Resident Evil 2 Remake

Release date: January 25, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab

Survival tips, optimal route, codes from locks and safes, puzzle solution, collectible items

Having evacuated from the sewers full of G-Monsters and huge alligators, Leon and Ada use the cable car to get into NEST – a secret underground lab of the pharmaceutical company. They plan to stop Annette and other scientists from spreading the deadly virus.

North Area of the Lab, Level 2 Access

Having received instructions (both serious and romantic) and ID wristband from Ada, Leon leaves the cable car – you won’t be able to get back. There’s nothing to do on the platform so head to the entrance to the north side of the lab. You need level 2 access to enter the main shaft – you will need to obtain it.

First, examine the reception. You can read the break room journal (which also serves as a nap room) on the computer – you will know who last visited the nap room and did not check in at the exit (Dr. Wayne Li). In the nearby room, you can find a typewriter and a storage box.

Before you start searching for level 2 access, look into the security room opposite the reception desk to pick up shotgun ammo and Research Lab North Area Map. Go into the corridor as there are no other options and head to the cafeteria.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab-9

The door to the kitchen and nap room is locked on level 2 access lock, so you must go through the cafeteria. There’s a zombie who is located opposite the entrance – do not go inside to avoid attracting other enemies and lure the first one to you. Fun fact: lab ‘‘opponents’’ cannot open doors that require an ID wristband.

The second enemy is waiting for you on the right from the door – having eliminated him, pick up the grenade from the corpse. Return to the entrance and turn to the left – a third zombie in the room is eating his victim near the flamethrower fuel tank.

On the road to the stairs in the far-right corner of the room, pick up handgun ammo from one of the central desks and be ready to face the fourth zombie in the cafeteria. For greater certainty, you can ‘’wake up’’ this opponent standing behind an obstacle.

Destroy another Mr. Raccoon toy on the desk from the far side of the cafeteria and climb the ladder into the ventilation – this passage will allow you to get inside the kitchen. Having picked up a large supply of gunpowder and a combat knife from the desk, do not rush to go into the corridor.

Outside the kitchen, you will find a zombie in special forces’ uniform. It is almost useless to shoot anywhere except his head due to the armor. Having knocked out (temporarily or permanently) the enemy, proceed to the nap room. Dr. Li’s bloody hand is sticking out of the bullet-riddled sleep cabin.

Come closer and take the upgrade chip from the scientist’s wrist – combine it with your ID wristband to get the level 2 access. Before you leave, take shotgun shells from the desk. Also, do not forget to pick up the regulator for your flamethrower (it slows down fuel consumption) from the locker.

You can’t do anything with the power control panel on the wall right now, so go back to the reception room. Put unnecessary items into the storage box and go to the main shaft. Activate the bridge and pick up the special forces’ record from the corpse on the right side – G-virus is located in the west area of the lab.

To get there, you need level 3 access which Leon does not have now, while the elevator in the center of the shaft will open its doors only to those who have the fourth level of access. Your sole option is to go to the east area of the lab which is closed on the level 2 lock.

East Area, Plant 43 and Level 3 Access

As in the case of the north area, you will find a typewriter and a storage box in the lobby of the east area. Having saved your progress and having cleared the inventory from things you don’t need (keep the Lightning Hawk and take the flamethrower), pick up the green herb and a handful of gunpowder from the reception desk and the table behind it.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab-31

Two doors lead from the lobby to the area but one of them is closed now, so you don’t have to choose – move into the presentation room. A scientist is pressed against the glass in a greenhouse by a plant – you can see a level 3 access wristband in his palm, that’s your ultimate target in this area of the lab.

There’s a computer on the stage but it requires a higher access level than you have now. The road to the greenhouse lies through a room that is covered with plants. In order to avoid being caught off guard, shoot a body suspended from the ceiling – a new type of opponents will get up from the floor.

The so-called ivy zombies are people infected by the local tyrant plant. You cannot kill them by shooting at the head – the bodies of these enemies are covered by orange balls. If you break them all, the enemy will fall, but when these ‘’bubbles’’ grow back, your opponent will rise once again.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab-36

Due to this feature of Ivy zombies, we recommend stunning these opponents by shooting the ball and running further if you lack ammo or destroying them with fire. Having knocked the opponent out, pull out your flamethrower and start firing until the enemy burns down completely – you will need 25-50 units of fuel.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab-37

Don’t let these monsters come close to you – if they don’t bite your head off, they will poison you (cure it by combinations using blue herb). To prevent this, be sure to keep secondary weapons (knife, grenade) at hand to allow you to get out of the difficult situation without damage.

