Pathologic 2

Release date: May 23, 2019
Platforms: Mac, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Pathologic 2 Walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough of storyline quests, important decisions and endings

Before you start playing the game, be sure to check out these 20 tips that will help you with your playthrough.

The main character of Pathologic 2 is Artemy Burakh who is returning to his hometown after receiving a disturbing letter from his father.


At the beginning of the game, go to the room where Mark Immortell is located and talk to him. After this, you will find yourself in the theater. Talk to the two characters located below and with the Executor (he has a beak) who stands above.

Pathologic 2 Walkthrough-1

Leave the theater and follow the marker on the map to the cathedral. On the way to the bridge, you can talk to a woman who will provide Haruspex with advice. She will tell you that you need to talk with him, and not with her. Decide for yourself, but we have chosen ‘’him’’, the man on the right side of the table – a general. In any case, you’ll also have to talk to a woman, Inquisitor. After this, Mark Immortell will appear. Talk to him.

Go to the end of the car so that a coffin drops, and a man gets out of it. Talk to him, then the train will experience an accident. Go outside, having taken out of turned on the lantern, and go to the left. Talk to Executor near a huge bull and move along the rails until you faint. Talk to him again in the car and wait until you find yourself in the house.

Pathologic 2 Walkthrough-2

Examine all the rooms – you do not have to collect items. In one of the rooms, you’ll find a passage to the bedroom where a girl lies. Talk to her, she will ask for water. Find a bottle in one of the closets or in the washbasin of the previous room, then go outside and get water from the tank in front of you. Having done this, return to the girl and you’ll see the Executor.

Pathologic 2 Walkthrough-3

Talk to your fellow passenger, then to the representative of the tribe. Complete combat training by doing what the game tells you to do and then win or lose in the fight. Talk to the man again, and then exchange hearts (select the one and the other LMB and confirm the exchange).

Go through the house. There is no sense to search boxes as all that you collect will not be saved. Get to the far door on the second floor and watch the cutscene which ends the prologue.

Act 1. Day 1

At the beginning of the game, Burakh will kill three people. Go to Lisa in the dog mask from the car on the left and talk to her two times. You’ll get a bandage which is used to treat your wounds. Then, go to Executors Beak and Claw. Talk with them, learn about your health condition and that you have 12 days to complete the game. Shadow which is sitting in the nearby will tell you that you need to go to friends or someone else but not to your home.

Pathologic 2 Walkthrough-4

The whole city is divided into several districts. Go to the south-east to the warehouses. Go behind the fence and talk to a man with a mustache. It’s easy to understand that someone wants to talk to you – hold CTRL and go to highlighted figures. Head to the Gut and talk to the Tragedian near the house on the south from the pharmacy. He will give you a cracker and tell that you can buy food in the shops or exchange it with people.

The house of your father and the quest marker of the main mission are located in the Hindquarters. In the western part of the location, you’ll meet a man with a bull. He sells the animal for 200 coins. You do not have them, but the marker with his location will stay on the map.

There’s a house in the nearby. Enter it and learn from a girl that a cannibal was caught in the western part of the Skinners. If you go there, you will watch a cutscene with burning of a woman, talk to the people and search the ashes to get a talisman.

Move along the storyline and head to the father’s house to find a crowd. Talk to everyone and talk to the boy near the entrance. Now you need to visit three different people – Rubin, father’s apprentice, Filin at the warehouses and Lara Ravel at the Shelter by the river.

Pathologic 2 Walkthrough-5

Go to Rubin, enter the house and go to the second floor. Go to an open room, talk to a man and then leave the house. Rubin will tell you that you are suspected of killing your father.

Go outside and talk to two kids who will ask you for help at the warehouses. Also, a man will run up to you and tell that Haruspex is suspected of murder. Head to the warehouses and talk to their leader.

