Resident Evil 2 Remake

Release date: January 25, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Gas Station, Raccoon City Streets and Police Station

Survival tips, codes for locks and safes, puzzle solutions, and collectible items

Resident Evil 2 (2019) starts with the choice of the character. In this series, we will present a walkthrough of the main (first) campaign on the standard difficulty level for Leon – a novice policeman heading to Raccoon City on his first assignment.

Gas Station

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Gas Station, Raccoon City Streets and Police Station-1

Following the cutscene in which a careless truck driver hits a zombie and then is attacked by his own ‘’victim’’, the camera will switch to Leon who is approaching the gas station. There’s no one around – a police car is abandoned in the nearby – and the hero decides to examine a local store.

Once you have control over the character, proceed to the entrance – despite the interaction indicator that you’ll see popping up on the screen, you do not need to push any buttons to open the door. Stuck upon an obstacle, Leon will just push it away. Once inside, the hero will pick up a flashlight.

There’s nothing to do and pick up in the store, so just turn to the left at the far corner to find a wounded policeman. He points to the unlocked door – that’s where you need to go. After going through a long empty corridor, the protagonist will have his first encounter with a zombie who is eating a poor cop.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Gas Station, Raccoon City Streets and Police Station-6
Stand still so that the crosshair narrows as much as possible (as on the screenshot) – in this position, your weapon deals maximum damage

In Resident Evil 2, you will be regularly short of ammo, so don’t spend more bullets than necessary right from the start. Shooting a few (two-three) bullets in the head of the walking dead is enough to calm him down.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Gas Station, Raccoon City Streets and Police Station-7

Use this ‘’breather’’ to run past the zombie (ignore the passage on the right for now). Quickly move to the end of the room and turn to the right. Having picked up the key from the wall, make a U-turn (run button + backward movement) and return to the passage, at the end of which you will find a locked door.

Use the key that you have just found to return to the central room of the store which is now full of zombies. Don’t touch anyone (you will need your bullets later), and sneak to the exit where the hero will stumble upon Claire. Having combined their forces, the characters will leave the gas station and head to Raccoon City.

Raccoon City Streets

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Gas Station, Raccoon City Streets and Police Station-12

Following the cutscene, Leon and Claire will arrive at Raccoon City – the very heart of zombie epidemic. The streets of once busy city are now inhabited solely by the walking dead. Speakerphone calls for all survivors to take refuge in the local police station – there’s food and medicine there.

Leon and Claire are also heading to the police station: he is on the assignment while she hopes to find her missing brother. The road leading to the goal is blocked, so the characters must hit the brakes. Unfortunately, the bitten truck driver from the first cutscene managed to get to the city and is now driving at full speed towards the heroes’ car.

Both Leon and Claire manage to get out. However, they are separated, and the noise of the accident attracted numerous zombies in the area. Having received control over the hero, do not try to shoot anyone down – you do not have enough bullets. Instead, turn to the right and, without running close to the dead (or they will catch you), get to the alley on the left.

There’ll be an enemy lying next to the trash can, but you will be able to rush past him while he gets up. Follow the only available path until you see the police station in the distance. The tactics remains the same – do not touch anyone, just run.

Do not try to sneak past cars – there’s not enough space for this maneuver – and go around the jam in a clockwise direction (you must pass by the school bus) to get directly to the gate to the station. When Leon closes the ‘’door’’ – zombies from streets are no longer a threat – enter the police station.

East Side and First Medallion

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Gas Station, Raccoon City Streets and Police Station-21

From now on, everyone who has completed the demo version of the remake will feel at home – the location of the items is the same, but solutions to puzzles and codes for locks (but not the safe in the west office!) have changed. In addition, typewriters, where you can now save your progress, are now working.

Pick up handgun ammo at the reception desk and on the second floor (take stairs to the left), then review the recording of the surveillance camera on a laptop next to the storage box: some officers in the east side need urgent help in their fight against zombies.

Turn your back to the computer and look to the left – you will find a box with a lever and a red-light indicator that is hanging on the wall next to the still locked door. Pull the switch to open the passage to the first floor of the east side – the hero will have to crawl to the new location.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Gas Station, Raccoon City Streets and Police Station-26

At the end of the cutscene, you will find yourself in a dark corridor. You will not be able to illuminate it now as the hero did not get a fuse for the switchboard. There are no enemies here so move to the locker that is blocking your way. Before you move it, look into the next room to get handgun ammo (they are on the corpse).

Having cleared the way, turn to the left, to the female restroom – in one of the booths, you’ll find a first aid spray (it restores your health completely). Return to the main path and move forward – when approaching the room, you will hear an officer’s scream (you’ve seen him on the surveillance camera recording).