Having dealt with the first representative of the local flora, pick up high-grade gunpowder from the desk. Another ivy zombie awaits you behind the corner – in order to save your ammo in the long term (you will have to move through many rooms with these enemies), we recommend using flamethrower heavily.

Having reached the greenhouse control room, pick up a flash grenade from the desk and look into the solution sprinkler system to get an empty dispersal cartridge. The control terminal will be on the right – you can use it to unlock important objects, but you do not have the necessary codes yet.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab-43

Enter the greenhouse – at this stage, three ivy zombies are here, while the way to the scientist is blocked by multiple roots. We advise you not to delay the extermination of your opponents in this area as another duo will soon join the local zombies.

Go inside the drug testing room that is located on the left from the exit of the control room and pick up the red herb along the way. Inside, you will find a dispersal unit that is locked using a four-number code (the combination is half-erased), a large stock of gunpowder and a grenade.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab-48

Besides, there’s an herbicide synthesis instruction on the central desk of the room. It tells about a process of creating a chemical substance that can destroy plant 43 (the plant that covered the greenhouse). At this stage, you only have an empty cartridge out of the required components.

Enter the greenhouse and walk to the descent to the lower floor that is locked on the four-number code (there’ll be a bunch of blue herb to the west). Memorize/record/screen the combination (see screenshots above) and enter it in the terminal in the control room to unlock the stairs.

Having descended to the lower floor, go to the desk on the left to get another big handful of gunpowder and the Research Lab East Area Map. On the exit, turn to the left – the door to the north area needs power – and then go forward, to the lounge area.

This corner of the lab appears quite – as soon as you move further along the corridor, three of the zombies in the room will suddenly wake up (see the screenshot above to identify ‘’pretenders’’). We advise you to ‘’wake up’’ enemies one by one or you risk being outnumbered.

Having dealt with the enemies, take shotgun shells from the couch and green herb from the couch near the opposite well. Do not forget to take a golden trophy from one of the tables. Examine the bottom of the prize to find the code from the dispersal unit.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab-61

We will later get back to the terminal in the control room – you won’t have to run along the same corridors once again – and now we’ll inspect the power control panel on the wall. Slowly move along the corridor from the lounge area – as soon as you have covered enough distance, two lickers will appear from the ventilation.

Do not forget to move quietly to avoid attracting attention of the duo ahead of time. The entry to the low-temperature testing lab is locked (power needed), so your only hope to save yourself is the door leading to the next room.

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Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab

It may be problematic to sneak between opponents, so we advise throwing a grenade at the enemies and then rushing to your goal. It is highly likely that nobody will be behind the door when you decide to look back – having received damage, the lickers will move to the lounge area and closer to the server room.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab-65

You will soon have to return to this location, so do not waste your time and deal with the beasts – if the grenade explosion dealt damage to the lickers, you will only need a couple shotgun headshots to finish them off. Approach them so that no one can get behind your back.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab-66

Having cleared the corridor and the lounge area from the zombies and lickers, get into the stairs and turn to the right to shoot off the head of the rising zombie. The hero will face another walking dead on the road up – do not hesitate to kill him or you will complicate your future return to the first floor.

On the second tier, there’s a nameless room that resembles a storage room. Kill the zombie who walks here and start collecting items: high-grade gunpowder on the box to the left of the entry, handgun ammo in the locker and somebody’s note on the blue chair.

Then, pick up the signal modulator from the wall. This device will finally help you hack the control panels that are scattered across the lab. We will start with one of such devices – unlock the path to the lobby of the east area, drop all unnecessary items into the storage box and return to the north area.

There should be no enemies on the way to the nap room (unless you left someone in the cafeteria). Inspect the modulator and switch it to the MUF frequency (the same as on the control panel). Rotate the left and the right disks on the sides of the gadget to pick the desired wavelength.

Having installed the device on the panel, you will return the power to the room. Dr. Li will get out of his sleep cabin – finish him off. Next, pick up the last hip pouch in the game (in the same cell, you will find another Mr. Raccoon) and Wayne Li’s note in the next capsule.

