Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Release date: March 22, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate

Optimal routes, collectibles, secrets, battle tactics

After you have defeated Gyoubu Oniwa (or even earlier), it makes sense to briefly interrupt the pursuit of the young Lord Kuro and dive into your memories in Hirata Estate. You are not required to visit it, but you should not underestimate the role of additional sources of experience and collectibles at the early stages of the game.

How to unlock Hirata Estate

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-1

You’ll have to unlock Hirata Estate before you can start exploring it. When you are in Ashina Outskirts, you should find the mother of Inosuke Nogami – she will be waiting for her son on the second floor of the dilapidated building between idols Outskirts Wall – Gate Path and Outskirts Wall – Stairway.

Talk to the old lady who will give you the Young Lord’s Bell Charm – Wolf will be asked to present the item to Buddha. Go to the Dilapidated Temple and consult Sculptor if you wish – he will point to the statue that stands near the wall.

Pray at the sculpture – Buddha will take the heroes three years into the past, on the night when bandits attacked the estate of the young Lord Kuro. This place now exists only in memories, and Wolf has to re-live them. Fortunately, all prosthetic upgrades and upgrades of the character that you have obtained before will stay with you.

Dragonspring and a merchant in a pot

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-7

Once you find yourself in a new location, turn around and pick up the pellet from the ground. Next, use the hook to go down to the bridge in the distance – the damage from falling in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is materially less than in any other Souls-game, but you should still avoid jumping from significant height.

Once you are at the bottom, pick up two fistfuls of ash and talk to the dying ninja – he will tell you what’s going on and which year it is. The bridge is patrolled by two bandits one of whom is armed with a torch – these individuals do not hesitate to call for help if they are left alone with the hero.

Wait for the couple to disperse and then use the hook to jump behind the back of any of the patrolmen and kill him with the deathblow. Eliminate the second one in an open fight. Be careful with the opponents who have a torch – these enemies can set Wolf on fire.

Look around before moving on: two fistfuls of dousing powder lie between the carts and the near end of the bridge (they are used to treat burns and increase resistance to flame attacks), while a treasure carp scale lies near the stones on the left from the piers.

Since the hero of Sekiro can swim, we recommend visiting the islands to the right of the bridge. There, you can find the fish and a merchant in a pot (a light coin purse can be found near him on the rocks). This merchant values only the above-mentioned treasure carp scale – if you want to buy something, you’ll have to go fishing.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-15

Carps try to escape as soon as they see the hero. After a few seconds, they dive deep into the water so you can’t catch them. Thus, you need to stealthily sneak up to your target and use the dodge/run button to swim faster – one blow with your katana will be enough to kill the fish.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-16

Having obtained the scale, return to Pot Noble Harunaga – that’s the name of the merchant in the pot. You can buy divine grass (completely heals you and removes negative effects) and withered red gourd (increases resistance to fire, is replenished when you rest) – other items can wait for now.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-17

When you finish your business with Harunaga, go back to the bridge – you can climb it along the shore which is protected by a thug with a dog. You can easily sneak behind the bandit’s back, while you can deal with the dog with the help of your shuriken.

You can find a mibu possession balloon in a boat moored to the beach. The path up the hill will lead you to the locked gates of the estate – they are guarded by a bandit with three dogs. If you really need 30 experience points and 20 sen for killing the enemy, you can use your shuriken to deal with the dogs and jump straight at the guard’s head to finish him off.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-20

In all other cases, we advise you to use the double jump to get over the fence – on the way to the ‘’fire’’, the hero may be noticed by the patrolman (see the screenshot above) – grab the ceramic shard at the foot of the high tower and sit beside the Sculptor’s idol called Estate Path.

Estate Path and new prosthetic instruments

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-21

Having rested at the idol to restore your health points and healing gourds, use the hook to climb on the tower. The road to the locked gates is guarded by four bandits: a patrolman, two archers (one hides behind the corner) and a swordsman.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-22

In the narrow gorge to the left of the path which has walls on both sides, you can find a spirit emblem and Ungo’s sugar – you should descend here if you wish to sneak to the far archer. Before doing this, we advise you to jump from the tower at the head of the first patrolman.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-23

Having sneaked up to the remaining couple of thugs – they should not notice the loss of archer if you act quietly enough – stealthily kill the swordsman (he presents most danger in close combat) and deal with the remaining bandit in the open battle.

