Red Dead Redemption 2

Release date: October 26, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter

After an unsuccessful robbery, the gang of Dutch van der Linde hides in Grizzly Mountains to wait for good weather and lick their wounds

In the first chapter, Red Dead Redemption 2 developers will tirelessly familiarize players with the basics of gameplay, so don’t expect anything particularly significant from the introduction. Nevertheless, do not miss the numerous useful tips from the authors.

After a failed robbery, the gang of Dutch van der Linde hurried out of Blackwater and entrenched in an abandoned mining village on Grizzly Mountain to escape from the chase. There are almost no supplies, the place is cold, so the bandits do all they can to survive.

Outlaws from the West

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-1
There are no gameplay bonuses for medals, but, having collected 70 gold medals, you will get the Gold Rush achievement

Each storyline mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 has several optional tasks. For example, you must complete a mission within a certain time period or you must avoid receiving damage in a shootout. If you complete all optional goals, you receive a gold medal at the end of the quest.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-2

You play for Arthur Morgan, the associate of the above-mentioned Dutch. Having gained control of the protagonist, follow your interlocutor on your horse: two gang members – John Marston and Micah Bell – went scouting but have not returned yet.

Controlling the horse in Red Dead Redemption 2 is slightly different from the mechanics of the first part, but the base remains the same: hold X (on PS4 controller)/A (on Xbox One controller), to maintain the pace of the ally. By pressing R1/RB, you slow your horse down. If you want to ride faster, press X/A.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-3

After a couple of minutes of your horse ride across the fields with Dutch, the characters will stumble upon Micah (see the screenshot above), who found a lively estate in the nearby. The gang needs supplies so the estate should be thoroughly examined. That’s where the heroes will go.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-4

On the way to your goal, the game will show how to interact with other characters/animals: for this, you must aim an invisible sight at the person/beast and press L2/LT – you’ll see a set of options from which you can choose the one you need. For example, you can ask Micah whether he has seen anyone before he met Arthur and Dutch.

Having arrived at the farm, tie up your horse (‘’circle’’/Y) to the hitching post and follow Dutch. To avoid scaring the owners, he advises the hero to hide in the barn to the left of the house, while Micah should hide behind the cart by the road. Having taken the waiting position (for this, press R1/RB next to the potential shelter), deflect the left stick up to monitor the situation.

While Dutch tried to negotiate with the owners of the estate, Micah examined the cart behind which he was hiding and found someone’s body in it – the boss needs to be urgently saved: farmers are fake! Call the weapon wheel by pressing L1/LB and pull out the gun. Aim (L2/LT) and shoot (R2/RT) – don’t wait before van der Linde is identified!

If you hope to get a ‘’gold’’ rating at the end of the mission, do not hurry: pull the trigger only when you are sure that your bullet hits the target (watch the color of the sight), and don’t get hit by enemy bullets. After you have made a shot, immediately hide back into your shelter but do not glue to one place – wooden parts tend to collapse under gunfire.

Closer to the end of the shootout, one of O’Driscolls gang members (this is whom the heroes met in this shootout) will try to escape – shoot him down or ignore him. This decision will have no impact on further events, and you will have plenty of time to kill aggressive thugs in the future. The choice is yours.

Enter the house with Dutch. To get a gold medal at the end of the mission, you need to take at least six items with you. Inspect each drawer, shelf, hanging closer and the second floor – everything will be of use. In particular, food deserves your attention: it restores the internal scale of your health that is responsible for its recovery.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-13

Open your bag – you need to press the right arrow – and eat something from the food that you have found (for example, an oatmeal or canned peaches) to restore the scale status. The higher the quality of food, the better for Arthur.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-14

If you take too much time on inspecting the house, Dutch will comment on this from the street and you will need to answer him in order to continue your inspection. Having collected at least six items – the number required to complete an optional task – return to Dutch, who will ask Arthur to check the barn for useful things.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-15

Having opened the door to the building, the hero will become a victim of a surprise attack by one of O’Driscolls. Due to the ambush, the protagonist (for a while) will lose his revolver and his hat and will have to use his fists to fight with the attacker. Beat the enemy by pressing on ‘’circle’’/B.

