Resident Evil 2 Remake

Release date: January 25, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers

Survival tips, optimal route, codes from locks and safes, puzzle solutions, collectible items


Having unlocked the door to the prison cell and having obtained the ill-fated magnetic card from the garage, Leon returned to the parking garage where Tyrant awaited him. Thanks to Ada’s timely intervention, the hero managed to get out from the giant in good health, and now the duo heads to the Raccoon City sewers in search for answers.

Entry to the sewers and the alligator

Having got out of the parking garage, follow Ada to the gun shop – there’s no other way to the sewers. Go inside the building, pick up a grenade, a long barrel for the shotgun (increases damage and capacity) and handgun ammo from the shelves on the left, then go to the far-right side of the room.

By the time Ada finishes her speech, the characters will arrive at the entrance to the sewers system. If you believe the information from the headquarters of your companion, this path leads straight to the secret underground Umbrella complex. Without reaching the narrow passage that leads to the safe room, turn to the left and pick up handgun ammo that is located behind the bar.

Once you get to the typewriter – on the way, you’ll see a large creature rushing somewhere – save your progress, drop everything that you do not need now to the storage box and run into an unlocked door. At the end of the corridor, before the descent, you can find some handgun ammo on the barrels.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-11

Follow the only available route. At the end, you will need to jump onto the sewage. As soon as Leon finds himself knee-deep in waste, the above-mentioned monster reveals itself. Meet the giant mutated alligator.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-12

There’s no sense in fighting against this giant (and you won’t be allowed to do it anyway), so it’s high time to run away. You will have to rush with your face looking into the camera – despite its size, the alligator is an extremely agile creature. If you run in a straight line (even dodging debris), the hero will be inevitably eaten.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-13

In this regard, pay attention to the direction of the only alligator’s attack - the bite. As soon as you detect where the enemy is moving, immediately get to the opposite side of the tunnel to avoid an instant ‘’game over’’. You will have to repeat this procedure at least three times.

Ultimately, the protagonist will reach the salutary descent while the reptile will bite a flammable tube. Shoot it as soon as you land to finish this ‘’battle’’ once and for all. Next, pick up the grenade at your feet and ‘’shoot’’ Mr. Raccoon opposite the ladder provided by Ada.

Follow your companion into the sewers and the room with a typewriter. Annette Birkin awaits the heroes in the adjacent room. She does not want to part with her creation, the G-virus, so she decides to shoot back during the escape. Leon catches a bullet.

Ada, Incinerator, and ID Wristband

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-20

Wounded in his shoulder, the brave rookie cop cannot continue moving (for now), so we will control Ada in the next gameplay section. Having got rid of the glasses and the coat, and having talked with the authorities on the portable radio transmitter, the heroine stays in her signature cocktail dress.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-21

Nothing will happen with Leon in Ada’s absence, so we leave the protagonist alone. You won’t be able to return to the typewriter – move forward. Only a personal pistol and EMF visualizer are among the heroine’s equipment. The latter allows her to monitor the wires and hack the electronic equipment.

The road up is blocked by a fan. To get rid of this fan, direct the visualizer on the wall and hack the panel behind it – this activates the blades. Next, point the gadget directly at the obstacle and hold the button – when the dial is full, an explosion will occur, and you will be able to move forward.

Having climbed the vertical ladder, proceed to the far end of the pipe. The exit from the pipe is blocked by another fan. Activate the invisible switchboard on the right using the visualizer and blow up the obstacle by overheating.

Before you jump into the room, note that the exit is blocked – the red light is on. Stand still, find a splitter using your visualizer and redirect the current to the door in order to open it. Theoretically, you can make these moves when you are in the room, but you will be disturbed by a zombie there.

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Be careful: this opponent will pursue Ada if you don’t kill him

Jump down – at this moment, a zombie will get up from the floor and move in the direction of the heroine. If you have already unlocked the passage, just pick up the September report from the table on the right (week 1) and run about your business. In the other case, you will either have to run a lot, escaping from the enemy, or spend bullets on him.

Follow the bridge to its very end, to the stairs, and pick up handgun ammo from the barrel before you descend. Downstairs, you will find a non-working elevator (another red light is on). To activate it, you need to go around the whole room – look at your visualizer.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-35

Behind the first turn, the heroine will see a big red container in front of her. A zombie will get up from the floor to the left of this container. If you decide to bypass the enemy from the right, you will stumble upon another walking dead. In this case, you will be better off spending bullets on the first opponent rather than deal with two enemies at once.