After this, head to the highlighted point on the map, in the lower left corner, and find a character in a dog mask behind one of the stones. It was he who provided you with a bandage at the beginning. Make your decision. We followed the quest and handcuffed him. After this, you need to go back to the kids to complete the quest. From now on, they are your allies. You can find them every day in the town, and many of them will tell you where to find something interesting.

Go to Lara. If you have a finger, you may use transportation services. Talk to the woman and rest at the couch in the nearby. Go to the second floor and enter an open room where Changeling is hiding. Talk to her twice, and then talk twice to Lara.

At a certain moment, you’ll be searched. Haruspex will be hated in all districts of the town. However, Lara will be able to convince the nearest three districts that you are innocent. You’ll be able to trade in these districts while the remaining districts will remain hostile to you. Fortunately, hunt for Haruspex will end in 20:00 so you’ll be able to freely travel to any part of the city. We recommend completing quests and sleep at Lara’s place until 20:00. Even if you sleep longer, Lara will wake you up as a man from Olgimsky will come.

Listen to the messenger, go to Olgimsky mansion and talk to Vlad, the head of the house. After this, go to the Broken Heart and talk to people inside. You’ll learn that you can freely kill bandits at night. More, you may receive a reward for this.

You can try out how Tvirin works. Having drunk this tincture, you’ll activate one marker on the map. It will highlight some interesting place associated with side tasks. For example, a half-naked girl stands at the side of Lara’s house. You can pour blood on the roots of the tree. You may do this once per day, and herbs will grow near the roots as a result of your action. After 0:00, the day will be completed.

Act 2. Day 2

Exactly at midnight, you’ll be informed about the results of the first day. You will also learn that a repetition is held each night at the theater. Walk around the town until you’ll be notified about a post with ads. Examine it so that the theater’s mark appears on the map. Go inside and listen to Mark Immortell.

Pathologic 2 Walkthrough-6

Go outside – you’ll see that a dead things store on the map. Head there if you have time. After 7:30, the map will be updated, and the second act will begin. Go to the Olgimsky house. At the opposite courtyard, behind the pharmacy, you’ll find several kids (if you helped them in Day 1) who will provide you with valuable information.

Go to the backyard of Olgimsky house and meet children who want to bury a doll. If you agree, you’ll see a cutscene.

Pathologic 2 Walkthrough-7

Enter the house through the side door, go to the second floor and enter the balcony. Talk to Yulia Luricheva to update the people list. Climb to the third floor and talk to Capella twice – she is the daughter of Vlad Olgimsky. You’ll learn that his heir is in the pub. Follow the marker to Broken Heart and talk to a man with a mustache by the bar counter.

Head to the cemetery where the protagonist’s father is being buried. Talk to Changeling and to Grace on the right. Talk to Aspity and the people near the corpse. After this, the body will be burned. Talk to Aspity again to move to her house. Talk to her three times. You will get various items and learn about some list of your father. Markers will appear on the map. You can sleep at Aspity’s house.

Pathologic 2 Walkthrough-8

Go to Grace at the cemetery and talk to her. Then, go to Capella in Olgimsky house and find information about children from the list. You’ll learn where to find others from kids and pedestrians.

Go to the Order and talk to people on the streets. Go inside and talk to Alexander Saburov. He will provide you with the key from father’s house. Go to the house, climb to the second floor, and examine a casket in the bedroom with blood. Grab a rusty key with a note and examine it in the inventory. Visit the house of Rubin Stakh and talk to him and Lara Ravel.

Now that you have father’s rusty key, follow the marker to the warehouses. Go down and talk to Sticky, but first examine the letter with the rusty key and talk to younger Olgimsky in the pub. He was the one who provided your father with a lab. Now, you need to fix two tables – for repair and for creation of tinctures.

Go outside. If you have talked to people, you know that Grace can talk to dead. Go to the cemetery, enter the building near which she stood earlier and talk to her. Ask her to talk with your father, but the conversation won’t be successful. Go outside and talk to a kid named Murky who will tell you that there’s another way to talk to the dead, but you need brown twyre.

Collect the necessary herbs (fortunately, you are in the field) and talk to Murky. Unfortunately, you were deceived, but you have collected herbs for yourself.

