Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Release date: March 22, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Ashina Reservoir, Ashina Outskirts

Detailed walkthrough of all chapters of the game: Where to find useful items, shinobi prosthetics, gourd seeds and much more


Watch the introductory cutscene in which you’ll learn about the bloody coup, the fate of the young Wolf and his mentor Owl. Then, the events are transferred 20 years forward after the war.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Ashina Reservoir, Ashina Outskirts-1

The main character of the game is in the cave. As soon as you can control him, pick up the ornamental letter. You need to get to the moon-view tower while Wolf has no weapons. Move through the tunnel using the jump key to climb up, pushing off from the walls. That’s the first difference between Sekiro and Dark Souls, where the main character could not jump that high.

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Ashina Reservoir

Lean against the left wall in front of you and go further along the edge of the cliff. Go around the mountain, bend down and hide in the tall grass. Approach the two opponents near the bridge to overhear their conversation. In this position, make your way under the wooden floor of the house in front of you and press the indicated key to overhear the conversation of two other opponents.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Ashina Reservoir, Ashina Outskirts-3

Get out from under the building through another hole, go down and grab the edge of the cliff to move to the left. Repeat your actions – this time, grab the ledge when you jump. Soon, you’ll reach the moon-view tower. The Divine Heir is inside this tower. Watch the cutscene in which Wolf will get his sword Kusabimaru. Talk to the young master again to get a healing gourd. The boy will ask you to find a secret passage and then call him using a reed whistle. Climb to the second floor to find a pellet – a consumable item that gradually restores health points.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Ashina Reservoir, Ashina Outskirts-4

Exit the house to see information on posture and deathblows. Go down to the first enemy and kill him by sneaking from behind. Whether your move is a success or not, you’ll need to deal with two enemies. Use parrying to kill opponents. Defeat another enemy around the corner and two enemies near the gate. You’ll learn about blocking attacks (successful parrying) and capturing the target.

Go through the gates and kill two more enemies. Do not forget that successful parrying is your key to success in such games. Thus, you need to block the attack immediately before the enemy blow (after he swings his weapon).

Go a bit further and you’ll see the first mini-boss – Leader Shigenori Yamauchi. Note that two red dots are shown above the opponent’s health scale. They indicate the number of deathblows required to destroy the enemy. In this case, you’ll need two deathblows.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Ashina Reservoir, Ashina Outskirts-5

After you have won, try to open the big doors, but they will be locked. Go to the right from the doors and pick up an item – a fistful of ash. You can throw it at opponent’s eyes to divert his attention.

Use the branch in front of you to jump forward and grab the ledge. Follow along the cliff to the edge of the bridge. Jump above to grab the wooden ledge on the bridge. Climb to the right, then pause: you can overhear the conversation between two people on the bridge. Climb to the level under the bridge, kill a strange creature and descend on the other side of the bridge, grabbing the edge with your hands.

Pick up a pellet lying in front of you, then go down a few steps until you see a door on the side. It leads to the exit from the castle. If you descend even lower, you’ll have to fight against two giant toads and then climb back up. Interact with the door and agree to call the young Lord Kuro.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Ashina Reservoir, Ashina Outskirts-6

Move through the cave until a cutscene is launched. You’ll see Lord Genichiro who is a powerful enemy. He is too tough for Wolf, so don’t try to defeat him. You should also pay attention to the appearance of glowing hieroglyphs. They indicate that the attack cannot be blocked. Watch the cutscene.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Ashina Reservoir, Ashina Outskirts-7

Upon the completion of the cutscene, you’ll find yourself in a ruined temple where you’ll get acquainted with Sculptor and receive a shinobi prosthetic. Talk about everything with Sculptor: ask him how you got here, what is the prosthetic instead of your left hand, and why Ashina wants to get the blood of the Divine Heir. Sculptor will tell you that a strange man (merchant) settled in a cutting to the right from the gates leading to the temple courtyard. You can examine the Buddha statue on the side and then go outside.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Ashina Reservoir, Ashina Outskirts-8

Go behind the house to find a light coin purse with sen, the main currency in Sekiro. In the courtyard, you can pick up a pellet and use the Sculptor’s idol. The idol is the alternative to fires from Dark Souls. Follow the path to the right to find a stranger about whom Sculptor has told you. There’s a box near this man – there, you’ll find items that have not been available in other places.

