Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Release date: 2018
Platforms: Mac, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Walkthrough

Pathfinder: Kingmaker main quest walkthrough

Prologue. The First Step on the Road to Glory

The First Step on the Road to Glory

In the beginning of the game, talk to Jamandi, the Swordlord, and then leave the big hall through the passage at the bottom-right. Wait for the game to load.

The castle will be attacked. Kill the first enemy that appears in the room, and then go after Linzi. Inspect different rooms, dealing with numerous killers and collecting useful items. Soon you will be joined by Tartuccio. He will give you a ring, and if you take it and put it on your finger, then at the end of the quest the liar will find a reason to accuse the main character.

Going forward, it worth mentioning that no matter what choices you make, Tartuccio will try to set up your hero, accusing him of treason, and Jamandi will decide to send two squads to the Stolen Lands. On the other hand, your actions and dialogue choices at the end of the quest determine which characters will join your group.

Those can be arbarian Amiri, bard Linzi, a dwarf called Harrim, fighter Valerie and rogue Octavia.

Go further and get to the opened arsenal. Search it and inspect the small box on the table. Tartuccio will offer to steal whatever is in there, taking 210 gold coins. This money belongs to the local guard, and if you take it, the villain will be able to blame you for this instance as well.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Walkthrough-4

Next, you will find yourself in a corridor with some traps, where you will be acquainted with another warrior. She likes to act directly and set the priorities straight (for example, in the future, she will want you to help Jamandi instead of saving the guard, but in that case you will lose Valerie’s respect and she will join Tartuccio). Go through the corridor, neutralizing the traps on your way with Linzi’s help.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Walkthrough-5

Soon you will see a couple more murderers, who are discussing Jamandi’s secret stash. After eavesdropping on them, you will receive a side quest called A Secret Room.

Go out into the yard and talk to dwarf Harrim, convincing him that his wounds are not lethal. He will join your group.

  • If you go down and into the place that looks like a storage room, then to the right of the entrance you will notice a secret lever. Interact with it to open a stash will some nice loot.
Pathfinder: Kingmaker Walkthrough-6

Head to the upper left corner and talk with a local guard. Pour water over yourself and go into the fire. If you decide to stay a look for a safe passage, the wall will fall on you. However, it is quite easy to dodge. Next, you will have to make a choice, which we mentioned above. Save the guard or ignore him.

Help Jamandi in battle, search the dead bodies and watching a cutscene to complete the quests. Try to justify yourself to Jamandi, but despite some clear evidence against Tartuccio, she will send two squads to the Stolen Lands, just like we told you in the beginning.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Walkthrough-13

Chapter 1. Stolen lands

Stolen Land

This is another story quest, which takes you to the Stolen Lands, where you will fight with the Stag Lord. Since there are two groups going there, the paths will be different, and yours lies through Oleg’s Trading Post. Just move to the left two times. There may be some random encounters with enemies or neutral NPCs on the way.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Walkthrough-14

Once you are there, go up and to the left, and fight with some outlaws. Then speak to Oleg and agree to help him.

There are boxes to the left of his store. One of them contains traps — interact with it and choose the option to set the traps. Proceed to the left again and find some tar next to the fence. Pour it near the entrance to the yard.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Walkthrough-15

Now you can trade and then fight with some enemies. Traps and tar will ease the encounter. Upon completion, head inside, climb up and lie on the bed. You will be rewarded with 100 coins for your help.

  • Rest is important in this game since tired and overworked characters will lose strength and will not be able to carry much stuff.

After a good sleep, go down and talk to Oleg. Anorelle Eight Eyes will appear in the shop. She will not want to join you but can summon some mercenaries — for 2000 coins each. You probably will not have so much money right now.

Oleg’s Trading Post is more of a headquarters, a safe place where you can do many things: help out the inhabitants with side quests, redistribute your squad, skills or attributes, rest, etc.

Go to the Thorn Ford location, which is located below and to the left of Oleg’s Post.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Walkthrough-16

It will be marked on your map with a round dark spot. In general, all the locations associated with quests will appear on the map if you already know about them. You only need to find the right route.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Walkthrough-17

Proceed there, go to the lower right corner of the map and destroy bandits. Read a letter from one of them to find out about some old house that the Stag Lord really wanted to burn down.

To do so, he sent his assistant there. The house will appear on the map — to the left of Oleg’s Trading Post or to the upper-left of the Thorn Ford.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Walkthrough-20

Once you are there, follow the Guardian of the Bloom. You will see some distant memories of how Stag Lord’s father treated him, and what the Stag Lord later did to his father. The exit is in the upper-right corner of the screen. There is also a hidden item in the destroyed wall close to the exit. It is a note that tells you the location of the Temple of the Elk.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Walkthrough-21

Leave the location, collecting all the items, then get down into the Temple of the Elk.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Walkthrough-22

Defeat all enemies, and then talk to Tristian in the upper right corner of the map. Invite him to join your group. After he becomes your companion, you can find him at the Oleg’s Trading Post, where he must heal his wounds.

Go the Post and tell Jhod about the temple.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Walkthrough-23

After a while, you will be able to attack the Stag Lord’s fortress. Head to the lower part of the area and attack it. Kill the zombies near the fortress, pick up some items and go through the gate (or break a hole in the fence on the left).

Deal with the outlaws and go up to the house of the Stag Lord. There will be many opponents, some of them are regular bandits and some of them are commanders in the Lord’s army. Kill all of them, including the main villain. Do not forget to pick up some useful loot. Inside the house, you will find druid Nugrah — Stag Lord’s father. You can’t even talk to him — he immediately attacks your squad when you open the door. Kill him if you like.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Walkthrough-27

Then you should head back to the trading post and tell Oleg everything. From now on, you will become one of the three rulers of the Stolen Lands. You will automatically return to Restov and learn about the Swordlords plans. You will gain 800 experience points for this quest.

Riverbed Nightmare

During one of the night's rests, the main character will have a nightmare with a noisy river. You should find the location called Nettle's Crossing, which is located on the right of Old Sycamore.

Head for this location, then go to the top right corner and talk to a ghost. He will ask you to do that you were going to do according to the quest – to kill the Stag Lord. Agree with him.

When you deal with the Stag Lord, go back to the crossing and tell Davik Nettles' ghost about that.

