Resident Evil 2 Remake

Release date: January 25, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Underground Facility, Parking Garage, Tyrant

Survival tips, optimal route, codes for locks and safes, puzzle solutions, and collectible items

Having found all three medallions and having unlocked the secret passage, Leon wants to leave the police station together with Marvin Branagh. However, the officer realizes what fate awaits him and refuses. Thus, the hero will have to explore the underground complex alone.

Underground Facility and the first boss

In a secret room, to which you will get through a secret passage, you can get a handful of gunpowder (on the desk near the typewriter) and shotgun shells (near the police station model), as well as save your progress and put unnecessary things into the storage box.

Ignore the hole for the T-shaped lever (you will need it to return to the police station) and go to the elevator. Use it, descend the stairs to the lower floor and pick up a hand grenade. In the nearby, you will find a glass case with various goods inside, but it can only be opened with a special dongle key. Read our guide to find out how to unlock it.

Return to the stairs and, without going to the elevator, proceed through the unlocked door. On the way to the machinery room, you will hear alarming sounds. You will very soon find their source. Move the locker that blocks your way and prepare to fight against the boss.

Leon won’t have the time to make even a couple of steps when a very mutated man will jump straight out to him. The creature is not ready for a constructive dialogue so it will just direct all its anger against the unlucky hero. As a result, both characters will fall to the first floor of the machinery room.

This location is small, but it’s easy to get lost in the heat of the battle, so we have prepared a map. At different ends of the ‘’arena’’, you can find several useful items that can come in handy during the battle. Below, we will list these items and tell you where to find them (use the screenshot above):

  • Red herb and handgun ammo in the lower left corner;
  • Green herb and pistol handgun in the lower right corner;
  • Green herb, handgun ammo and a grenade in the upper left corner.
Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Underground Facility, Parking Garage, Tyrant-14

The boss is armed with a huge pipe and a huge claw which wants to grab you if you stay too close to the enemy. The good news is that you can use the combat knife and grenades from the inventory to avoid damage and ‘’scratch’’ the opponent a little.

Having gained control over Leon after the cutscene, throw a grenade at the monster’s legs – do not aim too high (this advice is valid for the whole fight) and make sure that there’s nothing above your head. Otherwise, the grenade may hit an obstacle, and Leon will have one more problem.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Underground Facility, Parking Garage, Tyrant-15

When the enemy is stunned, start shooting at his human head. As a result of several successful hits, a huge yellow eye will appear on the right (for him) shoulder of the monster – your task is to make this eye turn red by dealing enough damage to it.

So, once you see the eye, concentrate on it and shoot exclusively at the eye. If the enemy comes too close, just rush past him – you are running faster than the monster, and he spends much time swinging his weapon. Also, do not forget that you can make an instant 180-degree turn.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Underground Facility, Parking Garage, Tyrant-16

When you deal enough damage, the monster will hit one of the numerous pipes in the engine room and disappear into the resulting vapor cloud. In such moments, do not stand still as the boss will try to surprise you with his unexpected appearance in just a couple of seconds.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Underground Facility, Parking Garage, Tyrant-17

As soon as the enemy jumps on your head, run away or you will get smashed by a big pipe straight at the face. Throw a flash grenade under his feet (by this time, the hero must have obtained at least three such grenades) to disorient the monster for a few seconds.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Underground Facility, Parking Garage, Tyrant-18

As, under any circumstances, you want to stay away as far from the boss as possible, we advise you to use a pistol in this battle and switch to the shotgun only when you are forced to fight at a short distance. During the battle, the enemy will repeat his disappearance trick twice, so be ready to use your grenades.

From time to time, the human side of the enemy will prevail – at such moments, the monster drops to one knee for reflection. As for the huge eye, it periodically activates itself so do keep a close eye on the opponent to avoid missing your chance.

When you deal enough damage to the eye, it will turn red, and the monster will throw himself into the abyss in a burst of uncontrolled pain/rage. At this moment, a ladder will descend to the floor behind the hero’s back, allowing him to reach the next big location.

