Rage 2

Release date: May 14, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Rage 2 Comprehensive Beginner's Guide

Check out this guide to find out about main game mechanics, missions, character upgrades, skills and much more

Rage 2 is a crazy first-person shooter in a post-apocalyptic setting. This is a direct continuation of the original game, but the events take place a few decades after the first game. On the other side, you’ll find many familiar names here. From the first game’s NPC, only Dr. Kvasir and Marshall were transferred to Rage 2, while other characters were replaced by their kids. Avoiding many spoilers, we’ll examine the main mechanics and systems of the game.

World Map and Fast Travel

Rage 2 Comprehensive Beginner's Guide-1

Rage 2 has a big open world which is divided into 6 main regions. You can find one town in each region. Once you have been there, the town becomes available for fast travel. You can use fast travel only between towns. Other objects, including cleared Arks, are not supported by the system. Also, the destroyed Vineland from Twisting Canyons is not included in the fast travel system.

The remaining regions and their capitals are:

  1. Broken Tract and Gunbarrel.
  2. Torn Plains and Wellspring.
  3. Sekreto Wetlands and Lagooney.
  4. Dune Sea and Oasis.
  5. The Wilds and Dreadwood.
Rage 2 Comprehensive Beginner's Guide-2
The screenshot above shows the location of all towns on the map

The Game Plot

Unlike the original game, Rage 2 has fewer storyline tasks. The main quest becomes available literally after the prologue and remains the main task until the end of the game – it is called Project Dagger. To complete this Project, you need to find three leaders (Marshall, Loosum Hagar, Anton Kvasir) in Gunbarrel, Wellspring, and the territory of Sekreto Wetlands, complete their first quests, and then upgrade the level of trust to 5. After this, three more quests will become available – one quest from each leader. As soon as you complete them, you’ll be able to meet the Authority represented by General Cross. Yes, that’s all.

However, the game has many side quests, each of which is aimed at improving your reputation with one or another character.

Reputation, Project Points, Side Tasks

As mentioned above, you’ll have to upgrade your reputation with Kvasir, Marshall and Hagar to the fifth level to get new storyline missions from them. On the other hand, you’ll get three project points for each level.

Rage 2 Comprehensive Beginner's Guide-3

Initially, you’ll see ‘’question marks’’ on the map – those that are close to the places that you have already visited. In the towns, you’ll meet many characters with a ‘’dialogue’’ icon above their heads. Talk to them so that object markers appear on the map. These characters present this information as side quests, but they are not missions.

To improve your reputation with Marshall, you’ll need to complete the following tasks:

  1. Mutie Nest. You need to clear a certain location from the specified number of nests that are constantly generating mutants. Shoot the large nests with any weapons. Hold CTRL to facilitate your search as they are visible in the focus mode. The mutants will disappear as soon as you destroy the last nest.
  2. Electro Forge. That’s a rare task. You need to activate the reactor and then destroy it. Use focus to tear off protective plates with purple symbols on them and then shoot the luminous blue batteries.
  3. Bandit Den. Kill all enemies on the territory of the enemy base.
  4. Crusher Nest. Get to the main hall of mutants and fight against a huge boss.
Rage 2 Comprehensive Beginner's Guide-4
All of them will be highlighted on the map with different markers in a purple shell

To improve your reputation with Hagar, you’ll need to complete the following tasks:

  1. Pit Stop. You’ll need to destroy fuel tanks. They all look the same and are colored red. At first, the tanks are located outside, making it easy to spot them, but do not forget to look up as you progress through the game – sometimes, the tank may hang on a crane, under the ceiling or it can be hidden in the basement.
  2. Road Choker. Kill all enemies, go up and turn the purple valve to raise the barrier. Later, you may face two such barriers, so search for the valve at the other side of the obstacle.
  3. Repowering Station. You need to activate one, two or three pillars, and then kill all enemies. The opponents do not attack the pillars but if they stand near them, the pillars are not being destroyed. Thus, the process of destruction takes place when there are no enemies near the pillar.
  4. Convoy. Several convoys travel around the game world. You need to eliminate the main vehicle. Find the right moment and shoot at the opening, vulnerable parts.
  5. Authority Sentry. Shoot the blue batteries under the sentry’s gun.
Rage 2 Comprehensive Beginner's Guide-5
All these tasks will be highlighted on the map with different markers in a yellow shell

Finally, to improve your reputation with Kvasir, you’ll need to complete the following tasks:

  1. Ark. Examine Arks. Kill all enemies in the nearby to open the Ark. Inside, you’ll find a weapon or a new skill.
  2. Ranger Echo. Find ranger corpses in the specified area and examine them using focus.
  3. Feltrite Meteorite. These are random and repeatable events. On the map, you’ll see a ‘’meteorite’’ marker in the blue shell. Go there, kill the enemies and hold CTRL to grab the feltrite.
  4. Destruction of spy drones. Drones can be found on almost every third location. They hang on the buildings, under the roof. In the future, you may unlock the ability which allows you to track these creatures.
Rage 2 Comprehensive Beginner's Guide-6
All these tasks will be highlighted with different markers in a blue shell


Rage 2 Comprehensive Beginner's Guide-7

The main character can unlock several skills which become available after you visit certain Arks. Some of them can be seen on the map right from the start, while the others are well hidden from your eyes. In a separate guide, we’ll discuss how to open all Arks.