You are facing Hanbei the Undying. This character allows you to undergo various martial arts training. If you wish, you can use this opportunity. Leave the courtyard of the Dilapidated Temple to see information about using grappling hook. To throw the hook, you need to stand near the place of the grip and make sure that the circle is painted green. The white color of the circle indicates that your hook cannot reach it from your current location.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Ashina Reservoir, Ashina Outskirts-9

Use the hook, pulling yourself to the branch at the top left. Go even higher to the ledge in front of you to get to the new location – Ashina Outskirts.

Ashina Outskirts

Jump down and cling to the branch with your hook to get to the new Sculptor’s idol. Then, climb up, pulling yourself with a hook, to pick up a new item – Ungo’s sugar. This consumable item allows you to temporarily reduce damage from physical attacks. Jump down onto the roof of the building – use your hook. Here, you’ll learn about a stealth deathblow.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Ashina Reservoir, Ashina Outskirts-10

Kill the first enemy who stands below. You will learn that by pressing the action key you can collect trophies from the enemy you have killed. At the same time, items that are originally lying in the game world must be picked up with direct interaction. Follow the path where you have faced the enemy. You’ll see a pellet on the left, and a ceramic shard on the right. The latter can be used to divert the opponents’ attention.

Get to the gates, kill several opponents, and then climb the ledges on the right, using your hook. Here, you will face another enemy. Look to the left and see another opponent standing on the edge of the cliff. Go to him and kill by stabbing him from behind. Another ceramic shard is located a bit further behind a part of the destroyed wall. Stand on the edge of the cliff where the enemy was standing and look down. Do you see the ledge? Jump down to find an alcove in the rock where you’ll find Ako’s sugar. Unlike Ungo’s sugar, this item allows you to temporarily increase the power of the main character’s attack, increasing damage to his vitality and posture.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Ashina Reservoir, Ashina Outskirts-11

Get to the top, climb on the neighboring buildings and jump over rooftops. Below, there’s a vegetable garden with high grass. Get to the roof of the far building to kill a lone opponent. In all likelihood, you’ll be noticed by other enemies. Try to first deal with the opponents that have muskets. At the gate where you have seen enemies and a dog, you’ll find a fistful of ash and a pellet.

Move through the gates and find a new idol on the right. There’s a ceramic shard below the idol. Having killed the dogs, climb onto the next building and jump down through the hole in the roof. Here, you will find a shuriken wheel which allows you to upgrade the shinobi prosthetic and get the first combat tool. To do this, you’ll need to return to the Dilapidated Temple and talk to Sculptor.

If you get to the ledge on the left from the roof of the building, you’ll find a pellet. Go down and see another powerful opponent with two red dots – General Naomori Kawarada. You can deprive him of his first life by jumping from behind. You will also learn about dangerous attacks that cannot be blocked.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Ashina Reservoir, Ashina Outskirts-12

If the opponent uses a lunge, you need to parry the attack; if he attacks from the side – jump over the weapon; if he tries to grab you – dodge back. You’ll receive a prayer bead for the victory over this opponent. Having collected four such beads, you will increase your supply of health and posture. Also, you’ll get a second reward – gourd seed. This item is used to increase the number of charges for your healing gourd – this is done by Emma in the Dilapidated Temple.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Ashina Reservoir, Ashina Outskirts-13

Go back to the nearest idol and transfer to the Dilapidated Temple. Talk to Emma to upgrade the healing gourd, then go to Sculptor who will install the shuriken wheel that you have found before.

Go back to the place where you fought against mini-boss, go through the gates and try to act as covertly as possible. Kill as many opponents as you can in the stealth mode as there are many of them here. There’s even a big man with a huge hammer – kill him last and get a mibu possession balloon. When applied, it temporarily increases the number of trophies that drop out of enemies.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Ashina Reservoir, Ashina Outskirts-14

There are ledges behind the gates through which you have got here. Use them to descend and find Gachiin’s sugar. Having applied it, you will temporarily decrease the noise level when moving. In addition, your character will become less noticeable.

