Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Release date: March 22, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle

Optimal routes, collectibles, secrets, combat tactics

Having defeated Gyoubu Oniwa and having gone through rather unpleasant memories, the one-armed Wolf heads to rescue the young Lord Kuro. The Divine Heir is kept in a fortress by Genichiro Ashina.

Ashina Castle Gate, hunting for ‘’rats’’, and the bull

Do not rush to Ashina Castle after you have finished the battle with Gyoubu Oniwa – instead, turn around and go up the stairs to the gatehouse, the main entrance to which is blocked. Don’t go inside – go around the building counterclockwise to find a ceramic shard in the corner.

On the top of the hill, you’ll see a colleague of the raven merchant – a trader from the battlefield. Among other things, you can find dragon’s blood droplet (in combination with another item, it cures those infected with dragonrot) and a gourd seed (1000 sen).

On the first floor of the tower, the hero will meet the local ‘’rat’’ hunter Tengu of Ashina. Take his offer and get a note Rat Description. As it turns out, the rodents are undersized killers in hats from Senpou Temple. They were recently seen near the gates.

Before you go on a mission, pick up the pellet from the front door and open it, unlocking a short path to the memory of Kuro and Emma, and talk to the old lady if you want. She won’t say anything useful, so you can ignore her.

Climb to the second floor to get the light coin purse. Use your hook to pull yourself up. Walk along the beam to the broken ceiling and cling to the hanging support to get to the upper tier. Here, you will find a chest with a prayer bead.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-12

Now you are ready to get back to the previous idol. Climb up the hill and kill the archer – you won’t be able to get to him unnoticed, so just run diagonally to avoid damage – and use your hook to pull yourself up to the locked gates.

Having landed, turn around and overhear the conversation between killers from the Senpou Temple. There are three of them here: two are digging in the ground while the third is hiding behind the tree on the left side. It’s easy to get close to this third bandit from the back – one deathblow will do the job.

It’s harder to deal with the remaining bandits – they are looking at each other, so it will be nearly impossible to sneak up to any of them without being noticed. Their hats serve as shields, so use the axe that you have found in Hirata Estate to deal with them.

‘’Rats’’ can spew poison and cling to the ledges (this means that they can chase you). They can also jump at the hero and break his backbone. In addition, the noise of a long battle can attract the dogs in the nearby.

Having eliminated the killers from Senpou Temple, pick up the pellet near the tree, return to Tengu and report to him. As a reward, you’ll get Ashina Esoteric Text which provides access to Ashina Arts Skill Tree. Left without work, the ‘’rat’’ hunter will soon move to another location.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-19

Let’s get back to our attempts to get inside Ashina Castle. Go to the locked gates, killing the enemy (if you have had the time to rest). The stairs ahead are patrolled by two soldiers (a third soldier will soon join them), while another one is hiding in a hollow on the right together with three aggressive dogs.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-20

If you don’t want to bother getting a ceramic shard – you can stealthily eliminate the dogs (use shuriken), their ‘’trainer’’ and one of the patrolmen (jump from above and deal a deathblow) – use a detour to the left of the locked gate (see screenshot above).

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-21

You can take several routes to get to the following part of the location, but the most lucrative way is the least obvious one. Turn to the right on the stair-well patrolled by soldiers – you’ll be able to cling to a rock behind a tree.

Climb the slope and use the hook to pull yourself to the upper floor of the high pagoda – here, you will find a light coin purse and a spirit emblem. You can then jump on the field where two giants with hammers are working under the supervision of two soldiers. After this, you’ll be able to get on the rock which is covered by trees from the enemy sight.

Jump from the edge of the ledge to the grip point – you can only cling to it once in the air. Do not hurry to jump to the two luminous objects at the bottom – the fortress wall is full of poisonous lizards. Shoot the reptiles with shuriken and pick up Gachiin’s sugar and scrap iron.

Return to the roof of the pagoda and jump at the head of one of the giants to level the odds a bit. Then act fast and eliminate ordinary soldiers before the second giant has the time to evaluate the situation. If you don’t want to fight against him, run away and wait until the enemy calms down, then sneak up to him from the back and deliver a deathblow.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-26

The giants are extremely slow in battle but their attacks are accompanied by a small shock wave, so you should stay away from the hammer. Try to position yourself behind the enemy’s back, and you should not face any significant problems.