Before you go further, pick up all of the above-mentioned items (if you haven’t done this already) and a combat knife that was used in the battle for self-defense. Having climbed the ladder, return to the booth where the hero was attacked by the monster to pick up a bunch of green herb and a handful of gunpowder.

Next, proceed to the room with the lever. Pull it to unlock the way to another room for saving the game and a new location. Having reached the typewriter, secure your progress and look into an unlocked locker to expand your inventory by two more cells – there’s a hip pouch inside. The stairs in the nearby leads to the parking garage.

Parking garage and the first power panel part

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Underground Facility, Parking Garage, Tyrant-27

The parking garage where Leon finds himself after the encounter with the mutated man is located directly under the police station, so you are almost free now. The problem is that the gates leading to the streets of Raccoon City are closed, and you cannot open them without a key.

Go to the terminal in the distance to make sure you can’t get out right now – as soon as the hero will talk about the need to get a key card, a mutated dog (or a zombie dog, if you wish) will appear at the background. Fortunately for the protagonist, a character interested in his safety was present in the parking garage.

A mysterious and, at this point, nameless woman in a coat and with her sunglasses on (all this in a rather dim room) will introduce herself as an FBI agent. She isn’t in a talkative mood, so as soon as she saves Leon from inevitable death, she decides to leave the scene, telling the protagonist to get out as soon as possible.

Once the cutscene ends, follow the mysterious lady to the local prison. At the entrance, turn into the security booth to get a map of the underground floor of the police station and some handgun ammo. Before you go to prison cells, get rid of the zombie-cop on the floor.

Prison cells are mostly populated by walking dead – don’t come close if you don’t want to get caught and don’t spend your bullets. However, you will find the sole human prisoner at the far end of the room. His name is Ben, and he got behind the bars because of chief Irons.

According to the inmate, he was imprisoned because he was about to uncover the criminal machinations of his superiors. Being a smart man (no wonder he is isolated), Ben offers an exchange – key card from the parking garage in exchange for freedom. Leon does not agree to the deal as he needs permission from his superiors.

Then, you’ll hear a noise in the distant which will make Ben very nervous. One more time, Ben will try to persuade the protagonist, but soon a black-gloved hand that has punched the wall behind the prisoner would squeeze his head so hard that it would literally burst – so, there’s no one to make a deal with.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Underground Facility, Parking Garage, Tyrant-41

As soon as the poor inmate makes his last breath, a mysterious lady will appear again – she will tell the protagonist that her name is Ada, and Ben was just an FBI informant. If the hero can get out of this mess, she could possibly share some valuable information with him.

The key card from the parking garage is still on Ben’s neck and you can’t get it because the prison cell door is closed. To open the door, you will need to solve a simple puzzle on the switchboard, which lacks two important parts.

Pick up a square handle from the desks near the cell – it will be useful for opening fire dampers in the area – and an instruction on how to restore power to the power panel. One of the two details can be found on this floor in the generator room, while the other could be obtained in the clock tower.

Use the recently found map to get to the shooting range – take the first turn to the left. Pick up a note and a tin storage box (it covers a bent key) from the desk near the wall. This car key will open the trunk of one of the patrol cars in the parking garage.

Near the Diamond door on the cashier’s desk, you will find a message from Mr. Raccoon. One of the toys is in close proximity – at the shooting range. Finish off two zombies who are pretending to be dead (or they will later wake up) and pick up shotgun shells. You can read about the location of all Mr.Raccon toys in our guide.

Go back to the parking lot and examine the previously found key to find a button on it. By pressing it, you will unlock the trunk of the patrol car in the lower part of the location (when looking at the map). Inside, you will find a gun stock for Matilda. It increases the size of the pistol in the inventory but allows you to shoot three bullets in a row.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Underground Facility, Parking Garage, Tyrant-55

Go back to the poorly lighted corridor and go to the kennel – you can throw away the key from the car at this point. Before you enter the room, pick up blue herb – in combination with red herb, it increases your character’s resistance to damage for some time.

