Rage 2

Release date: May 14, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Rage 2 Main Story Walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough of all story missions of the post-apocalyptic action game

The Ranger

Rage 2 Main Story Walkthrough-1

Select the gender of your character after you have watched the introductory cutscene. Whatever your choice, the scenario will stay the same, but the voice of the protagonist will depend on your decision. Grab weapons from the stand on the right – a pistol and wingsticks. After this, you’ll meet Lily Prowley who will provide you with informational support.

Rage 2 Main Story Walkthrough-2

Go outside and kill the first enemy. Descend using the tightrope and deal with the next group of opponents. You’ll notice a first characteristic change in comparison with the first game: the death of any character is accompanied by a ‘’red skull’’ icon on the screen even if you haven’t dealt a headshot. Do not forget to shoot at explosive objects.

Feltrite batteries drop out of corpses. They are used to restore health points and as one of the in-game currencies (for example, to upgrade your skills or weapons).

You cannot improve your health scale in the game – it will stay at a maximum of 100 points. When you get damage during shootouts, you’ll see that one part of the health scale is eliminated completely while the other one stays in the form of a transparent strip. The character can regenerate HP but not fully as he is limited by the size of the transparent strip. The remaining health points can be restored with the help of a health charge (T key) or with feltrite batteries that drop out of your enemies (mutants).

Rage 2 Main Story Walkthrough-3

Continue moving and see how ranger Jersey dies. Your hero will pick up his armor. Keep moving and study controls. Holding Q, you open the weapon wheel. When you press Q, you change your weapon for one of the last used. Right now, you have access to the sidewinder pistol and ranger assault rifle.

Follow the only available route, use jumps and squats. Collect everything you can. Ultimately, you’ll be able to use overdrive for the first time. Activate it using the V key and shoot all opponents. Get to Prowley and watch the cutscene.

Go to the outpost and enter it. Listen to Prowley’s holorecord and enter the Ark in the nearby. To do this, aim at the door and hold CTRL to use focus. Insert your arm into the hole in front of you to apply nanotrite injector. You’ll get your first superpower – Rush. Try it in the training mode. You’ll repeat the process with any new skill or weapon. The game will teach you what to do (expect no complications).

Return and listen to another part of the holorecord to learn about Project Dagger. Go outside, run to Lily and talk to her. Open the first basic project – weapons. You’ll get your first vehicle – Phoenix. Car repair is completely free – stand in front of the vehicle and hold CTRL to use focus. You can also call the vehicle to any part of the world: open the Vehicles tab by pressing Tab and Q, then press F. Each time, you’ll have to spend $10.

The next part of the game consists of several tasks united under the common name Project Dagger.

Project Dagger

Go to three different places to meet the members of Resistance and leaders of the Project Dagger. Complete quests provided by them. We’ll return to this mission later.


Rage 2 Main Story Walkthrough-4

Go to the sector ‘’Broken Tract’’, find the Gunbarrel trade town and talk to Marshall – that same Marshall from the first part of the game. As Marshall is located close to you, we’ll go to him first.

Having arrived at Gunbarrel, examine the city and talk to all characters with icons over their heads. Each of them will provide you with information about some place or will ask for help. If you complete their quests (they are typically associated with the destruction of gangster lairs, gas stations etc.), you’ll receive an additional reward. We will not focus on such quests because there are many of them and they are simple.

Also, the town has an ordinary trader and an information broker. You’ll find all necessary tips and descriptions in your log.

Go to Marshall, talk to him and agree to complete his quest. Go to the beginning of the city and enter the sewers. Go down, clear the sewers and get to the turbine. There are several hidden containers here, and we’ll indicate their location.

Rage 2 Main Story Walkthrough-5

Go down the stairs and follow the only available route until you find the Ark. Go inside to find a new weapon – a combat shotgun – instead of nanotrite injector. Leave the Ark once you have completed training and kill all mutants. Go through the door from which they arrived and turn to the left to find the first container.

