Pathfinder: Kingmaker

Release date: 2018
Platforms: Mac, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Companion Quests Walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough of all quests that you get from your companions


Prove Your Worth

This quest is given from one of your companions, Amiri, and activates after you came back to Oleg's Trading Post. The man should automatically talk to you and tell you about a wild boar called Tuskgutter. He asks you to kill it. If you agree to do it, two quests will be activated. You have to take Amiri with you to complete the quest ‘’Tuskgutter’’. Read more below.

Allow the girl to deal with Tuskgutter on her own, but the quest will not be finished. Amiri will say that she needs to destroy another monster.

Read the first paragraph of the story quest Nature of the Beast. There you’ll learn about Hodag. His lair is marked on the west of the region. Move there, go to the location and beat the beast up. Then talk with Amiri and you’ll end the quest.


Amiri will come to the throne room and ask you to meet her in the tavern. Do so and meet her, then head to the Six Bears Camp, located northwest of Tuskdale. Help the barbarians in their fight against the Skeletal Champions and then talk to Nilak and Chieftain Akaia.

Head east from them to encounter more Skeletal Champions and the creature named Fionn. Loot the corpses along with the camp and return to speak with Nilak. Be advised, after speaking to him, you will leave the camp and won’t be able to come back.

Blood Calling

At a certain point, Amiri runs off to the Glebelon Uplands, where a battle between barbarians and Brevic army is bound to happen. Head there and aid in battle. Then go to the Six Bears Camp along with Amiri. Note that the old Six Bears Camp is now abandoned, so you will need to travel to a new one, at the southwest of Flintrock Grassland).

Listen to the ceremony, which results in Nilak becoming the chieftain instead of Akaya. Finally, you will be able to talk to Nilak and Amiri, and even give 1000 gold to the barbarians to earn some neutral good karma. This is the end of the quest.

Reforged Blade

Amiri comes to the throne room at the beginning of the fifth chapter and once again asks you to meet her in the tavern. Talk to her about whatever you want by visiting the tavern and receive a task to restore the blade.

Head to the throne room and choose ‘’Reforged blade’’ in the projects menu. Appoint the executor and spend 100 points. You will have to wait 45 days! When the time comes, head to the Six Bears Camp and decide what to do.


A Feast of Feasts

At some point, you’ll meet Linzi who’s willing to talk with you about Ekundayo and how she’s worried about him. So the quest will begin. Go to the tavern and speak to Elina. Make Ekundayo join your squad and head for the Hunting Ground location. Move to the lower right corner where you’ll find a spot for a picnic. Talk with Elina, and the celebration begins.

Now have a conversation with Ekundayo and some other girl. She will tell you to find a bottle of wine. Ask Elina for this bottle and give it to the girl. Ekundayo and the girl will leave the location. Then tell Linzi that it’s time for her to give a performance, during which you need to decide whether you let Ekundayo get in with the main character or motivate him to get closer to Elina. Then the mission is over, and you’ll get 975 XP.

Bury the Past

Sooner or later, Elina from the tavern in the capital will come to the throne room. She will state that Ekun and Ntavi went hunting for giants on the Bridge over the Gudrin River. Go there, descend down the road and on the left you will find Ekun and Ntavi who are killing giants. Help them in the battle and then talk to the scout. The crazy one will attack you, so you will have to eliminate him. Ekun will survive this skirmish.

After this, go to the right and defeat all giants including their leader. The dialogue with Ekun will automatically begin. Choose what to do with him – expel, kill or spare. In the first two cases, the quest will be immediately completed. In the third case you will have to return to the capital and talk to Ekun. Ekundayo is located in the town square together with his wolf. Talk to him and complete the quest. You’ll get 900 experience points.


Unwanted Legacy

This quest begins automatically, right after you finish the first act and become a royal ruler. You should help Harrim by visiting the old dwarf fortress with him where the trolls made their lair. You’ll need this location in the main story quest of the chapter.

Once you arrive, go inside and come down to the lower level. In this story quest, you should defeat their leader and investigate the anvil which Harrim is going to break to end the quest.

Unbreakable Metal

The quest begins at the beginning of the fourth chapter ‘’The Varnhold Vanishing’’. Harrim with a dwarf from the Skjegge clan will arrive to the throne room and ask for help. To complete the quest, it is sufficient to visit the indicated dwarven fortress (on the lower left of the Temple of the Elk, see screenshot), defeat the adamantine golem and talk to the dwarves. Harrim will get the golem’s heart and you can decide what to do – ask Harrim to return the item to Torag or tell him that he is not obliged to do anything. The task will be completed, and you’ll get 2400 experience points.