A Bitter Rival

During the journey through the Stolen Lands, an old man will stop you. Talk to him to find out that you rival Tartuccio is looking for some ancient power, which should help him win.

After that, the location Ancient Tomb will appear on the map. It is located to the bottom of Oleg’s Trading Post. Head there, search the cave and pick up whatever you want.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Walkthrough-28

Before going out, make sure to save, because there some serious skill tests await you ahead. Those can be failed. Using the knowledge of nature, find a trace and follow the creature down into the ravine. If you go around, you will stumble upon the kobolds, fight them and lose the trail of Tartuccio. But you will certainly learn where he went next anyway.

Go the Old Sycamore, located to the right of the Ancient Tomb. Walk up and decide how to act in the conflict between kobolds and mites.

By the way, when you are going to this location, Kesten, the servant of the Sworldlord, appears. He informs you that the investigation is completed and Tartuccio is the traitor. If you take one of the sides, those will be your allies. If you decided to go against both of them, then you will have to fight with kobolds and mites.

Go up and to the right, there will be an entrance to the cave under the Old Sycamore. In the upper right corner of this cave, there are huge gates. To open them, you will need a kobold’s relic. You can borrow it from Chief Sootscale (see the screenshots below).

Now go back and lift those gates. Defeat the kobolds and Tartuccio. On the way to him, you can find the queen of the mites and the leader of the kobolds and decide whether they will live or die.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Walkthrough-37

After dealing with Tartuccio, leave the location. The cutscene will begin, and you will see how somebody unknown to you revived you worst opponent.

At the exit from the cave, you will meet two companions (if you didn’t persuade one of them earlier in the tomb) who refused to follow you and went with Tartuccio. Now you can take them with you. Those are Jaethal and Harrim. Return to Oleg’s Trading Post and complete your objective by talking to Kesten inside the store. You will receive 1000 gold coins for completing this quest.

A Noble Welcome

At the reception, talk to two of your neighbors, Natala Surtova and a young guy named Lander, sitting at the very bottom of your screen.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Walkthrough-43

He represents the house of Lebeda. You can choose a different emissary in a conversation with Jamandi Aldori, and then proceed to the solemn part of the ceremony. This is where your quest ends, and you become the ruler of your own fortress.

Chapter 2. Troll Trouble

Troll Trouble

The quest will begin after you have your share of fun ruling the Kingdom a bit. Visit the throne room and learn from Kesten about the unusually high troll activity in the region. By the way, do not forget to add the nearest region to your kingdom.

To advance the quest, read the walkthrough of The Nature of the Beast main quest. You will find out why trolls are not afraid of fire. Soon after this, you will need to meet Ekundayo (refer to the quest A Score to Settle) and Jubilost (Renowned Explorer quest).

Next, you will have to return to Bartholomew to help him in the battle against trolls (go to the Lone House location). You learned everything you could about trolls.Their lair is located at the Dwarven Ruins location. It will be called Troll Lair afterwards. The most interesting thing here is that you can complete several quests at the same time: take Harrim (companion quest called Unwanted Legacy), Ekundayo (A Score to Settle quest) and Jubilost (Renowned Explorer quest) with you and go there.

Head inside the fortress, follow the trolls’ leader, descending to the lower floor. Search chests to collect keys and open doors If you can’t picklock them. Defeat the leader and decide what do you want to do — kill him or spare him. Regardless, the quest will be completed, and you will be ordered to return to the baron’s castle.

Here is a secret. On the upper level, you can find two plates with images of the Sun and the Moon. Now, if you look at the map, there will be two red flags indicating their location. You can rotate the plates and select certain symbols. But which ones? Go down to the lower level again and look for the Sun and the Moon statues in the central chamber — they will have the right symbols. Memorize them, set the plates right on the upper level, then go back and enjoy your chest with some gold and excellent armor.

A Just Reward

Exit the throne room (when interacting with the map inside, you return to the kingdom management screen) and walk around the city until you see the Guardian of the Bloom. She will thank you for killing the Stag Lord and will promise a valuable reward. And so the quest begins.

You need a location called Verdant Chambers. It is located in the west of the region. You must go there alone! At the destination, go forward and look around the big tree on the right. A nymph will appear and then sic the monster on the main character. You can either escape or kill them. Look for another way out — you can climb the wall to the right of the tree, but only if you pass the athletics test. You will finish the quest by leaving the location.

Lost Child

The quest will begin after you meet Jenna in the throne room (you will have to receive some visitors). Talk to her and learn about the missing son. The woman claims that the witch from Narlmaches is to blame. Head to the Swamp Witch’s Hut location. Details about it are described in the Swamp Bouquet and Mushrooms from the Mud Bowl errands.

Talk to the witch Old Beldame and learn that, apparently, she did not do anything wrong. It means that Jenna slandered her. Go back to your fortress and enter the tavern (either select it when you go to the fortress or exit the throne room and go all the way to the right to see the marker leading to it). Talk to Jenna in the upper left corner. She will say that her son could have gone to the Lake Candlemere.

What you are looking for is a Lizardfolk Village — it is also highlighted by a unique marker (to the left of the lake). The Candlemere itself is located to the bottom left of the capital. Head there and speak to the exiled lizardfolk Kagar. Head to the village’s entrance and tell the guard you want to talk to the leader. Chat with Vesket, then go outside and walk into the building on the right. Save your game before talking to Jenna’s son, Tig. The thing is that you will have to lure an evil spirit out of him and attack it. If you will not kill the spirit in time, he can finish off the boy. This is why a separate savegame is advised.

Defeat all enemies, and if Tig is saved, speak to him. Get out of the village, killing the rest of the lizards, and then leave the location and go back to the capital, where you need to talk with Jenna in the tavern. The quest will be completed. By the way, even if you don’t save the boy, you will still need to talk to her and tell her about the tragedy.

You will increase loyalty by three points and get 600 XP.

Nature of the Beast

When traveling to the left of the fortress, you will meet some trolls attacking merchants. Help them and find out about a mage living nearby. He should know how to end these scoundrels. At the same time, you will learn about the existence of Hodag — a monster that Amiri requires in her personal quest.

Go the nearby Lone House location, finish off some enemies and find Bartholomew in the upper right corner of the map. He will ask for help in the battle against the troll. Honor his request and select the first option to instantly go to the enemy. You can also have some preparation time and go to the place by yourself (left part of the map).