Continue moving, go up the stairs and clear the corridor. At the end of this corridor, you’ll find a room with a pink ladder that goes down. Descend and open the second container. Pay attention to the grate on the left side. Crouch and make your way through this grade to find the third container. It is located not far from the second container. After this, you’ll face flammable enemies. Kill them from afar so that they cannot come close and blow you up.

Important note. If Marshall has not made his comments after you have grabbed the shotgun (and there’s Marshall radio icon on the right side of the screen), pause the game and then continue. In this case, Marshall will continue talking and you’ll learn what to do next once you reach the turbine. If you do not do this and leave the icon, the pink valve by the turbine will be inactive.

After the words of Marshall, turn the valve to open the turbine. Kill the huge mutant, go upstairs and lower the pink levers on both sides of the turbine. After this, go down and close the turbine with the pink valve. Eliminate the enemies and then use the above-mentioned elevator.

Once upstairs, talk to Marshall. On the way to the exit from Marshall’s lair to Gunbarrel’s bar you’ll find three datapods. The quest is completed.

Wasteland Celebrity

You need to visit Torn Plains and meet Loosum Hagar, the daughter of Dan Hagar from the original game. Loosum is located closer to Gunbarrel, so we’ll go to meet her. Having arrived at Wellspring, start with the usual scouting: talk to everyone to learn useful information, and then pick up work from the board at the beginning of the city. Head to Mayor’s office, talk to the guard and defeat the enemies.

Rage 2 Main Story Walkthrough-6

Take the elevator to Loosum and help her eliminate Goons. Search the office as it contains at least two datapads. Talk to Loosum to get a quest. She fights with Klegg Clayton for the right to be the Mayor. Apparently, this is the son of that very Clayton, Wellspring’s Mayor from the original game.

You need to win the show Mutant Bash and a derby ‘’Rally Crash’’. Follow the marker to the first place, listen to Desdemonia and take the elevator to the arena. Kill the mutants at four levels. The head of Avadon will appear at the last level. Hide from him behind the columns and aim at the head.

Rage 2 Main Story Walkthrough-7

Head to the ‘’Rally Crash’’ track and take part in the competition. In all likelihood, you will not win at the first attempt, so repeat the race. Apparently, the game will even allow you to skip the race if you cannot take the first place for a long time. For the victory, you’ll get 10 auto parts and unlock a new vehicle – the ‘’Rally Crash’’ car.

Go back to Wellspring and go to the Winner’s Lounge. Take the elevator, talk to Clayton and follow him to his office. When he leaves, install the bug on the computer, leave the office and enter the elevator. Ultimately, Clayton will learn about your plans and throw you into the sewers. Fight with a mutant named Jumbo. Aim at the head and use rush to dodge his attacks and flying debris.

Next, get out of here using tunnels, opening the doors with valves. To open the container behind the grate, shoot the wooden boxes in the nearby room and use the pipe to get to the desired place. Ultimately, you’ll find the Predator Authority tank. Kill the enemies and get out of here. Having cleared the nearby room, use the elevator to get upstairs and watch the cutscene. Go to Loosum Hagar and talk about everything to complete the quest. Now you have access to her projects.

Ground Control

You need to visit Sekreto Wetlands and meet with Doctor Anton Kvasir. Go to the other region and visit the town called Lagooney. Talk to the man at the very beginning to learn where you can find Kvasir. Head to the indicated place, kill the mutants and talk to Kvasir through the intercom. Enter his lab and watch the cutscene.

You need to go to Eden spaceport. Move to the lower right corner of the map, kill the enemies and enter the complex. Press your palm to the scanner at the reception, kill the enemies, go to the second floor and open the door. Move through the spaceport, eliminating the enemies, until you reach the control room. Call the EcoSphere from the orbit and reach it using the rope. Use the elevator to go up and activate the supercomputer. Go outside where Authority mutants are waiting for you.