It’s too early to move on as you need to collect valuable items in the area. On a platform on the outer side of the fortress wall (near the entrance to the field), you will find Ako’s sugar. Scrap iron and several fisfuls of ash can be found behind the last building in this area.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-29

Use the hook to climb the arch in front of wide stairs at the far end of the field and overhear the conversation between two soldiers – something fierce and unpredictable awaits Wolf. At the end of the conversation, jump at the head of one of the talkers and then finish off the remaining soldier.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-30

Before you move on, make sure that the hero has shinobi firecracker – this tool will be indispensable in the upcoming battle against the mini-boss. Go through the doorway and eliminate one of the three soldiers with a deathblow – don’t worry about the remaining two enemies.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-31

Once you get to the middle of the square, a bull with burning piles of straw fixed on his horns will run out of his enclosure. The bull won’t waste any time and will immediately rush to attack the hero. The first rule of this fight is to avoid jumping over the attack – you’ll get hurt and burned. Just run away.

Theoretically, you can try to block or parry the horn attacks, but the character will still receive damage in both cases. A good idea is to have dousing powders and/or withered red gourd (you can buy them from Noble Harunaga in the location Hirata Estate).

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-32
The bull won’t kick the hero from the back, so do not hesitate to stand behind the beast

Do not fix on the enemy as the camera might complicate your fight, especially if you are close to the enemy. Your task is to run up to the bull before he can make another move.

Ideally, you should push the opponent into a small hollow in the far-right end of the arena where the animal won’t have much room for maneuver and stay close to his side or back. In this case, most enemy attacks will pass you by, while you’ll be able to easily avoid the remaining ones by jumping back or to the side.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-33

Fortunately, you need just one deathblow to kill the mini-boss. Every several dozen katana blows, the bull rears up, giving you extra seconds to attack. The same effect may be achieved by using shinobi firecracker (can be used every 15-20 seconds).

Once the animal falls, you’ll get a prayer bead and Shinobi Medicine Rank 2 (increases the effect of healing items). The gates in front of you will open, and a couple of soldiers will rush to you. Eliminate them and proceed along the bridge past the praying old woman to the Ashina Castle idol.

From now on, the player has several available routes. It’s up to you to decide where you want to go next, but in this walkthrough, we will proceed to the following location.

Ashina Reservoir and the abandoned dungeon

The passage to the first location of the game – Ashina Reservoir – is located to the left from the Ashina Castle idol. Many things changed there from the time we last visited this location (and the hero now has new traveling methods), so we will visit this area once again.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-37

There are two ways to get to the reservoir. You can jump towards the branch sticking out of the wall and use your hook to cling to it (you’ll get to the bridge that leads to the location Abandoned Dungeon) or you can descend straight to the idol Ashina Reservoir and unlock the short path. We’ll start with the latter option.

Go through the open gates to the vision of Emma and Kuro, then turn into the lane on the left (for now, do not pay attention to the stairs leading to the castle) and open the massive wooden doors. You’ll get into the two-storied room.

Do not jump down – instead, unlock the exit at the opposite side of the room, Under the tree in the dead end, you’ll find scrap iron and a mibu possession balloon. From here, you can jump into the muddy water below – this path leads to a dead end – you’ll be able to get out with the help of your hook.

Return to the two-storied room and jump to the first floor. Pick up the pellet near the wall and remove the deadbolt from the massive gates – the short path to Ashina reservoir is open. Don’t go far from the control point and overhear the conversation of two soldiers who stand down the stairs – they are talking about shinobi in the nearby.

In addition to Ashina warriors, a couple of dogs are guarding the road ahead. To avoid them, jump onto the remains of the stone fence and then use the hook to pull yourself to the branches that stick out of the reservoir walls. Next, climb onto the roof and then jump at an undersized enemy who likes to raise alarm.

We’ll later deal with the other opponent in the area. For now, go to the well from which Wolf got out at the very beginning of the game (to the left from the landing site). By the time you arrive, the local guardian Junzaemon Kumano will be glancing into the twilight of the cave – he was attracted by music coming from below.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-51
If you have problems dealing with the Longswordsman, use various sugars to empower your character

Do not use the familiar path to the well. Instead, proceed forward to the hole in the ground through which you can see a ninja below (guards near the idol talked about him). Deal him a deathblow to eliminate one of his two health scales.