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Gas Station, Raccoon City Streets and Police Station-29

Open the door to the left of the emergency exit and raise the fire damper – Leon will drag half of the policeman into the room. At the end of the cutscene, the hero will get the officer’s notebook – a laconic instruction for solving the local puzzles with statues.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Gas Station, Raccoon City Streets and Police Station-30

Do not rush out of the room as a zombie is trying to break in. To save ammo, shoot the enemy in the head two or three times – he will fall, and you will be able to run past him. Theoretically, you can do this without wasting your bullets – just wait until the enemy starts crossing the table.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Gas Station, Raccoon City Streets and Police Station-31
You will later return to this part of the police station so don’t be surprised to see enemies if you have left anyone alive

The road to the central hall (there’s no other place to go) is blocked by two walking dead. To safely bypass them, neutralize the enemies with a few accurate headshots or sneak by, pressing yourself against the right wall (it’s a risky move).

Having reached the half-opened door to the hall, press on the interaction button. Officer Marvin Branagh will save Leon from inevitable death and propose a plan: get out of the police station, using three medallions and the secret passage that they open. Besides, Leon will receive a combat knife.

This weapon is mostly useless – it doesn’t deal much damage and breaks quickly – but it can come in handy in certain situations. For example, it can be used to open the switchboard tied with tape, push away the zombie at the last moment or check whether the corpse on the floor is really a dead man rather than a ‘’pretender’’.

Before you run to the west side, go up to the statue of a lion on the second floor of the hall. To get Lion medallion, you need to choose the right combination of symbols (the answer to the puzzle could be found in officer’s notebook): Lion, Twig, Eagle. To keep your inventory clean, immediately insert the ‘’key’’ into the pedestal of the statue on the first floor.

Next, descend the eastern side of the hall to the first floor – you will find a first aid spray on the green boxes. When you are ready, go to the switchboard that is covered with tape and open it with a knife. Pull the lever and unlock the passage to the west side of the police station.

West Side – First Floor

Pick up handgun ammo from the couch and do not forget to pick up the green herb from the box on the opposite (it is used to restore health). Run along the corridor – if you wish, you can inspect the corpse of the maimed officer. One more cop is hanging in the nearby – he will drop to the floor if you come too close.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Gas Station, Raccoon City Streets and Police Station-43

Here, you’ll find a locked door with a logo. The lock can only be opened with a key that has the same symbol. Further along the corridor, you’ll stumble upon a broken window. Further along the storyline, you’ll be able to block such passages with boards to keep the zombies away, but now just run forward.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Gas Station, Raccoon City Streets and Police Station-44

At the turn, a walking dead will knock at the window. Theoretically, you can ignore the enemy, but in this case, you will have to act fast so that the hero is not caught. The alternative option is to smash the villain’s head with several accurate shots.

The next stop is the operations room (double red doors). In the demo version, there was an access card on the table it’s no longer there. On the desk on the left, you can find ammo for your pistol. The full map of the first floor of the police station can be found on the board.

You will not be able to leave the room in a civilized way – the door to the adjacent room is closed on a chain, and you don’t have a bolt cutter. Fortunately, a broken pane in the operations room will allow you to get into the nearby corridor. Having landed, turn 180 degrees and pick up handgun ammo from the corpse.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Gas Station, Raccoon City Streets and Police Station-50
From time to time, an accurate shot at the enemy head may lead to its explosion – a rare but very fortunate event

Shoot the zombie beating against the vending machine (always aim at the head) and turn to the left. A closed door will be behind the hero’s back, while two open doors will be on the right and on the left. The left door leads to the safety deposit room, while the right door leads to the west office. You need to visit both. We’ll start with the safety deposit room.

The locker access terminal is short of two keys (2 and 3) – you will need to find them – so the cells, which need these keys, cannot be opened right now. Nevertheless, you can unlock lockers 106 and 109. The first one contains a roll film while the second one has bullets for your pistol.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Gas Station, Raccoon City Streets and Police Station-53

At the far end of the room, you will find a shotgun in a glass case. The hero has not yet found the access card so he will have to return to this place. If you haven’t killed the zombie who pretended to be dead near the entry to the room, he will ‘’come to life’’ and attack you.

Next, look into the west office – another ‘’pretender’’ will sit by the table on the left from the entry. A few knife hits and three-four accurate shots at the head will calm this zombie. Pick up a handful of gunpowder from the table – you will find another one and be able to create several bullets for the pistol.

The exit to the central hall from this office is blocked so look into the adjacent room. Another simulant is lying on the floor – deal with him and come to the safe. You can find a tip that will help you open it on the second floor in the S.T.A.R.S. office, but if you cannot wait, you can open the lock right now.