After your victory, talk to Bartholomew, go to his laboratory and head down. Examine the troll behind the bars, talk to the scientist and complete the quest. This will advance you through the Troll Trouble storyline. In the end, you can order Bartholomew to release the captive troll or leave him as is.

A Score to Settle

You have to find the Ruined Watchtower to the left of the fortress and go there.

Head down the path and meet a dog. Follow the dog until you find a man called Ekundayo. Talk to him to begin this quest. The ranger will join your group.

Go to the place where trolls’ lair is located, enter the fortress and turn left from the first room to find the one who killed Ekundayo’s family. On your way to the leader you will be able to decide what to do with the trolls’ kids — kill them or let them be. The quest will be completed.

Gnarled Branches

To the bottom left of your fortress, there is a special mark shaped like a house — Swamp Witch’s Hut. Head there, in the upper right corner you will meet two fairies — Falchos and Tiressia. Talk to them, they will ask you to kill the Scythe-Tree, who destroyed the village. The monster is in the lower right corner of the location. After killing it, go back and report on completing your task. You get 450 experience points as a reward.

Coins for a Dead Man’s Eyes

In the Swamp Witch’s Hut location, which we have already encountered in the Lost Child and Gnarled Branches quests, look for the village in the lower part of the map. There is a ghost near one of the houses — talk to it to start the quest. The ghost will say that it can’t fall asleep because of the lights visible in the well.

The well is to the left of his house. Go there and interact with it. Defeat the sinister lights (skulls), search them and find some coins. Take the coins and show them to the ghost. Put them on the altar to complete the quest and allow the ghost to finally rest in peace. This will net you 450 XP.

Renowned Explorer

To the left of your fortress, there is a Ford Across the Skunk River location. Go there, explore the area and help the gnomes, who were attacked by kobolds led by Tartuccio. After this, deal with the stuck cart, and then talk to Jubilost. He will join your squad, and you will need to continue the quest by finding the old fortress. As soon as you are on the spot, the quest will be completed. As a reward, you will be given 1800 experience points. You will visit the place anyway during the main campaign, but there is also a marker clearly indicating where you need to go.

Guiding Beacon

You can pick up this quest after you visit Bartholomew during the Nature of the Beast quest. Return to the Lone House location, head down to the lab and save a man from the trolls. Loot their bodies to find a silver thingy and begin the quest. Either keep the whip to yourself by telling Bartholomew about it (or lying about not finding the item) or return the item to its owner, who will reward you with 1500 coins and 375 experience. The quest is completed.

The Curse of Candlemere

To the bottom left of your capital is the Lake Candlemere — there is also a small island with a tower in the middle of it. Proceed to the location. Take a look at the booty near the boat to learn about the adventure seekers who went here before. It will trigger the quest. To complete it, go to the top of the location and proceed to the hill. Among the ruins of the fortress you will find the portal and Rismel in front of it. Talk to the man and help him destroy the creature. The quest will be over, and you can either leave the man alone or finish him off.

Chapter 3. Season of Bloom

An Amusement for the Nobles

You will need to meet with everyone in the Hunting Lodge, or just wait until the quest is updated and there is a prompt to meet with people in the throne room. You will learn that in addition to the monster, another misfortune has come to the kingdom — people are dying because of an unknown disease, and your advisers want to carry out an operation. After that, all three of the following story quests will begin.

After the conversation in the Hunting Lodge, head to the Hunting Grounds which is located above the Lodge. Deal with various monsters, talk to people around, and the quest will be completed soon enough.

The Seed of Sorrow

This task you will complete before the others: just go to Jhod Kavken and tell him you are ready to proceed with the operation. Save your game just in case, and then choose the option that allows you to pass the test and save the patient. Defeat Ferocious Owlbear and complete the quest.

Witch Hunt

Head down from the capital to find the place where Shrine of Lamashtu is located. Go there, talk to Kesten and start the tracking. Defeat the enemies, move up and follow the trail of the escaped Lamashtu priest. You will enter the tavern by the road, the owner of which is the dwarf called Dumra. Talk to her and the other guests — a couple and widow Olika. You will receive the keys to their rooms. The key to Dumra’s room is in the warehouse, where you can go through the kitchen. Tsanna, Dumra’s servant, will be in the kitchen.

After talking with everyone, go upstairs and look around the rooms. Next, talk to people one by one. Olika says that Dumra was the last to appear in the room. Ask Dumra about this, she will tell you that she was in the kitchen because Tsanna dropped some dishes. If you go to the warehouse, you will realize that someone recently used the back door. The dishes in the kitchen are not washed. Tell Kesten that you suspect Tsanna. Defeat her in battle and decide what to do: pardon her, expel her, expel everybody involved in this, or allow her to perform the last ritual to save Olika’s child. One way or another, the quest will be completed. By the way, even if you suspect another person, Tsanna just comes out of the kitchen and attack you.

Mother of Monsters

Head to the Goblin Village to the right of the capital, enter its territory and fight with huge monsters, which are controlled by the small jerks. You need to get to the top part of the location, where you have to kill the Owlbear and talk to Nok-Nok. The goblin can be killed, left alone or allowed to join you. Whatever you decide, the quest will be completed, netting you 600 XP.

Season of Bloom

Leave the capital and head to the right, along the river. Next to it, you will find a new green marker (a bit lower and to the right of the goblin village you visited before). Go and talk with Kesten. Follow the only path there is, killing goblins and freeing or killing their prisoners. In the end, you will get to the shaman. Defeat him, talk about everything and move back to Kesten’s camp. Help him in the battle against the monsters, then return to the capital.

Defeat as many mutants as you have to until you reach the entrance to the throne room. Here, chat with the guard for a bit. A cut-scene showing the appearance of a giant monster will play. Head to the monster, beat the minions, go back to the throne room and kill the creature. Talk to Jhod Kavken to complete this part of the quest.

Now you know where the mutants are coming from. You need to go to the right along the river, reach a huge lake, cross it and find the cave icon in the bottom right — this is the Womb of Lamashtu. Make your way through the cave until you find yourself in a location with colorful flowers. Defeat the enemies and catch the bird near the tree, acquiring the bird in the cage.