Move along a wide arc around the container before a zombie falls on the floor in front of the heroine – kill him and go to the fence. Take out the visualizer and direct it towards the stairs to find a switchboard. Now, the elevator works again – you can return.

Before you go back, look at the side of the grate that is opposite from the elevator and pick up handgun ammo and a flash grenade. Beware of zombies on the road back to the elevator – however, there should be enough place for maneuver.

Once upstairs, Ada will see Annette hurrying somewhere. Follow her – you won’t be able to catch up with the scientist, and Tyrant will appear out of nowhere thanks to the activated elevator. You need to act fast – the temporary protagonist can survive only a couple of blows from the giant.

The lever near the door does not work – hack the switchboard that is located to the right behind the wall and run inside. The exit from the adjacent room is blocked by another fan which cannot be activated from its original position. Pick up handgun ammo in the center of the room and circle around the table to avoid getting caught by Mr. X.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-44

Your task at this moment is to redirect the current through the distributor. To do this, stand facing the aisle, direct the visualizer slightly above the lever that has opened this room and press the hack button. You don’t need much time to do this – but the fan won’t react with the same speed.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-45

If you don’t have enough time to reboot the device, make several headshots to Tyrant so that he puts his knee to the ground. Use the time when Tyrant is inactive to organize your exit from the room – when interacting with the remnants of the fan, Ada will slip between the bars and be safe from the monster.

First of all, save your progress – the door next to the typewriter requires an ID wristband to open the passage. Next, climb the stairs at the far end of the room, read the September report (week 2) and pull the lever that is responsible for the ‘mouth’’ of the incinerator.

Before you go inside, break Mr. Raccoon toy that is located to the right of the furnace. As soon as you pick up the ID wristband (with a guest access level), the door behind Ada will close and Annette Birkin’s sarcastic face will appear in the opened window.

The heroine will have just one minute to get out. First, activate the switchboard to the right of the body – this will direct the current to the distributor further along the wires. Without touching anything, hack the first of the three blockers (the left one) on the door. Next, return to the fork and direct the current to the distributor on the opposite wall.

This will automatically make the right blocker vulnerable. Having deactivated it, switch the power on the second blocker to unlock the middle ‘’lock’’. The doors will open following the destruction of the last obstacle and Ada will be safe again.

Proceed to the door that is closed on an ID wristband that you now have and turn to the left on the fork to get into the room with the treatment pool. Here, Ada will face Annette once again – for the heroine, this encounter will end in a garbage pile with a piece of blade stuck in her leg and disturbing sounds in the nearby.

The Middle Waterway and the First G-Monster

Soon after Ada is wounded, Leon wakes up – his shoulder is bandaged which means that you can move on. You won’t be able to follow the heroine’s footsteps – the ladder to the broken fan is destroyed but the elevator on the other side of the room is functioning now.

The elevator will bring you straight to the water gate. Save your progress at the typewriter, put unnecessary things into the storage box and prepare to go into the waste of Raccoon City. Upon landing, pick up handgun ammo from a pile of garbage and then move deeper into the sewers.

At the crossroads, turn to the right (on the left, there’ll only be a door locked on the T-shaped lever) to another fork. If you turn to the left, you will be stopped by the grate, but you will be able to pick up shotgun shells. If you go to the right, you will find a ladder that leads to the second tier. On the way up, you may stumble upon a zombie – kill him now.

At the stairs, you will find soldiers’ corpses – one of them will have a U.S.S. digital video cassette. Having climbed onto the second floor, you will find yourself above the upper waterway of the sewers from which you have just got out. Kill two zombies here – one is pretending to be dead at the fence while the other is walking on the platform-bridge.

You won’t be able to open any of the nearby doors – you need a key – so just go to the switchboard on the wall. If you pull out the plug in the form of rook, the platform in front will rise and you won’t be able to pass, so you need to put the rook back at its place – we will later return to it.

In absence of other options, cross the bridge and go down the stairs to the middle waterway having picked up a combat knife from a barrel along the way. Jump into the mud and move to the cliff on the right. Having landed, move forward until you reach a small platform on the left. Here, you can find another T-shaped lock and blue herb.