The Lone Shadow Longswordsman – that’s the name of this mini-boss – is very fast and enduring. He alternates sword and leg attacks and also has a kick that you cannot block but you can parry. Focus on repelling enemy attacks rather than on dealing your own attacks.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-52

If you have Mikiri skill, you can try to turn a dangerous (comes with a red hieroglyph) kick of the Longswordsman against him. In other cases, use Shinobi Firecracker to interrupt enemy attacks.

Don’t stand still – there’s not much place in the well, so don’t let the enemy drive yourself into the corner – and circle around the ninja. As soon as you see him preparing a strike, jump to the side and deal the counter blow – the opponent is vulnerable a few moments after he delivers his attack.

As a reward for the victory against the mini-boss, you will receive two pieces of magnetite (a material used to improve prosthetics) and a prayer bead. Follow through the half-flooded tunnel and use the hook to cling to the ledge and pull yourself to the alternative entry to the location Abandoned Dungeon.

Pick up scrap iron, ignore a strange shaman on the left and run along the right border of the cave up to the bulging coin purse and Sculptor’s idol Bottomless Hole (that’s the region Ashina Depths). Take a rest and return to the castle – by foot or using teleportation.

We’ll now use the second path to the reservoir. Get over the pit, turn to the left and pick up a light coin purse in a corner with a view of the blazing bull’s enclosure. Next, go to the bridge and overhear the conversation of two soldiers about a fragile armor of the potential opponent.

Kill both enemies to get the gatehouse key – that’s where the samurai moved the broken horn. Next, jump over the large locked gate in the front and bend down – a half-naked brute is playing with three dogs.

Use shuriken to deal with the dogs and jump back behind the gate. Sneak counterclockwise along the wall of the enclosed courtyard behind the giant’s back – apparently, he has an extremely narrow field of vision since he will not notice the hero – and deal the deathblow.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-64

If you failed the stealth part, you can pick up the open fight or run away to the building. The giant has a bell and uses it skillfully – he spins it over himself, throws at a long distance and so on. If you come too close, the brute will try (up to 4 times) to catch you with his instrument – jump back.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-65

Try to spot the moment when the giant starts his attack to reduce the distance between you and the enemy and get behind his back. Useful prosthetics like shinobi firecracker will not have a major effect in the fight against this individual. For the victory, you’ll get scrap magnetite. A black gunpowder can be found at the entrance to the building.

Full Size
Buy coin purses if you are afraid of poverty due to frequent deaths

Inside the building, you will find a heavy coin purse (500 sen), and idol Abandoned Dungeon Entrance (another one) and a merchant from the dungeon. Among other things, you can buy two types of coin purses (50 sen above nominal) and a prayer bead for 1400 sen.

Return to the bridge on which you were able to overhear the conversation between soldiers and go back to the initial exit from this location – you’ll see three bandits from Senpou Temple. Finish all three with a deathblow (from the air, from the back, from the air) and then collect a heavy coin purse and scrap iron on the middle tier of the reservoir and a mibu balloon of soul on the lower tier.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-72

Next, go back to the idol Ashina Reservoir and repeat your route to the undersized alarm raiser. Use the key that you have obtained from the soldiers on the bridge to open the gatehouse – a building, under which you sneaked at the very beginning (you’ll soon have to do it again).

Once inside, pick up a heavy coin purse from the corner of the room and Gyoubu’s broken horn from the chest – it will serve as the base for crafting a tool Loaded Spear. This tool allows you to pull small enemies to yourself and tear off poorly fitted armor.

Go back outside and stealthily eliminate the rifleman who is guarding the field where a brute is working. Next, sneak under the gatehouse (do not forget to pick up the ceramic shard). After this, eliminate the second rifleman by dealing a deathblow from the back, and finish off the third rifleman on the way down to the rock.

Return to the position of the first rifleman and jump (at this point, nobody will see it) at the head of the soldier on the lower tier when the giant on the field turns away. You can use the wall in the nearby to jump at the above-mentioned brute – just wait until he turns in the opposite direction.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-80

The second brute (with a hammer) will most likely arrive due to the noise. He will be accompanied by a regular soldier who can be killed in two or three blows. You’ll have to spend more time fighting against the giant – if you don’t want to do this, just run away so that the enemy calms down, and then sneak up from the back and finish him off.

