Path of Exile

Release date: October 23, 2013
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Path of Exile Cheats and Console Commands

In this guide, you will find a list of the most useful Path of Exile chat commands

Chat Commands

To use any of these commands, just type them in the chat window. ("Enter" by default)

Path of Exile Cheats and Console Commands-1
  • /help – Displays a list of most commands.
  • /bug – Reports a game bug and gives you the report reference number.
  • /ladder – Shows the top ten characters on the current ladder.
  • /played – Shows the amount of time that the current player has been played for.
  • /age – Shows how long ago the current character was created.
  • /passives – Displays a summary of all passive skill points and the Deal with the Bandits reward the character has gained.
  • /deaths – Displays how many deaths the current character has incurred.
  • /remaining – Displays how many monsters remain in the current area.
  • /destroy – Destroys the item on cursor.
  • /recoveroldcraftingbenchitem – Recovers an item placed in now inaccessible Forsaken Masters crafting bench.
  • /itemlevel – Displays the level of the item on cursor.
  • /pvp – isplays Win/Loss/Disconnect statistics for 1v1 and 3v3 PvP.
  • /fixmyhelmet – Updates an existing non-unique helmet to new art.
  • /oos – Forces resync.
  • /dance – Makes the player perform a dance.
  • /status – Change your status. Status is displayed to all friends as an alert when changed.
  • /debug – Displays debug information.
  • /invite <character> – Sends a party invite.
  • /kick <character> – Kicks a character from the party.
  • /party_description <description> – Changes the description of the party.
  • /tradewith <character> – Initiates a trade. Characters must be in the same town to trade.
  • /friend <character> – Adds a character to the friends list.
  • /unfriend <character> – Removes a character from the friends list.
  • /accept <character> – Accepts a friend request.
  • /ignore <character> – Adds a player to the ignore list. No messages will be received from ignored players.
  • /unignore <character> – Removes a player from the ignore list.
  • /squelch <character> – Same as /ignore
  • /unsquelch <character> – Same as /unignore
  • /clear_ignore_list – Removes all players from the ignore list.
  • /whois <character> – Displays a character's level, class, league, and whether he is online
  • /afk <message> – Turns AFK mode on, replying with <message> when someone messages you.
  • /afkoff – Turns off AFK mode
  • /dnd – Toggles Do Not Disturb mode. When on, no messages will be received.
  • /global <number> – Joins the specified global chat channel.
  • /trade <number> – Joins the specified trade chat channel.
  • /cls – Clears the chat.
  • /hideout – Sends you to your hideout. Only useable while in town.
  • /hideout <character> – Sends you to player's hideout. Only useable while in town.
  • /menagerie – Sends you to your Menagerie. Only useable while in town.
  • /abandon_daily – Abandons your ongoing daily master missions.
  • /exit – Exits the game to the Character selection screen.
  • /reset_xp – Resets the experience-per-hour estimation tool.
  • /recheck_achievements – Forces a recheck of certain achievements.
  • /autoreply <message> – Replying with <message> when someone messages you.

John Davis