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Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow

World’s best cosplayers, who represent game, anime and movie characters

Over the last 5 to 10 years, the world of cosplay has become oversaturated with people who love to transform into famous characters. Many think that today it’s impossible to get in the spotlight and there is no place for newcomers. The desire to achieve all at once sometimes takes the form of something strange, like ‘’cosplay is for everyone’’ movement, whose representatives offer works which raise some questions about their quality. If you look at popular female cosplayers, every single one of them has dozens of amazing works. In this article, we’ll talk about the most famous of them.

Choosing the most popular is not an easy task, because there is no universal number to compare. Every cosplayer has accounts on Instagram and Facebook, and sometimes they are present on YouTube. Another important factor in assessing popularity is Patreon — a platform on which any person can support creators financially to unlock exclusive content in exchange. Patreon only displays a total number of subscribers, which includes people who donated any amount of money — doesn’t matter if it’s $1 or $500. Therefore, we considered all of the mentioned factors in order to compile this list.

Helly Valentine — a girl from Russia, who became famous in the West. Her every video game work will be remembered by both the fans of the corresponding fandom and ordinary admirers of female beauty. Charming Triss Merigold, authentic D.Va from Overwatch, graceful 2B from NieR: Automata… Nevertheless, most of Helly’s works represent anime.

The thing is that her appearance is a perfect living embodiment of characters from Japanese animation. Helly has a strikingly cute face, which makes her attractive. At the same time, her cosplays have two versions — standard and adult ones. The combination of beautiful naked body and cuteness causes strange dissonance and defies expectations. Unsurprisingly, many people liked this approach. It’s also worth noting that every Helly’s costume is a real masterpiece. Quality fabric, an abundance of small details and maximum authenticity.

Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-1
Helly Valentine turned out to be the cutest Triss
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-2
2B performed by Helly was quite authentic
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-3
Her D.Va proved to be the most similar to the game prototype
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-4
Li-Ming of Heroes of the Storm, a work with a really complex costume

Marie-Claude Bourbonnais is a charismatic girl from Canada. She came to the cosplay world from the modeling business relatively late, but thanks to the outstanding quality of each work and delightful appearance, she still draws the attention of new fans. Many will surely remember Marie’s nude photo shoot, but we’ll show only those works that relate to cosplay.

Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-5
Female version of Sub Zero is by no means canon. At the sametime, Marie’s cosplay looks quite organic among the ladies from Mortal Kombat 2011
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-6
In some cases, her appearance fully corresponds to the original. Her Power Girl from New 52 universe is a vivid example of authentic cosplay
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-7
Susan Storm from the Fantastic Four has never looked so sexy
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-8
And this is Ms. Marvel — an example of a feminist superheroine

Zhanna Rudakova or Jannet Incosplay is one of the most famous Russian female cosplayers. She was the first in Russia to turn recreating fictional characters into a serious business. Nevertheless, the girl still pleases her fans with new works, each being expensive, high quality knowledgeable. Widowmaker from Overwatch, Triss Merigold, Cortana from Halo 5, Cate Archer from No One Lives Forever, Kaileena from Prince of Persia: Warrior Within and a host of anime heroes. Sometimes Zhanna pampers erotic fans with pictures in her underwear, associated with particular fandom. It turns out beautiful, sexy and not tacky at all.

Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-9
We told about how good Zhanna’s Widow is in The Most Authentic Female Cosplay article. Here we offer you one of the hottest photos from that shoot
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-10
Her Triss turned out closer to the second Witcher game, rather than the books — she is not sweet, but passionate and flamboyant
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-11
Don’t think that Zhanna is limited only to popular characters. One of her first works is Cate Archer of the No One Lives Forever dilogy
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-12
A vivid example of boudoir photography, based on Kaileena from Prince of Persia

Tayla Barter or Kinpatsu is a cosplayer from Johannesburg, South Africa. The distinctive feature of this girl is the incredible speed of creating new costumes — 2-3 per month on average. In 2017, she appeared in thirty different out outfits. This approach is quite refreshing, as many other cosplayers appear in the same costume year after year.

