Deal the deathblow from the air and move on.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-73

Get to the colored ledges and look on the left – this path leads to an idol which is isolated from the other ones in this location and to a short road to one of the previous locations. Before you move in that direction, you should unlock the nearest control point.

Climbing along the ledges, use your hook to pull yourself up to the closed bridge. Do not go inside and move to the cliff on the left which is clogged with small wooden figures. There, you should find a Red and White Pinwheel – an item from Kotaro’s quest.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-77

Next, move to the bridge and go inside – the road will be blocked by the Armored Warrior who fights for his son. This Warrior is the obligatory mini-boss. You won’t be able to move on until you defeat him, and you won’t be able to return to the previous idol.

Pay attention to the fact that the Warrior does not have a sphere above the health scale – he won’t die from a deathblow. Moreover, none of your attacks (even the Loaded Spear tool) can hurt the opponent.

In this regard, your task is to deal maximum damage to the enemy posture: you need to make him stand with his back to one of the destructible bridge walls at a time when he completely loses his posture. In this case, the impulse from the deathblow will send him into the abyss.

Fortunately, the enemy’s posture either does not recover at all or recovers so slowly that you won’t notice it: each blow or successful block takes you closer to the victory. Note that you cannot stun the opponent.

You can repel all attacks of the mini-boss, while the one lunge that you cannot block (it comes with a red hieroglyph) can be neutralized by using Mikiri. Use Loaded Axe to speed up the process – after a combination that consists of five blows, the mini-boss becomes vulnerable for a few seconds.

Having dealt enough damage to the enemy’s posture, start thinking about positioning. Lure the Armored Warrior closer to any wall – make sure that he is not ‘’looking’’ with his back towards one of the beams or you’ll have to start it again from about the middle of the process - or even to the balcony and finish him off.

After the mini-boss falls, you’ll be able to pick up a prayer bead and a Breath of Nature: Shadow skill which restores Wolf’s posture in case of a successful deathblow. At the exit from the bridge, you’ll see a scrap magnetite and the Temple Grounds idol.

Bell Demon’s Temple and Kotaro’s fate

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-80

Before you move further in the direction of the Divine Child of Rejuvenation, we advise you to examine the optional part of the location. Use the same way that got you here to return to the fork behind the group of assassins from Senpou Temple, run (otherwise, you may fail to reach the branch) and jump to the branch in the distance.

In flight, cling to the grip point with your hook and hope that your speed is sufficient enough to reach the colored ledge. To minimize risk, just hold the interaction button – in this case, you won’t miss the moment to press the key.

Once you are at the opposite side of the gorge, go to the narrow platform where you’ll find a heavy coin purse. From there, move towards the direction of several ledges that are suitable for climbing – you can also jump to them from the cliff on which you have found the red and white pinwheel.

Cling to the ledges and move to the left until you can climb the platform. At the end of the path, you’ll see two walls that are located close to each other. Before you begin to climb them with successive jumps, kill two poisonous lizards.

At the top of the climb, you’ll find a small platform with a white pinwheel – this is the pure white flower that Kotaro talked about. We’ll soon return to the unfortunate giant, but for now use your hook to climb to the building on the top of the rock, shooting reptiles with shuriken along the way.

Before you unlock the door, look into the adjacent room with a broken wall to pick up a heavy coin purse and monkey booze. Then, unlock the entrance to the building and kill the mini-version of the giraffe centipede. After this, pick up the black gunpowder near the ritual cauldron.

The secret shinobi door in the next room will lead the hero to the location Ashina Outskirts, or, more precisely, to the mini-boss named Headless. Use divine confetti to increase damage and pacifying agents to counteract the opponent’s attacks that cause terror.

If you have managed to get to the fourth level of prosthetic tool upgrades, you’ll be able to afford Phoenix’s Lilac Umbrella for the Loaded Umbrella. This upgrade blocks all magical damage including all the tricks of the above-mentioned enemy.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-92

For the victory against Headless, you’ll get Ako’s Spiritfall – this item works similar to the eponymous sugar (temporarily increases the power of your attack) but spends spirit emblems. If you have problems, just run away and return when you are stronger.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-93
You can switch off the bell effect in the menu – just activate the corresponding item in the inventory

Go back through the secret door to return to the Senpou Temple area and climb the stairs that lead outside. Here, you’ll find the Bell Demon’s Temple idol and the bell itself. If you use the bell, you’ll make enemies in the game stronger but increase the chance that rare items will drop out of them.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-94

Now, teleport to the first control point of the location – Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo – and give the pinwheel to Kotaro:

  • White – to fulfill the giant’s request (best). Agree to provide another service and use Divine Abduction near him.
  • Red and white – if you wish to send him to Doujun’s experiments in the Abandoned Dungeon (very bad) or to work for Anayama in Ashina Outskirts (good enough).