To do this:

  1. Rotate the dial counterclockwise and stop at number 9.
  2. Rotate the dial clockwise and stop at the number 15.
  3. Rotate the dial counterclockwise and stop at number 7.

You can’t skip the required numbers, stop at wrong numbers or press any buttons when you are searching for the required combination – in the other case, you will have to start the whole process all over again. Inside the safe, you will find a hip pouch that extends your inventory by two cells.

Before you go, return to the office and go to Leon’s workplace where the first task is waiting for him: Leon needs to open his own box that is locked with two code locks. The combinations consist of the initial letters of the hero’s colleagues on both sides of his desk.

Search the room for nameplates and conclude that the left lock opens with the code NED (Neil, Elliot, David), while the right one is opened with the code MRG (Marvin, Rita, George). Inside, the protagonist will get a magazine upgrade for the pistol.

Having obtained handgun ammo from the locker and having shot Mr. Raccoon under the ceiling (a collectible item, 1 out of 15), go back to the corridor and head to the stairs to the second floor. A zombie will knock at the window – pick up the wooden boards lying on the floor (a bunch of green herb lies in the nearby).

If you wish, barricade the window to get rid of the dead man for some time, and move to the photo lab that is located under the stairs. Make a save at the typewriter and take gunpowder from the locker near the door. Combine it with the handful from the west office and get handgun ammo.

Go to the dark room to reveal the roll film from cell #106 – you will get a photo of the statue (it will help you solve the puzzle). When you return to the stairs, do not forget to pick up a bunch of red herb – it can be combined with the green herb to enhance the healing effect.

West Side – Second Floor

Once you are on the second floor of the west side, immediately kill the zombie-policeman who is sitting right next to the wall as it will be soon joined by the comrade in checkered short (sometimes, this zombie may fall to the base of the stairs). If the hero is caught, use the knife, and the enemy will retreat.

At the end of the fight, pick up handgun ammo near the place where zombie-cop was sitting and move to the end of the corridor – a bunch of red herb will be lying near the garbage can. The only open door on this floor leads to the shower room. However, the exit from the shower room is blocked by steam which cannot be stopped at this time.

In unlocked lockers in the shower room, you can find shotgun shells and a dead zombie. The locked locker (you will learn the combination later) contains more ammo for the shotgun. In the corner, you will find a portable safe – pick it up and examine it in the inventory to get to the puzzle.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Gas Station, Raccoon City Streets and Police Station-79

These safes always have different solutions (there are two such locks in the walkthrough), so we will just explain the principle of the safe and how to open it. Each of the eight buttons on the front side is responsible for the particular light bulb in the upper part, which you need to highlight counterclockwise.

To do this, take a sheet of paper and write down (if you do not want to remember it) which key activates which indicator. Having built a sequence – you are allowed to start with any light bulb if the direction of switching is correct – you will get one of the two missing buttons for the terminal from the storage room.

As this key is not marked, it can be inserted either instead of the ‘’two’’ (shotgun shells, gunpowder) or instead of ‘’three’’ (combat knife). We will get back to the storage room when we obtain the access card. For now, head to the third floor of the west side.

West Side – Third Floor

Before going to the crack in the wall, pick up handgun ammo and open one more locker with a code lock – the combination is DCM – to get MAG ammo. You won’t get this weapon anytime soon, so we advise you to keep your inventory in order and put the bullets in the storage box.

In the room with a crack in the wall, you will find a ‘’spade’’ key – it can be used to open doors with the same symbol above the lock. Rush into the corridor – do not pay attention to the licker crawling on the window – but read the instruction on what to do when you meet these enemies.

On the left, you will find a door that leads into the west storage room. On the right side of the room, you will find a handful of gunpowder, another set of wooden boards and some ammo for the pistol. Having collected everything, go to the far end of the room.

Here, you will find another hip pouch and a note from a person who placed explosives on the wooden fence in the nearby. The hero does not have a detonator so go to the library – the only door in the room leads there.

Second Medallion and Return to Marvin

As soon as you get inside the library, Marvin will contact Leon and tell him to return to the hall as soon as possible. The door at the far end of the room is still beyond reach – a weak floor and the absence of an important component for the puzzle will prevent the protagonist from crossing the bridge – so descend the stairs.

The lower floor of the library is full of zombies. Fortunately, most of them are busy with their own life (eating a victim, sleeping) so they will do no harm to the hero if you don’t come close. In case your combat knife is already ‘’used up’’, another one lies near the corpse of the policeman.

