Pathologic 2

Release date: May 23, 2019
Platforms: Mac, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

How to Save Your Game in Pathologic 2

How to save your progress and where to find all save locations

In Pathologic 2, you will face numerous obstacles ranging from hunger, thirst, exhaustion to inability to save your progress manually. Auto saves work exclusively during the prologue of the game. After this, you’ll have to act in a special way.

The walkthrough of the game consists of 12 days. In each of them, you’ll have to deal with a new storyline and side tasks, while your main goal is to defeat the plague which terrorizes the town. Pathologic 2 developers decided to stay close to their roots while further complicating gamers’ life.

How to save in Pathologic 2

In the first episode, the protagonist, Haruspex, can only save his progress with the help of special wooden clocks which are hidden inside most important objects. Usually, these are houses of NPCs who play the main roles in Pathologic 2 story.

Further complicating the walkthrough, some tasks are available only in certain days and not all 24 hours. To get access to certain quests, you must complete a certain day. Some of the quests require you to complete a series of other quests. Some missions that were available at the beginning of the game will become unavailable due to the growing plague as you progress to the final of the game.

On the screenshot below, you can see the location of each house. Save our page in bookmarks so that you can always see the nearest save point. It’s a good idea to save your progress frequently as any death sends you back to the last clock with which you interacted. Fortunately, you can do it an unlimited number of times.

How to Save Your Game in Pathologic 2-1

Several clocks might exist in one building, but the way to them lies through different doors. You can see this in Olgimsky mansion. On the first day, you can save at Lara or Grief – friends whom you can visit after you have been at your father’s house. One more save point is located in the orphan camp on the territory of the warehouses.

All save locations

  • Haruspex's Den (The Factory)
  • The Broken Heart bar (The Factory)
  • Bad Grief's Nest (The Warehouses)
  • The Soul-and-a-Half Fortress (The Warehouses)
  • Lara Ravel's Shelter (The Flank)
  • The Kains' Crucible (The Bridge Square)
  • Maria Kaina’s Crucible (The Bridge Square)
  • Eva Yan's Still Water (The Bridge Square)
  • Town Hall (The Backbone)
  • Rubin's Apartment (The Hindquarters)
  • Capella's Wing (The Gut)
  • The Olgimskys' Lump (The Gut)
  • Aspity's Hospice (The Crude Sprawl)
  • The Trammel (The Chine)

How to save anywhere

Console commands work in Pathologic 2. During the game, you can enter a special code which allows you to save your progress at any place – right where your character is standing right now. To do this, press CTRL+SHIFT+F4. This opens the console. Then, enter save_game. Unlike most other console commands, this one is safe and unlikely to harm the gameplay.

Robert Summers