Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Release date: 2018
Platforms: Mac, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Kingdom Development Walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough of kingdom quests in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.

How to build a Kingdom

It begins automatically once you have completed the first act and became the ruler of the kingdom. Open the map of Tuskdale (when you are on the world map in the kingdom management system) and select the line ‘’Map’’ in the upper right corner. Enter the village and build any building. Also, you need to appoint an advisor to any position, and then attach the Outskirts to the kingdom. This is done in the same management system, on the world map.

Later, you’ll be asked to improve the settlement to a town. This happens in the framework of one of the events which is not immediately available. Be patient, complete storyline quests and follow the situation in the kingdom. As soon as you add three regions, the event will be unlocked.

The final goal of the quest is the most difficult to reach. You have to unblock a second kingdom attribute. Deal with various events until you’re allowed to upgrade your Village into a Town.

An Ancient Curse

Part One

Begins automatically after you complete the first act and become the ruler of the kingdom. Just travel around the world map, managing the main character and his squad. Explore the various ‘’blue’’ points that give certain bonuses to your kingdom. Near your fortress, there’s a location called Bald Hilltop: sooner or later, you’ll learn about activity there. Go to this territory and fight against spiders.

Return to the kingdom and execute the project ‘’Spider’s plague’’ after having dealt with spiders. After a while, visitors will arrive to the throne room and the second part of the quest will begin.

Part Two

It is activated after the completion of the previous quest. As previously, you need to wait a specified period of time while completing other tasks. It is advisable to finish off the trolls before the deadline so that you do not have to fight against two opponents at once. When monsters appear appear, release an appropriate decree in the ‘’projects’’ section of the kingdom management system.

Part Three

Begins after the end of the countdown related to the previous quest. Go to the Bald Hilltop, which you have visited before (to the left of the capital of the kingdom). When a corresponding event appears, you will again need to send a person to the location ‘’Bald Hilltop‘’ in the menu. When he returns with the successful completion of the mission, the task will be completed.

Part Four

Begins after the completion of the third part. For starters, you need to visit the throne room and discuss the problem with Linzi. After this, you will simply need to develop the kingdom, waiting for a new attack. At some point, approximately 20 days before the end of the countdown, you’ll be asked to visit the Bald Hilltop. Move there (keep in mind that it is located near the capital, at the upper left side from it). Defeat all enemies and complete this part of the mission.

Part Five

Except for defeating the enemies on the Bald Hilltop, you should also deal with the Green Death event, otherwise, you’ll be losing five points of each of the three characteristics every week. So complete it as soon as possible to end the Part Five. The Part Six will start when a new guest will come to the throne room.

Part Six

The timer starts, and, first, you have to go to the Bald Hilltop and beat the enemies. Return to the capital right away and tackle the Wild Hunt event. Once you complete it, a visitor will arrive at the castle. Go to the throne room, talk with Storyteller who believes that the next attack from the Bald Hilltop might be the last one. Here the seventh (last) chapter starts.

Loyal Servants

Begins automatically after you have completed the first act and became the ruler of the kingdom. You will need to appoint advisors to all five positions. You only have candidates for four positions. In fact, everything is quite simple: go to the world map and go left to the location ‘’A Ford across the Skunk River’’. There, you will help the dwarves, including Jubilost. He will join the baron, and you can appoint him as a treasurer.

Next, your task will be updated – you need to unlock a new position for the advisor.

The Court Alchemist

It begins automatically after you have completed the first act and became the ruler of the kingdom. You have to visit Oleg’s Trading Post to talk to Bokken. You can persuade him to become an alchemist in the kingdom (both additional quests related to the search of the fangs and lunar radish for Bokken should be completed).

After this, return to the capital and create a settlement on the Outskirts (the region where Oleg’s Trading Post is located). For this, click on any small icon on the Outskirts and choose a place where the settlement will be located.

After that, start building a workshop for Bokken (that’s how it will be called). A few days shall pass. Once it is built, the quest will be completed.

An Ancient Formula

Bokken will come to the throne room (if you have built a lab for him). Ask what he needs and then agree to provide support to him. The man will ask to find three volumes of the alchemical treatise ‘’Of Transmutations and Bodily Poisons’’ for him. This quest is probably the most difficult of all the Kingdom Quests.

You should find the three volumes of a book. Buy the first one from the witch Beldame—you’ll find her in the swamp. After that, head for the Bridge over Gudrin River and go east to find a cave. Here you’ll have to fight with Crag Linnorm who uses fire. Kill the enemy, investigate the body and you’ll find the second volume.

You can find the third one during Chapter 2, or even later. Go to Verdant Chambers where you might have fought with the elf. You need to go for a mobility skill check on the right side of the entrance. Then, kill the wolves, investigate the man’s body and you’ll find the third volume of a treatise. Return to Oleg’s trading post and hand Bokken the books. After waiting for some time, return to the Kingdom and get into the throne room. Linzi will deliver a message from Svetlana Leveton who asks you to go back to Bokken. You need to talk to him and agree to do the experiment on a dog. A dog can be found next to the dummy. Test the potion on the dog by putting it into its chaps. As a result, the dog will double in size and attack the main character. Inform the Alchemist of that, and he’ll give another potion. Next, head for the wererat lair which is located to the west of Oleg’s trading post.

Make them talk with you and say that everybody who lives in the Kingdom is the King’s children. Deal with the remaining enemies and come back to Bokken. Then you should attack him after he has drunk the potion. The quest is completed, and you get 600 XP.


This is a simple task but a lengthy one: just gradually add adjacent territories, which become available as you progress through the game. You need to annex five regions. By the way, Warnhold will join you on a voluntary basis. This task will be necessary for the current quest.

P is for Prosperity

You first need to unlock the secondary barony indicator (through events) and then increase five and ten times the rankings of barony indicators (Provide Support projects) The quest ends after you maximize a kingdom rank.

The Varnhold Militia

This quest starts at the beginning of Chapter 5. Despite a big number of bugs, we’ve managed to pursue the quest. Your journal used to stop updating when you arrive at Varnhold. Head for the town (or, if it was renamed, visit the town in that location), come to the guard and talk with Tirval. There may be three different scenarios:

  • If you tell the militia leader that she should deal with her people alone, then only the main initiator will be killed.
  • According to the second scenario, Tirval will call you a fool, and the quest will be failed.
  • The third scenario implies that you should kill the militia and Tirval which also leads to the quest being failed.

Anyway, you won’t manage to proceed if you choose the first scenario. Tirval will literally divide into two. The bug will probably be fixed soon.

By Desna’s Paths

You’ll meet Desna in your throne room. She’ll ask you for building shrines on the sides of roads of the Stolen Lands. You may agree of disagree. If you choose to agree, switch to kingdom management mode and open a Projects tab. Here you’ll find a new task — to build Desna’s shrines. This quest is better to be completed by a chancellor. After a while check the Events tab and you’ll find a new one — By Desna’s Paths. This time, the quest should be completed by a guardian.

Finding the Pathfinders

In the fourth chapter you’ll encounter the Pathfinders. Talk to them in a polite manner and do not send them away. The Finding the Pathfinders quest will begin. Head for the throne room and open the Kingdom page. You can choose between diplomat and high priest. We recommend you to pick the first option.

Soon Anoriel will appear in your throne room to speak to the king on Pathfinders’ behalf (you may have already met Anoriel in the Oleg’s trading post tavern). You can either send the Pathfinders away from the land, or let them settle there. You’ll get 600 XP when you complete the quest.

This guide is going to be updated.

John Davis