Go through the blue mist — it will teleport you, changing some objects of the location. Climb up following the Guardian of the Bloom, watch the cut-scene and proceed to the right through the blue mist to meet a strange gnome. Talk to him to hear a riddle with a hint. There is a stone nearby — out the bird in the cage on it, and then interact with the fire near the gnome to change the day to night. As a result, the bird will turn into bird’s bones. Take them.

Gnome gave you a magic lantern. Equip it and activate with a panel in the center of the screen. You do not really have to do it since the lantern turns on anyway when equipped (RMB). It allows you to go through the mist without teleporting. Using the lantern, reach the top left corner and discover a far blue mist. Use it to alter the location and see that very flower. Destroying it with weapons is useless — a new one will immediately grow in its place.

You need to re-enter the blue mist near the flower so that it disappears, go down and walk a bit to the right to the lake. Kill the nearest enemy and interact with the lake. Place the remains of the bird in it, then fetch some poisoned water and head back to the flower. To see it again, enter the mist. Maybe you will have to it twice. Use the water on the flower, talk to the gnome and decide who will enter the cave and who will deal with the flower from this side. The main catch here is that the companions who are left with the main character must have fire spells or an ability to use fire scrolls. You will need those to beat the magical Scythe-Tree. Then, defeat the remaining enemies in the cave and burn down the flower. You can decide if you want to take a part of its root before doing so.

Go out and return to the capital to gather the council in the throne room. This completes the quest and the chapter.

Chapter 4. The Varnhold Vanishing

The Varnhold Vanishing

This is the main story quest of the fourth chapter, which starts with an event in the throne room. Go to the right part of the map and visit the town of Varnhold. You will not find any human life here, so you will have to fight some foes. You need to reach the fort, enter it and clear all the floors. Then go outside and stumble upon a strange raven. After the dialogue with him, you can leave the location and proceed to the following quests.

The Lost Brother

At the beginning of the fourth chapter, The Varnhold Vanishing, Lord Hanvaki arrives to your throne room. He will ask you to find his missing brother — Tomin Hanvaki. Head to the Varnhold and discover a place called Shallow Gulch.

Go there, complete the text quest and find the body of Tomin. Return to the capital and talk to his brother again — he should be in the tavern.

Now you need to discover the fate of Hanvaki’s great-grandfather. You will find the quest letter in one of the rooms in the Sepulchre of Forgotten Heroes. No worries, you will visit the location during The Lost Relic quest anyway. Do not sell the letter. Go back to the tavern and show it to Edrist to complete your objective and earn 750 experience points.

Along the Cold Trail

In the Kellid Barbarian Camp location, you will find a Defaced Sister. Talk to her. She will say that if you find her friends, also Defaced Sisters, you will find out what happened in Varnhold. You need to visit three places, preferably in the same order as specified in the quest description (bottom to top). One sister went to the Forsaken Mound. Head down the map until you find the location in between the fork in the road (screenshot attached). Go there, complete another text quest and obtain the Cyclops Incense Burner. The Defaced Sister is dead. You do not need to return to quest givers!

The next location is Sepulchre of Forgotten Heroes. It is closer to Varnhold but is still to the right of it. Open the stone door by saying the magic word you learned from the Defaced Sister. Go ahead and talk to the wounded Brag. Decide if you want to kill him or heal. Push the floor button and go further. Stop by the next button. Note that this one is divided into two colors — green and yellow. Press it to open all the yellow doors. Follow the only available route to the far side, dealing with the enemies on the way. Then click the button with one color (orange). Contrary to all, it will open only one door!

  • Here is a hint. Buttons with one color are activated only once, while buttons with two colors can be activated numerous times. Use it to adjust them for your own needs.

After pushing the orange button, go back to the plate with green and yellow colors. Place one character next to it and go through the opened door (northwest) with the remaining five. Cross the room to get to the far corridor behind the other yellow door (northwest). You have already gone there (and activated the orange button). Now we are interested in the left door, the green one. Use one character to push the yellow-green plate. Nearby doors will close, but you have already passed through them with the other heroes. Follow through the opened door in the far corridor (northwest) with your remaining characters, reach the new button and press it. This blue button opens only one door and triggers a timer — after a few seconds the doors will close again. It is advisable to leave another character here.

Go back to the yellow-green pressure plate. The door to the right of it (northeast) is already open (with an orange button). Head through this door and follow the path until you reach a dead end with blue- and orange-colored doors. The blue door over here can be opened with that very blue button you have seen before. If you go there, you will find two more doors — an orange one and one with three colors (white, blue and orange).

Now return to the yellow-green button, leave one hero here and activate it so that you can enter the next room (northwest). Go there with a part of your squad and press the yellow-green button again. Yellow doors will close, but two other doors in the room will open. You do not want to go into the upper door — it leads to a dead end. What you need is the door on the bottom-left, opposite to the other one. It is not very noticeable, so you could miss it during your walkthrough and think that all of this is just a big dead end.Head through the door, go down and to the left so that you will find a room with another blue button at the end of the corridor. This blue button is only activated once — no need to worry about the timer.

Now follow another corridor and find an orange button in the upper left corner of the map. This one is similar to the first blue button and triggers a timer. Leave a character here and run to the upper right corner of the map to open the orange door. Then quickly switch back to your heroes and enter the room with the barbarians. By the way, here you will find a note for The Lost Brother quest, which tells the fate of Hanvaki’s great-grandfather.

Press the white button here. Same as the first white button, it can only be activated once. No timer here!

  • Here is an advice. You can make it in time through the timed doors with a character who activates them. To do so, step away from it and then click it so that the characters runs to it to open the door. As he does that, you will have plenty of time to switch to the characters who need to go through.

Gather all of your crew together and go through the blue door by pushing the first blue button in the top room (on the map). Stand next to the triple-colored door. You will need to quickly activate the orange and blue buttons, those will trigger the timer. Then switch to the farthest character and run through the colored door while it is open. There will be a button with three colors behind it. Push it to open all the doors in the dungeon. Talk to the Defaced Sister in the back of the room, defeat all opponents, and then go outside.

The third place to visit is the City of Hollow Eyes. Enter the crypt and talk to the Sister. Turns out there is nothing here but a fake door.

After exploring all three places, return to the Kellid Barbarian Camp. The Sisters will attack you. Deal with your enemies, then talk to Dugath to complete this quest. You will receive 900 XP.