The gates leading to the estate are blocked so you’ll have to bypass them. Pick up three fistfuls of ash near the hole in the wall and climb it to look around – the looted house to the east is guarded by four bandits. Three of them (an archer, a bandit with a torch, a bandit with an ax) are at the porch, while the remaining one wanders inside.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-26

If you bypass the building (use the fortress wall) counterclockwise – pick up Ako’s sugar behind one of the huts – you can sneak up to the patrolman and stealthily eliminate him. Having taken the pellet from the hut, exit from the back door.

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Use withered red gourd in battles against enemies who deal flame damage

Next, climb onto the roof of the house and jump at the head of the bandit with an ax – he is the most dangerous enemy. The bandit with a torch will have the time to come back to his senses after the animation of the killing is finished, so prepare to block (you’ll get some burns anyway) or dodge to the side.

Sometimes, dousing powder can drop out of such opponents. Also, keep in mind that they can throw oil gourds at you – in this condition (the hero will be covered with a dark liquid), you’ll get more damage from flame. The effect disappears after some time.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-29

The next section of the estate is full of enemies. Use the hook to climb the tree behind the house that was looted by bandits and look around. The road between the huts is patrolled by a thug with a torch who is accompanied by two dogs, an archer stands on the roof, three bandits are located by the fire, while another one wanders far away together with his dog.

The above-mentioned archer stands high and has a good position to see everything, so he can notice Wolf if he leans out of his shelter. Give the enemy a chance to do some shooting after you have hidden back to your shelter, he will calm down after some time. Without leaving the branch, use your shuriken to kill two dogs and jump at the head of the patrolman.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-32

Before you move to the archer, look behind the houses on the right side – here, a drunken bandit sleeps leaning against the wall of the building. As soon as the hero approaches the villain, he will wake up, so do not hesitate and save the world from another robber. Pick up three ceramic shards near the tree and go back to the road.

Running from one hut to another, get to the archer – he stands on the roof of the hut near the fire. As soon as the archer starts looking at the hero, jump up, deliver the deathblow and run back to the shadow – the thugs below will not notice the loss of the comrade if you act quickly enough.

The thugs by the fire talk about a flame barrel that burns very well. Among this trio, the most dangerous is the man with an ax. It will be hard to jump straight to the enemy, so return to the house where you have found the drunkard, move along the wall and kill the enemy who relieves himself.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-37

Having jumped at the head of the ‘’axman’’, be prepared to also face a patrolman with a dog. If you made enough noise, you’ll also have to deal with a soldier from another part of the location. Use the shuriken to eliminate the dog. You can run away from an enemy crowd if necessary.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-38

When all enemies are dead, pick up the flame barrel from the fire – it is the base for the flame vent (a prosthetic tool). It is great for dealing with red-eyed monsters – for example, the chained ogre that you have met in Ashina Outskirts.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-39

Loot the nearby huts to get a fistful of ash, a mibu balloon of wealth, a dousing powder, a couple of pellets and a spirit emblem. Next, move along the way up the slope – you’ll find a dying warrior who will tell you about a shinobi ax in the nearby temple.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-40

Once you are on the road, turn to the left – a couple of thugs will be on the right (we’ll get there later) – and go to the closed gates. Unlock them – now you have a short path to the previous Sculptor’s idol – and pick up Gokan’s sugar (temporarily reduces posture damage).

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-41

Having run to obtain the gourd charges, stand with your back to the now opened gates and climb on the wall on the right. Overhear the conversation of two bandits near the sanctuary – they talk about some Juzou – and jump at the head of the man with an ax.