The Unmaking

An unusual guest will pay a visit to the throne room — Adamantine golem. He’ll tell you about the dwarves that have intruded into the dwarven fortress. Get your squad (including Harrim) together and head for the desolate dwarven fortress. There you’ll have to beat the golems to get inside. Then you need to decide who possesses the fortress. The talk is over, you’ll get 1440 XP. You should return to the capital and talk with Harrim to complete the quest.


Investigate My Death

At some point you’ll receive some visitors in your throne room. That will start a new quest. Head for the Old Sycamore location and bring Jaethal along. Move upwards to find the dead boar. Investigate him and you’ll find out where to go next. Go west (left) from the Old Sycamore towards the new location – Riverine Rise. There you should beat the elves. Jaethal will make one of the elves alive. It will tell the girl why Jaethal was attacked by the elves. Now you have to decide whether to kill the elf or not.

It’s time for you to deal with the merchant who has brought a dagger that shows Jaethal’s origin. To do this, you need to return to the capital, come to the town square and head for a place with a group of merchants (it’s just in the middle of the area). Enneo won’t be there but you’ll see Jaethal. Speak with her to complete the quest and get the farewell letter from Enneo and 750 XP.

Chase My Shadow

The quest starts automatically after the visit of Jaethal, who asks to deal with the follower of Urgathoa in the Valley of the Dead. Talk to Taneka and decide what to do – kill or allow Jaethal to resurrect her. Then, Enneo, who wants Jaethal’s death, will appear. You will have to either take his side or stand up for your companion. After the battle, the quest will be completed.

Reveal My Destiny

The quest will start right after Jaethal arrives at the throne room to give you bad news. You’ll have to meet with the elves in their camp. Bring her into the squad and head for the camp. You’ll find it on the left part of the region, next to the river which flows between you and Pitax. Go there, talk with Jaethal’s daughter and decide their fate. Jaethal may even disappear from the squad.

This will happen only if you convince her that she’s become a monster. That way you’ll meet Jaethal in Nyrissa’s house in the seventh chapter, and Jaethal won’t kill Tristian. More importantly, she’ll return to your squad.

Jubilost Narthropple

The Price of Curiosity

The quest begins at the beginning of the fourth chapter ‘’The Varnhold Vanishing’’. Jubilost will arrive at the throne room and will ask you to explore the history of exodus of the race of dwarves from the First World. Take Jubilost and Linzi in your squad and get to the location above the capital of the kingdom which is called ‘’Inconsequent Debates’’.

Having entered the territory, inspect the sign with the rules. As a result of this, Jubilost will be enchanted. Talk to the characters in the location. There are three trios, you are interested in their leaders. Soon you will understand who charmed the signs. In any case, you’ll have to start the debate.

Correct answers:

  • Her own will (appears after you ask for the opinion of Jubilost).
  • Secret (glory, which will be Jubilost version, is not correct).
  • Knowledge (correctly hinted by Jubilost).

In the game of stone-scissors-paper in a different style select a knight, and then a snag. After the victory, ask the Messenger about the origins of dwarves. He will confuse you by telling a strange riddle.

Return to the capital, go to the throne room and look at the map. Here, you’ll see an event ‘’Inconsequent Debates and Their Consequences’’. Interact with it to return to the throne room. Start a dialogue with Jubilost which will lead to the completion of the quest and a gain of 1200 experience points.

The Door to Nowhere

This quest starts while you’re talking with Jubilost. He’ll tell you that he’s close to solving the riddle of the Host which can help him find out the origin of the gnomes from the First World. You need to find something ‘’fifth in ten’’ — this relates to Willas Gunderson book. Go outside and talk with the merchants in the town square, in the capital. One of them will give you the book without you paying for it. Find ‘’fifth in ten’’ in this book and you’ll see this line: ‘’In the Corner of the Tavern’’. After talking with Jubilost, you’ll automatically move to the tavern.

Something was said about twenty fourth day, and you should be given some clue about this date. Rewind time or do some other stuff until you see the twenty fourth day on your calendar. You’ll see the date when you point your mouse cursor to the hourglass item.


Easier to Ask Forgiveness...