The Lost Relic

This quest can be taken from Dugath in the Kellid Barbarian Camp. This territory is located on the right edge of the map, on the latitude similar to Varnhold’s, at a T-junction. Go there, pass the test (saving beforehand), and then chat with a character over there to learn about his objective.

Complete Along the Cold Trail quest, where you try to find all the Defaced Sisters, then beat the barbarians so Dugath will tell you where to find the relic. Head down from the camp to find the location called the Valley of the Dead. It is near the mountains. Make sure that you have three Cyclops Incense Burners in your inventory. You will receive them in three different places during the Along the Cold Trail quest.

It is important to note that while the Burners are considered to be quest items, you will have an opportunity to sell them. Do not do this. Moreover, do not sell the incense burners to the merchant in the barbarian camp, as you will probably kill him at the end of the aforementioned quest and will not be able to recover them.

Go to the gates and select the option to use your Incense Burners. Then head to the Vordakai’s Tomb. You are in for a long exploration of the tomb, which has two floors. In the end, you will fight Vordakai and his raven. Defeat them. If you decide to take Tristian with you, he will disappear with the Vordakai’s Eye. Go left and get out of there. Decide what to do with the soul vessels. It is better to free everyone. Then talk to Varn. He will serve you, and Varnhold will automatically join your state as a result. This will be a voluntary annexation, required for the Annexation kingdom quest.

Wait for Tristian to come back, and move on to the next chapter.

Chapter 5. The Twice-Born Warlord

Betrayer’s Flight

The quest will start itself after you finish the fourth chapter and Tristian vanishes. Go to the Candlemere Lake and enter the tower there. You have been here before. The location is covered with Bloom. Head to the top of the tower, slaying enemies left and right, and talk to Tristian. Kill all the foes to close the portal. Leave the tower and go to the Temple of the Elk, which should also be familiar to you. Deal with another batch of enemies and enter the portal with Tristian.

Hour of Rage

This quest will also begin automatically after the fourth chapter is completed. Make your way to the Fossil Fields location in the top left region of the map, talk to barbarians, then with Aldori. Break into the camp of enemy barbarians and kill them all. Talk with the man who made the coup, go right and talk with Surtova and Jamandi Aldori to complete the quest.

Now you need to leave the location. You will not be able to exit the same way you entered, so you have to find a place around the middle of the camp that will allow you to leave.


The quest starts after successfully completing the Hour of Rage.

The Twice-Born Warlord

This quest also begins after completing the Hour of Rage. According to the story, you must find the tomb in which Armag hid. There are two options — you will find it and stop Armag, or you will not make find it in time, allowing Armag to complete his plan. First, go back to the capital and complete the task related to the search for Armag (an event). After that, return to Glenebon, where the Fossil Fields is also located, and find the tomb just below it, on the left side.

Go there, get to the entrance and defeat the Defaced Sisters. Enter the tomb. You can go down to the bottom floor from here. In the upper left corner of this floor, there is a bowl, which you can interact with. By doing so, the bowl will light up and a dialog box will appear on the screen. It reports of a strange rattle under the floor. After a few seconds, the bowl goes out.

There is a fire trap in the next corridor, with fireballs flying from both ends. You must place all the characters next to the bowl, and then use one of them to go to the top of the corridor. The thing is that there is a hidden entrance, and it opens a couple of seconds after you activate the bowl. It is located in the top part of the corridor, to the left of the bowl standing there. Once you are inside, the trap will stop working, and you will be able to move other characters into the same secret passage. Explore this part of the lower floor until you find a staircase leading back to the upper floor, but to another part of it.

Move forward and talk to Zorek. If you fail to persuade him, you will have to kill the barbarian. After that, you can go left, into the Armag’s Tomb. Defeat him and his skeleton warriors, then decide the fate of the barbarian leader. As always, you can kill him or you can spare him. The latter will allow you to make peace with Armag. Now go outside and choose what you want to do with the rest of barbarians. You can shelter the Tiger Lords on your lands, and then help them pick a new chieftain — Armag or Gwart. This will be the end of the quest.

Deal with the Devil

At some point, fIghter Linxia will arrive at the fortress. She will ask the baron’s permission to conduct an investigation and search for a criminal. Give her the permission and the quest will begin. Eventually, Darven will stop you in the capital. Talk to him and decide how to proceed — you accept his proposal or take Linxia’s side.

Go to the place Darven told you about, defeat Linxia and other Order of the Rack members. Linxia will manage to escape, but Darven will offer another deal, revealing his deal with the devil. You must either agree to it or refuse. Even if you refuse, the quest will not end there. You will have to wait a bit to see how the events unfold.

The events will finally unfold after you complete all of the other quests (mentioned above) in the fifth chapter. Return to the capital, Linzi will await you in the throne room. She will tell you that Linxia sent a letter and asked to help her assault Darven’s fortress. Head down from the capital to the river — there should be a new location called Brineheart. Go there, talk to both Linxia and Darven and choose your side. If you kill Linxia, Darven will pay you 5000 coins (but only if you try to settle it peacefully first). If you do not try to make peace between them, you can demand money before even choosing a side. This is the end of the quest.

Chapter 6. The War of the River Kings

The Rushlight Tournament

Soon after completing the fifth chapter, Linzi will bring an invitation from Irovetti, the King of Pitax. So begins the sixth chapter. By the way, if you complete chapter five quests too quickly, the letter will arrive a few weeks later. Head left from the capital and until you reach the Rushlight Fields. It was impossible to go there before, but now you are free to do so.

Go to the location and talk to King Irovetti. If you will try to fight someone in the tournament, the King will chase you away, saying that you are a barbarian with a crown.

Somewhere in the center of the location, you will find a character named Nunzio Arpaia. Talk to him to start the first contest. All the next ones will also be available from him. Each contest will be associated with some skill check, so it should not bring any difficulties. The third contest is a fistfight. Talk to Nunzio again afterwards and ask about the results of the tournament. Do it after completing all the objectives in this location (like talking to the characters needed for Linzi’s quest).

