Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Release date: March 22, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Sunken Valley

Optimal routes, collectibles, secrets, combat tactics

Following the victory over Genichiro Ashina, Wolf reunited with Kuro and agreed to help the Divine Heir break the immortal bond. To do this, the heroes need several things. The first one, a white lotus flower, is located in Sunken Valley.

Under-Shrine Valley and a quick trip to Ashina Outskirts

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Sunken Valley-1

We have discussed how to get to Sunken Valley in our guide on Ashina Castle. Go to the idol Great Serpent Shrine and talk to Tengu of Ashina. He wonders whether the hero has learned any secret techniques.

He is talking about the final skill in any skill tree. As soon as you have the required skill, talk to ‘’rat’’ hunter one more time (you can do this after you have completed the location), to get Mushin Esoteric Text which provides access to Mushin Arts.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Sunken Valley-2

There’s a small altar on the side of the gorge which is opposite the idol. If you haven’t done it before, pick up three eel livers there. Next, use your hook to go down from the sanctuary until you get to the idol Under-Shrine Valley.

Before you move on, turn your back to the control point and walk along the platform – in front, you’ll see how one of the local riflemen goes behind the corner. Jump to him and prepare to face another opponent – they die from one or two blows, but you’ll find yourself in trouble if you allow them to shoot at you.

Cling to the marked ledge and follow to the exit from the gorge – you’ll find yourself in the location Ashina Outskirts. Jump onto the platform and, having eliminated the lonely rifleman near the right cliff, pick up a prayer bead and two pacifying agents (on the platform and in the cave).

Teleport to the idol if you don’t want to go there by foot and jump to a luminous object (two fistfuls of ash) on the edge of the cliff in front of you. On the way to the goal, you’ll be noticed by a rifleman on the opposite side – use your hook to pull yourself up to him and kill him.

Move through a small tunnel, cling to the tree branch and fly over the abyss to get to another rifleman – pay attention to the fact that your opponents can shoot you when you are in the air. If you do this after the enemy has moved away a bit, you’ll be able to deal a stealth deathblow.

Do not hurry to get the ceramic shard below – turn your back to the item and climb the ledges to a small cave. A watchman will stand at the entry on the left – finish him off and use your hook to pull yourself to another watchman. Having dealt with him, climb onto the platform to get yellow gunpowder and a gourd seed.

Return to the fork and continue the descent – an antidote powder, which is guarded by one lizard, will be lying on the platform behind the ceramic shard. The reptile dies from one blow or, in case you don’t want to come close (the lizard spits poison), from one shuriken.

Go along the narrow ledge to the grip point on the branch – you’ll see a spacious platform with two ordinary riflemen and another one which is armed with a shotgun. Deal with ordinary enemies (you can kill the first one by stabbing him in the back) to concentrate on the most dangerous opponent.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Sunken Valley-19

Theoretically, you can eliminate him stealthily, but in most cases, he will be able to notice the hero. If it’s hard to dodge his shots, use Loaded Umbrella to avoid damage from the gun.

At the end of the fight, pick up scrap magnetite and unlock the Sunken Valley idol which is located in the nearby. Here, near a large stone, you will find a mortally wounded assassin from Senpou Temple. He will warn you that the Gun Fort that is located ahead is protected as well as possible.

Mini-boss and Gun Fort

Having rested at the idol and having visited Emma to increase the number of healing gourds, jump onto a small pillar-rock below. Upon landing, the hero will find himself under fire from a gun fort in the distance, so don’t lose time and jump to a neighboring ‘’island’’.

Get ready for a challenging battle – near the statue of Buddha at the top, you will face a mini-boss Snake Eyes Shirafuji. You won’t be able to stealthily sneak up to her from this side and deal a deathblow – if you want, run to the next idol and then return to deal a stealth deathblow.

The most dangerous and at the same time the most favorable attack of Shirafuji is a grab (comes with a red hieroglyph). The warrior grabs the hero with her weapon and shoots at him. This attack deals tremendous damage (more than a half of your health scale), so your primary task is to avoid being caught in this position.


In order to avoid damage, you must either make one leap back at the last moment (or two leaps but earlier) or jump. In the latter case, the hero will also be able to push off from the head of the enemy, dealing damage to her posture. Do not forget to swing your sword on the way back to the ground.