You’ll receive some visitors in your throne room, and that will start a new quest where you’ll meet Linzi. You should talk with her in a tavern that is in the capital. Then go to the Swamp Witch’s Hut location. Open the map and on the right you’ll see a wagon with the dead horse. When you come there, kill or chase all the bandits away and collect all materials from the wagon. The quest is completed.


The quest is activated after you have listened to Linzi in the throne room. Visit Old Sycamore together with Linzi. Go up and deal with the bug that attacked the bards. You can chase him away or kill him. Then, talk to Eobald and tell Linzi what to do with him. The quest will be completed, and you’ll get 1200 experience points.

A Bard’s Calling

The sixth chapter starts with Linzi asking you to take her to the Rushlight Tournament. Let her go there by bringing her into your squad. You’ll find the girl in the lower part of the location. Talk to her and another girl standing next. Then you just have to return to the capital and talk with Eobald in the throne room. After that, you’ll have to wait for work on the book to finish.

When it’s finished, you’ll receive an invitation to Pitax. Head for the town and come to the academy where you need to talk to the girl standing on the top of the ladder. Now all that’s left is to bring down Irovetti.


Nok-Nok and the Trouble with Goblins

If you took Nok-Nok in your squad, he will come to the throne room and ask for help sooner or later. Take a goblin with you and go to Oleg’s Trading Post. Talk to Nok-Nok’s kinsmen and decide whether to kill the giant or ask Nok-Nok to get rid of him. In any case, the quest will be completed, and you will get 1200 experience points.

However, if you allow Nok-Nok to send the giant somewhere, he will offer him to visit the capital. After a few hours of in-game time, you’ll get messages that citizens of the capital are having trouble with the giant (certain kingdom parameters will decrease). To make the capital safe, return immediately, go to the throne room and find a new card ‘’Munguk’s Drunken Rage’’ in the events. Appoint an army advisor to chase the giant away along with the army. Another advisor won’t be able to do anything! If you ignore the problem, the capital will fall after a while.

  • Tip. Munguk may terrorize your town several times, so we advise you to attack and kill him at the first meeting. Ideally, avoid completing this quest because if the giant does not head to the capital, goblins will come.

Nok-Nok and the Great Mother

This quest starts shortly after you complete the Nok-Nok and the Trouble with Goblins quest and only if the goblins settled in the capital after you let them go. Talk with Nok-Nok, open the world map and you’ll see a new location to the west of the capital — the Goblin Clearing. Go ahead until you meet Nok-Nok. Again, you need to talk with him and then decide whether you let goblins build their shrine or not. A series of quests will be postponed if you let goblins do that or they will end if you don’t.

Nok-Nok and the King’s Return

Nok-Nok will visit your throne room a few days after you complete the Nok-Nok and the Great Mother quest and only if you let goblins build their shrine. The guest will tell you that the dead goblin king came back to life. Go to the Goblin Clearing with Nok-Nok alone (this is where the goblins have built Lamatsu’s shrine). Soon you’ll meet the goblin king. After you show your concentration skills, you’ll find out that the king is none other than a demon pretending to be the goblin king. Now you should either kill barghest or try to deal with the enemy without a fight. If you choose the second variant, then Nok-Nok will have to spill blood. That will make the elf confused.

Barghest will run away (this doesn’t have any effect on the later events). Return to the capital, talk with the goblin and tell him that he can become a Royal Droll. Here the quest will end.

Octavia and Regongar

A Warm Welcome from the League

This quest starts accidentally. People from the League under Kalana's leadership will attack you when you move around the map. You can seek the support of the League if you give one of your allies up them. It's your choice, but we chose the following way.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Companion Quests Walkthrough-1

Refuse them and then defeat all of them. Kalana will escape the scene. Save the game before you leave this location because you will be tested. Nature knowledge helped us, that's why we know the League's camp location. You can also find it on your own. The camp is located near the Temple of the Elk.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Companion Quests Walkthrough-2

Go there, defeat enemies in the top left corner of the screen and decide how to treat Kalana. You can kill her or let her go. Make a decision on your own, but you can invite Regongar and Octavia to your squad regardless of your decision. You can add them to your group replacing some of the members of your party or you can do it later at Oleg's trading post. You'll receive 200 experience points at the end of this quest.

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Companion Quests Walkthrough-3

Cruel Justice

The quest begins at the beginning of the fourth chapter ‘’The Varnhold Vanishing’’. Octavia and Regongar will arrive at the throne room and tell that a representative of Technic League was spotted in the tavern in the capital. Agree to help them.

