Red Dead Redemption 2

Release date: October 26, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

110 Amazing Details in Red Dead Redemption 2

What Rockstar Games spent 8 years of development on

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a unique game with unprecedented attention to details and realism. Some of them seem impossible for an open-world game. We have collected 110 small details for you, of which many are easy to miss during your walkthrough. There are minor spoilers!


Guns can be engraved, in addition to various sights and attachments:

You can holster your handgun in style by pressing L1/LB twice:

You have to clean your weapons, otherwise they will be in poor condition:

Arrows wiggle for a bit after hitting the target and have a distinctive sound effect:

A loaded weapon dropped to the ground may shoot:

An enemy will drop his gun if Arthur shoots it or the gunner’s hand:


If you hurt a store owner during a robbery and come back later, you can see his wounds:

110 Amazing Details in Red Dead Redemption 2-1

In one of the side quests, you will have to watch as the doctor amputates one of the character’s infected hand. Later you can meet this character in a random encounter. He will fall from his horse due to his missing limb:

Arthur’s hat may fall at any time. For example, during a battle. You can find a new one or come back for the old one. It will wait for you on the spot:

You can craft weird masks and hats from the animals:

110 Amazing Details in Red Dead Redemption 2-2

After several well-placed hits, bruises appear on the characters’ faces:

You separately wash your feet, hands or head in the bath. Or pay a girl for the procedure:

Arthur’s beard grows gradually. You can cut and trim it however you want, but it does not appear instantly, like in other games:

Bodies burn realistically: hair disappears, skin burns and clothes char:

Even Arthur’s hair and beard can get covered in blood:

110 Amazing Details in Red Dead Redemption 2-3
  • The mark of a snake bite will remain and be noticeable in the first-person mode, even if Arthur has already taken the antidote.
  • NPC will react accordingly if they see that your hero is dirty and stinky.
  • If you equip a wide hat, the brightness in the first-person view will become a bit lower.
  • Arthur can clean off the dirt on his clothes if he swims in the river.
  • Something we saw in Uncharted 4 — sunlight is visible through the ear cartilage.
  • Arthur will have to dress for the weather: a warm coat in the mountains, a shirt in the desert, etc.
  • Arthur can roll up his sleeves and choose whether to tuck his pants into boots.
  • If you do not wash for a while, your smell will be visible in the Eagle Eye mode. During a hunt, this can scare the animal.
  • Bites, cuts and other wounds remain on the clothes.
  • If the hero is recognized even in a mask on his face, then you need to change your clothes. NPCs remember them as well.
  • Arthur can shave and trim his hair on his own in the camp, choosing different areas of growth.
  • Arthur needs food. If he eats too much, he gains weight.
  • Arthur comments on his clothes and appearance in front of a mirror.
  • The sound of Arthur’s footsteps depends on his shoes.
  • His clothes get wet partially, depending on how deep he went into the water.


The more you feed your horse, the more it poops:

Your horse’s testicles shrink and enlarge depending on the ambient temperature:

Horses will not continue to run if there is a wall or fence in front of them. If you hit an obstacle, your horse may fall:

Horses can swim:

Animal skinning looks very realistic. Arthur manually separates meat from skin:

You have to take care of your horse: clean it, feed it, etc.:

Opossums behave like opossums: a single animal will pretend to be dead if you pass by it:

Horses also sweat, but much more than Arthur does:

In cold weather, steam comes off the horse:

  • You can shoot your opponent’s horse during a chase so that it throws off its rider.
  • Horses get scared during the thunderstorm.
  • If you take the saddle off the dirty horse, you can easily see the border between clean and dirty parts.
  • It is easier for Arthur to hop on the horse when it is beneath him. This is evident from the animation.
  • You can tell your horse to flee during a dangerous situation so it stays alive.
  • Horses trust Arthur more over time. High trust unlocks new features. Do not forget to take care of your horse — it can kick you if it does not trust you.
  • If you head through the bushes, your horse will turn its head to dodge small branches.
  • You change your saddle, stirrups and other equipment in the stables. And even braid its tail.
  • If you steal a horse, it can throw you off. Similarly, your own horse will try to throw off the hijacker.
  • Horse’s footprint depends on the horseshoe and the size of the hoof.
  • Arthur uses different language to calm his horse depending on its gender.
  • It is possible to dismember horses and other animals as well as people.
  • There is a stray cat in Saint Denis. Locals leave food for it in the bowl made out of a can.
  • Arthur will kill a wounded animal with one quick blow out of pity.
  • If you pet a dog, it will not bark the next time Arthur walks by it.