Pick up a pellet and fistfuls of ash near the gatehouse, and then go along the ledge – one of the seven Ashina Spears, Shikibu Toshikatsu Yamauchi, stands on the main stairs – and sneak up to the tower where Kuro was kept. Inside, you’ll find another vision of the Divine Heir and Emma.

Before you attack the mini-boss, pick up scrap iron under the tree on the platform at the side of the stairs and pull yourself to the balcony to get bundled Jizou statue. Once you are ready, jump at the head of the enemy or deliver a deathblow from the back to get rid of one of the opponent’s health scales.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-87

The good news is that if you have already mastered the Mikiri skill, you’ll be able to exploit the most dangerous attacks of the enemy: be prepared to counterattack each time you see that Yamauchi pulls his spear back (see the example above). The bad news is that an untimely block will cost you a lion’s share of your health and posture.

Many attacks of the mini-boss have a very long swing – use them to attack the enemy before jumping to the side. In addition, most attacks can be interrupted by using shinobi firecracker.

Stay away from sweeping strikes and try to get behind the opponent’s back or at least to his side to get a chance to deal damage to his health. If you still have problems, use a primitive (but effective) strategy that exploits AI limitations.

For the victory in the fight against Yamauchi, you will get a prayer bead. At this point, there is nothing more you can do in Ashina Reservoir (unless you want to get to Abandoned Dungeon or Ashina Depths ahead of time), so return to the Ashina Castle idol.

Road to Ashina Castle

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-90

Having rested at the idol, pay attention to the stairs leading to Ashina Castle – on the ascent, General Kuranosuke Matsumoto instructs four soldiers for the upcoming battle. You are not required to kill this mini-boss, but it’s a profitable endeavor.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-91

Cling to the roof of one of the buildings on the right side and then use the hook to get to the left side (make sure to quickly hide behind the towers or soldiers will notice you). Keeping on the far side of the buildings, sneak up to the area above the general’s squad and jump at the head of the general to deal with first of the two deathblows.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-92

While the mini-boss comes to his senses, kill the soldiers who defend him – they die from one or two blows. When you are finishing them off, the animation makes the hero invincible. Run in zigzags between the enemies to avoid catching a bullet. If you have any problems, do not hesitate to return to the buildings for cover.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-93

As for Matsumoto, the general will not be able to surprise the experienced player in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: a couple of dangerous attacks (jump to the side when the general wants to grab you, jump away from the circular blow), a couple of rather slow combinations that can be blocked/parried, and vulnerability to shinobi firecracker.

For the elimination of this mini-boss, you’ll get a prayer bead – do not forget that after you have collected four prayer beads, you need to increase the supply of health and posture at the idols. You’ll also find divine grass near the locked entry to the castle, and a mibi balloon of wealth around the corner near the breach in the wall.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-96

From the place where you have collected the last item, you can jump to a friendly character – a local info broker Fujioka. Tell him that you are shinobi, and he will ask you to get rid of the soldiers guarding the neighboring courtyard.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-97

You will have to face four opponents – two spearmen, a rifleman and a swordsman, but keep in mind that the adjacent lane is patrolled by two more samurai and a dog. Jump at the head of any member of the ‘’quartet’’ and quickly eliminate the others to be in time to face the arrival of reinforcements.

At the end of the battle, pick up the ceramic shard in the corner and return to Fujioka to get the reward – Nightjar beacon memo. This technique is used to point the way to Nightjars – shinobi of Ashina clan. The warriors have settled on the roofs of the far buildings, and we’ll get to them later.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-100

As for Fujioka, he will move to the Dilapidated Temple after the completion of the task. There, he will sell information and useful items like various tips (cost from 500 to 1000 and an expensive (2000 seen) gourd seed.

Instead of moving along the lane that was patrolled by two soldiers and a dog, use the corresponding item in the inventory to return to the Ashina Castle idol. If you don’t do this, you will get noticed by the Nightjar who is ambushing on the roof.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-101

Double jump from the control point to get on high gates and look to the right – a small platform in front of the high pagoda is guarded by a soldier. An Ashina shinobi is watching the soldier from the roof of the above-mentioned pagoda. Your primary task is to quietly eliminate the surveillance.

The Nightjar has a good position, but he has a very narrow viewing angle. In this regard, you can easily sneak along the walls of the fortress (see the route on the screenshot above) to the point on the roof of the tower and deal a deathblow.