If you look closely, you may see an emerging pink mass in the ‘’water’’ in front of you. As soon as the hero comes closer to it, this mass will vanish in the tunnel on the right – there’ll be a grate on the left. Pick up high-grade gunpowder from a pile of trash and prepare for a fight.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-82

If you come close to the monster, he will grab you, providing a great opportunity to put a frag grenade or a flash grenade right into his mouth. The alternative option is to just throw a grenade. The explosion will stun the creature – let’s call him G-Monster – giving you a great chance for a successful attack.

Concentrate your firepower on the left, barely glowing shoulder of your opponent – in a few shots, a giant yellow eye will emerge from it. Use the shotgun and/or revolver to burst the eye as soon as possible – otherwise, the creature may start spitting parasites.

In case this happens, you should either watch the movements in the water and timely eliminate the parasites or run back to the platform with a T-shaped lock which cannot be reached neither by the G-Monster nor by his “kids”. The alternative is to stand still and endure the pain, putting yourself at risk of poisoning (keep the blue herb mixture readily available).

Do not let the monster come close to you – his paws grab very well. If the creature gets under water, prepare a knife or a grenade – you will soon be grabbed. There’s no sense in shooting at anything other than the eye, so don’t waste your bullets – you will need them in the sewers.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-85

As soon as the eye bursts, the G-Monster will die. Run through the tunnel where the creature hid, climb onto the platform on the left and follow the corridor and the stairs to the control room – along the way, the hero will notice a cable car with an Umbrella logo.

The control room is the very place from which Annette sent Ada to certain death. The scientist has long disappeared from the place, but you can find shotgun shells, a copy of a letter from Umbrella office and a locker that is locked with a combination lock. You will later have to go through this room again while you have the required combination, so we will not disclose it now.

There’s nothing more to do here, so jump along the platforms at the far end of the room to the monitor room. Through its window, Leon will finally see Ada. At the end of the cutscene, pick up a sewers map from the wall to the left of the window and handgun ammo on the desk near control panels behind the hero’s back.

Next, pay attention to the VCR into which you can insert the video tape that you have found earlier. From the video, you will learn what happened to the soldiers on whose bodies you have found this piece of evidence and what kind of small rodents spread the G-virus across the city. On the table, you will also find a brochure of sewers’ builders.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-95

Save your progress if you wish and put your inventory in order, then go deeper inside the monitor room to find a massive door in the so-called U-Area. To save Ada, you need to open the lock – you need to put six chess plug pieces to correct slots along the walls.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-96

There’s a veiled description regarding how to do this in the note on the bulletin board at the far end of the room (you’ll find a file called ‘’Unlocking the U-Area Door’’). However, you lack the required figurines to solve the puzzle at this stage – you don’t have the rook (we have already seen it in the upper channel), queen and king.

Do not touch the pawn – it is on its correct place – and put the knight into the proper slot (use the accompanying image). Take the bishop and put it in the storage box. Your task is to find the remaining plugs. That’s what we will do in the near future.

Lower Waterway, King and Queen, Flamethrower

Get out of the monitor room to the lower tier of the treatment pool room, pull the lever to lower the bridge-platform to your level. Having walked to the other side of the pool, turn to the left and pick up the red herb from the floor on your way to the cable car. Also, do not forget to grab a T-shaped handle on the floor near the cabin, and a delivery receipt further down the stairs.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-100

Return to the fork and go to the zombie who is lying at the fence. If you want, you can bypass the ‘’pretender’’, quietly grabbing the blue herb at the side and hacking the nearby safe. For greater safety, however, we recommend eliminating the walking dead so that he does not wake up at an inopportune moment.

As for the safe, the combination is written on its side (this was mentioned in the receipt that you have recently grabbed) – 2 turns counterclockwise, 12 turns clockwise, 8 turns counterclockwise. Inside, you will find a stock for the shotgun which increases its rate of fire.

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Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers

Having picked up the upgrade, make a U-turn and go through the door in front. Descend the stairs into the room with three zombies – two of them will be active straight away, while the third one will wait until you return here with the required plugs. Eliminate the duo and pick up the green herb on the right.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-107
A grenade will lie at the left side from the entry

From this room, you can get back to the middle channel – the switch near the grate in front – but by this time, another G-Monster settled there, and you still lack the appropriate method to deal with these creatures. However, you will soon have it, so we will ignore this passage and move to the lower channel.