Ideally, you should stay close to Shirafuji to repel her blows and counterattack. If you are not confident in your abilities, keep the average distance and wait for her grab – at the end of the animation, the mini-boss is vulnerable for a few moments.

Periodically – even during hand-to-hand combinations – the warrior takes the rifle for a quick shot. Make sure that you timely jump at the side – you’ll be able to hit the opponent before she recovers from the shot. The alternative option is to repel (not block) the bullets or use the Loaded Umbrella.

For the victory over this mini-boss, you’ll get another prayer bead. Within the territory of the ‘’island’’, you’ll be able to find several fistfuls of ash, scrap magnetite and an antidote powder. The latter item is guarded by the enemy while the ledge is under fire, so act fast.

Return to the head of the Buddha statue and go around it clockwise along a narrow ledge. You’ll see a suspension bridge which offers a great view of the Gun Fort. We recommend using Gachiin’s sugar before moving on to make it harder for the enemies to detect the hero.

While you run forward under fire, there’s a risk that you won’t notice a hole under your feet approximately in the middle of the way. Even if Wolf falls into the hole, he can still use the grip point over his head and then jump on the rock where snipers are located.

Having lost sight of the protagonist, the enemies will quickly relax. Wait until the disturbing music fades away, move along the cliff and cling to the ledge on the right. Deal a deathblow from under the enemy and repeat the procedure with the opponent that is located above. Climb the platform, suck up the spirit emblem and pick up the magnetite.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Sunken Valley-35

Use the hook to get to the platform in the central part of the fort using the two thick branches that protrude from the rocks. Next, having moved to the left (otherwise, the sniper on the upper tier will notice you), pull off another enemy from the ledge.

Without climbing onto the platform, use the grip point on the right to pull yourself to the fence – the fort is patrolled by guards with shotguns, so it’s better not to make noise. Sneak up to the enemy standing at the edge and deal a deathblow. After this, pick up black gunpowder that lies next to him.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Sunken Valley-39

A sniper watches the path that leads inside the fort. The road itself is full of hidden firecrackers. If you step on such a tile, the whole fort will learn about your presence. Avoid the traps and look inside the fence – you can use your hook to get on the ledge in front of you.

Eliminate the enemy on the platform by hitting him from the back and pick up a magnetite in the nearby. Next, cling to the branch above the traps to get over them and sneak up to the shooter above. Deal with the enemy and then pick up black gunpowder near the road.

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From the same position, you can use the hook to cling to the nearby pile of stones where you’ll find Ungo’s sugar

Avoid firecrackers on the ground and descend back to the platform in the center of the fort. From there, you can jump onto the branch which will lead you to the ledge with Gokan’s sugar. Climb the rocks and get to the patrolman with a shotgun who stands near the edge of the platform (if the enemy is not there, reboot the game).

The inside part of the fort is patrolled by a local version of the old lady – snitch. Do not get from the shelter and wait until the enemy turns the back to you, then deal a stealth deathblow. The passage to the cave further along the corridor is guarded by two enemies with shotguns – you can’t stealthily sneak up to both of them.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Sunken Valley-49

One of the enemies will stand with his back to you – if the situation is different, re-enter the game. Run up to him and deal the deathblow. If you have enough spirit emblems, you can activate Bloodsmoke Ninjutsu and bypass the second shooter to deal a deathblow to him.

For the elimination of the last enemy, the hero will get three portions of yellow gunpowder. Another yellow gunpowder together with a heavy coin purse, two pellets and three snap seeds await you under the wooden structure where the sniper was located and above it. Having collected the items, go to the Gun Fort idol in the cave.

Gun Fort Shrine and the passage to Sunken Valley

Ignore the three glowing spirit emblems to the left of the main route and descend the slope to the Gun Fort Shrine. Near the altar, you’ll see a scary creature – that’s a mini-boss Long-arm Centipede Giraffe. Before the fight, use Gokan’s sugar to reduce incoming damage to posture.

Despite the scary looks, the monster has only two attacks – nine quick alternate strikes with both paws which are followed by one powerful strike, and a double circular strike (comes with red hieroglyph). You should jump over the latter attack, while all other ones could be repelled.