By the time you deal with the duo, another enemy will run out of the nearby house (there’s a light coin purse inside). Eliminate him and examine the territory – in the above-mentioned temple/sanctuary, you will find a shinobi axe of the monkey (the base for the tool ‘’Loaded Axe’’).

The opposite section of the estate was occupied by angry roosters – three are guarding the courtyard while two more are walking around the house. One shuriken throw does not kill the birds, but they can be eliminated with a deathblow or a couple of katana blows. Having dealt with the birds, pick up a pellet, three Ungo’s sugars and a light coin purse (on the roof).

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-49

In the adjacent courtyard, Wolf will meet a friendly character – it’s a future info broker Anayama (now he is one of the bandits) whom you can recall from the location Ashina Outskirts. He will tell about the three-storied pagoda on the top of the cliff where you should find treasures.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-50

Before you return to the main road, use the hook to pull yourself to closed gates and follow to the very end of the bamboo grove. There, the hero will find a statue of Juzou – it restores the unit of resurrection if it is in the ‘’reboot’’ mode.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-51

Two thugs are trying to get through the door of the opposite section – you can overhear their conversation. Jump at the head of the bandit with an ax (it will be easier to deal with the other villain in an open fight) and finish off his comrade with a torch. Next, jump over the wall to the fenced courtyard.

There are no enemies here – just a few houses (you can speak with their inhabitants). One resident, having recognized Wolf as Lord Kuro’s protector, will give you two antidote powders that deal with poisoning, while the wounded warrior will tell you that there’s a dangerous shinobi hunter among bandits.

Shinobi Hunter Enshin of Minsen

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-54

Both the item and the information will come in handy a bit later. Right now, we advise you to return to the Dilapidated Temple to install the Loaded Axe – a great tool that will help you to deal with enemies who have shields.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-55

Having obtained the new weapon, move to the stairs that are patrolled by a man with a torch and which is guarded by two more bandits with shields. Lure the first enemy by throwing a shuriken so that you don’t have to deal with three enemies at once.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-56

If you do not have the Loaded Axe, you can run past the opponents with shields or wait until they return to their initial positions – after this, sneak behind the back of one of them and deal the deathblow. Repeat the procedure with the second enemy.

The task is much simpler when you have an ax in your hand – approach the enemy, press the tool button (each use will cost you two spirit emblems) and instantly use the deathblow key. Do not worry if you are late – this type of opponents does not have much health.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-59

Having dealt with the enemies, go to the bridge over the river – the road in front of you leads to the mini-boss and the third idol in the location, while the fourth idol can be reached by water. It’s too early to do this – you should first get a special key – so let’s move straight ahead.

The edge between the high pagoda and the next Sculptor’s idol is blocked by the above-mentioned shinobi hunter who is accompanied by four thugs – a patrolman near the tower, an archer near the tall grass, a bandit with an ax and a villain with a torch on the opposite side of the clearing.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-60

Shinobi hunter is not an easy opponent – his friends do not make your task easier. First, you need to get rid of the bodyguards. Wait until the patrolman comes closer to the bridge and jump at his head from the pagoda. Eliminate the archer from the bush.

You won’t be able to stealthily eliminate the remaining thugs. Jump on the tree opposite the tower and then jump out to the tall grass. You can now sneak up to the bandit with an ax to deliver a deathblow. After this, you’ll need to finish off the villain with a torch and run away so that the mini-boss loses sight of the main character.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-63
Theoretically, you can finish the fight in two ‘’Mikiri’’

When the shinobi hunter returns to patrolling the area, sneak up to the enemy from the back and deliver a deathblow. If you have already acquired Mikiri Counter, you will make your life much easier by exploiting the enemy attacks (strict timings).

In the other case, gradually decrease the enemy’s health so that it reaches the point when his posture does not recover anymore. Enshin has a number of attacks, and you won’t be able to block the majority of them (watch out for hieroglyphs) so either repel the blows or dodge/jump.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-64

If you have problems, use additional items like sugars or fistfuls of ash – this will allow you to tip the scales in your direction. Do not rush and don’t be greedy – in Sekiro, you must know when to retreat to take a breath.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-65

At the end of the battle, the smoke that was blocking the road before will disappear, and the hero will get the prayer bead. Also, he’ll be able to collect items scattered across the arena – a pellet near the hut and a mibu possession balloon near the passage to the idol Bamboo Thicket Slope.