Unlock the gates using a T-shaped handle and proceed along the bridge to the back of the tunnel. Take the Sewers key from the wall (it opens the locked doors above the upper channel) and go up the stairs to find a broken T-shaped lock – you need to open this passage from another side.

We recommend going into the next section with a more or less empty inventory: you can get rid of the key, T-shaped handle, extra herbs and extra weapons for now. For this, you will have to rush back to the monitor room, but this is a better option than being forced to analyze what useful item should be thrown away.

Jump into the mud which is the lower waterway and approach the corpse sitting on the wall – a parasite will get out of its torso. Without paying attention, pick up a bunch of green herb and climb onto a platform covered with bodies with torn chests.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-112

Once you are on the other side, jump again into the ‘’water’’. You need to get to the far side of the channel where you will find an entrance to the storage room with supplies. The problem is that three G-Monsters at once block the way there. Theoretically, you do not have to fight against them, but in practice, you need to eliminate at least the first one.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-113

The first G-Monster is your choice because he sits in the ambush straight in the center of the road and it is very difficult to bypass him. Also, his huge yellow eye is visible right from the start – you will not have to waste your bullets to destroy his cocoon. Lure the monster with a pistol shot and reach for the shotgun/magnum.

The second G-Monster plays a role of a patrolman. He will notice you from afar, so wait for the monster to get into the crossroads and then sneak into the small ‘’lagoon’’ on the left. Here, you will find some ammo for the Lightning Hawk near the wall.

You can wait infinitely long for the second G-Monster to go far away so, having chosen a moment when the monster is looking at the side, start moving towards the storage room. Leon will already be far away when the creature manages to turn.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-114

In case you are grabbed, keep a grenade or a knife ready to break free from the monster’s claws without getting damage. As soon as you come close to the fence near the storage room, another creature will get out of the tube on the right. Don’t stop or you will run into major problems.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-115

Having climbed onto the platform near a burst in the grate, relax – the monsters will not climb on dry land. Climb the stairs and look behind the boxes on your left to find another Mr. Raccoon toy. It cannot be reached by a knife, so you will have to spend a bullet.

A tier above, there’s a storage room with supplies. This puzzle room contains king and queen plugs as well as a great help in your fight against G-Monsters – a flamethrower. Before you descend to the puzzle, take the red herb from the locker shelf near the stairs.

A grate will be located directly opposite the descent – you need a king plug to open it – and the door to the flamethrower is still closed. Follow an unlocked passage - on its other side, you will find an activated figurine of the queen. Having picked up the figurine, you will close the door through which you have just passed.

Go to the unlocked room into which the hero could have walked by opening the first grate with a king. Pick up a bunch of blue herb in the box and use the queen plug to unlock the door leading to the stairs. In the resulting passage, you will find another entry to the room with weapons, but it requires the figurine of the king.

Climbing the stairs to the platform that is fenced by grates, pay attention to the fallen zombie – when you return to the lower tier, the hero will have to face this enemy. Pull the king from the slot, jump through the hole in the fence back to the ground and deliver a headshot to the walking dead.

Now that Leon has a king plug, you can get to the flamethrower. While in the armory, unlock the locked door that is leading to the stairs to the lower waterway. Take the monarch out of the slot to open a passage into the armory and then get back the queen.

Next, insert the queen into the slot where she was located at the very beginning, and use the king to open a second passage to the queen. Having picked up the queen plug, return to the king using the same way and take it from the slot – that’s how you get out of the labyrinth with two required plugs and a flamethrower. Congratulations!

Second Return to the Police Station, Lightning Hawk Upgrade, Rook

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-131

It will be much easier to destroy G-Monsters with a flamethrower in your hands: periodically (in order not to waste fuel ahead of time) you hold down the trigger and wait until the monster burns alive. Now that you have a flamethrower, free the world from the two creatures left in the lower waterway and return to the lever that provides access to the middle waterway.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-132

We remind you that if you haven’t killed the ‘’sleeping’’ zombie in this room, he will wake up and will be waiting for the hero behind a corner. Having dealt with the threat, you can visit the monitor room to put the plugs in the storage box and take the USB dongle key, sewers key and the T-shaped handle.