In case you are noticed, be prepared for knives flying along the curve and fast attacks. This type of enemies does not have much posture, so a few successful parries will allow you to finish off the opponent.

We’ll deal with other ninjas later. For now, return to the lone guard on the platform. In case you haven’t killed the patrolmen (two swordsman and a dog) earlier, they will now come to help their comrade. Eliminate the dog with a shuriken and leave the samurai in the hat for ‘’dessert’’ as he is the strongest in this bunch.

Having dealt with the threat, collect the objects that are scattered around the area – three fistfuls of ash lie on the platform guarded by the patrolman. You can also find scrap iron under the tree opposite the bridge. Having collected the items, kill the assassin from the Senpou Temple who is prowling under the tower and return to the roofs.

At this stage, Wolf must sneak into the castle. You can do this by following the signals of Ashina ninjas. Your path lies to the highest building on the right side of the central stairs and then to the parapet above the main entrance.

The task is complicated by Nightjars on the buildings – you can see the first one from your observation point (see the screenshot above). Clinging to the roof of the buildings on the left side, bypass the enemy (you can collect two ceramic shards along the way) and deal him a deathblow in the back.

You are interested in a high pagoda which is decorated with purple canvases. The Nightjar hides on the far side of the roof. Two more opponents await Wolf on the parapet above the main entrance (see the screenshot above). As soon as you kill the first one, the couple in the distance will notice the hero and start throwing daggers.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-115

It’s hard to fight against two shinobi on a narrow platform, so you can weaken one of the enemies by throwing shuriken and only then get into the fight. Focus on the wounded ninja to eliminate the enemy’s numerical advantage.

When the enemy puts his arm forward, he prepares to unwind his weapon which will hit the hero several times in the process of attack. If you want to avoid damage and deal damage to your opponent’s posture, quickly press the block button – it’s a great way to unbalance the enemy.

Having dealt with the couple, turn back to the building with purple canvases – a pellet is lying on its roof in the nest. Return to the parapet and pay attention to the flying kite on the rope. In a second, an Ashina shinobi who has flame blades instead of ordinary ones will jump out of it.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-118

The weapon is the only difference between this Nightjar and the previous ones. Jump off the enemy’s landing site to avoid receiving damage ahead of time and prepare the withered red gourd to counteract the flame.

At the end of the battle, without going around the corner, cling to the parapet on the higher level and sneak up to another ninja to deal a deathblow. The situation is the following: the building opposite the dead shinobi is guarded by three warriors (in front, behind, and on the side), another one wanders in front of you, and a flame opponent is hiding in the flying kite.

Jump to the next roof and pick up Ungo’s sugar from the nest. Then, use the hook to get into the higher part of the structure and jump at the head of one of the four Nightjars (the one who stands on the left). After this, go around the building clockwise and kill the second opponent from the back.

Sneak up to the third shinobi behind the next turn and complete the Nightjar genocide by jumping at the patrolman. Pay attention to the ceramic shard in the corner of the castle – if you try to pick up the item, you’ll be attacked by the enemy who hides in the flying kite.

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If you do not provoke the kamikaze ahead of time, you’ll be able to avoid him

Ninja-kamikaze hides around the corner – once he sees the hero, he sets himself on fire and rushes to explode. This ninja will definitely come to the noise of the battle. In this regard, run away as soon as you see flames.

Having dealt with the opponents, cling to the fulcrum near the breach marked by purple canvases and pull yourself to the room of the higher tower of the castle. On the floor, you’ll find a fistful of ash. A gourd seed could be found in the chest, while the long-awaited idol is near the stairs.

Great Serpent Shrine and the Old Grave

Before you move up along the Ashina Castle to save Divine Heir Kuro, we advise you to go to the base of this massive structure to collect several very useful items, open the path to the new location and look at the old one from another point of view.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-133

From the idol Upper Tower – Antechamber, climb the stairs and go around the screen on the right side. In this case, you will find yourself behind the back of one of the elite samurai in blue kimono. It’s not the time to engage in an open fight with these enemies, so deal the deathblow and open the door to the castle anteroom.

The room is guarded by an elite soldier (another one will go to the adjacent room) and an old woman who will scream if she sees you. Don’t pay attention to patrolmen – we’ll tell you how to bypass them on the way to Kuro – jump over the fence and use your hook to cling to the beam.