Once you are in the kennel, turn to the right to pick up high-grade gunpowder and then go forward to inspect the dog cages: three animals are there, others are missing. Shoot the whole trinity from a safe distance or they will noticeably complicate your life a little later.

Having walked through the kennel, visit the morgue on the way to the generator room. First of all, shoot the ‘’pretender’’ sitting near the wall on the left from the entry – one shotgun shot at the head will do the job. Next, pick up the autopsy report which talks about a dead who was especially prone to theft – you must find him here.

Pay attention to the refrigerators that are placed along the walls – you can inspect them all, but many of them are empty so we’ll save your time. On the right side, open the second and the sixth (counting from the door) – you will find a flash grenade on the dead zombie and red herb.

On the left side, open the second refrigerator – pull out the corpse of the above-mentioned kleptomaniac. Don’t shoot at him right now – you’ll just waste your bullets – so pick up the Diamond key near the body and only then finish off the zombie who will suddenly come back to life.

Before you go to the generator room, visit the firing range once again (now that you have the Diamond key). If you haven’t earlier finished the zombies here, they will wake up. Open the previously locked door and pick up a roll film and red herb from the desks.

Finally, you are free to move to the fire damper near the morgue. You will be able to open it with the help of the handle that you have found in the prison cell. Go inside the generator room, turn to the left to find green herb, and then pick up a handful of gunpowder near the right wall. In the opposite, you will find an orange box with the first electronic part of the power panel.

Go ‘’deep’’ into the generator room following the only available way. There’ll be a switchboard with four switches to the left from the window through which you can see the locked door to the first floor of the police station. Move the third and fourth switches into the active position to restore electric power in this part of the basement.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Underground Facility, Parking Garage, Tyrant-74

Your joy will be short-lived: zombie dogs will get active together with the electricity. One of them will jump over the fence in the center of the generator room, while the second one (if you haven’t killed those dogs who were in the kennel) will sneak through the hole in the wall. Dogs cannot open doors, so you can get out to the corridor without a single shot.

If you decide to shoot back, don’t move away from the power panel and wait for zombies to come close to the hero. One accurate shot from the shotgun or a triple shot from Matilda should be sufficient enough to deal with animals.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Underground Facility, Parking Garage, Tyrant-75

On the approach to the kennel, another zombie beast (plus another one) will try to jump over an obstacle – if you have spent too much time dealing with the dog/ dogs in the generator room, this attempt may be successful. In the kennel, another dog (plus another one) waits for the protagonist.

There’s no point in shooting back on the road to the unlocked door – just wag from side to side when running to avoid dogs’ teeth. At the fork, turn to the right, rush past the firing range and then turn to the left, to the door with a green lamp above it.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Underground Facility, Parking Garage, Tyrant-79

The good news is that when you return to this floor, the dogs that you haven’t killed will vanish. The bad news is that another trio is already in the parking garage. However, your path leads up, to the long-awaited safe room next to the stairs.

Return to the police station and the second portable safe

On the way to the break room, pick up shotgun shells from the shelf of the cabinet. Once inside, turn on the light – it will be easier to navigate – and then pick up the blue herb (near the typewriter), high-grade gunpowder and handgun ammo in the lockers.

In the adjoining room, you will find magnum ammo in the sink and a fuse for the power panel on the chair further along the corridor. Another Mr. Raccoon is hiding on the floor behind a bag. You can put the spare power panel part in the box – you will need it only on the way back to the parking garage.

At the exit of the break room, block up the window into which is knocked by a stubborn zombie. Three more zombies wait for you behind the corner of the corridor – one of them is eating the lower part of the body of the unfortunate officer whom Leon pulled by the arms from under the fire grate at the very beginning of the game.