Try to get to the Termitary in the lower right corner of the map (a big red object) but you won’t be able to get inside. Go to Olgimsky, but he will refuse to let you in. Starting from 18:00, you can go to the railway station and talk to kids who are located there.

Pathologic 2 Walkthrough-9

Head to the cathedral and talk to kids. You will learn about a kids’ secret on the bridge to the south-east from this place. Also, talk to children near the Polyhedron, but, just like in the case of the Termitary, you won’t be able to get inside today.

Act 2. Day 3

We have taken a rest at Olgimsky house. In the morning, at 7:30, go outside and talk to workers by the doors. Go to Lara’s house that is located in the north of the map and talk to the woman. Wait until a messenger comes to you and then go to Vlad Olgimsky. Ask him what happened with father’s house. Georgy Kain wants to take it, but the hero decides to find the Judge.

Go to Kain’s mansion. Talk to Victor and then to Georgy from the nearby house. Bring the house-related paperwork to Hindquarters’ alderman. To do this, enter the specified building, climb to the second floor and find a standing man in one of the four corner apartments. Beware of black clots! All houses which are marked by the black color can be searched freely.

Pathologic 2 Walkthrough-10

Walk around the location until Notkin’s messenger runs up to you. One of his friends fell ill. Go to the warehouses and talk to Notkin. Return to the lab and create several tinctures, then diagnose the child at Notkin’s base. In our case, the bones were sick, so we had to apply antibiotic for bone treatment.

Go outside, talk to Sticky and go to your lab. Talk to the people in the nearby and also do not forget to talk to Aspity inside. Follow the marker to meet Bachelor, but you’ll find only Eve inside the building. Talk to the vulgar woman and then head to the Town Hall. The route will be indicated by Shadows. Go inside and talk to all characters including Georgy Kain who will appear at the end.

Now we must check the health of Andrey and Peter Stamatin in the infected areas. Peter was provided with the tincture Medrel. The same tincture was given to Anna Angel, whose marker appears after you have visited Peter. Next, go to the Broken Heart bar and talk to Andrey Stamatin. He does not need your help. On the second floor of the bar, you’ll find Notkin and Khan from Polyhedron. Talk to both.

Pathologic 2 Walkthrough-11

Notkin will tell you that Death settled in the Crude Sprawl. Go there, enter the house and go upstairs. Notkin and Khan are in one of the rooms. Now you need to wait for the morning or light all the candles:

  • In the room with Notkin and Khan;
  • In the neighboring room, on the table;
  • In the far room of the second floor;
  • Below, in the kitchen (turn to the left two times after you have descended the stairs);
  • In one of the two other rooms on the first floor;
  • Go up to the second floor and find the last candle in the corner of the corridor, on the shelf.

After this, talk to Notkin and tell him that it’s high time to get out of here. Go to sleep.

Act 3. Day 4

At night, visit the theater to see a new play. You can give preventive treatment to Sticky in your lab and to Andrey Stamatin in the bar. Notkin will also get sick. The Gut will become infected as well. You can protect Olgimsky – Capella and Vlad. The Chine, where Yulia Lyuricheva lives, will also become infected – you can give her an immunity booster. You can’t get to Notkin at night.

After 7:30, talk to Sticky and learn where to find tools that you need to repair a complex machine from Haruspex’ lab. Head to the warehouses, talk to Notkin at the entry and go inside. Heal Notkin. Save your progress at the clock and then pick the right antibiotic. If you have made a wrong choice, reload the game. This will allow you to save tinctures. In our case, he needed feromycin.

Talk to Aspity near her house about Udurg. This is a living thing. You should also be caught by Saburov’s messenger. The latter, apparently, caught the killer of Haruspex’ father. Starting from this day, you’ll start coming across more expensive leather items which have good quality. Head to the west where you were sent by Sticky, talk to him at the entry to the shop and buy a set of tools from the seller of clothes. Using this set of tools and a gear, you’ll be able to repair the device for making drugs.