Use the lever (if you haven’t pulled it already) to descend to the middle waterway and run to the workshop elevator – the platform with a T-shaped lock before the encounter with the first G-Monster. Along the way, you will meet another mutated creature, by you can ignore it if you wish or if you lack fuel in the flamethrower.

Having opened the gates with the handle, pick up shotgun ammo near the cable car and go upside. You will arrive at the workshop – before you pick up anything here, kill the ‘’pretender’’ on the floor. Come close to him and deliver a headshot with a shotgun.

Having dealt with the lying enemy, pick up a hip pouch and film from the desks, as well as handgun ammo from the machine. Open the door to find yourself in close proximity to rook plug. Leave it in its place for now – you can unlock two nearby rooms using the sewers key.

The first room is the water injection chamber behind the bridge-platform that is controlled by the rook plug. Inside, high-grade gunpowder and a big handful of regular gunpowder will lie on the table. Then, get back to the chess piece and put it in the inventory – you can use another route to return to the monitor room.

Next, unlock the door into the break room opposite the workshop. A handful or regular gunpowder and a jazz festival flyer with a hint regarding the code lock (SZF) are located on the table in the center of the control room. Pick up handgun ammo from the locker.

Next, pay attention to scratches near the locker bound in tape. Move it aside to gain access to the elevator to the underground complex. Having used it, pick up magnum ammo from the barrel and unlock the door to the stairs into the secret room.

In case you do not have a dongle key with you, run upstairs to the storage box and then return here. Turn the flash drive back into a badge and insert it into the slot under the glassed showcase. Your reward is a long barrel for the Lightning Hawk which decreases recoil and increases damage.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-153

Next, return into the secret room, drop unnecessary items into the storage box – be sure to take the film from the workshop with you – and open the passage back to the police station with the help of a T-shaped handle. There’s no Tyrant in the building, so you can explore it freely.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-154

Head to the photo lab through the west office – this is the shortest and the safest way – and develop the film in the dark room to get two pictures of caches: one in the S.T.A.R.S. office (the second floor of the west side) and another in the press room (the first floor of the east side).

Go to the glassed-in boss office through the shower room and inspect the desk next to the American flag. Inside, you’ll find a wooden box with a sight for the Lightning Hawk and a small film which has no interaction button.

Then go through the east corridor through the hole in the wall made by Tyrant and get to the press room – a zombie settled there since the time of your first return to the police station. Having killed him, inspect the table with a tape recorder and microphones to get 400 units of flamethrower fuel.

Return to the Monitor Room and the Plug Puzzle

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-161

Use the already familiar route – the statue of goddess, the secret room, the elevator to the workers’ break room – to return to the sewers, but do not hurry to go back to the monitor room through the workshop. Instead, descend the stairs that are covered by soldiers’ corpses back to the upper waterway.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-162

Move towards the very first door that is locked on the T-shaped handle near the entrance to the sewers. Your way will be blocked by two zombies – if you do not want to spend ammo that you will soon need, lure your enemies into the open space and bypass them.

On the approach to the gate, another opponent will get up from the ‘’water’’ but you can ignore him given the proximity of the platform. Having unlocked the door, descend the stairs to the lower waterway through the previously opened grate and get back to the middle waterway.

Turn into the tunnel where you have met the first G-Monster and climb the stairs to control room with a locker that has a code lock. Now, you can open it (code SZF) and get a few rounds for magnum. From here, move back to the monitor room (use platforms).

Take six chess plug pieces and start solving the puzzle. A note on the wall says:

  • Rook and knight should be on one side;
  • Bishop and queen should not be near each other;
  • Queen and rook should stand opposite each other.

Since the knight and the pawn do not allow the rook and the queen to be opposite each other, these pieces go to the middle. Judging by the position that should be taken by bishop and queen (they could not be near each other), we can conclude that the latter must be put in the row with the rook and the knight, while the king must go to the queen and the pawn.

As soon as the puzzle is solved (see the screenshot above), the door to the U-area will open. Dump all storyline items into the storage box, take plenty of ammo and herbs, save your progress and run to save Ada – you will have to fight against an already familiar product of the G-virus.

First Boss (Second Part)

Descend the stairs to the entrance to the incinerator where Ada is locked – to open the door, you need to restore power. Collect blue herb and green herb in the nearby and then go to the main switchboard where you can also find red herb.