If parrying is not your main skill, there are other options. Use shinobi firecracker to interrupt opponent’s movements. While the opponent is stunned, use the Ichimonji technique from Ashina Arts to deal material damage to the enemy’s posture. Repeat until victory.


Giraffe engages in almost non-stop attacks (it slows down for a second after his combo), so don’t even think about going on the offensive – allow the creature to wear itself out. Watch for the supply of your own posture and use block if necessary (in this case, posture is restored faster).

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Sunken Valley-54

As soon as you see the swing of the mini-boss, get ready to quickly repel the attack and do not forget about the final strike that cannot be blocked – be prepared to jump over it. For your efforts, you’ll get two packs of yellow gunpowder and a prayer bead.

At the end of the battle, pick up a magnetite in the corner of the room and a Large Fan near the Buddha statue. The Sculptor will use it to craft Divine Abduction which is used to turn enemies to deal a sudden deathblow in the back.

Unlock the door by using the key you took from Kuro (you should have defeated Genichiro Ashina) but don’t go outside – instead, find a hole and crawl under the floor. The turn to the left will lead the hero to yellow gunpowder, while the turn to the right leads through a tight tunnel.

Having got out of the tunnel to a small ledge, look to the right and use the hook to cling to a beam and move into the entrance to the cave. Use shuriken to deal with lizards on the walls and pick up divine confetti in the far end of the ‘’room’’ (if you haven’t killed lizards, they will become aggressive at this point).

Go back to the cave and cling your hook to the next platform, then jump to the lower platform – under it, you’ll see three centipedes which are smaller than the mini-boss. Before jumping to the enemies, use shuriken to kill three lizards on the walls.

Fix the camera on any of the ‘’giraffes’’ and kill it with a deathblow from above. These creatures die from one or two strikes, but they can throw fire if they go far enough from you. At the end of the battle, pick up the medicine and a prayer bead.

Next, return to the platform behind the tight passage and use the hook to cling to the board on the left side. Collect three mibu balloons of spirit and jump to the three above-mentioned spirit emblems. From this place, you can also go back to the Fort idol.

Finally, you are ready to get outside, to the long suspension bridge. Approximately in the middle of your way, the Great Serpent will get out of his lair and bite through the bridge, sending the hero down to the water. If you show good reflexes, you can cling to the branch on the right side during the fall and get to the ledge with a snap seed.

Once you are in the water, do not lose time (or the giant reptile will try to eat you) and swim to the lighted passage, bypassing the snake in the widest possible arc. As a reward for your efforts, you’ll get to the idol Riven Cave.

Riven Cave – upper tier

Once at the idol, use the hook to pull yourself to the branch above to direct your hero towards another grip point. Having landed, pick up adamantite scrap and enter the Riven Cave – a long multi-tier gorge at the end of which Wolf will face a boss. We’ll later get to the lower tier but for now we’ll head towards the goal.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Sunken Valley-75

The main opponents in this area are monkeys similar to those that you have met on the way to Great Serpent Shrine. These primates also die from one or two blows, but the difference is visible at first sight – the very first monkey (it clings to the branch above the ledge) will be armed with a sword.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Sunken Valley-76

Use the shuriken to shoot down the monkey and finish it off with a deathblow or wait until the animal jumps down to the protagonist (do not stand below it or you’ll get hurt). Don’t go away from the opponent as the enemy’s katana can also serve as a spear.

From the first ledge, you can jump at the head of the monkey that is located under a huge statue of Buddha – pick up three snap seeds near the corpse and cling your hook to the platform that is located above. Finish off another monkey with a deathblow and look around.

On the stone bridge below – near the fallen Buddha head (there are many of them in this location), you’ll find a pacifying agent – there, you’ll see a primate with a musket. Sneak up to the animal from the back and eliminate it or you’ll have to chase it all over the gorge, attracting attention of other monkeys.

Before moving forward, pay attention to two monkeys – one with a gun (the primate with a hat), and another without a gun – far away to the right. You won’t be able to stealthily sneak up to both of them (they stand too close to the rock), so try to use the deathblow on at least one of them.

On the other side of the gorge, behind the first of the three gesturing statues of Buddha, you’ll find four monkeys (two with muskets and two with swords). Break into the battle from the platform where you have found the pacifying agent to get the opportunity to kill at least one monkey with a deathblow.