Once you come closer to the ambush, two walking dead will reveal themselves. Taking into account the narrowness of the corridor behind the hero’s back and the fact that your opponents stand close to each other, you should deal with them by using your grenade (if you haven’t used all of them in the battle with the boss) – this move will save you plenty of bullets.

There’s a switchboard hanging on the wall (a combat knife is stuck next to it) – use the fuse that you have found earlier to unlock the shutter leading to the observation room. Be careful as the remaining top half of the officer turned into a legless zombie.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Underground Facility, Parking Garage, Tyrant-93

Use the already familiar route in the east side (through the office or a corridor) to return into the central hall. Make a save and go visit Marvin – the policeman has ultimately turned into a walking dead since you have last met him. Eliminate the ex-cop.

Before you go to find the second part for the power panel, we advise to use all the advantages of your brand new Diamond key – in the very near future, the hero will lose the luxury of going around the police station at his own pace.

Move through the library (we will later explain why) and head to the laundry on the second floor of the west side and open it with the Diamond key. Inside, you will find a handful of gunpowder and the second portable safe – open it the same way as the first one (read about the mechanics of the device in the previous guide).

Inside the gadget, you will find a second spare key for the keypad in the storage room. Move there through the shower room and visit a photo lab to develop the roll film that you have found at the firing range in the basement. It will reveal the code from the locker on the third floor (DCM) – you may run there now.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Underground Facility, Parking Garage, Tyrant-98

The corridor that leads to the storage room is now inhabited by a licker. That’s why your route to the portable safe passed through the library – it’s easier to stealthily sneak to the monster from the side of the stairs. Equip or take the flash grenade in your hands – it can stun the monster.

A few accurate shots at the head from the shotgun (no less than four) will be sufficient enough to eliminate the beast. If necessary, you can retreat to the photo lab – as we have found before, the lickers cannot open doors, so they cannot get you in the closed room.

Having finally reached the storage room, insert the remaining key into the keypad to get the remaining items. Cell #203, which became available only after the two missing keys were inserted back into the keypad, contains a hip pouch that expands your inventory by two slots.

Boiler Room and The Club Key

Having increased the size of the inventory one more time, go back to the central hall. Move to the fire damper next to the gallery through the waiting room (we will soon find the safe code here) on the second floor of the east side. Once you have unlocked the passage with the handle, you can get rid of it.

Another Mr. Raccoon stands on the table near the stairs. If you have a combat knife, don’t waste bullets to destroy the toy. The door to the chief’s office is locked on the ‘’hearts’’ lock, so Leon cannot get inside – we remind you that this key is available only to Claire.

Go down the stairs to the first floor to block the window that is under zombie attack – you will come back here again. Also, try the doors (the interrogation room is closed on the ‘’hearts’’ lock, while the observation room is closed on the Club lock). At the opposite, you’ll find lockers – high-grade gunpowder is inside one of them.

There’s nothing more to do on this floor, so get up to the third floor. Here, pick up wooden boards, handgun ammo and a flash grenade from chairs and lockers. We will later have time to go to the balcony. For now, head to the east storage room.

There are two zombies in this room – one is waiting for you to come to the ‘’hearts’’ door to the left from the entry (there, you will find shotgun shells on the locker), while the second one has prepared an ambush in the far-left corner of the room. It is likely that you will have to visit this storage room again when you won’t have time to deal with the enemies.

Thus, we advise eliminating these opponents right now. Try to avoid provoking both halves of the ‘’duet’’ at once – the aisles in the storage room are narrow, so it may be hard to avoid zombie hands. Also, do not forget to check if the fallen opponent is indeed dead.

Having dealt with the danger, pick up blue herb on the lower shelf of the locker that is located opposite the entry. Also, pick up a large gear in the center of the room – this storyline item consumes two cells in the inventory, but you will soon need it, so you will have to take it now.

Now, go to the balcony and grab another bunch of blue herb – its combination with the green herb and red herb will boost heroes’ forces for a while. Next, descend the vertical stairs – it will collapse under the weight of the hero, blocking the return way to the east storage room.