There’s a samurai standing on the lower floor of the foyer opposite three ordinary soldiers. Do not hesitate to jump at his head and deal the deathblow. Next, eliminate the soldiers – this won’t be a problem – and open the main entrance of the castle down the stairs.

Now, go to the opposite room where you will find two portions of eel liver, Gachiin’s sugar and Sabimaru, the base for the prosthetic, in the chest. This tool is a poisonous blade that can intoxicate your enemies.

Go to the adjacent room and unlock the door to the pond which is full of aggressive but physically weak fish (and something more serious at depth). Look at the two soldiers talking among themselves on the bridge behind the fence – without attracting attention, pull yourself up to the branch sticking out of the castle wall.

Full Size
If you jump at the grip point at an inopportune moment, the spearman will immediately notice the hero

Below, you’ll see a small courtyard. There, an ordinary shinobi hunter wanders alongside a motionless soldier. Sneak along the ledge so that you can jump at the spearman and deal a deathblow from the air. You’ll get a heavy coin purse for the elimination of this enemy.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-145

Finish off the ordinary soldier, and, once you are at the Old Grave, turn on the left to the two above-mentioned soldiers. You can overhear their conversation and find out that local samurai need salt – that’s the information that info broker Anayama from Ashina Outskirts asked to get.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-146

Once you have the info, kill the enemy in the rich armor (his rank was lowered from mini-boss to ordinary enemy) by dealing a deathblow from the back, and then eliminate two soldiers – one on the bridge and another one behind the bridge. Do not forget to run in zigzags to avoid catching bullets.

At the end of the fight, pick up two mibu possession balloons – under the bridge and on the road to the open gates. Use double jump (bounce of the leaf and cling to the roof) to jump onto the building and go along the rooftops to the two portions of scrap iron on the ledge above the pond.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-150

There’s wildlife behind the gates – on the main road, a monkey will try to escape from you. The primate wants to lure Wolf into a trap – monkeys hide in tall grass on both sides of the path. Fortunately, the animals die from one strike or shuriken hit, so they won’t present serious problems.

Full Size
Before you return to the fork, pick up three eel livers from a small altar on the opposite side of the gorge – they will come in handy

Having picked up mibu balloon of spirit along the way (it temporarily increases the chance that spirit emblems will drop off), go to the road to the idol Great Serpent Shrine – this is the last control point before the location Sunken Valley. Tengu will move there after certain events but for now he is not here.

Teleport back to idol Old Grave and pick up Gachiin’s sugar from the nest on the fortress wall. Next, go back to the control point and descend to the mini-cemetery using the stairs on the left. At the tombstone, you will find a Dragon’s blood droplet.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-157

The area below – the buildings on the opposite side of the broken bridge in Ashina Outskirts – hides many useful items and a new merchant. Before enjoying all these benefits, you need to deal with a few annoying opponents – walking guns on the towers.

First of all, climb onto the wall where you have found the sugar and use the hook to get to the lower roof of the building directly behind of the ‘’guns’’ Pull yourself to the enemy and deal the deathblow. Two soldiers are talking to each other below – jump at the head of one of them and then eliminate the other enemy.

Then, return to the idol and jump from the other side of the wall onto the building with a broken roof (do not fall inside just yet), then get to the second tower. Land between two soldiers (one at the cliff, another on the ledge), pull yourself to the ‘’gun’’ and deal a deathblow.

Next, eliminate both riflemen – fortunately, they stand far from each other and with their backs to the potential danger. At this stage, only a rifleman near the wall closer to the descent, a spearman patrolling the stairs and a bell ringer will be left alive.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-165

There’s no sense to be secretive at this stage – the bell ringer won’t present any difficulties, while the two soldiers die from two-three blows. Thus, having eliminated the remains of the enemy forces, start collecting treasures. You’ll find black gunpowder on the platform in front of the destroyed bridge.

In the courtyard near the building with a broken roof, you’ll find a ceramic shard, a fistful of ash, a light coin purse and Gachiin’s sugar. Inside, Blackhat Badger awaits the hero – he is a friendly merchant, unlike his ‘’rat’’ relatives.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-168

He offers only 4 items but any of them is worth your attention:

  • Iron Fortress (1600 sen) is the base for the prosthetic tool Loaded Umbrella.
  • Anti-air Deathblow Text (1200 sen) allows you to finish off your enemies in the air.
  • Yashariku’s Sugar (130 sen) will significantly increase the hero’s attacking potential while decreasing the supply of health and posture.
  • Bite Down capsule (30 sen) allows you to instantly die with no corresponding impact on your ability to resurrect.
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-169

Note that after the purchase of the Iron Fortress and certain storyline events Blackhat Badger will move to another location together with his shop. On the way out of the building, pick up Ungo’s sugar near corpses.