Dutch will arrive at the end of the fight and will advise interrogating the villain before dealing him any serious damage. You do not need to beat O’Driscoll to extract information out of him: O’Driscolls are hiding in a mining camp to the south-west from this place and hope to rob a train.

At the end of the interrogation, release or kill the bandit (the choice is yours), and then pick up the revolver and Morgan’s hat from the ground. The owners kept a horse in the barn – the animal would be useful to your gang. Holding L2/LT, calm the horse by pressing ‘’square’’/X and take (‘’triangle’’/Y) it to the house. Tie the horse to the hitching post and go inside.

Micah found a very lively and loud woman in the basement. This is the mistress of the house, miss (the dead body in the cart is her husband) Adler. Dutch will calm her down and persuade to go with the characters. The mission will end upon arrival at the camp: miss Adler is in (relative) warmth and safety, while Arthur now has his own room.

Enter, Pursued By a Memory

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-23

The next morning, the hero will head to women who are gossiping about the disappearance of John. One of these women is the wife of the ‘’dumb as rocks and dull as rusted iron’’ Marston named Abigail. Of course, the woman will ask you to find her husband – nobody has seen him for two days. Arthur will go searching for John Marston with Javier Escuella – another familiar character from the first part of the game.

At the end of the cutscene, follow Escuella in the direction in which Marston was heading some time ago. On the way to your goal, the game will tell you about the main factors of the horse under your control – her health and stamina. The first one is decreasing in unfavorable conditions (in icy water or under gunfire), while the second one goes down during a quick run or jumping.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-26

Having reached the remains of John’s horse, you will hear the cries of the bandit himself – he is somewhere nearby. Ride further in the snow until it is time to move on foot. Having jumped at the ground, approach the bag that is fixed on the horse and take the shotgun out of it. For this, you will need to hold L1/LB, use the stick to select the desired slot and find the shotgun with the help of L2/R2 (LT/RT). Just release the buttons to take it with you.

Once you have the weapon, move along the cliff while the game explains on what activities (running, jumping, climbing) stamina is spent on and how to replenish it (food and various tonics). By the moment you are trained to squat – this is done by pressing the left stick – the hero will be exhausted. Consume some food that you obtained in Adlers’ house to increase your stamina.

Ultimately, the heroes will find John, but he cannot walk in his current condition (see screenshot above), so Arthur will have to carry his comrade on the shoulder. A cutscene will start, but you will still have to deflect the left stick to move. The heroes won’t be allowed to quietly return to their horses as they will be attacked by wolves.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-32

If you hope to earn a gold medal at the end of the mission, you should not let the beasts bite you (if you have a particularly acute attack of perfectionism, use the nearby cliff to quickly restart the skirmish). The game will advise you to call the wolves by pressing ‘’square’’/X, but this is not a necessity: go towards the animals, holding one of them at sight, and aim at the head.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-33

There are two bullets in the shotgun, so find a safe place to reload once you have made both shots – the rocks that protrude from snow at the right side of the cliff are a good place for this. Be accurate in your shots. First, you are limited to two bullets before you must reload, and second, if you have an optional task to achieve at least 80% accuracy.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-34

Having dealt with the animals, jump onto the horse and follow Escuella, whose horse also carries John. Another group of wolves will attack the heroes when they will be descending from the mountain. It is not easy to aim when you are on a horse, so use your horse to run over your enemies. You will save ammo and won’t spoil your accuracy rating.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-35

After the second pack of wolves, no one will prevent heroes from safely reaching the camp. Take Marston to his wife and go to sleep. The next morning, you will be able to choose which of two simultaneously available tasks you will take – from Bill Williamson, whom you know from the first part of the game, or from the local cook Mr. Pearson.

Old Friends

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-36

Having received control over Arthur at the end of the last mission, go to the B (Bill) icon on the mini-map: Micah and Williamson are having a meaningless and bitter dispute which will soon be interrupted by Dutch. The leader of your gang believes that a raid on O’Driscolls’ camp that is located at the south-west will be a much better use of time.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-37

Dutch’s idea is to prevent the rival group from robbing the train and take this deal into his gang’s hands. On the road to the goal, Linde will shed light on his hatred towards Colm – the leader of O’Driscolls’ gang. Dutch once killed his brother to revenge for a dear person, to whom the villain did something unforgivable and unforgettable.