There’s nothing more to do in the north area, so return to the east area. Now that you have the code on the golden trophy, go to the greenhouse control room and enter the necessary combination in the terminal to unlock the dispersal unit in the experimental lab.

Move through the greenhouse – if you have previously killed all ivy zombies here, the new ones will not appear – and go to the device, insert the empty cartridge and proceed to the puzzle. Your task is to adjust the volume of the solution in accordance with the capacity of the tube.

To get the desired outcome, you need to use three buttons – the green one takes the fluid from the central tube and puts it into the left one; the red one swaps the left tube and the central tube; the blue one swaps the central tube and the right tube.

You cannot ‘’restart’’ the puzzle, so if you fail, you will either have to use your previous save, or try to get out of the situation. The most effective move order is the following:

  1. Swap the big tube and the medium tube (red button).
  2. Transfer part of the solution from the big tube to the medium tube (green button).
  3. Swap small tube and big tube (blue button).
  4. Swap small tube and medium tube (red button).
  5. Transfer part of the solution from the medium tube to the small tube (green button).
  6. Swap big tube and medium tube (blue button).
  7. Swap big tube and small tube (red button).
  8. Transfer the solution from the small tube into the big one to get the desired dose (green button).

As a result of these manipulations, you will get a dispersal cartridge with a solution that needs to be cooled down in order to create herbicide. Use any convenient way – climb a vertical ladder or move through the storage room – and return to the lounge. Use the signal modulator to hack the control panel on the far wall (MURF frequency).

Having restored the power, you will automatically unlock the server room. Go inside to get high-grade gunpowder, combat knife, flamethrower fuel and a typewriter with a storage box. Put your inventory in order and save your progress if you wish.

Next, go to the low-temperature test lab whose door has been opened following the restoration of power. A zombie will sit near the wall opposite Wayne Li’s computer – kill him and then read the doctor’s e-mail.

Go inside the ‘’refrigerator’’ and take the handful of gunpowder from the desk opposite the cooling terminal. Next, insert the cartridge with a solution and wait until the temperature drops sufficiently so that the resulting mixture is an herbicide.

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Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab
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Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab
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Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab
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Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab

Take the substance and return to the greenhouse control room (on the road, you can go to the lobby to save your progress) and insert the cartridge into the dispersal panel. Enter the greenhouse and burn two ivy zombies so that they do not interrupt you.

Grab the upgrade chip from the scientist’s corpse and combine it with the ID wristband to get level 3 access. The good news stops at this point as you will see the Tyrant as soon as you get out of the menu.

There’s no time to deal with enemies now, so if you haven’t burned all ivy zombies on this floor, you may face problems. Rush back to the lobby – on the road, take a look at the presentation room to examine the e-mail of Byron Cartwright, the head of the NEST.

West Area, G-Virus and William Birkin

Return to the central shaft and use the third level of access to unlock the bridge into the west area. There are no enemies there, and the Tyrant is way behind you at this point, so you can relax a little. Pick up a video cassette and a grenade from the corpse of the soldier in the corridor.

The power is off at the biotesting lab where you go next. Return the power by hacking the control panel on the wall next to the storage box (OSS frequency). Then, examine William Birkin’s e-mail – the soldiers (put the video tape into the VCR) have unsuccessfully tried to take him alive.

Put the video tape and the modulator in the storage box and move to the bioreactors room. Do not forget to pick up the blue herb on the exit from the biotesting room. Next to the hangers for chemical protection suits, you will find a handful of high-grade gunpowder. From here and up to the P-4 testing lab, there’s nothing to pick up.

Having reached the above-mentioned lab, read the research diary on the computer that is located on the left from the entry and take a G-virus sample from an open container near which Birkin was shot. A general alarm will turn on. Ignore it for now and move into the next room.

Pick up a large stock of gunpowder and high-grade gunpowder from the desks. Also, take the red herb from the closet. Next, put all quest items except for ID wristband into the storage box. Be sure to have two or three medicines, several grenades and as much ammo as possible in your inventory and run into the bioreactors room.

Before you reach the exit, a familiar monster with a human face will land behind Leon’s back. Annette will come to the rescue out of nowhere and will knock out her husband with a par of acid bullets – William managed to inject one of the G-virus samples into himself before he died.