At the same time, the quantity didn’t hurt the quality. She has both simple and complex works, and each of them matches the original.

Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-13
Tayla came out as a surprisingly beautiful Yennefer. Die-hard fans may get outraged, because her eyes don’t reflect a hint of Yen’s bitchiness, but compared to other Witcher cosplay, there is not much to complain about
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-14
No other multiplayer shooter has gained such popularity in the cosplay community as Overwatch. Tayla followed the trend and recreated Witch Mercy using one of the character’s more complex outfits
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-15
Another example of a complex costume — Sylvanas from WarCraft III, World of Warcraft and Heroes of the Storm
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-16
Relief armor with dozens of small details amazes both the fans of the Warhammer 40000 universe and random observers

Stella Chuu is a cosplayer from New York City, and she calls herself ‘’Anime Princess of Burlesque’’. Indeed, her works include many characters from Japanese animation as well as a variety of pin-up photo shoots. Stella’s first serious work was Sakura from the anime called Naruto.

Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-17
It’s almost impossible to achieve complete similarity with Ivy from the Soulcalibur series — such combination of big breasts, thin waist and long legs simply doesn’t exist in reality. As a result, Ivy cosplays are always inferior to the original
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-18
D.Va from Overwatch is only recognizable due to the drawing on her cheeks
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-19
While this Mercy, another Overwatch hero, can be considered quite authentic
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-20
Asian Supergirl looks unusual, but you can’t deny the quality of this cosplay

Kristen Hughey is a cosplayer from New York City, who makes and design her costumes all by herself. It is worth noting, that her first character impersonation happened at age of 12 — the same time she sewed her first suit. Today she has hundreds of works, mostly from Marvel and DC universes. In the framework of this article, we are interested in the video game characters, most of all.

Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-21
D.Va from Overwatch isn’t suitable for every cosplayer — she has a distinct unrealistic appearance. It’s up to you to decide if Kristen’s works are authentic enough
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-22
A similar situation with Cammy from Street Fighter. The girl should be pumped up, with slight hints of her brutality. In this regard, we have no rights to complain — Kristen turned out to be a great Cammy
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-23
Jade in dark green, almost black outfit looks very impressive
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-24
Inauthentic, non-canon but damn sexy Sonya Blade cosplay. But if we didn’t know that this is supposed to be a Mortal Kombat character, the photo could be easily mistaken for a military style photo shoot

Misa Chiang is a female cosplayer from Taipei, Taiwan. She has been in the industry for 8 years and now the whole world knows about her. Like many Asian cosplayers, she looks like a pretty doll, but at least her portfolio doesn’t include exclusively anime characters.

Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-25
In mid-2017, the internet and various festivals were flooded with a wave of NieR: Automata cosplays. Misa wasn’t an exception and offered her version of the game’s main heroine, android 2B
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-26
Until recently, Dead or Alive’s main selling point was girls with prominent forms. Misa Chiang looks like Honoka, so her work ended up close to the original. It was based on a series’ spin-off called Dead or Alive Xtreme 3, which is focused on beach volleyball instead of deadly fights
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-27
Charming Star Guardian Jinx from League of Legends
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-28
Overwatch craze didn’t bypass Misa. She appeared on the shows as 2 characters — D.Va and Tracer

MiMi Chan is a female cosplayer from Vietnam and the sweetest lady in this article after Helly Valentine. All of her works are built on her charming youth — MiMi Chan always strives to evoke tenderness and chooses her works to match her appearance. As a rule, these are initially cute characters from video games and anime. She also has some model photo shoots in her lingerie. We could reproach the girl for not experimenting enough, but judging by the number her fans, nothing needs to be changed. The only thing that surprises us is a complete absence of complex costumes.

Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-29
Only the most dedicated fans will recognize Honoka from Dead or Alive in this cosplay
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-30
D.Va is one of the few MiMi’s video game cosplays. Apparently, she decided that this character is a perfect fit for her, because she has more than 10 different D.Va outfits, most of which are not considered canon
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-31
Mostly, she recreates anime heroes. A vivid example is Yumeko from the Compulsive Gambler series
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-32
And this is a simple take on Mercy from Overwatch

Californian LeeAnna Vamp is a cosplayer from California. She was a true star on Comic Con Russia 2016, so you had to purchase a separate ticket in order to take a photo with her. The main feature of LeeAnna’s works is her love for dark and gloomy images with a pinch of sexuality. Even her alias Vamp comes from ‘’Vampire’’, which is no accident — she adores vampire themes. She is also a creator of the website I Love Geek Girls and the costume show Sexy Star Wars, and has her own YouTube channel.

Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-33
LeeAnna has many different works, but those of them related to video games can be counted on your fingers. One of them is Lara Croft from Tomb Raider: Legend
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-34
Catwoman from DC comics has a stable popularity among the cosplayers
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-35
Among the American cosplayers, the Witcher universe is much less popular than in Europe, so it’s even more pleasant to see Ciri performed so well by LeeAnna
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-36
At Comic Con Russia 2016, she was taking pictures with a female version of the Wolverine and the charming Freddy Krueger

Linda Le is a cosplayer from Oklahoma, USA. Not only she represented some famous characters, but she also helped others — Linda was a part of Team Mantium Designs, helping them to create complex costumes and armor, participated in the show about the world of cosplay called Just Cos and wrote a column for YouBentMyWookie. Most of her works relate to Marvel comics, as she is a fan of the X-Men.

Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-37
Psylocke from the X-Men still remains Linda’s favorite character, and she has returned to her repeatedly in her works
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-38
Linda turned out to be an extremely charming Black Cat. Sometimes this hero is confused with Catwoman from DC comics, but those are completely different characters. The Black Cat belongs to Marvel and appears in Spider-Man
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-39
This not a female version of the Punisher, as one might think, but a Lady Punisher, a little-known character in Marvel universe
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-40
Video game works are rare in Linda’s case. Here is a pleasant exception — Sniper Wolf from the first part of Metal Gear Solid

Irina Meier is the most popular female cosplayer in Russia. The first time she appeared in public was at Igromir 2014 as Harley Quinn, and in 4 years she made a stunning career. Today she is regularly invited to festivals in Russia and abroad, while her subscriber counts on Instagram and Patreon are growing day by day. The reasons for Irina’s success are simple — nice appearance, diligence, high-quality costumes and a will to experiment.

Cosplays by Irina, Zhanna and Helly prove that the quality of Russian cosplay has stepped up quite a bit and is no worse than the industry standards. The photos presented in this article give an opportunity to compare the cultures of different countries and draw necessary conclusions.

Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-41
Enchanting Cleopatra, whose photos were timed to the release of Assassin’s Creed: Origins. Many works of Irina are said to surpass originals, and it’s true in this case — in real life the legendary wasn’t particularly beautiful
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-42
In recent years cosplayers have started using real animals instead of props. In case of Irina and her Lara Croft cosplay, the result proved to be worth it — it was incredibly realistic
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-43
Irina returned to Harley Quinn repeatedly, and each time the work turned out to be cheerful and sexy — exactly as Joker’s girlfriend should be
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-44
We haven’t seen the Aquaman movie yet, but the cosplay based on his wife, Mera, has already overwhelmed the internet. Irina stands out among the others primarily due to her amazing costume, which resembles a mermaid’s scale

Jenna Lynn Meowri is a cosplayer from Daleville, USA. She is relatively new in cosplay (started in July of 2015) but already managed to gain some serious popularity. Jenna’s main feature is a bet on her sexuality in everything — from costumes and poses to glances and expressions. Unsurprisingly, in addition to cosplay, she often does a bit more erotic photo shoots.

Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-45
A slightly provocative cosplay based on Fallout. It’s clear that in the post-apocalypse, people won’t have the opportunity to carefully look after themselves, but we won’t make a big deal out of it, won’t we
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-46
Black Widow by Jenna turned out to be quite authentic — in the original comics she also wears a tight suit with a deep décolleté
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-47
For the sake of such a Princess Peach, it worth defeating dozens of dragons in search of the right castle…
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-48
Spider-Woman is one of the few Jenna’s modest costumes. However, we feel that this work appeals to more people than just the fans of Marvel comics

Lindsay Elis is another American cosplayer, this time from Arizona. She has achieved her fame long ago, and today she gladly shares the experience and secrets of being a cosplayer on her livestreams. Unlike many other American cosplayers, she specializes in video games instead of comics or anime. Now it’s fashionable to be a gamer girl, but for Lindsay gaming wasn’t a means to get more exposure, it was her main hobby. After cosplay, of course.

Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-49
Almost all of the Fallout cosplay can be divided into 2 categories: guys in complex metal suits imitating power armor and charming girls in vault jumpsuits. Here is the latter one
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-50
It is difficult to find a famous male character, who doesn’t have a female cosplay version. Here is the female version of Master Chief from Halo, for example
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-51
Poison from Street Fighter isn’t a frequent guest in the world of cosplay, unlike Chun Lee or Cammy. Meanwhile, it’s always nice to see charming girls in revealing costumes such as Poison’s
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-52
Unfortunately, Chell from Portal series also isn’t very popular among cosplayers

Yaya Han is a Chinese girl living in the USA, and over the past few years, she has become a rather popular cosplayer. Like many of her colleagues, she sews her costumes herself, participates in TV shows, such as the Heroes of Cosplay and leads a full-fledged cosplay business.

Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-53
If you are tired of sports girls taking on Chun-Li’s image, here is a different approach from Yaya Han
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-54
Cosplayers from the USA often represent League of Legends characters, due to the game being more popular there than Dota. Here is Yaya’s take on Fiora
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-55
Is it possible for a girl with big breasts to pass on Jessica Rabbit? Of course not. Such outfits immediately reveal the secret of many cosplayers
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-56
One of Yaya’s less revealing costumes — Assassin from the corresponding Ubisoft series

Meg Turney is a cosplayer, video blogger, and since 2017, also a streamer. Like many some pretty girls, she uses her looks to attract subscribers. As for cosplay, everything is simple — she takes popular characters and recreates them, often in a more revealing manner.

Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-57
Tracer from Overwatch was originally appealing, but Meg made her even hotter
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-58
Elizabeth from Bioshock: Infinite, in turn, proved to be quite authentic
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-59
Most of the female Borderlands cosplay are variations of Moxxi. Meg decided to be original and offered us a female version of the series’ protagonist
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-60
In pursuit of hype cosplayers often turn to trending stuff, some of which don’t even have particular characters to cosplay. Here is a joint work with Jessica Nigri based on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Australian model Katyuska Moonfox is probably the most vivid representative of erotic cosplay. No complicated costumes and role-playing, a bare minimum of clothes and maximum photo shoots in lingerie. The girl isn’t limited to those though — there a plenty of completely nude photos on the internet. Judging by her popularity, people like this approach. And she’s indeed pretty.

Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-61
Moonfox has a lot of authentic quality works. Black Widow is one of them
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-62
Cindy from Final Fantasy XV was made to be cosplayed, and she is quite popular among the western cosplayers
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-63
Among numerous NieR: Automata photos, this is one of the chastest
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-64
Zach Snyder’s movie Sucker Punch was a failure, but its main character became popular in the world of cosplay

Holly Wolf is a female cosplayer from Canada, who has recently gained a good following. Today she is no longer limited to festivals and exhibitions, as she regularly appears in magazines such as FHM, Maxim and Playboy. Apart from her beautiful figure, she features pretty eyes with an outstanding cunning look, that doesn’t come off her face, regardless of character.

Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-65
Cammy looks especially good in this alternative bright-red outfit, and the video of Holly Wolf cosplaying her makes an even bigger impression
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-66
Holly rarely tries complex and detailed costumes. You don’t need much in case of Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw — a short skirt, top with right print and chainsaw will do the job
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-67
The Legend of Zelda cosplay is one of the ‘’decent’ ones
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-68
Despite the crazy popularity of some cosplayers, getting on the cover of Playboy is still considered an achievement. Makes sense that this is the one Holly Wolf uses as her Facebook avatar

Alyson Tabbitha is, above all, a make-up artist. She achieves the maximum resemblance to the source, which sometimes makes it hard to distinguish one from another. Alyson offers both standard and cross-gender works. With this approach, ladies repeat the original male character in details without any additional elements, such as décolleté. Although most of her work is based on movies.

Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-69
A vivid example of the cross-gender cosplay. Even Johnny Depp’s backups from the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean weren’t as similar to his character
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-70
Wonder Woman, as canon as it gets if you consider 2017 movie to be the original
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-71
Milla Jovovich’s heroine from The Fifth Element still occasionally appears in cosplay, but usually in another, sexier version of her costume
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-72
One of the few works from Alyson based on video games. As with her other cosplays, Widowmaker turned out to be quite authentic

Alodia Gosiengfiao is a Filipino female cosplayer, model, TV host, singer and actress. Repeatedly published on the pages of FHM. According to the magazine’s editors, she’s one of the most influential women in the Philippines. Over the years, she made more and more advanced cosplays, until she was first invited as a participant and then as a judge in various competitions. Recently she took part in a documentary series about the first Comic-Con festivals.

Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-73
Almost every female cosplayer has a Harley Quinn in her portfolio. Alodia isn’t an exception, but her version of Joker’s girlfriend turned out to be a bit creepy
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-74
Baroness from G.I. Joe is her most famous work
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-75
Alodia represented Black Widow to accompany premiere of the first Avengers
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-76
She looks like a porcelain figurine in her Alice: Madness Returns cosplay. You can find fault with the absence of madness in her eyes, but you don’t want to do it at all

It is difficult to find a modern young man who wouldn’t have heard of Jessica Nigri. And few will be surprised by the fact that she still remains the most popular female cosplayer in the world. She has a beautiful face, luxurious figure, charm and great costumes, but it’s something that other less popular cosplayers have as well. We think that her main advantage is that she doesn’t build artificial boundaries between herself and her fans. In her videos, it’s noticeable that Jessica is open to her subscribers and ready to discuss any topic without being shy or afraid to look stupid. Therefore, you perceive her more as a friendly neighbor, rather than someone celestial. As for the cosplays, its quality is always at the highest level.

The fact is that recently she started paying less attention to representing different characters and more towards showing herself in different kinds of beautiful underwear, which at best hints at some video game with a tiny logo. For the cosplay admirers this is a step down, but her fans are ready to see Jessica in any form.

Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-77
Jessica Nigri has surprisingly many female versions of male characters. For example, Nathan Drake from Uncharted. Almost every one of them features a neckline that emphasizes her breasts, but this is something we are accustomed to
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-78
Classic cosplay is becoming a rarity among Jessica’s work, but there are still some examples as Moxxi from Borderlands 2, which are completely true to its source
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-79
More often than not, she just leaves the minimal distinctive features of the character and changes the costume so it underlines her body
Top 20 Cosplay Girls You Must Follow-80
However, not all of her works are like this — some of Jessica’s costumes can be praised for complex designs. It’s especially true for her World of Warcraft cosplays. This is a female version of Deathwing dragon from the Cataclysm add-on

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