The main character skills are:

  1. Constitution. Available by default. This skill determines how well you tolerate damage.
  2. Focus. Available by default. Focus is used to collect feltrite, search for enemies and important objects (however, chests, datapads and containers are not highlighted), vehicle repairs.
  3. Overdrive. Available by default. Killing your opponents, you accumulate Overdrive Meter which could be activated later. The character becomes almost invincible, deals increased damage and restores health points.
  4. Dash. Becomes available after the prologue of the game. It allows you to quickly move to the side, dodging enemy attacks. It is especially useful when you are fighting against big monsters.
  5. Slam. The character jumps and strikes the ground with his hand, killing or dealing damage to nearby enemies.
  6. Shatter. Allows you to lunge towards enemies, hitting them.
  7. Grav-Jump. Allows you to make double jumps and stay in the air for some time.
  8. Defibrillation. After death, allows you to use charges for resurrection with a certain amount of health points.
  9. Barrier. Allows you to create a transparent barrier and hide from enemies’ missiles.
  10. Rush. Allows you to accelerate temporarily (faster compared to running with the SHIFT button pressed).
  11. Vortex. Create a black hole which pulls opponents inside. You can also use it to fly up into the air.

Each skill has a separate skill branch which reinforces the skill and is divided into several levels. To unlock all skill’s bonuses, you need to upgrade it to maximum using feltrite. One skill may have three levels, while another one – five. To unlock bonuses, you spend nanotrites which can be bought from merchants, found in Ark chests, obtained for the completion of quests and side tasks.


Rage 2 Comprehensive Beginner's Guide-8

At the beginning of the game, you’ll have access to two types of weapons – Sidewinder Pistol and Ranger Assault Rifle. All other weapons can be found at the Arks or in secret places.

Each weapon has five levels of upgrade. Just like abilities, you must use feltrite to unlock them. By itself, the unlocked weapon level will give you nothing, but it will provide you with access to one or two upgrades. You can choose only one upgrade per level. To unlock it, you spend weapons modifications which are obtained the same way as nanotrites.

In a separate guide, we’ll discuss where to find each weapon and which upgrades can be applied to them.


Rage 2 Comprehensive Beginner's Guide-9

In this tab, you’ll find various consumables:

  • Grenades;
  • Health infusions;
  • Wingsticks;
  • Overdrive infusions;
  • Overdrive infusions;
  • Ability infusions;
  • Turret Drone;
  • Resources.

Resources include several types of items that are used to craft the above-mentioned things. To raise the level of consumables, you’ll need to buy special items from merchants – various health/focus upgrades and so on.


Rage 2 Comprehensive Beginner's Guide-10

Project are the second type of abilities which can be active or passive. There are four categories of projects. The first one, Basic, is available right from the start of the game. All others will be unlocked after you have completed at least one task from Kvasir, Hagar and Marshall. Thus, you get access to them strictly according to the game’s storyline.

The projects within a particular category are divided into four levels. The projects of the first level cost one point, second-level projects require two points, third-level projects demand three points, and fourth-level projects will make you part with four points.


Rage 2 Comprehensive Beginner's Guide-11

Your first vehicle is the Phoenix, an all-terrain recon vehicle. This is the only vehicle which can be upgraded using spare parts. All other cars and bikes that you find cannot be upgraded.

Auto parts can be bought from merchants, found in Ark chests or obtained when destroying convoys. To unlock a new vehicle, find it in the Wastelands, get behind the wheel and drive to the nearest town. After this, the vehicle will be in your garage. Open the Vehicles tab to request a certain car – this will cost you money.


Almost every location that is connected with a certain side task has collectible items – datapads, containers, and Ark chests. It’s hard to search for them manually. You can try to do this but keep in mind that you’ll need to find them all to clear the location. This task will become much easier after you gain access to Kvasir’s projects which have useful skills like a compass that shows the direction in which these objects are located. Also, there are abilities which show feltrite and spy drones, but they will only confuse you, so we do not recommend unlocking them.

Datapads increase your level of trust with Kvasir. Inside containers, you’ll find dollars or feltrite. Ark chests contain more valuable components – project points, nanotrites, weapon modifiers, auto parts, etc.

The Cyber Doc

In Wellspring, you can find the Cyber Doc shop. He can upgrade your Overdrive, increase health points or weapon damage. Also, you can use this shop to reset all previously purchased ability bonuses, returning the nanotrites and spending them again. This service is inexpensive — $500.

Robert Summers