Temple Grounds and Long-arm Centipede Sen’un

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-95

You’ll have a good view of the location when you stand on the ledge near the Temple Grounds idol: the approaches to another building of the complex are guarded by several monks. Instead of going down the stairs in a civilized way, jump onto the roof of the nearby building – in this case, you’ll avoid a pack of aggressive dogs below.

Having landed, pick up two ceramic shards. Two treasure carps are swimming in the pond below. You can slaughter them to get treasure carp scale. Use the hook to get out of the water and get on the central path. Don’t go to the monks yet – we’ll first examine another area.

The path to the descent on the right side is blocked by an aggressive dog. Eliminate the animal with your shuriken and then go to the edge of the ledge to see another beast behind a tree. Jump on it or shoot it down. After this, pick up Gokan’s sugar in the nearby.

Move down the slope until you see a luminous object (it’s a pellet). A monkey hangs above it, while the other one hides behind a stone. Deal with them using your shuriken and continue descending. There’s another ambush behind the arc – three equally weak monkeys.

At the turn to another monkey and a Taro Troop soldier who has a huge hammer, climb the ledge on the left – if you try to sneak up to the enemies from the ground, you’ll be inevitably detected. Jump at the head of the giant and finish off the animal.

Near the rock where the giant was sitting, you’ll find two mibu balloons of spirit (1+1). On the ledge at the distance, you’ll get persimmon (allows you to restore posture when attacking and getting damage). Near the destroyed part of the bridge (opposite the battle monks), you’ll find another mibu balloon of spirit, two spirit emblems and a heavy coin purse.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-106

Return to the central road and use your hook to get to the tree (don’t do it too close to the enemies or you’ll get noticed). The stairs that are leading to the building is guarded by four monks, including new opponents – enemies in masks will throw fire bombs at you.

To avoid direct confrontation, go clockwise around the building that is located above the pond – for safety, first jump into the water – and, having collected three fistfuls of ash, kill Buddha’s unholy servant who is hiding behind a tree. Another enemy is located on the veranda around the corner – no one would notice his death either.

After this, climb the ledges on the left from the stairs – you will find yourself directly behind a garrison of monks. They do not have a great sight and hearing, so kill them one by one, dealing deathblows from the back.

The front door to the temple is locked, so you’ll have to bypass it. Note that you can jump to another pagoda below from the platform on the right side of the building (we’ll later get there), as well as to the rock where three monkeys have previously ambushed the protagonist. There, on the edge of the cliff, you’ll find a mibu possession balloon.

Instead of climbing onto the roof of the building that was guarded by monks – in this case, you’ll be discovered by four assassins from Senpou Temple – sneak along the left wall of the building and pick up two ceramic shards. Climb through the broken window into the courtyard but do not attack anyone.

Here, you’ll see three halflings, while the fourth one is watching his comrades from above. Do not attract the attention of halflings outside and the monks inside the building and make your way to the exit from the territory. Pick a light coin purse along the way and climb onto the roof. This will allow you to stealthily sneak up to the last enemy.

Deal a deathblow from the back and then jump back and repeat the procedure with any of the enemy’s comrades. If you wish, you can use the Bloodsmoke technique to continue dealing with the enemies in a stealth manner.

If you have failed the stealth part, you can run away and try one more time. The other option is to engage in an open fight. In this case, we advise you to use the Loaded Axe tool – it will allow you to deal material damage to enemies’ posture.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-119

Inside the building, you’ll find four praying monks. Kill the spearman (far left) with the deathblow and lure others into the courtyard. All enemies are unarmed, so it’ll be easy to deal with them – they die from three – four blows.

Go back inside the building – in front of the altar with a lump of fat wax, you’ll see another infected priest. If you provoke him, a giant aggressive centipede will come out of him. It hits far and can even grab you (the attack comes with a red hieroglyph) – you cannot kill this enemy right now, so don’t even try.

Leave the territory of the building and climb the slope to a large bonfire with three monks around it. If you want to stealthily sneak up to them, return to the roof of the building and jump on the colored ledge. This path is guarded by another ‘’rat’’ – kill it with Loaded Axe.

Having reached the ledge above the bonfire, jump at the head of any enemy and ‘’manually’’ deal with the remaining opponents. A wolf can attack you from the side of the descent to the above-mentioned pagoda – there are many of them in that direction. Kill it with shuriken and go to the bonfire to get five fistfuls of ash.