The River’s Justice

Once you are in the arena, go up and meet two chatting men. One of them is Eimar. Talk to him and agree to help with the river pirates. After leaving the Rushlight Tournament (winning or losing it), follow the river down left to get to the pirates’ camp. The location is called Pitax River Bend. On the way here you could have passed by the city of Pitax itself, but if you tried entering it, you would be told that the King Irovetti himself has forbidden you to do so.

Fight the pirates until a representative of the house River appears. Apparently, you were set up. You can kill the innocent people anyway, or you can try to explain it. It will end peacefully if you make them believe you. Now you need to figure out who sent you to a certain death and why.

Wait for the invitation to Pitax (read about the quests below) and go there. Near the entrance, there is a passage to Academy — Eimar will be there. Talk to him, choose whatever you want during the confrontation and defeat Walsh. The quest is finally finished.

Runaway Throne

Linzi will come to your throne room and will notice, well, that there is no throne. Go out to the town square and talk with two merchants (Verdel and Hasuff in the center). Then head to the tavern and chat with Elina about the stolen items. The fourth person to talk to is the captain of the guard. Look for him to the right of the throne room entrance. If the captain does not want to talk about the throne (no such dialogue line), then this is a bug — wait for a patch.

After all four conversations, you can only wait for the throne to appear on sale. It will happen after you complete The Path of the Dreams quest and visit the Whiterose Abbey during The War of the River Kings. After you exit the abbey, just go in any direction, because after a few seconds there will be a random encounter. You will meet a goblin merchant, who will have the throne.

He asks for 100 gold in return. Trying to negotiate will raise the price to 200, but if you manage to intimidate him, he will gift you a lot of useful item as a bonus. The throne is returned.

The Path of the Dreams

The quest will begin automatically some time after Linzi and Storyteller arrive to your audience. At the same time, The War of the River Kings will begin as well. You need to complete ‘’Explore Nyrissa’s dreams’’ objective to unlock further tasks in that quest. Anyway, talk to the Storyteller in the throne room, and enter Nyrissa’s dreams.

Talk to the nymph and defeat the Defaced Sisters. Go past the dragon and Nyrissa to see the King, who ordered her to destroy kingdoms. You will have to watch the entire scene, and then, when Nyrissa becomes interactive, talk to her. Defeat the skull, then automatically move inside.

You can immediately talk to Nyrissa to end up in the throne room. Talk to the nymph; after that, you will see the ghosts of Armag, Stag Lord, Irovetti, Tristian and the main character. Try to get out — it will make the ghosts attack you. Deal with them, talk to Nyrissa again and learn about her proposal. The quest will be completed, and The War of the River King will be updated. As a reward, you will receive 9600 experience points.

The War of the River Kings

Read the first paragraph of The Path of the Dreams quest. Go to the Pitax River Bend, where you fought the ‘’pirates’’ before, and head up north along the river to find the Littletown. Eliminate the instigators inside and outside the tavern to complete part of the quests. This is not the end!

Above Littletown, you will find River Blades’ Camp. Go there, defeat the bandits and do what you will with the surrendered woman. Next, go to the right and find the Menagerie location on the outskirts of the region. Enter it, defeat all monsters and the mage responsible for their teleportation to your lands.

Next part of the quest will be available after The Path of the Dreams quest is completed. Go to the Whiterose Abbey, located near the mountains in the upper left corner.

This location will appear right after completing The Path of the Dreams. Kill the Pitax guards and get to the water hourglass. Talk to Evindra and choose her fate. Tristian will offer to shelter her in the capital — do what you will. Now, interact with the water on the left, dive to the bottom and pick up the ring with the fox seal. If you pass the skill check, you will find the dagger. Leave the abbey.

Return to the capital, buying back your throne on the way, then head into the throne room, where you will meet Moskoni. He will pass you Irovetti’s proposal in which the King says that the main character should give him the Stolen Lands. Whether you do it or not, you can now visit Pitax.

Go there, enter the location and chat with some people before heading to Irovetti in the upper right corner. You can convince some of them to side with you after telling them about Irovetti’s wrongdoings. Talk to the King, and then decide if you want to give the crown away or not. We chose the latter, so we had to fight the guards as the result. However, even if you decide to give him the crown, he will order to kill you anyway. No way to avoid the fight here.

Enter the castle and explore all its parts. Irovetti is hiding behind several doors over here. To open the path to him, you need to turn the candleholders on the walls. Go to the left of the entrance and enter the first door on the right along the corridor. There will be trolls and one unique character. Defeat them and find the first candleholder on the left wall. Turn it, return into the corridor and go all the way to the left. You will find yourself in the hallway with some golden golems. Do not approach them, and go to the upper left corner to find the second candleholder near the picture.

After turning it, head forward past the golems, which will attack you this time. Behind them, on the wall to the left, will be the third candleholder. If you follow the same corridor (to the top right), you will stumble upon a secret wall. The fourth candleholder is to the right. It is not needed to get to Irovetti’s throne room, but it allows you to get to the secret room with a golden golem. There are three chests around him, in which, apparently, you have to put something to earn his trust. It is optional though.

Go to the throne room through the door opposite to the entrance. Deal with anybody standing in your way, then fight with Irovetti. Defeat him and the monster he summoned. Regardless of your choice, Irovetti will die. Leave the castle. Eobald will tell you about the events at the Academy. You will automatically go there. We could not talk to Aldori, who wounded Nunzio (probably a bug). If you have a similar situation, leave the area and switch to the world map. The quest will be finished, and the game will confirm Irovetti’s death.

How to Solve the Golden Golem Puzzle?

You can meet Golden Golem at the top left corner of Irovetti’s Palace if you activate those candle holders that you have already activated during the main quest. There are three chests next to Golem. You need to put there Cup, Statue and Lute in a bottom-up order (these objects can be found in the palace). You can see them on the screenshots below:

You’ll find a Vulgar Statue in the Secret Chamber. You can get there by going down the stairs through the marker in the top right corner (excluding three points leading to the basement). Once you collect all the objects, get back to Golden Golem and put these objects in the right order.

Then talk to Golem and choose these right answers to the questions:

  1. Mandalarucio.
  2. Bellander.
  3. Hajoth Hakados.

You’ll get 1440 XP and be able to open a wall hiding place behind Golden Golem. There you’ll find 62 200 coins and magical gloves.