Having sneaked to O’Driscolls’ camp, Dutch will give orders to everyone and, together with Arthur, will head to the top of the nearby hill for reconnaissance. Use the binoculars to inspect the enemy fortification: apparently, Colm (the one with a tie who is riding on a horse) is preparing for road and is extremely dissatisfied with something. Morgan will ask why they are not going to deal with the leader right now, while Dutch will answer that it’s better to act tactically.

At the end of scouting, return to your horse and take the carbine from the bag attached to the saddle – for this, you first need to select a new weapon slot (in the bottom or on the left). Now, you can carry two guns at once: a revolver and a rifle, for example. Having taken the weapon, follow Dutch to O’Driscoll’s camp and decide whether you will take the lead in the upcoming attack or let the gang come ahead of you.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-42

If you want to earn a gold medal at the end of the mission, we advise moving forward first as you will have to make 15 headshots. To facilitate the task, release L2/LT after killing another O’Driscoll and, moving the sight to the other enemy, press it again – the automatic aiming will be activated. You will only have to slightly deflect the stick to the upside to hit the head.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-43
To turn Dead Eye mode on, press the right stick

Take cover behind boxes, fences and carts to avoid too much damage – to get the gold medal, you cannot use healing objects. When it’s time to learn about the Dead Eye mechanic, try to find a shelter on more or less open area to kill three enemies at once in one slowdown – this is another condition that needs to be satisfied so that you can achieve the ‘’golden’’ rating.

Look at red sectors on the mini-map to know from where the shots will come. Do not waste time as you have only 15 and a half minutes for the ‘’golden’’ walkthrough of the mission. Due to this, do not spend much time searching enemy bodies: you won’t get rich on looting while the process will delay the completion of the task.

After dealing with the second wave of enemies, join the rest of the gang in the center of the camp – Dutch will initiate a total search of the area and will ask Arthur to inspect the dilapidated house on the left from Dutch. Inside, you will find several useful items and, most importantly, a box with dynamite. Other team members will get O’Driscolls’ plans on how to rob the train that belongs to some Leviticus Cornwall.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-49

On the way back to the ‘’base’’, Dutch will notice one O’Driscoll who has strayed from the main ‘’herd’’. Arthur will volunteer. You need to catch, tie up and bring this individual to your gang without killing him – he may possess useful information. If you still hope to get the gold medal at the end of the mission, you should not waste your time – you have only 45 seconds to catch the man.

Spur your horse and ride to catch the fugitive. Use the weapon wheel to select the lasso and hold L2/LT to aim. As soon as your target is within reach, the crosshair will turn red – press R2/RT. Having picked up O’Driscoll, do not release L2/LT and get out from the horse to tie (‘’circle’’/B) the defeated enemy, put him on your shoulders (‘’square’’/X) and then put him on the horse (the same button).

Move along the yellow line on the mini-map – this is the indicator of the shortest path to your goal. On the way to the camp, you will learn the name of your unexpected companion – Kieran Duffy, but you will not be able to get to know him better. Once you are at the ‘’base’’ of your gang, put the prisoner at your shoulder and take him to Dutch – he will personally come out to meet the new guest. The poor fellow will be taken to a forced starvation, and the mission will end.

The Aftermath of Genesis

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-54

The ‘’Aftermath Of Genesis’’ is another storyline mission that is available simultaneously with ‘’Old Friends’’. To start this quest, talk to Mr. Pearson – he is marked by P (Pearson) on the mini-map. There’s not enough food in the camp because the gang failed to take supplies from Blackwater. Thus, Arthur will have to search for supplies with hunter Charles Smith.

He cannot use the bow because he is wounded, so he will hand the weapon to the protagonist. It is silent – which means it does not scare animals away – and does not leave excessive traces on the skin which will allow you to sell the goods at a better price. Follow Charles to the hunting area. Having arrived at the site, jump to the ground and take the bow from the bag that is attached to the saddle.