A luminous object (Ungo’s sugar) can be seen on the stairs in front of you. Before you pick it up, look behind the boulder on the right side – there’s a Taro Troop fighter there. Go around the stone clockwise (or he’ll notice you) and deal a stealth deathblow to the enemy.

Do not go further. Instead, return to the fork by the bonfire and move down the slope, shooting wolves and poisonous lizards along the way. Approximately at the middle of the descent, you’ll find a platform with a mibu balloon of spirit. The entrance to the above-mentioned pagoda is located slightly ahead.

The building is full of mini-giraffes – several enemies are hiding on the beams under the ceiling, another couple is waiting in the vestibule, while the mini-boss Long-arm Centipede Sen’un is in the main hall. Jump between the supports using your hook and kill minor enemies.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-137

Wait until the disturbing music subsides or leave the building for a while to quietly jump at the head of the adult beast and deprive it of one of its health scales. While the enemy is recovering, eliminate its minions on the ground and focus your attention on the boss.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-138

Just like a similar creature from Sunken Valley, Sen’un deals almost non-stop attacks. Repel ordinary blows and jump over unblockable ones to break the opponent’s posture and deal the deathblow.

For the victory over the monster, you’ll get yellow gunpowder and a prayer bead. Also, several valuable items are scattered around the hall: Gokan’s sugar lies behind one of the beams, three bundles of black gunpowder (2+1) are located near the altar. There’s nothing more to do here, so return to the ritual bonfire.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-141

We do not advise you to climb the stairs to the main hall of the temple – you’ll get into a trap. Instead, follow the familiar route, climb the ledge above the bonfire and sneak up behind the back of the bomb thrower who is sitting over the road. Finish him off with a deathblow and pick up Gokan’s sugar near the tree.

The path below is guarded by a monk (another one hides in the grass up the slope) and a fighter with a huge shield from Taro Troop. Jump at the head of the giant – for his murder, the protagonist will get a portion of magnetite – so that you do not have to fight against him in an open battle. After this, eliminate ordinary monks.

In case you are detected, lure the giant away from his comrades and try to get behind his back for a safe counterattack. With proper diligence and a decently upgraded Loaded Axe, you’ll be able to break the shield of the opponent – in this case, the fight will be much easier.

Having dealt with the patrolmen, go up to the small building behind which you’ll find a climb to the main hall of the temple. The section is guarded by three enemies – two unarmed opponents and one bomb thrower. Kill them all starting with the shooter and pick up Ungo’s sugar from under the stairs.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-147

Having climbed to the porch of the central building, do not rush to move forward. The main entrance is guarded by three battle monks – two enemies stand in front of the gates and look in opposite directions while the other one is walking from side to side at the far end of the building.

The bad news is that it is difficult to stealthily sneak up to these opponents, so the easiest way to deal with the problem is to separate the guards or make them lose interest in you. In the first case, you can try to use ceramic shards or the Finger Whistle tool to attract attention of one of the enemies.

Full Size
You’ll get a bulging coin purse for the victory over the monks

The alternative option is to make them all angry and then run away so that your opponents start returning to their original positions. At this stage, sneak up to anyone of them and deal a deathblow from the back. At that time, use the Bloodsmoke technique to continue the chain of deathblows.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-150

At the end of the fight or right during it (if necessary), unlock the gates to the main hall of the temple – the hero will be invincible during animation – and activate the Main Hall idol. Even if the protagonist is killed, he will resurrect near the new control point.

Main Hall and monkeys behind the screen

The main hall of the Senpou Temple is full of (for now) undying priests with or without an aggressive centipede inside. However, this will not prevent us from collecting everything that can be found in the room. Start with dragon’s blood droplet in the hands of the central statue, then proceed to a lump of fat wax behind it and pick up the Jizo statue behind the rows of figures on the left.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-154

An infected priest will sit at the far end of the right wing of the hall. If you come too close, a huge parasite will come out of him, so refrain from violence at this stage. Ungo’s sugar is located in front of the enemy, while black gunpowder can be found behind the big jars on the left.

In the same part of the building, you can find a locked door which we will open soon, so go to the opposite part of the building. One pellet lies surrounded by three immortal priests. Here, to the left of the altar, you’ll find an alternative exit from the building.

You will find yourself in front of the passage into the cave – pay attention to the four-storied pagoda on the cliff on the left (that’s where we are heading). Go down the stairs and face a lonely monk. Deal with him and move on – due to the difference in lighting, the enemies in front of you will find you before you can see them.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-160

The main and only opponents in this tight and lightless space are mini-giraffes/centipedes. They die from one – two blows but can cause problems due to extensive use of fire bombs – stay closer to the monsters.

