Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Release date: 2018
Platforms: Mac, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Developers Interviews

In case you are interested in how Owlcat games developed the game, check out these interviews with development leads
  • Studio lead Oleg Shpilchevsk gave an interview to a Russian media outlet App2Top.ru about the development process, crunches and technical issues that plagued the game upon its release. We highlighted the main points for you.
  • In a long pocast with Disgusting Men Studio head Oleg Shpilchevsky and Creative director Alexander Mishulin talked about their future plans, working with Chris Avellone, choosing the Pathfinder roleplay system and realtime battle, and much more. Check out our summary of the 80-minutes talk.

John Davis