You will find yourself from another side of the burning helicopter on the second floor of the west side – thus, the passage to the central hall is temporarily blocked. Pick up handgun ammo from the bench opposite the cabin and get inside the building to pick up red herb.

Return under the falling rain and pay attention to the fact that you will not be able to extinguish the helicopter fire right now – the direction of water from the crane is wrong. Descend the stairs on the far end of the roof. Before you move forward, turn 180 degrees and pick up two bunches of green herb.

Be careful when you approach the boiler room – two zombies will get out of the building. If you take the right position, you can shoot both enemies with a single shot from a shotgun. Having finished off the walking dead, switch the lever that is located to the left of the building into a left position – this will allow you to deal with the helicopter fire.

There’s nowhere to hurry, so take a look at the boiler room. At the entrance, pick up a handful of gunpowder, and do not forget the Club key that is lying on the board in the adjacent room. Here, you will also find a typewriter and a storage box. If you lack space in the inventory, you can temporarily store the gear here.


Having saved your progress and having picked some medical items, return to the burning helicopter and pull the lever to put out the fire. Move into the corridor – the helicopter’s fuselage will be pushed away by a scary-looking giant with twists on his grey face.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Underground Facility, Parking Garage, Tyrant-127
Just like in the case of other enemies, you can get out of Tyrant’s grip without damaging your health by using the equipped secondary weapon

Meet Tyrant aka Mr. X aka invincible killing machine. This stylish (coat + hat) monster arrived at the police station with a single goal – hunt Leon down and finish him off. It’s an easy task for this creature – he needs to deal just one-two blows to his victim.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Underground Facility, Parking Garage, Tyrant-128

It is impossible to kill this monster. The maximum that the protagonist can achieve is to temporary stop him. To do this, you need to put 8-10 pistol bullets at his head: Tyrant will drop to one knee and won’t move for 20-30 seconds.

The creature does not take damage in this state, so don’t waste your ammo and time trying to finish him off. Taking into account the invulnerability of the enemy, we recommend spending bullets on him only in the most extreme cases.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Underground Facility, Parking Garage, Tyrant-129
Tyrant is able to climb vertical stairs but also waits for the hero to finish his climb – there’s still place for gentlemen in Raccoon City!

Mr. X is moving slower than Leon, so you won’t have much trouble breaking away from the enemy. However, the monster will continue searching for you even if he loses sight of Leon – the sound of his heavy boots and disturbing music signal that he is somewhere near.

The good news is that while Tyrant can visit the majority of rooms in the police station (like a central hall), some locations are out of his reach. At this stage, you can hide from the pursuer in the photo lab, break room and clock tower.

Even if Mr. X followed you to the very entrance to the safe room, you can wait just half a minute and make the enemy literally vanish: having hit the obstacle, the giant will go to patrol the other part of the building.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Underground Facility, Parking Garage, Tyrant-130

Let’s go back to your first encounter with Tyrant. If you do not want to waste your bullets on him, run back to the roof and, using the open space, sneak past the enemy (at a safe distance) back into the corridor. Going down to the Club door under the chief’s office is pure suicide right now, so we will move to the hall.

Club doors, magnum and the second power panel part

Save your progress once you have arrived at the central hall. Your immediate target – the second spare part of the power panel – is still out of reach as you don’t have a lever for the jack of one of the cabinets to allow you to get to the third floor of the hall through the library. We will now go to find this missing component of the puzzle.

The above-mentioned handle is located in the records room on the first floor of the west side. We don’t recommend going through the reception area as the corridor from that side is occupied by a licker together with a few ordinary walking dead who got inside through the unbarricaded windows.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Underground Facility, Parking Garage, Tyrant-131

Instead, move through the west office to the workshop behind the operations room – you have earlier picked up an inactive detonator here – and then move to the records room. This route will allow you to avoid an unpleasant encounter with the licker provided that the hero stays quiet.

