Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Release date: March 22, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Abandoned Dungeon

Optimal routes, collectibles, secrets, combat tactics


To help the Divine Heir severe the immortal ties, Wolf needs to get the Mortal Blade – a unique weapon which is capable of killing those who are otherwise invincible. The treasured sword is kept in the Senpou Temple but in order to get there, you’ll first need to go through the Abandoned Dungeon.

Entrance to the Abandoned Dungeon and the road to Senpou Temple

There are two ways to get into this location. We have talked about them in our guide on Ashina Castle: through the well with Lone Shadow Longswordsman or through the bridge from the Ashina Castle idol with a half-naked giant armed with a bell. For your first walkthrough, we advise you to use the second option.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Abandoned Dungeon-1

The first thing that you will notice when descending into the Abandoned Dungeon is the abundance of overgrown crickets. They deal little damage and die from the first blow so there’s no sense to leave them alive – each dead insect brings you 11 experience points.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Abandoned Dungeon-2

Without going into the wide corridor, crawl through the passage on the right to find two servings of pacifying agent in the corner. Be careful as one of the local rotting prisoners will wake up behind the protagonist when he grabs the item.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Abandoned Dungeon-3
When you use Flame Vent, rotting prisoners die from one blow

The enemies of this type move extremely slowly and can only grab and bite Wolf if he stands in front of them. To kill these zombies, you need to finish them off twice – just circle around the opponent and deal blows until he falls down.

Having entered the illuminated part of the dungeon, turn to the left into one of the cells. Kill the cricket and pick up the Rotting Prisoner’s Note. The note tells about one more ingredient that you need to acquire to get access to the Fountainhead Palace – ‘’Supposedly, the fragrant stone is enshrined in a village in the Ashina Depths’’. We’ll get there soon, but for now go back to the main ‘’hall’’.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Abandoned Dungeon-6

Do not jump into the hole in the middle of the room. On the right side, you’ll find a pair of rotting prisoners who are guarding a pacifying agent. On the left side, a suspicious-looking surgeon named Doujun stands near a spirit emblem – he needs your help.

The doctor needs tough guys like an experienced samurai or a warrior from Taro Troop. The instructions are presented in Surgeon’s Bloody Letter that you will receive after you have agreed to the surgeon’s offer. We’ll later tell you where to find patients.

At the far end of the hall on the left side, you’ll find a couple of crickets and several rotting prisoners who are guarding a red lump. This item provides the hero with eyes of the corresponding color, giving resistance to interruption of attacks but depriving of the ability to rise from the dead.

At the end of the battle, go down the slope to the dark side of the dungeon to find the Abandoned Dungeon idol – Underground Waterway. Go to the entry to the sewers and pick up scrap iron. Next, dive into the water and swim towards the only illuminated island in the distance.

Be careful once you have reached the land – there are three guards here. Climb the ledge on the left that is marked by white paint and kill one of the two soldiers who sit near the luminous object. If you wish, you can use Bloodsmoke Ninjutsu technique to stealthily eliminate other opponents.

When all samurai are dead, pick up scattered valuable items - a pacifying agent, black gunpowder and a light coin purse lie near the barrels while Ako’s sugar is located in the boat. Having collected the objects, jump into the dark part of the flooded cave.

Swim in the only available direction – on the way, you can face aggressive fish so be careful – until you reach the ground. Kill two Ashina soldiers and proceed to the control mechanism of the suspension bridge. Pull the lever and get up on the lift – it will bring you to the territory of Senpou Temple.

We’ll get there in the near future but now we will return to the Abandoned Dungeon as we haven’t examined a large and dark pit in the center of the main hall of the location. We’ll also have to deal with a mini-boss.

Shichimen Warrior and the passage to Ashina Depths

At the bottom of the Abandoned Dungeon, there’s a pit full of crickets. Deal with insects and pick up two bottles of oil. Enter the small tunnel on the right side (if you look in the direction of the Abandoned Dungeon idol – Underground Waterway) of the hollow and pick up the last bite.