Chapter 7. Sound of a Thousand Screams

Against All Odds

After you complete An Ancient Curse (Part Five), destroy the Wild Hunt on the Bald Hilltop and do the Kingdom project, a new segment of the task will start. Rule the kingdom until it’s 60-70 days before the preparation to the sixth part of An Ancient Curse. Linzi and the Storyteller will arrive at the castle and tell you that Nyrissa is going to attack the kingdom for the last time. Meanwhile, the portal to the First World has opened in the Thousand Voices.

Head for the Thousand Voices which is northwest of Pitax (the map is covered with trees). Find a dimension door for the Castle of Knives in the top left corner. When you get there, go up and right to find the Knurly Witch and the Wriggling Man. Deal with them, then talk with Shyka (you saw her in Nyrissa’s dream), and the First Crown quest will start.

Stay at this location and walk upwards, keeping the right edge. Go left and then right as far as possible and you’ll get to the portal to the First World.

You’ll finish the quest after you deal with Nyrissa.

The First Crown

You can find the first piece of the crown in the top left corner of the map. Go upwards, keeping the right edge, turn left and kill the Wriggling Men. Soon you’ll get to the hunter and the Crag Linnorm. Destroy the monster, investigate his body to find a shard of the first crown.

Return to Shyka and talk with Salim — you need to decide whether you keep the crown. If you decide to hand it over, you may claim a reward, and the quest will be finished.

The Secrets of Suramgamin

Walk to the left side of the Castle of Knives location to meet Kamala. Talk with her and agree to pass the trial: you're supposed to persuade fairies to sit calmly while Kamala opens the portal. Discuss different topics using your diplomacy. The portal will open if you successfully demonstrate this skill. You can either attack the First World nymphs or let them go. This will be the beginning of the quest. Talk with Kamala and let her go. So, you’ve passed the trial of Kamala the Phoenix.

Next, you’ll tackle the trial of Visaka the Unicorn. Head for the Temple of the Elk, walk left as far as you can to find Visaka. Talk with him and agree to pass the trial. You’ll complete this quest even if you kill the monsters. It appears that you just need to hold them off.

Then Visaka will send you to Puja the Wolf on Talon Peak. Climb to the top of it and talk with the dwarf. He’ll be really rude and send you back to the Castle of Knives. Head for the castle to meet Puja just at the start of the location. Discuss different topics and accept his apology. Get more details on Suramgamin to pass the final trial of Vidya the Lion.

Walk northwest from here towards the Mobility Skill check. There you also need to talk with Vidya the Lion and agree to pass the trial. You should give the right answers to three questions concerning Suramgamin.

These are the possible questions:

  • Which gods does our order venerate? Shelyn, Irori, Iomedae, Sarenrae, Erastil, Abadar.
  • What does it mean to go the Way of the Hero? Make the world a better place
  • What is the name of a martial art that members of our order are taught? There are none (they are not being taught any martial art).
  • Where is the main temple of our order? Nowhere.
  • What did teacher Avalo do when he learned the truth? Organized debates about faith.
  • What does the name of our order mean? The way of the hero.
  • Where did teacher Avalo meditate as he learned the truth? In Arthfell Forest.
  • Where did our teacher come from? From Jalmeray.
  • What paths to achieving a master's title are there in our order? The Ways of the Phoenix, Unicorn, Wolf, Lion (you’ve already talked to them), and Chameleon.

You’ll complete this quest after answering three questions. It would be probably enough to answer two of them. Then, go south, towards the place where you first met the members of the order, and hear the judgment. Each master will decide whether you worthy of pursuing the Wise Way. They will give your verdict. We succeeded after completing all the trials but one. The quest will be finished, and you’ll get 9600 XP.

The Sound of a Thousand Screams

This quest will start after you get through the First World portal at the Castle of Knives location (in Against All Odds quest).

Talk to Evindra — she’ll give you the Magical Lantern. Get down to the well. If you activate the Lantern beforehand, you’ll find yourself in a basement, and if you don’t, you’ll get to the first floor. Nyrissa’s house has three floors — basement, first and second floors, and each of them has the Magic Fog. If you walk through the Fog without your lantern being turned on (you activate it when you choose the main character: open the additional menu by pressing the arrow on the lower access panel), you’ll switch from one world to another.

You’ll also meet all of your companions inside the house. Depending on your earlier decisions, some of them will be still alive, others — dead, and the remaining will be gone or rise up against you. This is what we have observed so far:

  • Valerie. She will stay with you only if you complete her tasks and attend the trial in the Temple of Shelyn and bring justice. In this case, she won’t have a scar on her face and will show her dedication in response to Nyrissa’s words.
  • Jubilost. Jubilost will defect to the side of Nyrissa and attack you if you don’t complete his task. But if you complete The Door to Nowhere quest, find Zeya and accept Jubilost’s decision, he will refuse Nyrissa’s offer. She’ll try to kill him but Zeya will save the gnome’s life.
  • Harrim. He dies in case you don’t help him during The Unmaking quest. But if you do that, he’ll remember all good things and wake up.
  • Tristian. Jaethal may or may not kill Tristian (in case he’s still alive) (read below).
  • Jaethal. She’ll stay with you if you have helped her during the Reveal My Destiny quest and have pointed out what she’s been turning into. If you have allowed her to kill her own daughter (and bring her back to life), Jaethal will kill Tristian. If Jaethal died at the end of the quest, she’ll show up at Nyrissa’s house but won’t kill Tristian (instead she’ll get back to your squad together with Tristian).
  • Regongar and Octavia. They will kill each other only if you haven’t completed their quests. Highborn at Heart is Octavia’s quest and No Man’s Slave is Regongar’s one. Cruel Justice quest probably has some effect on the story development: you have to save children from fire and leave the former slaveholder be. That’s exactly what we’ve done.
  • Ekundayo. Help the man during his Bury the Past quest and make him forgive his offenders. Then he’ll reject Nyrissa’s offer and return to your squad after you find him.
  • Amiri. You need to help her during her quests or otherwise she’ll leave your squad.
  • Nok-Nok. If you complete his quest (including the last mission — Nok-Nok and the King’s Return), he will feel high spirits and attack Nyrissa who will eventually kill him.

