Resident Evil 2 Remake

Release date: January 25, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Resident Evil 2 Remake All Mr. Raccoon Locations

Where to find all 15 Mr. Raccoon toys in the game

There’s a new type of collectible items in Resident Evil 2 Remake – Mr. Raccoons, which resemble statuettes from the seventh part. To collect all 15 statuettes (in fact, you will have to shoot them), you will need to complete several storyline campaigns, including scenarios A and B. Some Mr. Raccoons are located at the same place for both Claire and Leon, while some of the locations are exclusive.

  • Note: The statuettes make a distinctive sound which allows you to find them.

Leon and Claire

Resident Evil 2 Remake All Mr. Raccoon Locations-1
Mr. Raccoon #1: west office, first floor. Go to the northern wall (the upper part on the map), on the boxes in the closet
Resident Evil 2 Remake All Mr. Raccoon Locations-2
Mr. Raccoon #2: S.T.A.R.S. office on the second floor. On the empty table near the southern wall, behind the box and the monitor
Resident Evil 2 Remake All Mr. Raccoon Locations-3
Mr. Raccoon #3: firing range B1. On lower positions, from the left side under the fallen target
Resident Evil 2 Remake All Mr. Raccoon Locations-4
Mr. Raccoon #4: break room on the first floor. Near the bed behind the brown bag
Resident Evil 2 Remake All Mr. Raccoon Locations-5
Mr. Raccoon #5: gallery on the second floor. Find the Raccoon on the table near the entry to the boss’ office

Mr. Raccoon #6: clock tower on the third floor. Go to the west through the clock tower, follow down the corridor and find Mr. Raccoon on the left window.

Mr. Raccoon #7: sewers, lower level. Once you are out of the tunnel with water, find stairs that lead up. There’ll be a metal table on the left, near the open door. The Raccoon is hidden behind the table.

Mr. Raccoon #8: lab cafeteria. On the table near the window in the kitchen.

Resident Evil 2 Remake All Mr. Raccoon Locations-6
Mr. Raccoon #9: laboratory nap room. Restore the power in the nap room to open the cells. Mr. Raccoon is in one of them on the shelf

Only Leon

Mr. Raccoon #10: Entry to the sewers. Following the crocodile boss, turn and find Raccoon behind the heap of garbage.

Mr. Raccoon #11: incinerator in the sewers. When you control Ada, go to the far left corner of the room. Find the statuette on the floor.

Only Claire

Mr. Raccoon #12: east storage. Having opened the door with a ‘’hearts’’ key, look at the shelf on the left.

Resident Evil 2 Remake All Mr. Raccoon Locations-7
Mr. Raccoon #13: on the prison bus panel. The bus stands on the parking lot behind the police station
Resident Evil 2 Remake All Mr. Raccoon Locations-8
Mr. Raccoon #14: hall of the orphanage nursery. Get upstairs and enter the room on the left on the second floor. The Raccoon is located near the cabin in front of you (at the entry)

Leon and Claire, Second Run

Mr. Raccoon #15: entry to the police station, near the entry. Go down and follow up the stairs. In the far-left side of the flower bed.

John Davis