On the lighted turn, the hero will face another rotting prisoner – do not forget to kill him twice. Having read the inscription on the destroyed tower for offerings, enter a spacious cave and pick up the mibu balloon of soul that lies on the very edge of the wooden plank.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Abandoned Dungeon-27
You can get additional pacifying agents by kicking them out of the rotting prisoners in the Abandoned Dungeon or by buying them from Fujioka in the Dilapidated Temple

The area below this place is occupied by Shichimen Warrior – the only mini-boss of this location. Being a kind of a shaman, the enemy mostly casts long-range spells that cause terror in the hero. If the terror scale is filled, Wolf will immediately die.

During the battle, the arena will be filled with slow-flying purple orbs – touching them will bring you closer to death as they deal a little damage and provoke dragonrot. Don’t stand still and make sure you have pacifying agents.

Do not hope that you’ll be able to break the enemy’s posture – you won’t be able to stand close to him for any material period of time (you’ll die from terror), while Shichimen rarely uses his staff. In this light, you should focus on dealing with the opponent’s health bar.

Use divine confetti to speed up the process of killing the enemy – if you apply them on your katana, each blow will deal more damage. You can also increase your attacking potential with other items like Ako’s sugar.


Periodically, the mini-boss will fly from one place to another or just hover over the ground for some time – if you have purchased anti-air deathblow skill from Blackhat Badger in Ashina Castle, you’ll have a chance to deal a deathblow to the enemy regardless of the remaining posture.

If you do not have the anti-air deathblow and you do not want to stand still while the mini-boss hovers over arena and shoots at you with his orbs, use shuriken. Throwing weapons can prevent an impending attack and make the enemy vulnerable for a few seconds.


After several consecutive pokes from the hero’s side, Shichimen Warrior will disappear and materialize at the opposite end of the arena. This move is followed by a self-guided powerful terror beam directed against the protagonist. There are several ways to avoid filling the terror bar:

  • Choose a direction that is perpendicular to the attack and run, run, run.
  • Try to repel the attack — you can realistically do this, but in case of failure you’ll get a standard dose of terror.
  • Buy an expensive upgrade for the Loaded Umbrella and just block all black magic.


When the mini-boss raises both hands or his staff, he summons up to three huge terror orbs. They are flying faster than the small ones so either dodge at the last moment, or run in zigzags, or hide behind the few stone formations in the arena.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Abandoned Dungeon-28

Due to the fact that you can ignore the enemy’s posture, you can spend as much time as you need behind shelters, recovering your health, using ‘’buffs’’ and getting rid of the fear. If you have problems, use the simple hit-and-run tactic to minimize risks.

For the victory over Shichimen Warrior, you’ll get Ceremonial Tanto (prayer beads do not drop out of shamans) – when used, it transforms a certain among of health points into spirit emblems. In different parts of the arena, you’ll find black gunpowder, a mibu balloon of soul and scrap magnetite.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Abandoned Dungeon-31

From the battlefield, you can head to the Bottomless Hole idol which is part of the Abandoned Dungeon. After you have killed Lone Shadow Longswordsman, Jinzaemon Kumano who still follows the sound of the attractive melody will transfer there.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Abandoned Dungeon-32

If you wish (or if you don’t have a heart), you can lure the unfortunate traveler to Doujun - nothing good will await Jinzaemon if you make this decision, but for the completion of this unethical mission you’ll get three lumps of fat wax.

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If you jump too far from the edge, you won’t reach the grip point and lose a fair share of your health

As for the bottomless hole (right behind the idol), it leads to the location Ashina Depths. You can learn this by asking advice from a praying old woman next to the ritual gates. Once ready, jump from the edge into the void and get ready to cling the hook to the grip point.

Once on the ground, pick up two mibu balloons of soul and follow along the ledge inside the cave. Kill the rotting prisoner twice and grab a fistful of ash before you descend lower.

Next, jump through the highlighted hole in the floor. This time, the hero will get damage from the fall – make sure that you have enough health before jumping. Near the blocked passage, you’ll find a pacifying agent. The Ashina Depths idol awaits you on the opposite side of the dead end.

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