Go inside the theater where the hospital is now located. Talk to Rubin Stakh (three times) and Lara Revel. Give painkillers to four sick people to complete the job. You’ll get the reward the next day in the Fund, and a new job will appear at the hospital. Painkillers can be obtained from pharmacies and town residents. You can still visit the Fund and talk to everyone.

Head to the Chine. You’ll hear a baby cry in one of the southern houses. Go inside, climb to the second floor and find Anna Angel at the crib in one of the rooms. Grab the child and take him to the Fund.

Pathologic 2 Walkthrough-12

Return to your den and fix a big alembic, have talked to the Executor first. Visit Saburov and talk to the Steppe man. He did not kill Haruspex’ father. Report it to commandant Saburov.

Visit the Maw and talk to Vlad Olgimsky in his house. To do this, find wooden walkways and use them to get to the emergency door. He also does not know who Udurg is. Head to the kids’ house in Spleen and talk to Khan. Talk to other children. You can fix their lamp, but you’ll need one gear. At three o’clock, a messenger from Olgimsky Junior will come to you. Go to Vlad’s home and talk to him.

Obtain the organs of the infected people. You can kill one of the men in bandages in the infected area. When the lancet is used, the risk of damage to organs is lower. Once you have done this, prepare any infusion in the lab using your new equipment. This takes time – you can sleep. Take the infusion – the Executor will appear at your doors. Talk to him and then talk to Sticky.

After 18:00, a man will come to you – listen to him and then follow a new marker to father’s house which was visited by the robbers.

Having obtained infected organs and having prepared several infusions, go to the infected area and give them to sick people (they are lying on the ground and writhe in pain). In the end, you’ll realize that you have obtained ordinary antibiotics. After you give three-four various infusions, a character will appear – you can talk to him. Other branches will be filled with the fact that it no longer makes sense to pick a medicine. This is a faulty approach.

When a messenger comes to you, visit Vlad. You’ll learn that Rubin is doing something bad at night. Head to his home, talk to people on the second floor – Rubin himself will not be there. Go to Grief at the warehouses and talk to him. Follow the ‘’trail’’ marker, then follow blood trails on the ground of the warehouse to the north of Grief’s lair. Go inside and talk to Rubin Stakh. Go outside and decide what you should do next. If you want to save Stakh, kill four egg-headed enemies in the warehouse. The first one will be literally nearby.

Act 3. Day 5

At night, talk to people at Aspity’s house. Head to the Broken Heart bar and talk to Bachelor. Then, visit the theater to see a new play. The dead things shop will open after this. You can give the medicine to some sick people who have appeared in the town or postpone this move until daylight.

Have a sleep. At night, you’ll have a dream in Lara’s house. Go to the first floor and find Lara in front of desks with children. Talk to her and move away.

Pathologic 2 Walkthrough-13

At 7:30, talk to Sticky and Murky who will appear inside your lab at the front door. Visit the Town Hall and collect your reward. It lies inside a dark cabinet to the right of the man that sits by the table.

If you want to earn a reward for tomorrow, visit the hospital and talk to Bachelor and Rubin. You will need to give correct antibiotics to at least three patients. You can use the console to save your progress: CTRL+SHIFT+F4, then type save_game. You can read more about this in Cheats and Console Commands and How to Save Your Game guides.

Give the antibiotic to one patient. If everything is correct, save the game again. If you made a mistake, load the last save and give a different pill. This tactic will allow you to save tinctures and antibiotics.

In case Andrey Stamatin gets ill, go to the Broken Heart bar and find this character on the second floor, by the stairs (he looks at the dance floor).

Pathologic 2 Walkthrough-14

Visit the place in the town where people stand with a bull. You will learn that the bull will be slaughtered after 18:00. Head to the mound, cut the bull and take your share. Before and after you do this, you will have to talk to a certain person.