As in the case of the generator room at the underground level of the police station, you need to turn the necessary switches to restore power: this time you need to activate the first, second, and fourth switches. As soon as you do this, the lever next to the incinerator gate will be activated, but the hero will have to face another problem.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-175

At the time you will want to return to the previous room, the door of the switchboard room will be broken by someone very strong and mutated. As if this was not enough, the fire will cover about a quarter of the room, while the monster will start poking his sharp paw at the hero from the ceiling.

All that you can do now is to start running around the room in circles hoping that the monster will not get you. After some time, the monster will abandon his previous idea and break the door to the corridor. We do not recommend spending bullets on the enemy right now – you will need them later.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-178

Throw a grenade at the opponent to stun him or sneak by while the enemy hasn’t had the time to attack you. Having run out of the room, don’t look back – the mutant will chase you. If you do not stop, you will get to the water treatment pool without damage.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-179

Jump onto the platform with a cargo container which is suspended to the crane – this modest platform will become the scene of a battle with a mutated monster. Unlike the previous encounter with him, you do not need to spend bullets: hitting him twice (or three times, on the hardcore level of difficulty) with the above-mentioned container will do the job.

There’s a crane control panel directly behind the container. Push the button to send the cargo to the opposite side of the room. As soon as the second button lights up on the control panel, push it to return your ‘’missile’’. At first, it moves slowly, but over time it gains significant speed.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-182

Your task is to ensure that by the time the container returns to the platform, only the mutant is in the risk zone (80% of the arena starting from the control panel). If the hero is on the way of the container, he will die regardless of the health level.

As we have already mentioned, the battle can be won without a single shot – to do this, you will have to run a lot and position yourself and the monster correctly. The arena is small, but you can evade all the attacks of the boss – just stay away from him and run away when the animation of the next blow has not yet begun.

As for the monster’s attacks, they have not changed materially since your last encounter: a rush into the direction of the hero to grab him, a jump forward (a big attack zone), a raking blow, a combination of several pokes and uppercuts in front of him.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-183

The big problem with this approach is keeping the mutant in the area that can be hit by the container and at the same time ensuring that your hero is not being hit. Due to the fact that you must constantly maneuver, it is not easy to recognize the approaching ‘’missile’’.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-184
An accurate shot from a shotgun/magnum into the eye may interrupt any of the enemy’s attacks

In case you decide to spend some bullets, we recommend doing it only during the return phase of the container. Two – four shots from the ‘’Lightning Hawk’’ in the big yellow eye on the monster’s shoulder (in comparison with the previous encounter, another eye grew on the monster’s back) will make the mutant fall on the knee and freeze for 10 seconds.

We do not recommend using anything except the shotgun or magnum during the battle. The pistol is not powerful enough, while it is hard to recognize the moment when you need to release the trigger when using the flamethrower against this opponent. The recommended weapons can deliver plenty of damage in a short period of time.

Full Size
If the mutant grabs the platform after being hit by a container, you have not dealt enough damage

The alternative option is to throw all your firepower at the enemy (you will need plenty of ammo) to finish him off with the first blow of the container. In this case, you will need to put the monster on his knee at least three times before hitting him with a container – it is hard to tell the exact amount of damage that you need to deal to the mutant.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-187

Next to the crane control panel, you will find handgun ammo, a combat knife and a flash grenade, while magnum ammo is located on the other side of the platform. You will be able to pick up the latter only when there’s no container around, while the secondary weapon will come in handy in case you are grabbed by the enemy.

If you were not lucky and found yourself in such a position during the return of the ‘’missile’’, the hero may be killed by the container after he is released by the monster. When you see that the mutant rushes at Leon (he does it only before grabbing the protagonist), throw a flash grenade under his feet to get out of the risk zone in time.

When the mutant finally falls into the abyss (the previous fall did not kill him), pick up the knife that was used for self-defense from the platform and move into the corridor. Unlock the door and run to the incinerator. Pull the lever that you have activated before the boss fight – Ada is finally saved.

The heroes will decide to go to the Nest – a secret Umbrella lab located under the sewers. Follow the already familiar route to the monitor room, save your progress and run to the cable car. Do not wait for Ada – the joint cutscene will be activated anyway.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Sewers-194

Now is your last chance to go around the sewers and the police station in search of missed items. After the heroes get inside the cable car, there is no way back. When ready, run into the cabin and pull the lever on the panel. The next stop is the Umbrella lab.

John Davis