Go to the specified area in the mountains to the right of your capital, not far from Varnhold, which is one of the main objectives of the fourth chapter. Go inside the shelter, defeat all opponents that you meet on your way and find Maestro Janush. He will escape anyway, so say that you need to save the slaves in the conversation of Octavia and Regongar. To release them, interact with each person in the cells. Them, proceed to Janush’s office and see how he teleports. Examine the items in the room to complete the quest and get 3200 experience points.

Highborn at Heart

This quest starts right after Octavia and Regongar study the documents found at the Janush’s lair (in case you’ve saved the people instead of chasing after him, but anyway he always runs away). So, the quest is based on Octavia’s story.

Once you eliminate Irovetti, leave Pitax and enter it one more time. You’ll have to choose where to move (you do the same thing in the capital). Pick the Lonely Mansion instead of Academy, Port and Main Square.

Come inside and talk to Octavia’s mother. Then, return to the capital and talk to Octavia this time to complete the quest and get 4600 XP and the amulet. Besides, if you choose the right phrase, you’ll get additional 9600 XP.

No Man’s Slave

This quest starts right after Octavia and Regongar study the documents found at the Janush’s lair (in case you’ve saved the people instead of chasing after him, but anyway he always runs away). This quest is based on Regongar’s story. You’ll see Kellid tribe in the top left corner of the map.

When you get there, you’ll find a new location with a question mark. Go there and talk with Inged who will tell you what has happened with the tribe. Then you only have to return to the capital and meet Regongar to complete the quest. You’ll get 4800 XP.


Kingdom of the Cleansed

In this quest you’ll meet Tristian. Eventually, he’ll come to your throne room and tell you about some cult member who has come to town. Go to the town square, find Tristian’s icon on the map and head for it. Talk with the girl standing next to him and then with Tristian. After that, open the world map. Move to the right and down, away from the capital and towards a new location – Secret Sanctum (it’s below the bridge).

After arriving at the place of ritual and investigating it, start a fight with the worshipers and a man in a hood. First you should kill him and his assistant, and all the others will run away. A mysterious man will threaten you with a Goddess and disappear. Now you only have to go back to the town square, find Tristian and talk with him. This will end the quest, and you’ll get 900 XP.

Saving Grace

If you have already saved Tristian in one of the story quests, he’ll seek king’s audience. After having a conversation in a throne room, you’ll need to meet Tristian outside, in the main square. Head for the Kingdom of the Cleansed – it’s not far from the Temple of the Elk.

Kill the cultists and investigate the bodies to get to know where is the First Faithful building the settlement. Go to the City of the Hollow Eyes (in the upper right corner of the map) where you’ve already been when looking for Faceless Sister. Move to the upper corner of the map to find the cultists. Interrupt the ritual, take the enemies out and complete the task.

You may let Tristian leave this area. But if you let him choose what to do, he’ll stay there to free the Stolen Lands. You’ll get 4800 XP after completing the quest.


Shelyn’s Chosen

Again, at some point you’ll receive some visitors in your throne room. That will start a new quest. Go to the Oleg’s Trading Post location and find the entrance to the area. Valerie’s former boss will be waiting for you here. Remember that Valerie must join your squad! Fight against the enemy. After winning, Valerie can kill him or say that the battle is over. This fight leaves a scar on her face. Return to the capital, get out of the throne room and talk with the lady standing on the right side of the entrance. This will end the quest.

Burning Bridges

Sooner or later, a man will come to the throne room and complain about Valerie’s scar. You will need to talk to the Storyteller and Linzi, then get outside and talk to Valerie who is standing to the right of the throne room. You should say that she never considered beauty as the main component of life. Soon, the task will be completed, and you will get 1200 experience points.

  • Note. You can give Dryad Tokens and Taldan Warrior's Dog Tags to the Storyteller, receiving experience points from him.

Judgement of the Gods

The quest will start automatically after you receive a visitor in the throne room. You’ll get a letter related to Valerie and the Prism temple. Get to the town square and chat with the girl. Take her to your squad and go to the west to find the temple of Shelyn. Go inside and either eliminate all the sectarians or agree to have Valerie take part in the tribunal. During the procession, you can just keep silence: Shelyn will be found not guilty, and one of the fanatics with his guards will attack the girl. Kill them all. At the end of the fight, Valerie must talk to you first. If this did not happen, then there are a couple more enemies in the temple (search for them in every corner and finish them off to start a conversation).

Leave the temple and return to the capital. Go outside and talk to Valerie on the town square to complete this quest.

This guide is going to be updated.

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