Resident Evil 2 Remake

Release date: January 25, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

What to Do With the Bent Car Key in Resident Evil 2 Remake

Where to find the bent key and the car that is opened with this key

Ultimately, both Leon and Claire collect three medallions, descend to an underground object under the statue at the police station and kill the boss. Sooner or later, the heroes will find themselves in the parking garage. In the B1 side, there are several rooms, including kennels, morgue and firing range. You can get access to each of them playing for both characters.

Inside the firing range, you will find a small room where a yellow box lies on the table. Pick it up, examine in the inventory and open to get the bent car key. Go back to the parking garage. Open the inventory, examine the key and press the button above. It is not necessary to approach the car to which the key is connected.

What to Do With the Bent Car Key in Resident Evil 2 Remake-1

You are interested in one of the two police cars that are located near the wall. After you have pressed the button, the car will let you know about itself: you will see flashing red lights. Go to the car, open the trunk and pick up the useful item. If you are playing for Claire, you will find a laser sight pistol. If you are playing for Leon, you will get an upgrade for Matilda (a gunstock that enlarges the weapon, which will now demand two slots in the inventory but will be able to fire three bullets at once).

John Davis