Unlock the door with the Club key and hide inside – even if Leon is pursued by opponents, you have already protected yourself from the licker. Pick up a handful of gunpowder, a grenade and a jack handle – and prepare for the inevitable encounter with Tyrant.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Underground Facility, Parking Garage, Tyrant-135

Fortunately, there’s a large immovable closet in the center of the records room. You can use it to play cat and mouse with the monster. Wait for the opponent to move in any direction along the obstacle and rush to the other side. Now that you have lured Mr. X into the west side, it’s high time to go to the east side.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Underground Facility, Parking Garage, Tyrant-136

Follow the same route that you used to get to the records room (through the operations room and the west office) – unless you want to meet with a licker – and get into the central hall. If possible, save your progress, take a red jewel out of the box and move towards the observation room on the first floor.

The corridor is narrow there, so a potential confrontation with the Tyrant won’t be easy – but there’s no other option. Unlock the door with the Club key and start collecting items: gunpowder can be found on the policeman’s corpse, a note with the code from the safe in the waiting room is on the cabinet, a bejeweled box is on the nearby table.

If you wish, you can postpone further manipulations until your return to the hall. However, if you have taken the red jewel with you, combine it with the bejeweled box in the inventory to get a S.T.A.R.S. badge. Examine the back side of the emblem: there’s a button there that turns the badge into a USB dongle key.

Then, jump over the broken glass into the interrogation room and pick up handgun ammo from the desk. You cannot leave this room as it is still locked on the Heart key, so you need to go back to the observation room. It is highly likely that when you move along the corridor back to the stairs, Tyrant will jump out of the wall on the right.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Underground Facility, Parking Garage, Tyrant-144
We remind you the combination for the safe in the waiting room: 6 times counterclockwise, 2 times clockwise, 11 times counterclockwise

In this case, don’t waste a second and rush past him – if you hesitate, the monster will hit the hero – and get to the hall. If you want, you can cut your route through the print room whose wall was just destroyed by Mr. X. However, in order to confuse the monster and have the time to open the safe in the waiting room, we will choose another way.

Having arrived at the central hall, save your progress and put your inventory in order – be sure to have the flash driver, jack handle and large gear. The USB-key is required to obtain Magnum in the S.T.A.R.S. office – you can get there through the shower room (west office) or recreation area (library).

Theoretically, both ways should be clear, but the first one lies through the photo lab with a typewriter, so we advise you to take this route. When you get to the computer, insert the flash drive to unlock the door to the armory. When you get access, take the USB key with you as you will later need it.

Next, take the magnum codenamed Lightning Hawk – this is a powerful and accurate weapon whose ammo could be crafted by combining two handfuls of high-grade gunpowder. On the bench, you will find a letter from Chris Redfield, Claire’s brother, to his fellow soldiers.

Leave the S.T.A.R.S. office and go to the library – you won’t have to go far, the same is true for Tyrant. As you need some time to solve the puzzle that will allow you to access the third floor of the hall, no one should be around – the hero is vulnerable when interacting with the environment.

If you haven’t killed the three zombies during your numerous visits to the library, it’s high time to deal with them. The shots will most likely attract the attention of Mr. X, so prepare to run to the photo lab, the only safe room in the nearby.

Having thrown Mr. X off your trail, return to the library and get busy with the puzzle. Having got rid of the jack with the help of the handle, group the mobile cabinets with markings II, III and IV under the breach on the floor above to form a passage to the third floor of the hall.

Go to the upper tier of the central hall, proceed straight ahead and unlock the door the east storage room if you haven’t yet taken the large gear from it, or immediately run towards a bunch of green herb which is guarded by two regular zombies on the left.

You will not be able to pick up the herb without fighting against the enemies so either prepare to kill them or (if, for example, you are pursued by Tyrant) immediately run into the clock tower – the door will be on the right. The giant cannot go into this room (for whatever reason) so you are safe.

First of all, go to the far end of the room – there’s a narrow corridor inside. There, the protagonist will find a large handful of gunpowder (it produces double ammo in combination with an ordinary one) and another Mr. Raccoon toy.

