Resident Evil 2 Remake

Release date: January 25, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Resident Evil 2 Remake All Hip Pouch Locations

Where to find all hip pouches to enlarge Leon and Claire’s inventory.

Hip Pouches in Resident Evil 2 Remake allow you to unlock two additional inventory cells for both Leon and Claire. This upgrade is applied as soon as you pick up the item and works until the end of the game. In Resident Evil 2 Remake, you can find six Hip Pouches, so the size of your inventory might increase from 8 cells to 20 cells.

Resident Evil 2 Remake All Hip Pouch Locations-1

Here’s their location:

  • Hip Pouch #1: west office on the first floor. Inside the safe in a small room of a large office. Turn the handle nine times to the left, fifteen times to the right and seven times to the left.
  • Hip Pouch #2: storage room on the third floor. On the table in the far end of the room, not far from the note.
  • Hip Pouch #3: underground facility, operator room. Inside the locker, near the typewriter.
  • Hip Pouch #4: safety deposit room on the first floor. You will need to find two portable safes and find the keys to the keypad (a room with lockers, where you have found a shotgun or a grenade launcher). After this, just open the locker #203.
  • Hip Pouch #5: workroom of the elevator. Use T-bar to raise the rolls and then go up on the elevator. The item is in the room above.
  • Hip Pouch #6: nap room of the lab. Restore the power in the nap room of the lab and find the item in the far-right cell. Here, you’ll also find Mr. Raccoon.

The location of portable safes to get the fourth Hip Pouch:

  • Portable safe #1: the second floor of the police station. In the room with lockers in the shower room. Search in the corner. Press the buttons so that all lightbulbs light up in a sequence.
  • Portable safe #2: laundry on the second floor. You need to open the door using the Diamond key. It is opened just like the previous safe.

John Davis