Rage 2 Main Story Walkthrough-8

In order to kill the Cyber Crusher, you need to shoot at the blue panel on his chest. When it will be destroyed, the Cyber Crusher will sit down on one knee. Go around him and shoot the blue battery which has recently appeared. Repeat the procedure with the second battery – the enemy’s health scale will turn red. Now you need to aim at the open brain at his head to destroy the opponent. Having killed him, listen to Kvasir’s message.

From now on, Kvasir’s projects are available to you. He has very useful projects which allow you to track datapads, containers, Ark chests and so on.

The Signal

This is the next mission from Marshall in Gunbarrel. After some time, he will contact you and tell that the main informant, Gulo, has disappeared. Head to Gunbarrel. Do not forget that you can fast travel to towns like Gunbarrel and Wellspring. Open the map, aim with the cursor and press F.

Talk to Marshall and then follow the marker to Razorneck Roost where Gulo is kept. Clear the courtyard, enter a huge building, go up the stairs and go to the nearby hall. Kill the enemies until the Crusher goes out of the elevator. Kill him, use the elevator to go up and find dead Gulo. Pull the transmitter out of her womb and then leave the object. Marshall will tell you that you need to examine the abandoned Authority tower at the south. Head there – it is located not far from the first town.

Go inside and clear the base from Shrouded. Kill them all, go to the control center, activate the computer and wait until the door is broken. Go outside, killing enemies on your way, and use fast travel to get to Marshall in Gunbarrel. Talk to him under the bar and pick up Scrambler – one of the three devices that you need to start Project Dagger.

Beneath the Surface

This is the next quest from Loosum Hagar. After some time, she will contact you and ask for help. Return to Wellspring and talk to the woman.

Head to the north of the map and clear the territory from bandits. To do this, you’ll need to climb to the top of the complex. After this, use the rope to slide to the Authority object and get inside through the side door. Move through the complex, killing mutants and using two elevators. After this, you’ll need to activate the panel to create a bridge. Go to the other side. Ultimately, you’ll find yourself in a room with another Cyber Crusher. Destroy him using the same tactic as with the previous Cyber Crusher.

Move forward, eliminating mutants, until you get to the capsule with Fission Core. It is protected by lasers, so activate two panels on the left and on the right and shoot the protruding batteries. Take the Fission Core once you destroy the mutants and get inside the elevator to get out of the complex. Return to Wellspring and give the Fission Core to Loosum.

Double Cross

This is the next quest from Dr. Kvasir. Go to Authority’s research station, go inside and kill several enemies until you get to the room with a console. Break it to release the hostage and then use the elevator. Defeat another Cyber Crusher – you know how to do it.

Free another hostage and talk to him, then go the special cell. Go to the room where you’ll be attacked by General Cross – you will have to defeat this opponent. Start by shooting with everything you have. When he is under protective shield, kill the mutants and shoot two capsules with people so that General Cross becomes vulnerable again. Repeat your actions, kill the mutants and shoot three capsules. After this, finish him off and watch the cutscene – he died but resurrected in a new body.

Project Dagger

Once you have completed all previous missions, you’ll be able to go to the Authority Headquarters. Use Predator to get there as it’s the only vehicle that will allow you to get inside the base. Eliminate all enemies on your way until you find yourself at the dead end. After this, you’ll have to walk by foot. Many battles await you, so get ready.

Ultimately, you’ll get to General Cross on Colossal Titan. Enter the battle. When the Titan hits the floor with his arm, jump and shoot at two blue batteries. Two more batteries are located on the other arm. As soon as you have destroyed the batteries, spinning things will appear, the Titan will fall back, and you’ll be attacked by ordinary mutants. Kill them all and continue the boss fight. This time, you’ll have to shoot at two blue outgrowths on the monster’s chest which appear after he strikes with his arms.

Once again, the Titan will fall back so that ordinary mutants and cyborgs engage in the fight. Defeat them and finish off the boss by aiming at the blue strip on his head. It will be active until the end of the battle. After this, watch the final cutscene.

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