Bamboo Thicket Slope and a meeting with Owl

Follow the road until you see an approaching patrolman (an archer is following him) – use the hook to grab the snag on the left and allow the patrol to pass by. Having done this, eliminate one of the enemies (preferably the one with the torch) with the deathblow, and deal with the remaining opponent in an open fight.

An ambush awaits the protagonist so we will act in a smart way. You can use the ledge on which you waited for the patrol to jump on the thick branch and then to the platform with two thugs. Kill the man with an ax from the back and then deal with the remaining opponent.

Do not return to the road. Instead, jump into the river and swim under the bridge – from here, you can see a branch sticking out of the rock in the distance. You can grab it with your hook. A carp is swimming along the stream – jump at the fish from above to get advantage and the treasure carp scale.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-72

Jump back on the ground and run to the luminous object behind the trees – it’s a medicine which protects you from all other types of poison, imposing a weak version of the poison on the hero. Smash the bamboo branches that cover the entrance to the cave and collect three spirit emblems on the way to a narrow vertical shaft.

Press the jump button at the moment of touching the wall in a rhythmic fashion to let your hero move back into the fresh air. The stairs going up the slope will lead the character to the three-storied pagoda. The bad news is that the treasure mentioned by Anayama is guarded by a powerful ninja in a purple coat.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-75

Theoretically, you can lure the enemy to the edge of the ledge and run to the tower to get an undeserved reward – Mist Raven’s Feather, which will be used by Sculptor to craft Mist Raven Prosthetic Tool that allows you to teleport in the chosen direction after the attack of the enemy.

Let’s go back to the honest way of dealing with the problem. The anonymous ninja is extremely fast, has a wide range of close combat techniques and does not hesitate to use his legs in battle. It’s hard to keep track of all the opponent’s movements so get ready to take some damage.

The opponent makes most dangerous attacks (marked by a red hieroglyph) with his legs – it’s a direct attack and a circular blow. The only way to save yourself from the circular blow is to timely jump. You can deal with the direct attack by using Mikiri.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-76
You can interrupt opponent’s attacks by using Shinobi Firecracker

In absence of a counterattack, avoid enemy attacks and be especially wary of long combinations. Try to get behind the enemy’s back to deal one or two blows to the health scale. The less the amount of vital forces that remain in your opponent, the slower his posture is restored.

At the end of the fight, pick up the reward – in addition to experience and money, scrap iron that is used to upgrade prosthetic will drop out of ninja – and go to the edge of the ledge from which you can see the path from the idol. With proper skill, you can jump at the head of one of the archers who are ambushing Wolf in bamboo thicket.

Having eliminated the enemy, deal with three other opponents on the hill – one of them can run beyond the bridge but this won’t have any material impact. By the time the hero deals with the archers, a fighter with the torch will likely join the battle – he had the time to climb up from the foot of the stairs.

Having dealt with him, sneak onto the ledge and finish off the archer with a deathblow – if you haven’t eliminated the thug with an ax and his comrade before jumping into the river, the hero will be noticed. Collect dousing powder (on the hill) and oil (on the way to the bridge).

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-84
If you stand far enough, the enemy will not instantly get into the alert state but will move to check his suspicions

The passage to the burning estate is guarded by two warriors with shields, a potential fugitive archer and a half-naked giant with a huge club – an unpleasant combination. Instead of fighting against all of them at once, lure your enemies one at a time using ceramic shards, shuriken and even your own presence.

To avoid getting noticed, hide in tall grass in the nearby (see screenshot above) – when the thug loses interest in you and moves in the opposite direction, you’ll be able to sneak up behind him and deal the deathblow. Having dealt with the brute, break the defense of his comrades who have shields with your axe.