Being small, the clawed monsters are vulnerable to deathblows from the air – not even in the stealth mode – so you can eliminate the opponent when you jump over another wall of flame. At the end of the fight, crawl through a narrow passage in the rock on the left and eliminate another centipede at the exit.

Jump into the room under the platform where you have fought against the previous group of monsters and squeeze through a half-flooded tunnel, the entrance to which is located on the opposite wall. Pick up mibu balloon of spirit along the way and, once you have got out of the manhole, climb onto the colored ledge.

The hero will face three more mini-giraffes in the room that is full of bodies of monks and priests. Deal with them – do not forget to use deathblows from the air – and use the hook to pull yourself to the exit that leads outside. The cave will lead the protagonist right to the four-storied pagoda.

Open the doors of the building, go to the altar and pick up Senpou Esoteric Text which provides access to new skills. Pick up two pellets and a couple of spirit emblems from the nearby cliff and kill two poisonous lizards. Use the branch in the front to get to Ako’s sugar on the ledge next to the main hall and return to the idol.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-173

In case you have shown up at this location before you have eliminated the boss of Ashina Castle, you won’t be able to move further. In front of the statue, you will find a priest that will ask the hero to hand over the text Holy Chapter: Infested to the Divine Child of Rejuvenation.

After the conversation with Kuro at the end of the battle against Gehichiro Ashina, a bell will appear on the table in front of the Buddha statue. When Wolf rings the bell, he’ll find himself in the Illusive Realm – the arena of fight against one of the most unusual enemies in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Once you have defeated the boss, you’ll get Illusive Hall Bell and an opportunity to talk to Kotaro if you have fulfilled his request – as a reward, you’ll get Taro Persimmon (it’s more effective than the ordinary one).

When all four monkeys on the screens turn away from the hero, you will hear the voice of the Divine Child of Rejuvenation who will apologize for the defenders and offer to meet at the sanctuary. You’ll be transferred there. Sit by the idol and recall the boss battle to increase your attack power.

Enter the building and talk to the Divine Child. Wolf will finally get the Mortal Blade – the weapon that allows you to eliminate undying creatures (for example, priests). Also, you’ll get rice at the end of the battle – it restores health just like a pellet.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Senpou Temple-188

Next, leave the room and go around the building to find two pellets. Climb up the only stairs in the location and unlock the door to the main hall. Now that you have received a Puppeteer Ninjutsu technique for killing folding screen monkeys, you can return back to the kite.

The kite and Sunken Valley Cavern

Teleport to the Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo idol and go to the kite control mechanism. Deal a deathblow in the back of the halfling near the kite and activate Puppeteer Ninjutsu technique (it must be fixed in the corresponding menu cell) by pressing the attack key.

The obedient halfling will lift the kite to the required altitude and remain in this position. Go to the Blackhat Badger and tell him about your success – after this, the halfling will move to the opposite side of the gorge. That’s where we are heading.

Go to the praying old woman behind the building with the first priest on this level and hand the rice to her if you wish (you can ask for rice once again when you are back to the Divine Child of Rejuvenation) in case you want to get extensive instructions. Climb up the big tree and cling your hook to the kite.

Once on the far side of the gorge, pick up two snap seeds and go down to glowing spirit emblems and magnetite, using branches and other grip points. Inside the cave, you’ll find the Sunken Valley Cavern idol and Blackhat Badger.

Talk to Badger to find out the purpose of his visit – once he is done with his business, he’ll return to Ashina Castle – and go out to the Sunken Valley. Pick up three mibu balloons of spirit from the ledge, get to the end of the wooden beam and jump at the head of the giant serpent to deal a deathblow.

At the end of the blood rain, the hero will get Fresh Serpent Viscera – another key item required for a certain ending. Before you use the idol to teleport, pick up a mibu balloon of soul from the ledge. Also, do not forget to grab a dragon’s blood droplet and a Jizo statue in the nearby cave.

Having collected the valuable items, go to the idol Upper Tower – Kuro’s Room and talk to the Divine Heir. From the conversation with him, you will learn that a sacred village is hidden under Ashina Castle. The fragrant stone is kept there. The boy learned this information from Okami’s Ancient Text.

If you have already been to the Bottomless Hole in Abandoned Dungeon, you can now tell about your experience. Also, it makes sense to visit Isshin in the neighboring tower and show him the Mortal Blade before going to Ashina Depths – the old man will warn Wolf about the unprecedented strength of the weapon.

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