Your companion will find deer tracks on the snow – the animal is somewhere in the nearby. Arthur is not known for his hunting skills, so use the Eagle Eye ability (you need to simultaneously press the left and the right sticks) which highlights clues and animal traces. If you lose sight of the deer’s route, just activate the ability once again.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-59

To minimize the noise produced by protagonist, we advise you to crouch. Once you are at the shooting distance – don’t go further than the last tree or you will scare the animal – stop and aim (L2/LT). Do not drag off the bowstring – it is too early for this, and at some moment Morgan’s hand will start shaking and it will be almost impossible to hit anything.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-60

To get the gold medal for this mission, you need to kill both deer with one shot. Also, in the case of the second animal, you will need to hit the neck or the head. It is worth noting that you can attract the attention of the animal by using ‘’square’’/X. A second after you have pressed the button, the deer will raise its head and then will run away.

To facilitate the process of getting the gold medal, aim at the place where you expect to see the deer’s head after it will be raised. Watch the animal for some time to learn its habits, then pull the string and call the deer. You must release the arrow right after the call to avoid problems with shaking hands and also to hit the target before the deer gets frightened.

Having killed both deer, go to any of them – Charles will take the other one – and take the animal at your shoulder. Next, ‘’call’’ the horse (the longer you press the up arrow, the louder and longer your whistle becomes) to put your prey on its back. Having climbed into the saddle, ride towards your companion and get back to the ‘’base’’ together.

On the way to the goal, the characters will discuss recent events, Mr. Pearson’s love for drinking and despair in miss Adler’s eyes, but the conversation will be interrupted as soon as Charles will see a bear. Don’t even try to kill him now – he will eliminate you (we checked) – so just bypass the animal. Having arrived at the camp, tie your horse and bring the deer to Pearson.

Uncle, whom you know from the first part of the game, will be the cook’s ‘’guest’’. After drinking and saying goodbye to everyone’s favorite kitchen rat, help Pearson to skin the deer (you need to hold ‘’triangle’’/Y) – the camp needs deer meat, while Arthur will be able to sell the skins later. The less bullet or arrow marks on the skins, the higher their price is.

Who the Hell is Leviticus Cornwall?

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-67

A few days after the previous mission, Arthur will come to John, who recovers from his injuries. The protagonist clearly does not like Marston, but he does not disclose the reasons for this attitude. Abigail and small Jack will also come to see their husband and father. Soon, Dutch will enter the room and announce the start of the train robbing operation that was prepared by O’Driscolls.

Hosea Matthews, Dutch’s longtime associate and friend, will initially be against the risky enterprise as the original plan was to act calmly and move to the west, but then will agree with arguments: the gang needs money, while all ‘’savings’’ were left in Blackwater. Leviticus Cornwall, whose train Dutch wants to rob, is a railway magnate, a sugar trader and an oilman.

Get on the horse, follow Dutch and the rest of the gang to the appointed place. Having arrived at the tunnel near which you plan to blow up the rails, descend to Bill Williamson and ask him whether he needs help with explosives. After some persuasion, Arthur will receive a task: wind off the coil and attach the wire to the detonator. This is done using ‘’triangle’’/Y.

Having completed Williamson’s task, go back to Dutch and put the mask on your face: holding L1/LB, go to ‘’Items’’ tab and use the right stick to choose the necessary clothes. The robbery will not even begin when everything won’t go according to the plan. Bill’s explosive failed, and the train raced through the tunnel without a hitch – you will have to chase the train.

Follow Escuella and Lenny Summers to jump on the train – the hero will do it automatically, you just need to get close to the edge. Having landed on the train, Arthur will notice that Javier stays on the ground while the second ally dangles on the side of the car. If you do not save Lenny in time, he will fall and won’t be able to help you in the course of the mission, while you won’t get the gold medal at the end of the quest.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-77
If you wish, you can send Lenny to stealthily deal with train’s guards

With or without Summers, move through the cars, preferably killing the enemies with headshots. To get the maximum rating, you need to have 10 headshots (you will have the opportunity to shoot after the train stops, so do not chase this task right now), get to the locomotive in a minute and a half and avoid damage in the process.