The scientist won’t have the time to end her confession when she will be squeezed by a monster hand of the creature which was once human. Annette will manage to lower the platform with the hero and the monster to the lower level of the bioreactors room. Now you are one on one with the latest form of William Birkin.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab-125

Fortunately, there are many useful items scattered across the arena. Let’s go clockwise (look at the screenshot above): flash grenade, two packages with handgun ammo, grenade, flamethrower fuel, flash grenade, magnum ammo, handgun ammo, first aid spray and handgun ammo.

As in the case of Birkin’s previous incarnations, this one (ultimate) hits very painfully and can reach far. At the same time, it has several vulnerable points on the body, the huge yellow eyes – on the back, on the right shoulder and on the left hip.

Since it is better to stay as far as possible from the opponent and there is plenty of handgun ammo on the arena, we advise using Matilda to deal with the eyes – you will need your other weapons later. Depending on your accuracy and the degree of sight compression, you need 5-10 bullets per eye.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab-126

A destroyed eye may interrupt any attack of the boss. The ideal time to shoot the enemy is when he tries to throw something big at the hero and drops the ‘’missile’’ on himself instead. If you were not able to interrupt the attack, just hide behind one of the numerous metal racks on the arena.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab-127
You can get out safe from the situation with Birkin’s jump thanks to the equipped secondary weapon

You should run away from all melee attacks of the monster, be it waving with his paws (away), pushing with a specific hand (to the side), rushing with a blow (to the side), clapping one or both paws on the ground (away or to the side) or a jump (on the diagonal to the side).

After each attack, the monster pauses for a second, allowing you to run away or make a few shots at the eyes. Do not be greedy – if you see an approaching boss, do not try to hit the eye as long as you can: you will most likely waste bullets in a hurry and also get hit.

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We advise using a combination of green, red and blue herb in battle – this mix restores health as well as increases resistance to damage
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We advise using a combination of green, red and blue herb in battle – this mix restores health as well as increases resistance to damage

As soon as the hero destroys all three pain points on the body of the enemy, he will drop to one knee and a whole bunch of huge eyes will come out of his chest. Get a flamethrower – save your shotgun and/or magnum (depending on the ammo situation) for the final segment of the walkthrough - and burn them until the monster gets up.

The game will not allow you to finish the battle in one ‘’cycle’’ – you will need to drop Birkin at least twice. Therefore, do not relax after the first ‘’roasting’’ and replenish your reserves of handgun ammo if necessary (you know where to find it). At the same time, do not forget to stay away from the boss.

The second phase of the battle is no different from the first one, so there’s no point in talking about it in detail. After this round (when the boss kneels, continue using the flamethrower), Birkin will stop covering the bunch of eyes on the chest.

Before switching to berserk mode, the boss will cry – exposing his chest – and will go to throw a huge piece of the wall on the arena. At this point, there are no eyes on the back of your opponent, so do not waste your bullets.

In this phase, Birkin will start actively using his melee attacks, so only the most disciplined players will be able to hit his pain point without a few misses. To all others, we advise completing the battle by throwing several grenades under the monster’s feet.

When the last eyes burst on the monster’s chest, the battle will finally come to an end. Pick up ammo scattered across the arena and do not forget to grab the first aid spray (if you haven’t done this already). Move towards the cable car. Upstairs, living the last minutes of her life, Annette will advise the hero not to trust Ada as she is not an FBI agent.

Escape from the Lab and the Final Boss

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab-135

Run back to the central shaft – the lab radio will report about the initialization of a self-destruction program. Ada, with a wounded leg, will rush to meet the hero – she recently used her visualizer to hack the control panel of the lab’s main elevator.

The meeting will not pass smoothly as the truth will come out and the heroes will point guns at each other. The collapsing NEST does not help either – both Ada and the G-virus sample fall into the abyss.

At the end of the cutscene, you will have 10 minutes of real time to complete the game - or ‘’game over’’. Run into the central elevator that was opened by Ada. Having arrived at the monitor room (not the one that was in the sewers), pick up the first aid spray on the right from the exit.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab-140

Having walked a bit further, you will initiate the scene in which Claire contacts Leon – she is alive and also tries to get out of the lab. The heroine talks about an exit – an underground railway station with a train.