Go home and sleep to see a dream and talk to your mother. The girl will tell you that Udurg’s departure can be found in the Steppe. Also, do not forget to visit Rubin Stakh after 22:00. Three men from the Town Hall will be standing near his lab at the warehouses. Talk to them, and then talk to Rubin inside the warehouses. To help your friend, hit one of the three men that stand outside and run. Let them chase you so that Rubin can escape. The alternative option is to kill all three enemies but it’s a very hard task. At this point, Rubin’s storyline is over, and the character is saved.

Act 3. Day 6

As usual, start the night by visiting the theater. On the way, you will meet Changeling and Crow. From Changeling, you will learn about the problems at Saburov’s mansion. Head to Tanners and visit this estate. A crowd will stand in front of the mansion. Talk to the people, go inside and talk to shadows in the corner of Alexander’s office. After this, talk to Saburov himself. Go outside and drive the crowd away.

Heal everyone you can and give tinctures to people in danger. Head to the hospital and talk to Stakh. You need to remove six organs from corpses inside the theater and then put them in the chest that stands on the scene. Once you have done this, you’ll be able to collect the reward from the Town Hall the next day.

There’s a grocery shop on the territory of the Backbone, below the Town Hall. Go inside this grocery shop and talk to Olgimsky. This is an additional branch of conversation.

At the morning, a messenger will come to you and tell that Saburov has once again caught a potential murderer of Haruspex’ father. Head to the mansion and talk to suspect. He is also not guilty. Talk to Saburov, go outside and use the back entrance to go to Katerina Saburova’s room. Talk to all shadows, talk to Katerina and then to Rat Prophet. Having done this, give tincture to Katerina if you want to improve her immunity.

Head to the lower right corner of the map. You will find no Udurg in the abandoned camp. However, you’ll be able to collect two flasks of living blood between the stones. Return to your lab and cook a new medicine, combining any tincture with blood. This will take more than two hours. Then, visit an infected person. If everyone was provided with medicine, go to the infected area and give the new medicine to any patient. The patient will immediately recover. This is a very important tip. If you complete this task, you will increase your chances for success.

Pathologic 2 Walkthrough-15

During the day, talk to Murky who is located in your lab. Soon she will say that her friend who does not like the hero will be waiting for him closer to twilight.

After 18:00, you can visit kids at the station and talk to everybody. After 22:00, go to the Steppe and talk to Murky at a place where her friend should have been present. You’ll see Changeling by the fire. If you agree with her, Murky will stay alive but you’ll get infected. If you refuse, Murky will die but Haruspex will not be infected. If Murky survived, head to your lab and check whether the girl is there. She will not be there – instead, a marker on the map will point to a lonely car. Go there and talk to the girl.

Pathologic 2 Walkthrough-16

Айза will come to you and say that Luricheva has alarming news for the hero. Visit her library and talk to the woman. Another girl will be inside the house – talk to her.

Act 4. Day 7

Go to the theater at night and visit the Town Hall to get a reward in case you have completed the quest in the hospital the day before. Visit the dead things shop and then go to sleep or go about some other business until morning comes. At 7:30, you’ll see a cutscene which shows the arrival of the Inquisitor. The next act begins.

Pathologic 2 Walkthrough-17

Talk to other people to learn that something is wrong at Anna Angel’s house. Also in the morning, a messenger will come to you and tell that the Inquisitor wants to see you. Go to the cathedral in the western part of the town. Talk to the people outside the cathedral and then go inside and talk to Aglaya Lilich.

Inside the hospital, you’ll be tasked with finding survivors among the dead. Go to the second floor of the theater, visit the left or the right part of the balcony to find two writhing people. Exit the hospital (theater) and find two more patients on the left and right, among the corpses. Interact with each of them to complete the task.

Since you will not find Stakh in the hospital, a marker will appear on his house. Go there and visit Rubin. He is lying on the bed in the far room on the second floor. Talk about everything and leave.

In the case of Anna Angel, you can exchange her fate for the spindle. You can find this item in thrash containers or houses. In the latter case, search the houses in infected areas or those that are marked by black color. Swap the spindle for the heart to complete the quest chain.