There’s nothing more to do in the Old Grave area, so go back to the idol and teleport back to the upper tower of the castle – it’s high time to get down to business and finally save Kuro from Genichiro Ashina.

Upper Tower and Ashina Dojo

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-170

Just like the last time, go up to the screen from the idol and bypass it counterclockwise to stealthily eliminate the samurai in blue kimono. Go to the anteroom and, walking along the right wall, go into the adjacent room to deal with another ‘’elite’’ warrior (ideally, the old lady should be looking into the opposite direction).

Do not lose time as in the other case the enemy that you are trying to kill will get into a room that is less favorable for stealth and deal the deathblow from the back. After this, pick up a pellet from the floor. In this location, the vision of your opponents is impaired, so go back to the foyer while keeping an eye on the old lady.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-173

Wait until the patrol samurai moves to the locked door in the far end of the room and deal another stealth deathblow, then eliminate the old woman. To get into the closed area, you’ll have to climb under the ceiling.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-174

Start with sneaking up to two samurai who are evaluating a strategic map on the floor in the next room. Use the screen in the center and kill one of the elite warriors with a deathblow. After this, prepare to fight against the second opponent. Despite his modest appearance, he can present a problem.

The two most dangerous attacks of such opponents are several successive Ichimonji (top-down blows with a step forward) and a powerful lunge with a large hit range. You need to repel the Ichimonji in time. The second type of attack should be dealt with by using Mikiri or dodging to the side (not backwards).

Having eliminated the enemies, pick up Ako’s sugar and scrap iron and then come to the canvas between two sets of samurai armor – this is a secret door leading to the treasury. There, you will find a prayer bead (in the chest), a light coin purse (in the nearby) and a heavy coin purse (behind the screen).

Return to the military hall and find a hole in the ceiling. Use the hook and creep into the locked room, picking up Gachiin’s sugar along the way. As a result of your wandering between the floors, you’ll find yourself above a soldier and a samurai – an old woman is watching them from the opposite side of the room.

You’ll be able to jump at the head of all opponents except for the elite warrior. In addition, two warriors in blue kimonos are located around the corner – they will certainly come to investigate the source of the noise. A hard battle awaits you, but you can facilitate your task.

Jump at the old lady so that she does not scream and immediately run to open the locked door – the protagonist will be invincible during the animation. Lure the soldier and the first samurai into the anteroom to deal with them – the pair of opponents from the far part of the floor will not find the hero and will return to their original positions.

Next, return to the previously closed area, go around the corner and pick up the mibu balloon of wealth from the stairs. The two above-mentioned samurai will stand at the closed window – use the deathblow to eliminate one of them and deal with the second opponent in an open fight (parry, dodge, and use Mikiri).

A ceramic shard lies at the end of the corridor. A small partition is located behind it – it can be broken to get early access to one of the towers. The passage to it is guarded by three Nightjars, and it’s hard to get to them unnoticed right now. Therefore, we advise you to climb to the floor above.

Watch the vision of Emma and Kuro near the boxes, pick up Gokan’s sugar in the doorway and finally take a rest near the Sculptor’s idol Upper Tower – Ashina Dojo. Go to the Dilapidated Temple if you need to install prosthetic upgrades – a challenging fight awaits the protagonist behind the next door.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-189

An Ashina elite warrior Jinsuke Saze is your final obstacle on the way to Kuro and Genichiro. Unlike other mini-bosses, he does not have a big supply of posture. However, he can kill Wolf in just a couple of attacks.

The main and the most dangerous attack of this opponent is a sharp lunge with two quick blows that cause enormous damage. Watch out for the flash on the opponent’s blade and be ready to quickly press the block button two times. If you do it right, you’ll deprive your opponent of a lion’s share of his posture.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-190
The optimal duration of one phase of the battle against Saze

If you have problems with parrying, use Loaded Umbrella. It will allow you to absorb all the damage from the attack and to immediately engage in a counterattack. As always, shinobi firecracker is efficient – just don’t use it right before Saze’s attack.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-191

The other attacks of the mini-boss are not that dangerous and ‘’profitable’’ – fist pokes are intended to provoke you to rush into attack, while the circular blow with a katana can be avoided with a timely jump. For the victory against this opponent, you’ll get a prayer bead.

