Rage 2

Release date: May 14, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Rage 2 All Ark Locations

Check out this guide to learn how to find all Arks in the game and unlock all weapons and abilities

Rage 2 has a limited storyline but boasts a game world that has many side tasks. The same is true for character upgrades. You can unlock new abilities and install them, spending nanotrites, unlock new projects by completing side tasks and boost them with other bonuses (spending project points), open and upgrade weapons and vehicles, and much more.

To get new abilities and unlock additional weapons, you’ll need to find and activate Arks. Each time, a bunch of gangsters or mutants will be located near the Ark – you’ll have to kill them before you can go inside.

After you have interacted with the Ark, you’ll get a new ability or a weapon and complete a short training mission in which the game will tell you where, how and when you should use the new gadget. You’ll be able to try it once you go out of the Ark since every time you’ll be attacked by enemies.

Below, we’ll list the locations of Arks and tell you what you will find inside them.

Arks on the Map

Rage 2 All Ark Locations-1


  1. Dank Catacomb Ark. Unlocks Firestorm Revolver weapon. Press RMB after you have shot at the enemy to set him on fire.
  2. Dealypipe Ark. Unlocks Rush ability which allows you to temporarily increase speed when running. The speed boost materially exceeds the one you get by holding the Shift key.
  3. Spikewind Ark. Unlocks Barrier ability which allows you to create a barrier that protects you from bullets and explosions.
  4. Great Crack Ark. Unlocks Grav-Jump ability which allows you to go higher, pushing off the air. It’s the so-called double jump.
  5. Junkers Pass Ark. Unlocks Shatter ability. Moving towards the goal, perform a powerful Shatter which breaks the armor and sends your enemies into the air.
  6. Quake Hill Ark. Unlocks Vortex ability which summons a black hole that pulls nearby enemies inside. Enter the Vortex to fly up in the air.
  7. Canyon Cove Ark. Unlocks Defibrillation ability which allows you to resurrect the character if he suffered a mortal wound. In addition, you’ll deal damage to nearby enemies.
  8. Strongbox Ark. Unlocks a new weapon — Smart Rocket Launcher. It allows you to shoot one ordinary or several homing missiles.
  9. Earthscar Ark. Unlocks Slam ability which creates a powerful wave of kinetic energy. Its range and damage depend on the altitude from which the Slam was dealt.
  10. Greenhaven Ark. Unlocks Hyper-Cannon weapon which shoots a powerful missile that throws the target away.
  11. Shrouded Vault Ark. Unlocks Charged Pulse Cannon. The more overheated it is, the more damage it deals.
  12. Needle Falls Ark. Unlocks Grav-Dart Launcher. Shoot the enemy, then aim at an object or location and click the RMB to pull the enemy to it.

Robert Summers