Pokémon Quest FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions on how to attract new Pokémon to your base camp and learn new moves, how to manage your Pokémon team, how many Pokémon, regions and recipes are there in the game

How to control which Pokémon attack in front or back?

Pokémon Quest FAQ-1

Unfortunately, Pokémon Quest does not allow you to choose formations on the fly, so you’ll have to rely on the game’s best judgment.

By default, some Pokémon in your team are inclined to attack in the front of your formation during expeditions. In addition, their attacks may be close range attacks, which naturally require them to be up close and personal with opponents.

However, some situations may place longer-ranged attackers up front in the Poké-fray. Your team members can hold Power Stones and other items that boost certain stats – one of them being speed. When your tankier Pokémon move more slowly, faster Pokémon may encounter wild enemies first.

How to teach Pokémon new moves?

Pokémon Quest FAQ-2

While leveling up on its own does not help your Pokémon learn new moves, Move Learning training will. You’ll want to have extra Pokémon available in your Base Camp to act as training partners, like with Level Up training.

In the Training pane, Quest will automatically choose level training. You’ll want to tap the Move Learning tab to enter your desired mode of training.

While learning a new move is relatively easy, it’s not guaranteed. When dragging supporting members into place, you’ll notice a “success rate” percentage change accordingly. As you add more partners, the chance of successfully learning a new move increases.

How to attract better Pokémon to your camp?

Pokémon Quest FAQ-3

The better the pots you collect and cook recipes with, the better the Pokémon drawn to your camp. These upgraded pots have the ability to cook higher-quality recipes.

As you cook more advanced recipes, a greater variety of wild Pokémon will appear. Various recipes also attract certain types of Pokémon. For example, Red Stew à la Cube will attract ‘’reddish Pokémon’’. Aside from different colored soups, other soups will attract Pokémon based on their typing.

When cooking recipes using better ingredients, Pokémon with higher levels will come snooping. These more powerful buddies can be added to your team of superstars, or you can let them roam your camp.

Can you buy items in Pokémon Quest?

Pokémon Quest FAQ-4

Yes. Pokémon Quest offers a number of purchases from the in-game Poké Mart. You can spend money or PM tickets, virtual currency earned both passively and through active gameplay.

Simply navigate to either the Decorations or Box Expansions tabs within the Mart. You can grab various items to spice up the appearance of your Base Camp. These items offer benefits to help you progress through the game, such as increased item drops, training success rate bonuses, and more.

You may even expand the number of Pokémon you can look after. Accordingly, you can also increase your Power Stone storage. Doing so will give you greater flexibility when earning new items.

Is there DLC in Pokémon Quest?

Pokémon Quest FAQ-5

Yes. Quest offers players a wide variety of additional content for purchase in the Poké Mart. Currently, trainers can purchase three bonus expedition packs – these can also be purchased as a value bundle. Each pack offers increasingly better rewards as you move from the base Expedition Pack to the Ultra Pack (special Pokémon, reward drop bonuses, etc.).

As a bonus, all trainers receive an increasing number of PM Tickets upon purchase. Finally, players can buy various types of Power Stones. These are some of the rarer items in the game, but the pay-to-play shortcut is available for players who want it.

How many Pokémon are in Pokémon Quest?

Currently, there are 150 Pokémon available in Pokémon Quest, originally from the Kanto Region.

How many total regions and expeditions are there on Tumblecube Island?

Pokémon Quest FAQ-6

At present, there are 10 regions on Tumblecube Island. Each region has anywhere from 4 to 6 expeditions to complete, for a grand total of 53 expeditions. That’s a lot of gameplay, which might be expanded down the line with updates.

As players progress through the game, the number of expeditions at each stage increases. While the game can be easier to get through initially, Pokémon Quest slows players down eventually with greater challenges.

How many different recipes are there in Pokémon Quest?

Currently, players can cook 18 recipes which attract Pokémon of varying levels and types.

How many Pokémon can you keep at one time?

Pokémon Quest FAQ-7

Your team, or the select group you take on expeditions, consists of 3 members. By default, you can look after a total of 20 Pokémon in your camp. However, you can expand this total storage amount to a maximum of 300 Pokémon! You can do this by purchasing multiple box expansions in the Poké Mart.

How many Power Stones can you keep at one time?

You can carry a total of 40 Power Stones by default. Similarly to Pokémon storage, however, Quest allows trainers to exchange PM Tickets to increase this limit. You can thus carry a maximum of 300 Power Stones.

Maximum attack or HP stats in Pokémon Quest?

While each Pokémon has its own unique base stats, both HP and Attack are ultimately capped at 3,000 each.

Can you earn decorations and statues outside of expeditions?

Yes, with one condition. You must exchange your PM Tickets for additional decorations in the Poké Mart. This allows you to gain greater bonuses and varieties of Base Camp décor.

What is the expedition bonus?

Denoted by the bar on the left side of your screen, the Expedition Bonus bar grows as you complete expeditions. When the bar fills, you will have a 100% chance of earning a Power Stone with significant bonuses during your next successful mission. Accordingly, completing difficult expeditions gives you the best chance to earn better stones – use your bonus wisely!

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