At the end of the fight, pick up three eel livers near the wall and read the scroll on the wall. Once you have seen the text, you’ll get an explanation regarding how to reflect lightning strikes (why this?): having received the charge, once in the air, press the attack button before landing to redirect the energy to the offender.

After this, pick up a magnetite and a pellet near the window and go to the roof. Theoretically, you can get to three Ashina shinobi from the opposite side, but the hero will soon get there anyway, so be patient – there’s nothing particularly valuable there.

Genichiro Ashina and Kuro

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-194

At the top of the castle, Genichiro, who has chopped off the main character’s arm, once again asks the Divine Heir Kuro to accept him into the immortal oath. The boy refuses telling that he already has a shinobi who will soon come to the rescue.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-195

Wolf will not disappoint his master and will arrive just in time. Having realized that the one-armed ninja is still alive, Ashina will rush into the battle.

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The victory over another obligatory boss is a good moment to heal dragonrot

At the end of the battle, Genichiro who has materially transformed during the battle, will refuse to die and will get over the fence under lighting strikes. Once you have watched the cutscene, sit down at the idol Castle Tower Lookout and recall the battle with the boss to increase attack power.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-198

Talk to Emma which will now live in the castle rather than the Dilapidated Temple and go down to the floor below to the idol Upper Tower – Kuro’s Room. Talk to the boy – he wants to end the stagnation caused by Dragon’s Heritage and asks Wolf to help him.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-199

The hero is tied by the oath to his father (Owl) and has to defend the Divine Heir. However, the young Lord will be able to persuade him to break the immortal bond – including his own.

Talk to Kuro again to get the first clue for the mission – an Immortal Severance Text. The instruction says that you need to find a sanctuary beyond the Fountainhead Palace and drink the tears of the holy dragon. The nearby burner will provide a hint on how to get there.

Once upon a time, this item belonged to another Divine Heir who is believed to have left a message: ‘’Wrapped in the aroma of the fountainhead, I return to the divine realm’’. In other words, the heroes need a special aroma.

While Kuro stays in the room to search for books on the topic, you’ll be offered to visit Isshin – Emma’s employer and Genichiro’s grandfather. Follow the boy and open the lookout window – you’ll see a pink smoke pointing to the desired tower (see the screenshot above).

On the way to the goal, pick up a light coin purse on the roof of the castle (just below the window) and Gachiin’s sugar in the building opposite the one where Isshin is located. Once inside, talk to the old man to get unrefined sake. You can give the drink to him or to Emma and Sculptor (if he does not suffer from dragonrot).

If you decide to share alcohol with the old man, you’ll learn about Genichiro’s mentor. As for the main purpose of your visit, Isshin will tell you about the Mortal Blade - a weapon who kills those who cannot be killed with normal means. The sword is allegedly kept in the Senpou Temple.

Before you leave, go down to the floor below and find the above-mentioned Ashina shinobi. Pick up the pellet near the stairs and eliminate the first ninja with a deathblow – he guarded eel liver. There’s nothing more you can collect in this location, so ignore the nearby enemies and return to Kuro.

The boy will not be there, so talk to Emma who will tell you about the destroyed research of her teacher and one of his apprentices. Next, read the boy’s note and inhale the burner once more – it vaguely reminds of sakura flowers.

Go to the Divine Heir who is in the library and pick up Gun Fort Shrine Key near the bookcases – it will come in handy when you visit Sunken Valley, where the fountainhead waters flow and where the treasured flower grows.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough – Ashina Castle-219

At the end of the conversation, you can give the young Lord sakura droplet which you have obtained from Lady Butterfly to increase the maximum number of resurrections by one unit. Talk to Emma again to learn about Everblossom and about some thief who condemned the graceful tree to death.

Before you go to Senpou Temple (through Abandoned Dungeon) or to Sunken Valley (through Great Serpent Shrine), pick up a magnetite behind the wall that is located behind the burner and unlock the short path to the Dilapidated Temple – look for a secret wall in the room.

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