Both worlds have different enemies and different mirror sets. You are going to use these mirrors in Mirror Memories quest which is some kind of additional. There are a couple of locked doors on the second floor. You need the door which is below the well and it leads to the throne room (at the center of the map). Nyrissa is waiting for you there. You need to collect three different keys in order to open this door. Wriggling Man and Knurly Witch have two of these keys. You’ll find the witch downstairs, on the first floor (in the left lower room basement). If she’s not here, just switch to another world, take the lantern away and use the fog. Wriggling Man can be found on the second floor in a spacious living room with the tables.

He’ll ask you to kill the witch, and she we’ll ask you to kill Wriggling Man. Regardless of your decision, both characters will betray the king, so you’ll have to kill them both.

As for the third key, it’s much harder to get it. Go down to the collapsed room to the southeast, which is to the west of the Library. There will be a big mass of fog in the room. Walk to the southwest corner where there’s no fog and turn the magical lantern off. But before that make sure that there are some mirrors at the bottom left side and in the room where you have had a fight with Knurly Witch.

If you don’t find them here, get inside any fog (after turning the lantern off) in order to switch to the second world. Again, get to that basement room using your lantern, turn it off and go right (to the upper right side of the room).

You’ll find yourself in a small room with flowers. Go south-east, and the fog will teleport you into a room with a huge tree and some enemies — the key will fall out of one of them.

If there are no enemies, it means that you’ve traveled there from the world which doesn’t have the mirrors. So this is important to choose the right world in order to get there.

Once you get all the keys, come back to the second floor, open the door and get inside the throne room. Defeat Nyrissa and decide her fate. She will agree to take your thorn and enter into an alliance with you. Next, you are going to have a meeting with The Cursed King. After you finish talking with him, get inside the portal to bring to an end the chapter and give a start to a new episode.

Mirror Memories

First, you need to figure out which world you’ll need to travel to use your lantern. The first world has the mirror and the other doesn’t. Get to the first floor (there are also the basement and the second floor) and switch to the world that has a mirror in the lower right corner of the map (inside the room). For this you’ll need to get inside the magical fog with your lantern turned off. And don’t forget to turn it on later so the fog doesn’t teleport the characters.

Once you do it, activate the mirror and listen to the magician’s speech. This will start a new quest. You need to activate three mirrors in the right order:

  1. The mirror in the center room on the first floor.
  2. The mirror on the second floor, in a living room with long tables. It’s at the top right corner. There is also a big statue of Jabberwock. And you had a fight with Wriggling Man here during the previous mission.
  3. The mirror in the basement room, right where you fought with Knurly Witch.

All the other mirrors are standard, and if you touch any of them and make a wrong order, just press the mirror once again starting with the mirror in the center room on the first floor.

So Shall You Reap

This quest appears only if you were not able to reach an agreement with Nyrissa and go after the Lantern King. You will have to visit three Eldest and fulfill their requests. The first character, the Lost Prince, will agree to help without getting anything in return. For Magdh the Three you will need to kill a Tane, which defeated Nyrissa earlier. Shyka the Many will ask you to solve a riddle. You have already solved one like this, back in the First World. This time you need to do everything backwards, moving from the flower in reverse direction. After completing this quest, you will be able to talk to Nyrissa.

Thanks to this, during the battle in the throne room, after beating the Lantern King, you will be able to say: ‘’Nyrissa, the time has come. We will do what we planned.’’ This way you will see a secret ending.

Chapter 8. The Cursed King (Final Chapter)

Once the chapter and the same-named quest starts, go to the right, get down and go for a mobility skill. Go through the destroyed capital and kill the enemies until you get to the magical barrier. Talk with the Storyteller and get outside through the passage below.

Talk to the Storyteller near the capital gates and stay here to have a rest. Then, you’ll need to visit four locations one by one (use the portal in the upper side of the location):

  • Varnhold;
  • Pitax;
  • Oleg’s Trading Post;
  • The Fossil Fields (Rostland’s borderlands).

You can visit them in any order but your time is limited (it’s shown in the quest description). At the Trading Post you’ll need to help Jhod Kavken and Oleg Leveton to resist the bandit shadows’ attack led by the Stag Lord. If you help them, the soldiers will return to the capital.

In Varnhold, Maegar Varn is fighting Vordakai’s shadow. Get there and eliminate all the Cyclops. Maegar will declare the fight is over. Besides, a new quest will start.

In Pitax you need to defeat Castruccio Irovetti and his clones. Next, talk with Evindra in the throne room to refresh the quest.

Move to the Rostland’s borderlands in order to get to the Fossil Fields. Destroy the shadows of fallen barbarians and Brevoy’s army. Get to Natala Surtova and Aldori and help them repulse the barbarians’ attack. When the fight is over, talk with the ladies, gain their support and go back to the capital through the portal.

Have a word with the Storyteller in his tent and tell him that you’re ready for the final battle. By the way, you can actually make it without visiting four locations (but the task would be harder to perform). Get through the portal in the right side of the map.

You’ll find yourself in a ruined capital. Move down, to the right and upwards killing the spies and Wild Hunt archers. After destroying them all, you’ll be able to enter the building which is in the upper right corner of the map.

Clear the ruined warehouse out, pick the Apology fragment, and the Storyteller will automatically come inside. Talk with him and have a rest if you want to. Give him the first fragment and go searching for the rest ones (use the upper left exit).

Follow the only possible way towards the left upper side of the map. Kill all the enemies and find the second fragment next to Jamandi Aldori.

When you pick it up, some more enemies will appear. Deliver the fragment to the Storyteller. Again, head for Aldori and find the entrance to the building above. Defeat golem in the building’s addition and go outside through the door upstairs. At the next location destroy the enemies and go to the lower right corner with two Jabberwocks standing there. Kill the dragons and pick the third fragment up. Bring the fragment to the Storyteller.

When you find all three fragments, you can go back to the castle and get inside. There you’ll have a battle against the Lantern King. The King will be taking different shapes but in the end he’ll meet you face-to-face. Pick any phrases, but if you get tested, you’ll gain additional experience points.

Next, you’ll have to defeat the Lantern King in his true blazing form and choose one of the possible endings:

  1. Agree with the Lantern King and call a truce. The main character achieves immortality.
  2. Take Nyrissa’s offer and start an endless war against the Lantern King. The main character achieves immortality.
  3. Ask the Lantern King to forget that the kingdom exists. The main character becomes mortal.

This is the end of the chapter.

John Davis