Use the Dead Eye system to facilitate the walkthrough, especially if you want to get the gold medal, as it slows down time and facilitates aiming. Once you reach the head car, the driver will jump out of the ambush and grab Arthur or Lenny, depending on who gets to him first. If you are immobilized, quickly press on ‘’circle’’/B to escape; if Lenny got caught – aim at the opponent’s head and pull the trigger.

Having dealt with the last enemy, stop the train by pulling the lever in the driver’s cab or let Summers do it. After emergency breaking, enemies will come in droves. Hide behind shelters to avoid taking damage and try to aim at guards’ heads – these two conditions for getting the gold medal have not yet been cancelled.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-82

To facilitate the process of killing enemies with headshots, release L2/LT after killing another opponent just like in the case of the shootout in O’Driscolls camp. Having moved the sight to another enemy, press the button again to activate automatic aiming. You will only need to deflect the stick to the upside to shoot the head. Don’t be a hero and move forward with care.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-83

This time, you do not need to hurry so you can loot and inspect the corpses of the fallen guards before joining Dutch and other bandits. The surviving Cornwell’s workers took shelter in the last armored car. They do not want to let robbers inside, so you will have to break in with fire.

Quickly press on R2/RT to shoot the car from the hip – intimidation will not work so you will have to use explosives. Place the dynamite provided by Bill on the door and get away once you have lit the fuse. As a result of the explosion, a major hole will be formed, and your new hostages will come out of it with their hands up. Do not touch them and go inside.

Take all useful items from tables and boxes and read the oil company’s letter to Cornwall. While Micah is busy with the safe – there is nothing valuable inside – look in the locker behind the table at the far end of the car to find a pack of railway bonds. These bonds were the main target of the robbery, so you can move on to the camp.

Before you return to the ‘’base’’, Dutch will ask Arthur to deal with hostages – you can kill them. However, we do not need excessive bloodshed, so just ‘’persuade’’ (threaten hostages during interaction) the trio to get back into the train and set the train in motion from the driver’s cab – the mission will come to an end, and Morgan will return to his gang.

Eastward Bound

The next morning, the weather will improve in the Grizzly Mountains, and the leader of the gang will decide to move their men to Horseshoe Overlook near Valentine. Arthur will be controlling one of the carts – not the best decision since the cart will soon lose a wheel. While the two other bandits hold the cart’s back, roll the wheel to the axle and insert it following in-game tips.

Having repaired the cart, the heroes will pay attention to the Indians who are watching them from a ledge at the distance. The natives are not going to mess with the van der Linde gang, so get back on the cart and follow the yellow marked route. If you wish, you can hold the touchpad/View button to activate the cinematic camera – in this mode, the horses will move by themselves if X/A button is held.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-95

However, it’s in your best interest to get to Horseshoe Overlook as fast as possible – you have only 6 minutes to complete this mission if you want to get the gold medal. On the road to Valentine, the game will also tell you about different climate conditions: if Arthur is feeling cold or hot, his health status will be depleted faster. Fortunately, you can find the appropriate clothes in the gang’s camp.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-96

After some time, Hosea, who sits next to the protagonist, will attract your attention with strange manipulations with mortar. It turns out that the character was preparing a mixture of yarrow and ginseng for himself, but since Morgan was interested, Hosea will give the herbs to him. With their help, you can refill the status of your characteristics, prepare food and craft different items.

You will see Javier on the way to the new camp. Slow down (R1/RB) and allow him to get in the cart – this is the second condition to obtain the gold medal at the end of this mission. Having reached the highlands, the heroes will discuss the situation with Dutch. Now you and other gang members must hand over part of the stolen money to the camp’s treasury to keep the entire community afloat.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Walkthrough. Chapter 1: Colter-100

At the end of the meeting, Miss Grimshaw will show Arthur his personal tent. Here, you can sleep, shave and change your clothes, but you will do this in the next chapter. At the arrival to the Horseshoe Overlook, the first chapter of Red Dead Redemption 2 will come to an end.

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