Jump to the opposite ledges to find yourself at the end of the location. Look up and jump on the mountain, pulling yourself with the hook, and find a merchant in the tent. Here, you can buy various items including those that you haven’t seen before. From here, you can see a glowing item on the roof of the nearby building – it’s a light coin purse. Make sure to pick it up. Inside one of the buildings where you dealt with a patrol of three enemies and with a brute, you’ll find a mibu balloon of wealth. Having applied it, you will temporarily increase the amount of money that you find when looting dead enemies.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Ashina Reservoir, Ashina Outskirts-15

Move down the steps until you find a strange woman on the second floor of the dilapidated building. Talk to her to get Young Lord’s Bell Charm.

It can be presented to Buddha – the Sculptor will tell you about this opportunity in the Dilapidated Temple. The same building contains three light coin purses. To get them, jump down and find a hole in the corner of the building. Crouch and climb inside by smashing a jug. A wounded warrior lies next to the building where the woman lives. Talk to him. It’s Inosuke Nogami, the son of that woman.

Move forward until you see the gates. There will be three enemies here plus an additional enemy who stands at the top and shoots from a huge cannon. Ideally, you should start by dealing with him. To do this, climb the mountain on the left, get to the building using the branch and sneak to the enemy from behind. You’ll get black gunpowder that is used to upgrade the prosthesis. You can find a pellet on the other side of the closed gates.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Ashina Reservoir, Ashina Outskirts-16

Move through the village to find an idol on the top of one of the buildings on the right. Return to the Dilapidated Temple and talk to Sculptor. He will give you Shinobi Esoteric Text – a book which allows you to unlock Wolf’s skills.

Go down from the roof where the idol is located and talk to a man under the shed. You can pay him 50 sen to learn about ‘’that night’’ and 100 sen more to get a note about a flame barrel, another upgrade for your shinobi prosthetic. Glowing red spots are located in the same courtyard. Go to them to invoke a memory with Kuro and Emma. Get out of the courtyard and overhear a conversation between two soldiers. You’ll learn that the ‘’red-eyed devil’’ is afraid of fire. This is a hint about the vulnerability of the boss that you will face in the game.

Climb the stairs on the left to find a pellet. Climb up the steps and face a mini-boss – a chained ogre. As usual, he has two red dots above the vitality scale. Deal no more than two blows at once and then dodge to the left or to the right. In the other case, the boss will often grab the main character, dealing great damage. You’ll have to make several attempts before you can win the fight against the mutant. For the victory, you’ll get prayer beads and a passive skill Shinobi Medicine Rank 1.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Ashina Reservoir, Ashina Outskirts-17

Climb to where the ogre stood and use the hook to get inside the building. Pick up the nightjar monocular which allows you to see objects at a distance. You can also find a gourd seed and a ceramic shard in the room on the left. Go outside and face multiple enemies. Try to kill most of them in the stealth mode and then fight against the mini-boss General Tenzen Yamauchi. Prayer beads will drop out of him. In the courtyard, you can also find scrap iron used for basic prosthetic upgrades.

If you leave the courtyard from the other side, you will find yourself at the destroyed bridge. Jump from it to the left to find a new idol. Get down from it to the ledge that is located even lower, get to the other side by clinging to a branch, and see a big snake. Once it turns away, jump down and hide in the grass. When the enemy turns away one more time, jump to the other side, pulling yourself with the hook, and hide in the cave. By the way, if you act quickly, you’ll be able to run to the cave without hiding in the grass.

Don’t stay long inside the cave. Move deeper and find another grass. Hide in it and wait until the snake turns away, then move along the edge of the cliff. Hide inside a small black booth and attack the snake once you see its eye close to you. After this, run away to get out of the cave while the snake suffers from pain.

Jump to the other side using the hook, go up and find a new idol. Gachiin’s sugar is located in the nearby. Go over the wall and move to the right to overhear the monologue of an enemy mourning his horse. Bypass him on the left side and find a pellet. The gates do not open from this side. If you wish, you can clear the courtyard from enemies or sneak past them and find yourself on a large battlefield.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Walkthrough — Ashina Reservoir, Ashina Outskirts-18

Here, you will fight against the main boss of this chapter – Gyoubu Oniwa. Having defeated the enemy, you will learn about meditations by the fire which allow you to recall battles against dangerous bosses and forever increase the strength of your character. Also, you’ll get a mechanical barrel – an item used to upgrade the basic tools of your prosthetic (for example, shuriken wheel). After the fight, go to the gates and use the Sculptor’s idol. Make sure to enhance your Power attack and use Memory: Gyoubu Oniwa.

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