Before you leave the room, grab a combat knife from the closet behind the panel and, having reached the last typewriter in the game, save your progress. Go through the door and descend to the pump room. If you really need it, there’s a bunch of blue herb in the left corner – in other cases, just run.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab-144

Three ivy zombies block the way to the goal – you can run past those who lie on the floor (the first and the third) but the second zombie is already up and won’t hesitate to grab the hero. If you have a spare combat knife or a grenade, you can easily deal with the enemy, but the most economical option is to shoot one of the balls on his body.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab-145

Having arrived at the duct, pick up the green herb from the floor in case you have received damage in the fight against the ivy zombie, and descend the vertical ladder. Having landed, make a U-turn to find handgun ammo on the floor.

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Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab

As soon as you try approaching the door leading to the next corridor, the Tyrant will literally fall from the sky upon the hero. Turn to the left to lure the giant in the small (square) ‘’ring’’ and run out on the other side without getting damage. Then just rush through the corridors to the next cutscene.

Due to the chaos, Mr. X will ultimately grab Leon, but a weak floor and a timely explosion will again divide the ‘’couple’’. Having gained control of the hero, run to the platform of the freight elevator, pick up the red herb from the floor, then take handgun ammo and a joint plug from the desk.

The latter occupies two slots in the inventory but is required to make the elevator work. Take the last health-restoring items from the storage box (if necessary, get rid of the flamethrower) – there is almost nothing to pick up ahead. When ready, initiate descent.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab-153

Obviously, Leon won’t be allowed to just leave the NEST, so the Tyrant, in fire and slightly disfigured by the G-virus, will get out of the wall. He’s the last boss in any of the main stories of Resident Evil 2 Remake.

As in the case with the second fight against William Birkin (see the sewers guide), you cannot kill the boss on your own – you need help from the outside. Despite this, the more damage you deal to the monster, the faster you end the battle and the less time you will need to dodge the few attacks of the enemy.

The Super Tyrant (the official name of the boss – author’s note) has three main attacks – a basic blow with a fire paw (run to the side), a combination of sweeps (away) and a jump (to the side). This trio deals plenty of damage, so stay away from the opponent – you will have more time to react.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab-154

Any attack of the monster may be interrupted by shooting at his pulsating heart. In the case of ‘’Lightning Hawk’’, you need at least four accurate shots (less if the sight is ‘’focused’’). You’ll need more accurate shots in case of weaker weapons.

If you haven’t been able to interrupt the attack, do not wait until the last moment – it’s better to run away than to get hit. Also, the counter of shots required to stun the enemy is not reset, so you lose nothing except time when you dodge an attack.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab-155

Along the descent, big stones will fall on the elevator, complicating movement across the arena and limiting the space for maneuver. However, you can use these obstacles and make the monster attack stones thanks to proper positioning of the hero.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab-156
Leon comments the first ultimate attack of the monster by the words ‘’Not good!’’ – do not miss it

When the Tyrant stops and roars, beware – in a couple of seconds, he will put his paw into the floor and run onto the hero. If you do not stop the boss in time, Leon will die instantly. No equipped secondary weapons (knives, grenades) will help.

So, as soon as you see that the monster prepares for a rush, quickly shoot at the enemy heart – in case of Matilda, you need a couple of shots, the Lightning Hawk needs just one. Theoretically, you can block the attack by a fallen stone, but it is not always possible, so don’t take this risk.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab-157

Continue running away from the Tyrant and interrupting his ordinary attacks and rushes until a caring woman hand drops a case with the anti-tank rocket on the platform. If you are close to the monster, do not rush to pick up the ‘’gift’’ – it’s safer to first lure the boss away.

Having picked up the unit – it needs the same number of inventory slots as the joint plug – put it on your shoulder and shoot at the Tyrant. On the standard level of difficulty, you need just one hit on the upper torso of the boss. Two shots will do the job on the hardcore difficulty level.

Following the destruction of the Super Tyrant, the elevator will finally reach its destination. Run to the door labeled ‘’Exit’’ until zombies come out of it – one shot from the anti-tank rocket will calm them down. Having cleared the way, rush to the railway platform where Leon will jump onto the bandwagon of the departing train.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Umbrella Lab-163

Once inside the car, the protagonist will find Claire unharmed together with a small girl. You will find who she is, how the heroines came here and how the combined history of the characters ended in the additional campaign played for the fearless student – in the menu, this is Claire’s Second Run.

This long-awaited reunion (and a hint of future dangers after the credits) marks the end of Leon Kennedy’s story in Resident Evil 2. Upon the completion of the game, the player receives a rank based on the elapsed time. The faster you managed to beat the remake, the better your score and rewards.

John Davis