Go to Capella when the marker appears on the map (the protagonist will realize that she has something to say). Having done this, talk to the girl, then go to the cemetery and enter the crypt where Grace is located. Talk to her, come to the bodies at the entry and interact with them. Burn the corpses so that other grave diggers have no fear doing it. Go back and talk to Grace. After this, Dora will appear. You can allow Grace to stay on the cemetery or allow Dora to take her from there. We have chosen the second option.

Go to the lower right corner of the map and talk to foreman Oyun. He will say that living blood could be found at the slaughterhouses, but he will be able to open them only after you have found the murderer of your father. Talk to him three times to update the map and ‘’thoughts’’.

Head to the Termitary. There are no guards in the nearby, so you’ll be able to go inside. Do this and talk to the Inquisitor Aglaya Lilich. Climb up two tiers and find two open doors. One of them leads to the room with people and Taya Tycheek, the daughter of late Tycheek. You may have seen this girl in a dream. Talk to her. She refuses to leave – you can take her only with the Order.

Go out of the room and talk to other people. Agree to bring them the one who is to blame for everything that is happening with the town. Go to the father’s house where Oyun is waiting for you. Ask him what happened in the Termitary. Agree with him.

Pathologic 2 Walkthrough-18

Talk with his shadow. After this, go to Vlad Olgimsky Senior who is located in his mansion and talk about everything. Visit Vlad Junior and learn that he closed the Termitary. You can immediately head to Termitary. In this case, Olgimsky’s son will appear before the court. The other option is to visit Olgimsky Senior and tell him about his son. This move will lead to Olgimsky Senior appearing before the court. Anyway, you’ll have to return to the Termitary.

Pathologic 2 Walkthrough-19

We have sent Big Vlad there. Talk to him and to the man at the pit. Go to the father’s house and talk to Oyun who will insist on using brute force. Right now, you can go to the Termitary and kill the dissenters. However, there is another option – to realize it, you should have denied violence in your conversation with them. Similar answers should have been chosen in your conversation with Oyun. In this case, you’ll be offered a test: a fist fight. If you haven’t denied violence, visit Termitary after you have talked to the foreman, climb to the third and fourth tiers and kill four Steppe men. In any case, talk to the people near the pit with Olgimsky to complete the quest. The Order’s body is now one, and the Steppe people have left the town.

Complete unfinished business if you have one and proceed to the next day. At night, you will see a dream with Haruspex, Bachelor, and Changeling.

Act 4. Day 8

Start the day by visiting Aspity’s house and talk to different people. Also, you can chat with kids at the station. Visit the theater to watch another repetition. After this, you can visit the dead goods shop.

Visit the Town Hall, collect the reward and talk to the girl. You will learn that Grace is now living with Peter Stamatin. Go to the man and talk with him and with the girl. Go to the hospital. This day’s quest is to hold on for one hour without going out of the building. Obviously, it’s not that easy: black clots will appear at the hospital.

After 17:00, ‘’heart’’ marker will appear. Head to the upper left corner of the map and talk to Capella who stands near children. There’s nothing more to do (except for treating patients or improving immunity of people in danger) so you can go about any business until the end of the day.

Act 4. Day 9

At night, visit the theater, and then wait until morning (07:30) when army led by Block arrives at the town. Near Lara’s house, you’ll hear screams coming from a nearby building. Go inside and find Katerina Saburova in one of the rooms. You can talk to her.

Head to the Town Hall which was captured by the army. Talk to Block. Go to the hospital. Clara will ask you to completely cure one patient. You need a powder or serum of living blood. Visit Aglaya and talk to her. Grace will stand at the exit. After the conversation with the girl, go to the children at the Polyhedron which is located on the left side. Talk to the kids who are located below and then to Capella who is standing slightly above.

Closer to the evening (after 17:00), a messenger from foreman Oyun will visit you. Go to your father’s house and talk to the man. Agree with him to get access to slaughterhouses. Follow the marker and enter through the door. Go inside and examine the sources of blood. To leave slaughterhouses, you need to jump into the pit or let yourself be defeated.

