Pathologic 2

Release date: May 23, 2019
Platforms: Mac, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Pathologic 2 Cheats and Console Commands

Console activation, list of cheat codes for Pathologic 2 and most important console commands

How to open the console

To open the console in the game, press CTRL+SHIFT+F4.

Commands list

We’ll start by listing commands and then talk about how you can get immortality, increase the speed of the game and much more:

  • unlock_achievement
  • reset_achievement
  • unlock_all_achievements
  • reset_all_achievements
  • set_animator
  • create_blueprint
  • blueprint_send_event
  • blueprint_set_value
  • dump
  • dump_missing_mesh
  • gc_collect
  • unload_unused_assets
  • reserv_mono_heap
  • dump_memory
  • screen_capture
  • teleport
  • add_storable
  • throw
  • exit
  • change_weather
  • test
  • print
  • exec
  • enable
  • disable
  • camera
  • event
  • enum
  • get
  • save_game
  • load_game
  • start_game
  • set
  • history
  • clear

Most important console commands in more detail

If you want to quickly save the game at any convenient place, enter the cheat save_game. The command load_game will allow you to quickly load the last save.

However, the most interesting and productive are the commands SET and GET. Enter any of them and press Enter. On the screen, you’ll see a list of additional phrases that work with them:

  • Immortality – set immortal true (false – if you want to turn it off).
  • Increase the speed of walking – set walk_speed 20 (or any other value).
  • Increase the speed of running - set run_speed 20 (or any other value).
  • Increase the speed of sneaking – set sneak_speed 20 (or any other value).

How to change the character’s parameters (hunger, thirst, exhaustion)

Open the console, then select the Inspector tab and go to PlayerUpdater/Updatable. From the list, choose Element 0. There, you’ll see a list of character’s parameters. For example, if you want to get rid of hunger, choose Hunger and set it to ‘’0’’.

Pathologic 2 Cheats and Console Commands-1
Note. Instead of Element 0, you may have to choose Element 1 or Element 5 and so on. Make sure that when this block opens, the first line OwnerHierarchyPath has Object/Player without any additions.

To reduce thirst, set Thirst to ‘’0’’. To increase your immunity to maximum, set Immunity to ‘’2’’.

How to add items

To get a specific item, you need to use this command:

add_storable -storable: N

Write the ID of the needed item instead of N. You can see the list of all items if you use the ‘’enum -storable’’ command.

For instance, if you want to get revolver ammo, type: add_storable -storable:Ammo_Revolver_Entity

Robert Summers