First of all, get rid of the shooters as they fire often and accurately so they can cause many problems. At the end of the skirmish, pick up three contact medicines at the base of the first statue, jump on the platform under the second one to get Ako’s sugar and use the hook to get back to pick up three spirit emblems.

The glowing object at the feet of the third gesturing statue is guarded – unexpectedly – by Nightjar. He is watched by two more Nightjars who stand on the ledge above, so we do not recommend jumping down to the guard of the treasure ahead of time.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Sunken Valley-90

Having climbed onto the sniper position, sneak up to one of the ninjas – for some reason, they both stand with their faces to the wall. Activate Bloodsmoke Ninjutsu in the course of the deathblow to allow yourself to use the deathblow when dealing with the second opponent.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Sunken Valley-91

If you have failed the stealth part, stun opponents using shinobi firecracker – they don’t have much posture, so you’ll be able to finish off the Nightjar pretty quickly if you act decisively enough. When both shinobi are dead, jump at the head of the third one and grab the contact medicine.

You can find scrap iron behind the head of the collapsed statue of Buddha. From the same position, you’ll be able to detect a large group of monkeys – as many as 22 enemies. Before engaging in the fight, jump onto a ledge under the main platform and pick up a pacifying agent.

From here, jump to the opposite side of the gorge to pick up Ungo’s sugar and go back. If you walk along the monkey cluster, you’ll be able to cling your hook to the hand of the Buddha statue and get to the idol Bodhisattva Valley.

If you do this now, you’ll have to return to the monkeys from Riven Cave. The majority of problems with the monkeys are solved by using shinobi firecracker and a skill Breath of Life: Light. The firecracker stuns everyone in the area while the skill restores health after you have dealt a deathblow.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Sunken Valley-97

This works as follows: you jump right into the middle of the monkey group and immediately use the firecracker. Then, you methodically eliminate enemy forces – the hero is invincible during the deathblow animation – starting with shooters and swordsmen. As soon as the effect from the firecracker fades away, use it one more time. Repeat until victory.

For the victory over this group of monkeys, you’ll get monkey booze. You can use this strong drink during conversations with Emma, Isshin Ashina or Sculptor. Near the rock at the far end of the platform, you’ll find three pieces of scrap iron. Now you are ready to head to the idol.

Before you jump to the guard of the white lotus flower, jump to the ledges under the platform with a control point to get the mibu balloon of soul. There’s nothing more to do in the upper tier of the location so either head to the boss or get ready to explore the swamp part of the segment.

Riven Cave – lower tier

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Sunken Valley-103

Under the statues of Buddha, along almost the entire gorge, you’ll find a poisonous swamp. To avoid running two times around the same places, we advise you to explore the lower tier of the Riven Cave after you have been to Senpou Temple and obtained Puppeteer Ninjutsu technique.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Sunken Valley-104
If you give rice to the old woman, you can get a tip about a certain monkey

Talk to an old woman near the idol Bodhisattva Valley – she will point to the quagmire in the distance and say something about ‘’dried fruit’’. Once you are ready, jump in the direction of the branches below – you won’t be able to fly to the quagmire without using them as you’ll simply die.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Sunken Valley-105

Once you have landed into a greenish slush, do not lose time (to avoid getting poisoned) and run to collect scattered items – a heavy coin purse on the rock and yellow gunpowder in the mud. To neutralize poison, just climb on any snag or stone above the water.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Sunken Valley-106

If you do not want to walk in the liquid, move to the opposite side from the idol and get to the ground on the left side. Cling your hook to the branch above and to another one during flight – you need to do this fast or you’ll attract the attention of a dangerous enemy.

We are talking about a silver monkey with two katanas who stands under the second grip point. With proper skill, the hero can get behind the monkey’s back unnoticed – in this case, you’ll only need to stealthily sneak up to the monkey and deal a deathblow.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Sunken Valley-109

The other scenario is when the protagonist is discovered. Unlike its relatives, this monkey will not die from two blows, and will also try to prevent being hit. Get ready for almost non-stop double attacks – to get healed in safety, you’ll have to run back.

Focus on repelling enemy attacks and go on the offensive once the monkey takes a little rest between combinations. If you cannot keep up with the speed of your opponent’s attacks, use shinobi firecracker to slow down the opponent.