Next, return to the entry to the clock tower and, facing the door, look at the left – there, you will find a repair plan and a device into which you can insert the large gear. A mechanism will be activated, and the stairs leading to the second tier of the room will descend to the floor. Before you go, take the gear with you.

Go around a kind of a cage clockwise and climb the stairs. While you are walking, you may see the purpose of your journey – behind the bars, on the boards next to the fixed bell, there’s an orange box with the spare power panel part.

Proceed to the end of the path to find another mechanism. Take a small gear out of it and insert a large gear in its place. Descend back to the cage on the first tier and find a third device in the nearby – you need to fit the newly found part in this device.

As a result of these manipulations, the clock and the bell will work, dropping the orange box to the floor. Having picked up the package, open it and get the second power panel part. Now that the hero has both parts, you can return to the underground jail to get the garage card.

Return to jail and garage card

Except for the rooms behind the ‘’hearts’’ doors, most zones on the map should be colored blue, meaning that there’s nothing to collect there. In other words, there is no sense in staying in the police station, so go back to the underground floor.

Your first stop on the way to the underground floor is the break room. There are several ways to get there from the clock tower. The fastest route is to descend back to the first floor of the hall and proceed to the observation room through the west office.

However, you are still pursued by Tyrant, so we advise you to avoid the central hall - the favorite place of the invincible monster – and move to the safe room through the west storage. From there, you can get to the roof which is now directly connected to the fire exit near the observation room.

When you reach the break room, save your progress and take the power panel parts with you if you have previously put them into the storage box. Theoretically, you can postpone the ‘inventory management’’ until the parking garage – as a reminder, the stairs to the underground facility is located there – but there’s no need to delay this.

Having descended to the basement, beware of zombie dogs that have been left in the corridors. As we have previously mentioned, there are three of them in the parking garage. It may be hard to eliminate them without spending plenty of bullets because of their speed.

To save ammo, you will need to use a grenade. The dogs cannot open doors so, having leaned out of the corridor, lure the animals to yourself with a shot. When the dogs, alarmed by the noise, gather by your door, open it and throw the grenade on the floor – it must kill all three animals.

The alternative option is to eliminate zombie dogs from afar. For this, lean out of the corridor and put a reasonable number of bullets into the nearest enemy, then run away far enough to reboot the patrol routes of the surviving zombie dogs. Repeat until victory.

Having dealt with the dogs, go Ben’s cell and insert the missing parts into the power panel. Your task is to connect two wires that go from the left side and take them to the single exit on the right side by turning individual puzzle elements (see the solution in the screenshots above).

Having opened the cell door, pick up the parking garage key card from the corpse of Ada’s informant and do not forget to take a transcript of an interview with a scientist named Annette, who, according to the rumors, has an underground lab. Next, examine Ben’s note on the desk and take a first aid spray from the toilet.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Underground Facility, Parking Garage, Tyrant-177

When Leon decides to go back to the parking lot, all zombie-filled cells will suddenly open. Without wasting time, run to the switch with a red lamp. Pull the handle and unlock a side passage that is free from walking dead.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Underground Facility, Parking Garage, Tyrant-178

The bad news is that Tyrant is rushing towards the hero using the recently opened corridor. You will have to choose between two unpleasant options – and your choice is to go where Tyrant is. If you don’t want to get hit, pull out your Lightning Hawk.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Underground Facility, Parking Garage, Tyrant-179

One accurate shot at the head will make the giant shake, giving you a few seconds to rush past him. On the other side of the corridor, ordinary zombies await you. You will have to spend your secondary weapons – a grenade or a combat knife.

Once you get into a parking garage, your way will be blocked by Mr. X who has once again crashed a wall. For the second time in the game, Ada, who came to the rescue on a truck, will save Leon. Tyrant is temporarily stopped so you can finally use the key-card and get out of the police station.

The guide is going to be updated. Stay tuned.

John Davis