Ori and the Blind Forest

Release date: March 11, 2015
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One

30 Best Low Spec Games You Should Play

Splendid PC games which don't require a powerful computer

AAA-games usually require high-end hardware, but the games industry has developed so much, that you can find true masterpieces even if you own an old PC. Some of these games can show nice graphics despite low system requirements. In this list, we collected nice games, which will run even on low spec computers. There are both new projects (Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire, Surviving Mars) and older online-games (Rocket League, PAYDAY 2) which are still relevant. But there are no such obvious hits from recent years, as Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim or extremely popular Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

One of the most popular zombie apocalypse survival simulators on Steam. Despite its primitive appearance, there is a great deal of content in the game: extensive craft, heaps of weapons, vehicles, and most importantly, a multiplayer mode. This game is on the top of online games on Steam, so you can always find people to play with.

This indie masterpiece was created by only one person. At first glance, it may look like a farming simulator, but behind this, there is a true little remote world, where each resident is a unique person with his or her own preferences, stories, and tasks. Besides, there are fighting system and grinding like in a role-playing game. At the same time, developers always create new content, to players’ delight. Moreover, this game was a The Game Award and BAFTA nominee.

One of the best space strategies today, which was developed by masters of a genre — Paradox Development Studio, who also created such hits as Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis. Unlike other studio’s games, Stellaris is more user-friendly but it doesn't make it less interesting. As a head of a new space empire, you decide its future — whether it will take a strong position in the galaxy or will be absorbed by other factions.

A gore co-op shooter, where you fight against hordes of disgusting zombies. This game is similar to Left 4 Dead with team play and fights against PVE-enemies being core aspects of the game. But even AI can give it to you hot, requiring well-coordinated actions and knowledge of levels. Besides, you should notice that the game has good graphics in spite of low system requirements. In addition, Killing Floor 2 is constantly updated, adding something new for players.

A cooperative online shooter in the science fiction setting, distributed by free-to-play model. Since it is an MMO, you have to grind a lot, but developers tried to make this process engrossing. For example, levels are procedurally generated, so every new walkthrough will be unique. Though Warframe didn't become so popular, it has its own audience, so it won’t be a problem to find people to play with. Also, you should pay attention to quite good graphics.

Paladins looks a lot like Overwatch, being a shooter with various heroes fight against each other using a range of abilities. This game was released as free-to-play, so it managed to find its own audience. The game came out as dynamic and colorful. Besides, developers maintain interest to it, pleasing gamers with new content.

One of the best town planning simulators. Players will take on the role of a mayor and build a dream megalopolis, starting with a small village. You'll be responsible for almost every sphere of the city. One of the peculiarities of the game is the transport system, which moved from Cities in Motion — the series developed by the creators of Cities: Skyline. In addition, the gaming community created a great number of mods, greatly expanding the original game.

A unique co-op criminal simulator, where you're going to organize robberies and many other crimes while trying not to get shot by the cops. The game requires well-thought-out team play or you won’t achieve anything. PAYDAY 2 can boast good graphics and passable online, that's why it doesn't leave the top of Steam.

One of the best Second World War strategies and, perhaps, one of the most difficult games in this genre. Paradox Development Studio doesn't spare players and created a game with a high entry level. That's why not everyone will admire Hearts of Iron 4. But if you manage to adapt, you'll see a profound strategy, where choosing one of the countries, you are able to lead it in any way, making your own history.

Terraria is the pearl of sandbox-games. Huge gameplay abilities compensate primitive graphics. You can explore the world in any direction — get up in the sky or dig the way to hell. You can build your own huge palace and craft a great number of items and weapons, which can help you to fight against diverse enemies and bosses. With an opportunity to play with friends, a procedurally generated world and regular updates every new game will be different.

Are you tired of role-playing games with fearless and almighty heroes, who can go through any trial with ease? Then you should have a look at Darkest Dungeon, where heroes fall ill, are liable to stress and many negative effects. The game represents itself as a tactical RPG, where your party should pass through very dark dungeons trying not to go mad. In addition, this game has a reputation not only for gameplay but also for its atmospheric visual style. As a result, Darkest Dungeon doesn’t need a high-end PC to look great.

It's an Action RPG, which is rather like Diablo. In Grim Dawn, there is a dark gothic atmosphere of a post-apocalyptic world, an interesting class system resembling Titan Quest, diversity of weapons, various bosses and crowds of common enemies. Mostly, the gameplay is simple, and you are to fight most of the time. However, if you like such kind of a gameplay, you should definitely try Grim Dawn.

In this game, you are to govern survivors to build a colony on some unknown planet. You have not only to build dwellings but also to craft all kinds of items and monitor people's needs, gradually exploring the environment. RimWorld has a reputation for creating a great number of stories and situations with the help of a special AI-teller, which generates events based on how a player develops.

Factorio is a unique simulator of factory building. Starting with manual production, you'll create huge industrial complexes, where you can produce a big range of items. But there will be malcontents and you'll have to get into combats. In addition to the game’s broad opportunities, you can install a large number of modifications. Online mode allows to play Factorio with friends.