For killing the silver monkey with two katanas, you’ll get a portion of yellow gunpowder (in addition, pellets may drop off the animal). In the nearby, you’ll find Ungo’s sugar and a snap seed. The latter is located in front of the entrance to the dark cave near the merchant’s tent.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Sunken Valley-112

This merchant has to offer several interesting items: two dragon’s blood droplets, an unlimited supply of antidote powder and a green mossy gourd. The latter item reduces the level of poisoning in the body and increases the resistance to this effect. It is restored after you have taken a rest by the idol.

In the back part of the swamp, there is an island with five monkeys – one with a musket, three unarmed and a primate with two katanas. Another shooter is watching the situation from the distance. Keep to the left side of the gorge, sneak up to the sniper and eliminate the monkey, then collect a mibu balloon of soul.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Sunken Valley-116

You won’t be able to stealthily sneak up to islanders — even if you try to jump to the silver monkey from the back, the viscous nature of the swamp won’t allow you to get high enough. Use shinobi firecracker to disorient the enemies and start by dealing with the ‘’musketeer’’.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Sunken Valley-117

Be careful as unarmed monkeys gradually poison the hero with their blows. Once you are left one on one with the master of swords, pick up the fight or run away so that the opponent loses interest in you, and then sneak up to the monkey and deal a deathblow. As a reward, Wolf will get another portion of yellow gunpowder.

After this, move to the cave next to the merchant’s tent – it’s very dark inside so it will be easy to detect the scattered items due to the light they emit. After the first item – the antidote powder – the hero will face a trap: a warrior (or, more precisely, his upper half) will break out of the rock.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Sunken Valley-120

These ‘’shadows’’ have two attacks – a lunge (use Mikiri) and a grab from which you need to jump away. Periodically, the enemy will disappear to scare you in a few seconds: just stand still and prepare to repel incoming blows.

The area further down the road is occupied by poisonous lizards. Use shuriken to deal with them and walk a little forward – you’ll see the body of a huge serpent. It cannot reach you here but if you hit its body, the reptile will begin to actively wriggle.

Move further, dealing with reptiles (we do not advise to bypass them on the right side, or you’ll have to fight with another ‘’shadow’’), until you pick up two fistfuls of ash. On the fork, turn to the right and cling your hook to the grip point in front of you.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Sunken Valley-125

You will get onto a platform with three items – a pellet, a scrap magnetite and a fistful of ash. As soon as the hero comes closer, ‘’shadow’’ warriors will pop out from the walls. Keep closer to one of them so that you don’t have to fight against both of them at one time.

On the ledge from the opposite side of the cave, you’ll find another portion of magnetite. Having collected the item, move along the serpent’s body until you see its head. Jump down to the ledge on the right and then jump onto an elevation with several spirit emblems and a shaking monkey.

Get behind the monkey’s back, deal a deathblow and activate the Puppeteer (when a red sphere lights up on the enemy’s body, you need to press the attack button once again). As a result, the monkey will run to distract the serpent while you’ll be able to use your hook to pull yourself to the building – the giant reptile has previously blocked this opportunity.

Go inside the building and pick up Dried Serpent Viscera from the altar. It’s a key item for getting one of the endings. Pick up the mibu balloon of soul in the corner near the building and cling your hook to the rock. Collect three divine confetti and run to the idol Poison Pool in the location Ashina Depths.

Guardian Ape and a return to Kuro

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Sunken Valley-137

A huge monkey guards the passage to the flower. Despite having just one health scale, the primate may cause a lot of problems.

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If you pay attention to the description of the flower, the mechanics of the combat against one of the next bosses will not be that surprising

At the end of the battle, sit by the idol Guardian Ape’s Watering Hole and recall the boss battle to increase your attack power. Then, proceed to a small cave near the control point and pick up Lotus of the Palace.

Teleport to idol Upper Tower – Kuro’s Room and tell the boy about your progress. As it turns out, you need another ingredient – Kuro’s blood. The dragon’s descendant cannot bleed which poses a problem.

Fortunately, the boy found Page’s Diary of Lord Takeru which talks about the means to make the Divine Heir bleed. You’ll learn more from Emma –the Immortal Severance Scrap tells that you can accomplish the task by using the Mortal Blade from Senpou Temple. That’s where we’ll head now.

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