NPC and characters

If a drunkard challenges you to a duel, he will fell and faint before pulling out his gun:

An NPC can challenge you to a duel if he does not like how you stumbled into him:

Lawmen put found corpses on a horseback and take them away:

You can drown a person in a stream or river if you drag them into the water with a lasso. If it is too shallow, the captive will try to stay alive by keeping their head above the water:

If you do not pay enough attention to them, bound enemies can break free:

An enemy will break a window before shooting Arthur:

NPCs can get stuck under horses and will not be able to get out without additional help:

Arthur keeps his cards in the open when playing poker with his companions. He hides them when playing with strangers:

  • NPCs do not like if you stand too close to them. If they notice that you are following them, they will ask you to go away.
  • You can talk to the women in the camp and tell them about your shortcomings. Sort of an outlaw confession.
  • If you interrupt a dialogue Arthur takes part in, it will continue after you come back with something like “What was I walking about?”.
  • Characters raise their voices if they are far from their companions.
  • Some random wanderers can rob the protagonist. They will take your money, weapons and hit you in the head if you do not do anything.
  • If somebody witnesses Arthur’s crime, you can intimidate them, so they do not run to the sheriff.
  • If Arthur bothers and antagonizes gang members too much in the camp, he can be knocked out.
  • When searching for loot, Arthur checks pockets and turns the bodies.
  • Gang members also want some additional income, so they check the bodies by themselves.
  • Random people can approach you in bars and start telling some stories.
  • In the camp, Jack will sleep with the book you find in a special quest.
  • You can sing alongside your companions in the camp. Even if you do not really know the words.
  • Gang members can get Arthur out of prison.
  • Normal NPCs and locals look after each other and try to help. For example, they threaten Arthur with weapons if he picks on someone.
  • If Arthur’s honor is too low, ordinary NPCs can attack him without a good reason.
  • Gang members sometimes get in trouble. For example, you can help them during a fight or ignore it completely.
  • When you get drunk with Lenny and try to find him among the bar visitors, Arthur will see everyone with Lenny’s face and the interface will have spelling mistakes and other errors.
  • Male NPCs sometimes need to take a piss. If you approach them too fast, they will stop and continue after you are far enough.
  • NPCs remember certain in-game events and remind you of them. For example, if Arthur got in jail after fighting somebody while drunk, guests in the bar will note it. If you kill somebody, locals will say that they do not really want to see you in their town.
  • Bounty hunter will find Arthur sooner if you decide to make a fire at night.

Interaction with the environment

Corpses attract wildlife. Usually, scavengers or alligators. But pigs can feed as well:

Blood from the wound leaves a stain in the water:

Your footprints in mud get filled with water:

110 Amazing Details in Red Dead Redemption 2-4

You can buy a newspaper and read the news. Some of the events triggered by you can even make the first page:

110 Amazing Details in Red Dead Redemption 2-5

Lightning can strike a tree, set it on fire and even hit the protagonist:

When Arthur is high in the mountains, you can see the clouds up close — those are not flat repeating objects, but real volumetric ones:

110 Amazing Details in Red Dead Redemption 2-6

Apart from benches and chairs, Arthur can sit on the edge of a cliff. Why? To admire the nature:

110 Amazing Details in Red Dead Redemption 2-7

If Arthur is hot, he sweats a lot and almost suffocates:

You can buy items in store right from the shelves or browse an authentic catalogue:

110 Amazing Details in Red Dead Redemption 2-8

Look at the bullet holes in the wood. Those are not just flat holes — they have chips sticking out of them:

110 Amazing Details in Red Dead Redemption 2-9

A shot oil tank leaves a trace that you can set on fire:

An explosion can trigger a small-scale rock avalanche. They leave a nice trail of dust behind them:

  • Snow accumulates naturally and can fall from the trees.
  • You can burn the body in the fire, but the flame will also go out because of it.
  • Corpses gradually and visually decompose. Flies gather around them.
  • Bodies leave blood stains on your clothes if you carry them over the shoulder.
  • You can lasso a person or an animal and drag them around. It leaves a visible trail in mud and snow.
  • You can whistle longer if you hold down the button.
  • You can’t whistle forever. Arthur will need some air, and you will hear heavy breathing.
  • Cursor on the map moves with the sound of the wind.
  • You can see the temperature in the pause menu.
  • If you shoot a boat, water will start filling it until the boat sinks.
  • Arthur’s atrocities influence his dreams — he may start having nightmares.
  • Snow on the clothes gradually melts, mud and blood dry.
  • Sometimes a body falling from the horse is stuck in the stirrups.
  • Blood stains in the snow can be hidden by walking near them. Also, the color of blood changes if you step on it.
  • Some wounds cause blood to fountain and form puddles.
  • Gunshots sound differently indoors and outdoors.

Found something else? Share your discoveries in the comments, we will be sure to update the list.

John Davis