A survival simulator in a boundless water space. Everything you have is a small raft and a hook that you can use to pick up marine debris. Gradually, you can transform your raft into something resembling a ship and arm yourself to confront the shark — the main enemy in the game. From time to time you'll come across islands and abandoned rafts — they are small but contain valuable resources. There is no main aim in Raft whatsoever, you are free to do everything you want. In spite of the early access, the game has earned high popularity and continues to develop.

A card game set in the universe of The Elder Scrolls. Its gameplay is very similar to Hearthstone — you choose a card deck and fight against your opponent face to face, annihilating his hero. There is no class system in the game, so you can compose your deck from various types of cards. Besides, TES: Legends contains a story mode, revealing new details about the universe.

A sequel to one of the best old-school role-playing games of recent years. The game has got improved graphics and acquired a lot of content. You and your team of various heroes explore a huge archipelago on a ship, which you can improve to win sea battles. But in the first place, it's a role-playing game with a well-developed tactical battle system, complex leveling up system, well-designed epic plot and dialogs, and a spirit of adventure.

A unique police officer simulator, where you act as a chief of the police station and have to solve problems of a district while trying to earn $500000. You'll have to rule over the state, answer calls, and protect yourself from the corrupt mayor. Meanwhile, the main character will immerse in a grim story, where it’s you who is responsible for his fate. Look for detailed guides about investigations here.

It's a beautiful and cute puzzle platformer about Yarny — a kitten-like creature made of red yarn. Puzzles and game mechanics are based on using the yarn, which constantly unravels during the walkthrough. Losing too much of the yarn can lead to Yarny’s death. But besides the gameplay, the game is notable for an interesting and unusual plot as well as spectacular graphics, that's why no one could definitely remain indifferent. In June 2018, the sequel was released allowing to play together with someone else. However, system requirements are much higher.

It's an unusual sports simulator, where you play cars instead of players. There are several sports to choose from: soccer, basketball, and hockey. Dynamic gameplay combined with well-designed online modes allowed the game to become a true hit. Rocket League received awards at The Game Awards and BAFTA.

While scientists debate about the time when we can colonize Mars, some developers create games on this subject, in order that we could dream of what it will look like. For example, Surviving Mars, where gamers are to organize their own colony and keep it safe, controlling the expansion as well as colonists, building accommodation and setting them to work. If you like economic strategies, you should try this game. Here you can find a Starting Guide for the game.

One of the most famous strategy game series. Years pass, but Civilization is true to itself, allowing gamers to turn history as they want to. Do you want to make citizens of The Russian Empire Buddhists? No problem. Do you want to get ahead of another civilization in the development and fight using tanks against Roman spearmen? Go ahead. All this contains tactical profoundness and extensive opportunities. In fact, Civilization 6 sticks to the same recipe which has been elaborated for decades. If you like global strategies, you can miss Civilization 6 under no circumstances.

MMORPG, which tells about events that took place 1000 years before the Skyrim story. Players are to choose one of 3 factions (each of them includes 3 races), which try to obtain as much influence in the Empire as possible. Players will participate in a great amount of PVE and PVP content, among which are large-scale sieges. Besides, developers added well-designed missions, which marks The Elder Scrolls Online out other games of this genre.

It's a very dark indie in the survival horror genre. A player has to survive in a changeable open world. During afternoons you can search for resources and supplies, but at nights you have to hide and defend yourself from hideous monsters. Despite its plain visuals, the game is very atmospheric and can scare even without realistic graphics and large budgets.

At first glance, the game is simple enough. You play as a monarch, who makes diverse decisions — you're to do it all the time. Nevertheless, every decision has consequences, which elevate the kingdom to greatness or ruin it. There are 4 rates in the game you should support — religion, people, army, and treasury. If one of these rates starts to fall or increase, wait for a disastrous outcome. That's why you have to maintain strict balance with your decisions.

2D indie action with elements of role-playing and platform games. Explore a mysterious world and fight against enemies (more than 100 different types) and bosses. Level up your character gradually and unlock new skills. Moreover, Hollow Knight looks great and very dynamic. This game was appreciated by players and the press and received several prestigious awards including the BAFTA Games Award.

A role-playing game by the developers of such indie masterpieces as Bastion and Transistor. You are to become a leader of exiles and lead them to freedom through a mysterious purgatory. The game shows an interactive story, where even defeat in a battle is a part of this story; that's why every walkthrough becomes unique. In addition, the game looks very atmospheric and unusual and lets you fight against another player.

A real-time strategy, where you have to rule a Viking village: develop and to keep it from getting destroyed by other tribes or monsters. You can also fight against other players or follow an interesting storyline, which will keep you busy with various missions and tell about Northgard continent.

It's an interesting platform game about Madeline — a red-haired girl, who overcomes dangerous obstacles in order to climb to the top of Celeste Mountain. You are to pass through multiple different challenges, which fans of old-school platform games are fond of.

An extremely beautiful platformer with a touching story, where the main hero needs to save the Nibel forest. The game is set in a fantasy world full of fairy-tale creatures; however, not all of them are kind. You have to pass trials which are changing constantly, that's the reason why your walkthrough will be multifarious. Graphics make it one of the most beautiful indie games. In 2016, the game got a prestigious BAFTA Games Award.

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