The alternative option is to bypass the enemies from the back using the branch that is protruding from the rock on the left. This approach will allow you to get close to the enemies with the shield (and the archer) and use the deathblow to eliminate at least one of them. At the end of the battle, pick up the fistful of ash from the ledge and run to the estate.

In the courtyard of the burning estate, you will find a wounded shinobi Owl – Wolf’s mentor. During a brief conversation, the old man will give the protagonist the key to the secret temple (it is required to access the boss of the location) and explain how to get to Divine Heir Kuro.

At the end of the conversation, use the hook to climb up the tree and then jump onto the roof of the high pagoda. From here, you can see mini-sanctuaries along the gorge – by clinging to them, you can get to the alternative (in our case, the only one) entrance to the far part of the estate.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-96

Don’t be afraid to fall – the water will pick up the hero and will allow him to climb into the bamboo grove using the branch that is hanging down over the river. Having climbed onto the ledge, go around a small sanctuary counterclockwise to get behind the back of the bandit with a torch – the villain looks at his comrades who are exploring the cave near the cemetery.

Before you deal with the remaining part of the expedition, go down the road between bamboo trees (the passage is located behind the torchbearer). You can see a hole on the left side – it will lead you to a mibu possession balloon. Two ordinary shinobi hunters will be waiting for you at the bottom of the slope.

There is no sense to fight against both of them simultaneously so wait until one of them climbs the stairs right to you. These enemies do not claim the role of mini-bosses but they can complicate your life if you do not treat this challenge with proper attention.

The first hunter can be eliminated with a deathblow. You’ll have to fight against the second one in an open battle. The easiest way to deal with him is to use Shinobi Firecracker which instantly interrupts any opponent’s attack.

For killing the second opponent, you’ll get a bulging coin purse (1000 sen). At the clearing down the stairs, you can find a pellet and a mibu balloon of soul. Return to the cemetery after you have collected all valuables.

Go into the open space, turn to the left and, moving along the left border of the location, sneak up to the archer who hides in the corner - he will notice you if you try to sneak up to the bandits which are part of the ‘’exploration team’’. You can overhear the conversation of two villains – they will say that the cave is the only way out of the estate.

If you want to eliminate the thugs in a stealth fashion, lure one of the bandits with a shield to the cemetery by throwing a ceramic shard and then finish him off. After this, repeat the procedure with his comrade. Sneak up to the two remaining bandits – kill one with a deathblow and deal with the remaining opponent in an open battle.

Be careful once in the cave – another torchbearer stands around the corner on the right side. Move to the dead end and use successive bounces from the wall to jump to the surface – on the exit from the well, you’ll find oil and the idol Hirate Estate – Main Hall.

Hirata Estate – Main Hall and Juzou the Drunkard

Go around the burning building – a lone archer will be behind the corner. Kill him and use the hook to climb onto the roof of the burning structure on the right side. There’s an enemy patrol ahead. It consists of two archers, two torchbearers and one bandit with an ax.

The main hall of Hirata is divided by a large but shallow pond – you can cross it following a group of enemies. There are two opponents in the nearby house (a swordsman and a bandit with an ax) who can come to rescue their comrades.

Be careful: local archers have perfect vision and can notice the hero from afar. If you want to act stealthily, bypass the patrolmen using the roofs – just run if you are noticed – and jump to the foot of the building. Having landed, turn to the left to go inside.

In the first room, you will find divine confetti and two spirit emblems. Squat and move further – there’s a bandit with an ax in the next room. Kill him with a deathblow and follow along the left wall to notice a swordsman in the distance.

You will not be able to sneak up to the enemy – he stands with his back to the corner of the room – so just try to catch him by surprise (the thugs located outside should not hear the noise of the battle). Before leaving the building, pick up the dousing powder near samurai armor.

Go back outside the same way you got here (if you want to avoid being detected) or use any other route if you want to fight. Theoretically, you can lure patrolmen into the building and eliminate them one by one, and then deal with the bandits who stayed outside.