To finish your business in the slaughterhouses, go forward and talk to a man sitting on the ground. Move on and defeat your first enemy in a fist fight. A ‘’fingernail’’ will fall out of him. You will also be able to pick up an empty bottle. Drink blood from the well and fill the bottle with it. Move on – when you see women with black clots, go out of your way and find a woman who sits on a stone. Three girls stand behind her. Talk to them to get a knife and then talk to the girl on the stone. Kill her to perform a ritual.

Search the woman’s corpse and grab organs and spindle. Move on and deal with a few more opponents. You may use the knife. A stub will drop out of one of them. Get to the hall and talk to a man. Use the spindle to tie the ‘’fingernail’’ and butt on a stone table. Chat with a strange organ and jump down as there is no other way out. We recommend collecting as much blood in bottles as possible as you will need to heal children the next day. Combine living blood with any tincture to get medicine that completely eliminates the plague.

You will find yourself inside this organ. Move through the corridors until you find a heart. Talk to it. This is Udurg – the heart of the town. After the conversation, find the stairs and get outside. This ends the day.

Act 4. Day 10

You will find yourself at home of Vlad Olgimsky Junior. After the intro, study the thoughts and talk to Oyun. You will learn that Haruspex’ father let the plague in, and you must complete the work he started. Visit the theater at night, give immunity boosters to people in danger and medicines to the sick. Go to bed and see a new dream. Talk to strange creatures and Haruspex’ farther by the altar.

We recommend collecting as many plants as possible at night and preparing tinctures. After 12:00, visit Aglaya and talk to her. In parallel, treat all infected children with a ‘’miracle’’ which comes in form of powder (some are hidden in caches – use twyrin to find them) or potion made from any tincture and living blood found in the slaughterhouses. Visit the hospital – the soldiers won’t let you in. The work is done.

Cure all children whom you can cure. By the way, if Grace was taken to Stamatin, she will live there even in the case when Peter dies while the marker may point to the crypt or the cemetery. Stamatin’s mansion is situated in the upper part of the Skinners district. Having cured everyone, talk to Survivor in a nomadic settlement in the lower right corner of the map. You will learn that Oyun killed Haruspex’ father. Go to the slaughterhouses, talk to Oyun at the very end and decide what to do – kill him, tell him to commit suicide or spare.

After 20:00 – 21:00, you’ll be tasked with visiting Aglaya. Go to the cathedral, talk to the soldier outside the building and go inside. Agree to escape with Aglaya.

Act 4. Day 11

At 2:00 the next day (any time after 2:00 till the morning comes), visit the station and talk to the woman. Talk with her in a train and go out when it stops. Talk to the soldiers who will kill Lilich. Return to the town, visit the theater and wait for the morning to come.

Go to Block and talk to him. He has not received Aglaya’s order to shoot at Polyhedron. Visit three places. In two of them, you will find dead messengers who were killed by Changeling and Bachelor. Go to the third place, talk to a soldier, then go south and talk to another soldier. Visit the Broken Heart bar, talk to the leader and perform operation on his colleague. After this, talk to a ‘’courier’’. Kill the man impersonating Artemy Burakh, and then go outside and talk to a strange crowd.

The messenger is alive, he is wounded and hides somewhere in the town. The game won’t show you where to search for him. Go to your lab and find a body at the entry. Take the note and decide what you should do now. The ending of the game depends on your decision.

Ending 1

You can wait until 22:00 when the soldiers leave and hide Aglaya’s order from them. You can also burn the note in the barrel with fire not far from the lab. After this, you’ll have a series of conversations with familiar characters. The plague is undefeated, but Udurg and the ground survive.

Ending 2

To get this ending, you need to deliver the note to Block, then get blood at the Polyhedron and take it to the theater. A series of dialogues will follow. You save the town from the plague, but the ground and the creatures it generated die.

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