Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

Release date: May 8, 2018
Platforms: Mac, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

How to Get Experience in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire

Upgrade system in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire is different from some of role-playing games but is similar to most RPG from Obsidian Entertainment. The main feature is that the player and his teammates don’t get experience points for the killing of various opponents and for the victory in a battle.

First, let’s look at everything that provides experience points in the game.

  1. Quest completion – you’ll get experience points for the successful completion of storyline and side quests. Pay attention to the fact that you earn experience not only in the end of the quest, but also during the course of the quest. At the end of the quest, you’ll see the total number of XP that you received in logs in the lower right corner of the screen. Above, you’ll see how much experience you got for the completion of the last goal.
  2. Exploration – when you visit a new location on the island or open new regions on the world map, you’ll get experience points (from several hundred to thousands). Thus, you can upgrade your characters by simply exploring the game world.
  3. New monsters’ engagement can potentially bring experience points. The game has a bestiary that is opened by clicking on J button. The information in the bestiary appears after you have killed a certain number of monsters. To study skeletons, a few killed ones are enough, but to learn about more powerful enemies you’ll need many more bodies. Experience will be assigned only after the full research of the monster and the release of all available information.
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These are the three main methods of getting experience points. After you have collected the necessary XP, your character will level-up. Each new level requires more experience points. The current XP number and the XP number needed for the level-up is seen on the personal information screen (press on C button).

The game will automatically inform you about the new level for your character by the “plus” sign at the upper right corner of the character’s icon. All heroes (the Keeper and his companions) get the new level simultaneously. Click on the “plus” to upgrade the character and choose one active and one passive skill (regardless of whether your character is multi-class or not).

In the next menu, you can buy various spells and passive bonuses. They are divided into different levels, from first to ninth. The higher-level skills are at the end of the list. To unlock new skills, you should upgrade the character to a certain level.

Single class characters receive one skill-point. When you unlock the new skill level, you get two skill points. More on single class and multi-class characters in “Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire – class guide”.

Here’s how skills are unlocked:

  • 1st character level – skills I.
  • 3rd character level – skills II.
  • 5th character level – skills III.
  • 7th character level – skills IV.
  • 9th character level – skills V.
  • 11th character level – skills VI.
  • 13th character level – skills VII.
  • 16th character level – skills VIII.
  • 19th character level – skills IX.

Multi-class characters get the same number of skill points, but skill levels are unlocked slower:

  • 1st character level – skills I.
  • 4th character level – skills II.
  • 7th character level – skills III.
  • 10th character level – skills IV.
  • 13th character level – skills V.
  • 16th character level – skills VI.
  • 19th character level – skills VII.

John Davis