Besides the hall, you can get to the recreation area from the lower level of the library. There, the hero will find another handful of gunpowder, a map of the second and third floors of the site as well as a bronze figure of a unicorn with a puzzle allowing to obtain Unicorn medallion. The combination (see officer’s notebook): Fish, Scorpion, Aquarius.

After you have received the second medallion, go back to the library. Directly in front with the exit to the hall that is closed on the ‘’spade’’ lock, you will find a red book on the table on the right (an element of the future puzzle). On the left, another ‘’pretender’’ sits with his back to the wall.

With the help of the ‘’spade’’ key – through the library or through the west office – return to Marvin – Claire has managed to get to the police station. According to Marvin, you can get to the courtyard through the east side on the second floor. Do not forget to ‘’get rid’’ of the medallion at the end of the cutscene.

Put your inventory in order (if necessary) – do not put the book into the storage box, while it’s a good idea to store an extra combat knife or extra ammo there. Be sure to make a save at the typewriter – while the standard level of difficulty has control points, extra saves won’t hurt.

East Side – Second Floor

Full Size
The combination to the safe in the waiting room – 6 counterclockwise, 2 clockwise, 11 counterclockwise.

Once you are on the second floor of the hall, go to the right. Go forward a bit, turn to the left, to the waiting room. Beside green herb, you will also find a locked safe with an upgrade for Matilda. At this stage, you do not have the information about the correct combination but… see the caption for the screenshot.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Gas Station, Raccoon City Streets and Police Station-108

The door to the corridor on the second floor of the east side is closed on the ‘’spade’’ key. Once inside, turn to the left – a locked fire damper, which can be opened only if you have a special handle, will be located at the far end of the aisle. You will also find another set of wooden boards.

On the way back to the ‘’spade’’ door, turn to the left, into the gallery, and pick up the key card from the table. Also, pick up the ‘’Red Jewel’’ article from the nearby magazine. Before you run to the storage room, pay attention to the statue at the far end of the room.

On the table to the right, you will find a stone hand that should be combined with the book and then with the statue. You will get a scepter as a result of these manipulations. It is of no use, so examine the item in the inventory to find the red jewel release button.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Gas Station, Raccoon City Streets and Police Station-114

You do not need this jewel right now, so put it in the storage box in the central hall. The faster way to get to the storage room is through the west office. Unlock the door with the ‘’spade’’ key – after this, you can throw the key away as there are no more such locks in the game.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Gas Station, Raccoon City Streets and Police Station-115

Once you are in the storage room, use the access card to get the W-870 shotgun and some ammo (you must now have enough of it as you have collected some shotgun ammo before). If you haven’t yet used the spare button from the portable safe, it’s high time to put it to work.

Go back to the second floor of the east side – we need to get to Claire. On the way to the fire exit you will hear noise – a helicopter crashed into the corridor of the police station. You can’t do anything with it now, so pick up green herb and go outside.

East Side and West Side – First Floor (now with a bolt cutter)

At this point, Claire will run to the fence in the courtyard. During a brief talk, the crashed helicopter will explode, attracting the attention of the numerous zombies in the area – the characters will again have to part ways. Before you get back inside the building, take the wooden boards, handgun ammo and a cutting tool.

Use the bolt cutter to deal with the lock on the door and get to the room where you first met with a zombie. Another one will now get in from the street – finish him, barricade the window using boards and use the instrument you have found to unlock the door leading to the east office.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Gas Station, Raccoon City Streets and Police Station-122

The room is full of useful items. However, several walking dead will try to prevent you from picking these items, trying to break through the numerous windows. If you wish, you can block the passages – in other cases, use the shotgun at short distances.

When all enemies in the nearby will be either completely dead or barricaded, start inspecting the office. On the table near the door you will find green herb. Near the window, there’s a flash grenade, while handgun ammo lies near the dead cop.

On the utmost table in the center of the room you will find a handful of gunpowder. An electric spare part for the switchboard in the corridor is located in the nearby. Also, there’s a valve handle lying on the table in a small, glassed-in cabinet inside the east office. High-grade gunpowder is located on the dresser. Having combined the high-grade gunpowder with a regular one, you will get shotgun shells.

Go to the door that leads to the corridor – it is blocked by chairs. Take them away and get ready: if you have left any zombie alive when you were escaping through the east side, they’ll be there. Don’t pay attention to the enemies (for now) and put the spare part into the switchboard to unlock the passage to the central hall.

Put everything that you do not need now into the storage box (keep the bolt cutter and the valve with you), make a save and go to Marvin – he looks bad but at least he is still breathing. Fully armed, return to the east side – a storage room near the conference room is now opened. Inside, you will find handgun ammo and wooden boards.

