Risk of Rain 2

Release date: March 28, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch

Risk of Rain 2 Cheats and Console Commands

How to open console in Risk of Rain 2 and enable cheats and a list of most useful console commands

How to open developer console

You can open the console by pressing the "Ctrl", "Alt", and "~" keys simultaneously. (Ctrl+Alt+`)

Risk of Rain 2 Cheats and Console Commands-1

Console commands list

Cheats <value> — This command will let you use cheats via console commands (Default value is 0, to enable set the value to 1)

Warning: Enabling cheats will disable achievements and stat tracking, as well as stop progression until you restart the game.
  • aim_stick_assist_max_delta — The maximum amount the aim assist will turn towards. (Default setting is 1.57)
  • aim_stick_assist_max_input_help — The amount that the aim assist will add magnitude towards. (Default setting is 0.2. Minimum is 0. Maximum is 1)
  • aim_stick_assist_max_size — The size of the "White" aim assist zone. (Default setting is 3)
  • aim_stick_assist_max_slowdown_scale — The amount by which sensitivity reduces when you aim at an enemy. (Default setting is 0.4)
  • aim_stick_assist_min_delta — The minimal amount the aim assist will turn towards. (Default setting is 0)
  • aim_stick_assist_min_size — The minimum size of the "Red" aim assist zone. (Default setting is 1)
  • aim_stick_assist_min_slowdown_scale — The maximum amount by which the sensitivity reduces when you aim at an enemy. (Default setting is 1)
  • aim_stick_global_scale — The global sensitivity for stick aiming. (Default setting is 1)
  • aim_stick_smoothing — The smoothing value for stick aiming. (Default setting: 0.05)
  • anisotropic_filtering = <setting> — The anisotropic filtering mode. (Default setting is Disable. Can be Disable, Enable or ForceEnable)
  • audio_focused_only — Whether or not audio should be muted when focus is lost. (Default setting is 0)
  • auto_simulate_physics — Enables or disables Physics Autosimulate. (Default setting is 1)
  • ban_steam — Bans the user with the specified steam id from the server.
  • body_generate_portraits — Generates portraits for all characters that are currently using the default.
  • body_list — A list of all characters in the game.
  • chat_max_messages — Sets maximum number of chat messages that can be stored (Default setting is 30)
  • clear — Clears the console output.
  • client_set_players — Adds network players for all local players. Debug only.
  • Connect — Connect to a server.
  • connect_steamworks_p2p <ID> — Connect to a server using Steamworks P2P with specified 64-bit Steam ID of the server.
  • console_enabled — Enables/Disables the console. (Default setting is 1)
  • corpses_max — The maximum number of corpses allowed. (Default setting is 25)
  • create_corrupted_profiles — Creates corrupted user profiles.
  • cvarlist — Shows all available commands.
  • director_combat_disable — Disables all combat directors.
  • disconnect — Disconnect from a server or shut down the current server. (Default setting is 0)
  • dump_network_ids — Shows the network ids of all currently networked game objects.
  • dump_projectile_map — Dumps the map between indices and projectile prefabs.
  • ea_message_skip — Whether or not to skip the early access splash screen. (Default setting is 0)
  • echo — Shows the given text in the console.
  • enable_damage_numbers — Whether or not damage and healing numbers spawn. (Default setting is 1)
  • fps_max — Maximum FPS. (Default setting is -1. -1 is unlimited.)
  • gamemode — Sets the specified game mode to use in the next run. (Default setting is = ClassicRun)
  • gamma — Gamma boost, from -inf to inf. (Default setting is 0)
  • help — Show help text for the named command.
  • Host — Host a server.
  • hud_enable — Enable or disable the HUD. (Default setting is 1)
  • hud_scale — Scales the size of HUD elements in-game. (Default setting is 100)
  • kick_steam — Kicks the user with the specified steam id from the server.
  • Language — Select a language.
  • language_reload — Reloads the current language.
  • master_texture_limit — Reduction in texture quality. 0 is highest quality textures, 1 is half, 2 is quarter, and so on. (Default setting is 0)
  • max_messages — Maximum number of messages that can be held in the console log. (Default setting is 25)
  • pause — Toggles game pause state.
  • ping — Description: Shows the current ping
  • pp_ao — Enables or disables SSAO postprocessing (Default setting is 0)
  • pp_bloom — Enables or disables loom postprocessing. (Default setting is 1)
  • pp_motionblur — Enables or disables motion blur. (Default setting is 0)
  • pp_sobel_outline — Enables or disables rim light effect. (Default setting is 1)
  • pregame_start_run — Begins a run out of pregame.
  • print_local_users — Shows a list of all local users.
  • print_stats — All current stats of the sender.
  • quit — Closes the game.
  • r_foliagewind — Enables or disables foliage wind effect. (Default setting is 1)
  • r_shadows — Shadow quality. Can be All, HardOnly or Disable. (Default setting is All)
  • r_softparticles — Enables or disables soft particles.(Default setting is 1)
  • remove_all_local_users — Removes all local users.
  • resolution — The resolution of the game window.
  • resolution_list — Shows a list of all possible resolutions for the current display.
  • rules_dump — Dump information about the rules system.
  • run_end — Ends the current run.
  • run_print_seed — Shows the seed of the current run.
  • run_print_unlockables — Shows all unlockables available in this run.
  • say — Sends a chat message.
  • shadow_distance — The distance in meters to draw shadows.
  • shadow_resolution — Default shadow resolution. Can be Low, Medium, High or VeryHigh. (Default setting varies depending on your PC)
  • stage1_pod — Enables or disables the pod when spawning on the first stage. (Default setting is 1)
  • steam_id — Displays your steam id.
  • steam_lobby_assign_owner — Select lobby owner with steam ID
  • steam_lobby_create — Creates a lobby
  • steam_lobby_find — Finds a lobby
  • steam_lobby_id — Displays the steam id of the current lobby.
  • steam_lobby_invite — Invites the player with the specified steam id to the current lobby.
  • steam_lobby_join — Join a lobby with specified ID
  • steam_lobby_leave — Leave current lobby
  • steam_lobby_open_invite_overlay — Opens the steam overlay friend invite window.
  • steam_lobby_print_data — Shows all data about the current steam lobby.
  • steam_lobby_print_list — Displays a list of lobbies from the last search.
  • steam_lobby_print_members — Shows members of the current lobby.
  • steam_lobby_update_player_count — Forces a refresh of the steam lobby player count.
  • steam_quickplay_start — Start a quick game
  • steam_quickplay_stop — Stop current quick game session
  • steam_remote_storage_list_files — Lists the files currently being managed by Steamworks remote storage.
  • sv_listen — Enables or disables accepting connections from other players. (Default setting is 1)
  • sv_maxplayers — Sets a maximum number of players allowed to join. (Default setting is 4)
  • test_splitscreen — Splits the screen for the specified amount of guest players or 2 by default.
  • user_profile_delete — Deletes the specified user profile from the disk, if it exists
  • user_profile_main — Shows current user profile.
  • user_profile_save — Saves the specified profile to disk, if it exists.
  • viewables_list — Displays the full names of all viewables.
  • volume_master — The master volume of the game audio, from 0 to 100. (Default setting is 100)
  • volume_msx — The music volume, from 0 to 100. (Default setting is 100)
  • volume_sfx — The volume of sound effects, from 0 to 100. (Default setting is 100)
  • window_mode — Selects window Fullscreen or Window mod. (Default setting is Fullscreen)

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