Having eliminated the patrol, cross the pond (do not forget to pick up the ceramic shard from an island). The courtyard in front of the audience chamber is guarded by the bandit leader Juzou the Drunkard and his bodyguards: several bandits with a shield, torchbearers and swordsmen. Also, a torchbearer and a swordsman hide in the left wing of the building.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-127

Before you engage in this unequal battle with the mini-boss, we advise you to level the odds a bit. A friendly warrior Gensai Nogami stands on the bank of the pond – do not talk to him or he will rush into attack and most likely get killed. You’ll need his help later. For now, leave the man alone.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-128

Squat and move to the above-mentioned structure on the left side and kill two bandits inside – others should not hear the noise of the battle – and then pick up a light coin purse from the floor. You can use the adjacent corridor to sneak onto the porch behind Juzou and his men.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-129

Use the tactic ‘attack and run away’’ to deal with the guards of the mini-boss (do not forget to use your axe against the enemies with a shield). After this, hide from the leader’s sight and, once the disturbing music subsides, sneak up to him from the back and deal a deathblow.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-130

In this scenario, you’ll have to finish him off just once in an open battle. However, this won’t be easy as while Juzou is a slow enemy, his blows are very powerful. At this stage, it’s high time to call for Nogami’s help – he will play the role of a bait.

The enemy can spew clubs of poison and apply poison to his sword – antidotes will come in handy. In both cases, the mini-boss drinks a bit from his flask which makes him vulnerable for a few seconds.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-131
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-132
Gensai Nogami clearly makes the battle easier

Due to his size, Juzou does not dodge shuriken throws – use this vulnerability to deal material damage to the enemy. Shinobi firecracker can interrupt most attacks of the enemy – do not hesitate to use it.

If you see that the opponent withdraws his left hand back, prepare to jump to the side – he will either perform two consecutive pokes with his hands or try a very dangerous grip. It does not make sense to retreat in this case as the mini-boss steps forward when making these moves.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-133Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-134

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-135

Another dangerous trick is a circular sword attack at the feet level (it is accompanied by a red hieroglyph). You can avoid damage by jumping – twice, if you want to hurt his posture a bit – or running outside the attack range.

Juzou’s katana is very powerful – we do not advise to stand face to face with your opponent. Instead, try to get behind his back and do damage to his health. In this case, his posture will be restored more slowly which will allow you to take small breaks during the battle.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Hirata Estate-136

For the victory against the mini-boss, you will get unrefined sake (you can share it with various characters) and a prayer bead. Do not expect any reward for saving Gensai Nogami – he will simply advise the protagonist to move on.

Go into the building, proceed straight to the screen behind which you can see an icon of Sculptor’s idol. Use your katana to smash the obstacle and talk to Inosuke’s mother – he went to save Lord Kuro – and pick up a mibu balloon of soul before sitting down in front of the statue Hirata Audience Chamber.

Hirata Audience Chamber and Lady Butterfly

Before you go to meet Nogami junior, return to the entrance to the building and turn to the right on the fork. The corridor is patrolled by two bandits – a swordsman and an archer. Finish the first one with a deathblow from the back and then deal with the second villain. After this, pick up two dousing powders and a couple of pellets in nearby rooms.

At the dead end, you’ll find oil and a secret wall. Behind this wall, you’ll find a safe room with valuable items – two divine confetti, a light coin purse, a mibu balloon of wealth and a chest with a prayer bead.

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You could have found as much as five snap seeds in the gorge guarded by the one-eyed serpent

Having collected valuable items, return to the idol and follow along the corridor. A lone archer awaits you at the end of this corridor. Having dealt with him, talk to the wounded Inosuke – he will warn you about insidious illusions ahead and will provide you with a snap seed that will help you.

In the next room, shift tatami that covers the stairs to the lower floor. Go down to the stone door and unlock it with the key from the secret temple. Outside the gate, the Wolf will meet the young Lord Kuro and a really dangerous opponent – Lady Butterfly.

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Even after the flashback ends, you can still return to Hirata estate

At the end of the battle and a dramatic cutscene which reveals the source of Wolf’s resurrection powers, the hero will wake up in the Dilapidated Temple.

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