Release date: May 29, 2018
Platforms: Mac, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Moonlighter: Golem Dungeon Enemy Guide

This guide contains a list of enemies from the Golem Dungeon in Moonlighter, as well as effective strategies for fighting them

Will’s foes can be categorized into a few basic types, but each incarnation has subtle differences.


Moonlighter: Golem Dungeon Enemy Guide-1
  • The most basic enemy types are the small slimes. Will encounters these immediately in the tutorial, and will fight them often throughout the game.
  • Small slimes are weak and can normally be dispatched in one or two hits, but can be lethal when allowed to gang up.
  • A weapon with an arc of attacks, such as the sword and shield or big sword, is most effective in slaying groups of small slimes at once.
  • The Golem dungeon is home to small pink slimes. Later dungeons house green, orange, and blue small slimes. These more dangerous versions of the small slime have a damage over time effect when Will touches them.
  • Slimes drop materials necessary for crafting healing potions and enchanting, so take the time to defeat them and stock up if you’re running low.


  • These larger versions of the small slime can momentarily root Will in place for a short while.
  • Although the large pink slime does no damage, later dungeons contain large green, orange, and blue slimes which have a damage over time effect upon touching Will.
  • Watch the movements of the large slimes carefully. Learning to roll out of the way when they lunge is the key to retaining Will’s mobility.
  • Large slimes are especially dangerous when accompanied by other enemies. Kill them first.


  • Mimics appear to be treasure chests, but spring to life when Will gets close.
  • The Wood and Iron chest versions can attack with a short range lunge but can close the distance with a deadly long range dive bomb. Watch the shadows they leave carefully to avoid being caught underneath and strike back with the bow or spear to stay out of range.
  • The Gold chest version is tougherand can spit coins in a large arc, making them dangerous at close or long range. Rolling out of the coin attack’s range and countering with hit and run tactics seems to work best, but be ready for a long battle.
  • Mimics drop healing potions and rarer items upon defeat.


  • This huge green creature cannot be harmed, and can instantly defeat Will with a single attack. It only appears once a dungeon floor has been 100% exploited. Run to the next floor down or use the pendant to teleport to safety.


  • These small green plant-like enemies are normally found in groups. They are easy to defeat, provided Will doesn’t get surrounded.


Moonlighter: Golem Dungeon Enemy Guide-2
  • These slimes are even larger than the large slimes and attempt to smash Will by using their heavy stone fists.
  • They move slowly, making it easy to bait and avoid their attacks.
  • Gauntlet slimes are also invulnerable until after their fist hits the ground  — move in to strike after baiting an attack to quickly finish them off.
  • Ranged attacks from the boware also effective against vulnerable Golem Slimes.


Moonlighter: Golem Dungeon Enemy Guide-3
  • Golems come in a few different variants.
  • The Sword Golem wields a two-handed sword and attacks rather quickly. They can be tricky to fight at first, so try rolling through its attacks and hitting him from behind or baiting its attacks, quickly striking, then rolling away. The Bow works wonderfully on this enemy if you can keep distance.
  • The Soldier Golem carries a sword and shield. It cannot be injured from the front, so bait its attacks as you would with the Sword Golem, roll through him, and strike his back.
  • The Staff Golem carries a staff that fires energy pulses but lacks a close range attack. Close the distance and constantly roll behind him to dispatch them quickly.


  • Mines can do a lot of damage and jump quite a distance. The easiest way to deal with them is by using the bow. Follow their shadow on the ground to avoid their dive bomb attack.


Moonlighter: Golem Dungeon Enemy Guide-4
  • Lighter colored turrets stand still while firing either a trio of energy pulses or a very damaging constant water stream attack in Will’s direction. The darker colored variant can also freely move.
  • The sword and shield work well against Turrets, provided you position Will correctly. The Turrets can only fire in cardinal directions, so try standing diagonally and hitting them.


Moonlighter: Golem Dungeon Enemy Guide-5
  • These rolling enemies are normally invulnerable. Bait their attack, then roll out of the way. When they hit an object or wall, they will be momentarily stunned and open to Will’s strikes.
  • Will can also block their charge with the shield.


Moonlighter: Golem Dungeon Enemy Guide-6
  • These flying foes come in two forms: one with a grabbing claw used to pick up items on the ground, and one without claws that is invulnerable until it attacks.
  • The clawed varieties are easy to knock back with a single strike, but don’t get caught in a combo animation as they fly out of range — it will open you to further attacks.
  • The clawless version is fast and difficult to hit, but the shield can block its dive attack. Anticipate the dive and be ready to strike after blocking or rolling away, since your window of opportunity to hit is a small one.


  • The dungeon boss has several attacks and is sometimes accompanied by large slimes. Be careful to avoid the slimes, since the Golem King’s strikes can kill Will quickly.
  • Stay close to the Golem King and continuously strike its body, rolling away only when it attacks.

The Golem King has several attacks:

Moonlighter: Golem Dungeon Enemy Guide-7
The stone arm attack is slow and easy to avoid
Moonlighter: Golem Dungeon Enemy Guide-8
This radial attack pushes Will away. Roll back in and close the distance
Moonlighter: Golem Dungeon Enemy Guide-9
Watch the shadows that telegraph this rock attack to avoid it
Moonlighter: Golem Dungeon Enemy Guide-10
This sweeping attack can be rolled through but does little damage

Upon defeating the Golem King, the Forest Dungeon will open!

Chandon Kunz