Having cleared the corridor and having picked up useful items, return to the central hall. Your task remains the same – you need to get the third medallion and get out of the police station. The first step towards this goal will be made in the shower room on the second floor of the west side. However, we will first look into the command post again.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Gas Station, Raccoon City Streets and Police Station-134

Even if you have eliminated all the zombies that tried to break through the window the last time you were here, new ones will appear now. It’s up to you whether you want to waste your bullets on them, but we will note that you can just run past the enemies (they are slow to get up and turn).

It is highly likely that the walking dead will ultimately catch up with Leon while he will be examining a workshop/warehouse near the command post. In this case, we advise eliminating at least several opponents – you can wait for them in a convenient room.

Once in a workshop, pick up an electronic gadget from the table. In close examination, you will find that it is a detonator without a battery. While you are still here, pay attention to the board on which you will find a code (CAP) from the locker in the shower room. Also, be sure to pick up green herb, wooden boards and a flash grenade.

Next, inspect the door to the recording room that is locked on the ‘’hearts’’ lock – you will not find such keys playing for Leon. Unlock the door that leads to the western corridor. Follow the corridor between the storage room and the west office to get to the second floor.

Detonator and Third Medallion

Once in the shower room, unlock the locker and use the valve to shut off the steam. A zombie that is sitting on the nearby bench is completely dead, do not worry. Turn to the left and inspect the lockers – you will find a handful of regular gunpowder. Shotgun ammo is lying on the bench in the adjacent corridor.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Gas Station, Raccoon City Streets and Police Station-145

Do not rush forward as a licker is on the ceiling – it’s a first, but not the last enemy of this kind in the game. They are almost blind, but they hear very well, so the noise (from running, for example) is your main enemy in the fight against these monsters.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Gas Station, Raccoon City Streets and Police Station-146
Lickers cannot open doors so you may just hide in the nearby room

Theoretically, you can carefully (read: slowly) bypass the licker, but one mistake will eliminate all your progress. So, having sneaked up close to the enemy, defuse the shotgun cartridge right into his face. If this is not enough, use the flash grenade to disorient the monster and then repeat the procedure.

Go to the S.T.A.R.S. office along the corridor, turn to the right and get red herb – an entry to the glassed-in office will be in front of you. On the table, you will find a battery for the detonator, while a note with a combination for the safe in the west office will be located behind you on the dresser.

Go back to the main room and move along it from right to the left so that you do not miss anything. The second (out of 15) Mr. Raccoon is hiding between the boxes. The medical bag contains a first aid spray. Near, you will find a handful of high-grade gunpowder. On the tables, there’s shotgun ammo and a flash grenade.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Gas Station, Raccoon City Streets and Police Station-154

At the far end of the office, there’s a locked armory. You can see a Magnum behind the bars. You cannot deal with the computer that is responsible for the lock (you need a special USB dongle key), so turn around and go to the corridor – you need to go to the left.

On the way to the recreation area where the hero obtained the unicorn medallion, pay attention to the door to the laundry room that is locked on the ‘’diamonds’’ lock – you will later need to return there. If you wish, you can run to the central hall to make a save and manage your inventory, or you can rush to the west office to get to the safe (if you haven’t yet opened). However, your path lies to the storage room.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Gas Station, Raccoon City Streets and Police Station-157

Go through the library and get to the third floor. Connect the battery to the detonator and attach the resulting device (a working detonator) to the explosive – you will have 10 seconds to get to a safe place. Do not rush to inspect the aftermath of detonation.

Resident Evil 2 Remake Leon A Walkthrough: Gas Station, Raccoon City Streets and Police Station-158

Spend some time to return the cabinet that collapsed due to explosion (now it blocks the way to the library) to the original position – later, you will have no time for repairs. Also, you can ‘’wake up’’ the zombie that is hanging from the ceiling as he will soon ‘’wake up’’ anyway.

Now let’s get to the results of the explosion. The broken grate will allow Leon to get to the maiden statue that has the last, Maiden medallion. The correct combination (see the officer’s notebook): Woman, Bow, Snake. The symbols are worn out this time, so use the exception method.

As soon as you get the medallion, two things will happen: first, the above-mentioned zombie will wake up, second, a licker will get to the storage room. If you have pushed the cabinet to its original position, you will be able to escape into the library. If you haven’t done so, prepare for the fight.

Go to the goddess statue in the central hall and ‘’feed’’ her with the third medallion. A secret passage will open. We will go through this passage in the next part of our walkthrough. You will later return to the police station, but this won’t happen soon (and it will be under different circumstances), so finish any business you might still have here right now.

John Davis