Release date: May 29, 2018
Platforms: Mac, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Moonlighter: Desert Dungeon Enemy Guide

This guide contains a list of enemies from the Desert Dungeon in Moonlighter, as well as effective strategies for fighting them

SMALL SLIMES, LARGE SLIMES, MIMICS, and the WANDERER all make a return in the Desert Dungeon. However, the slimes in the Desert Dungeon can set Will ablaze, causing damage over time. The difficulty here also spikes considerably over the previous dungeons, so be prepared to teleport out if needed. Check out the Golem Dungeon Guide for tips on fighting these enemy types.


Moonlighter: Desert Dungeon Enemy Guide-1
  • A metal spheroid that rolls around the room in a fixed pattern. Easy to avoid, but highly damaging if it hits. It also stuns Will momentarily upon impact.
  • Defeat these constructs by striking them from a diagonal or using the bow to stay out of reach. They will run the same circular areas of the room, making it easy to predict their movement.


  • A small, turtle-like creature that roams around, spittingfireballs diagonally in four directions at once.
  • They will counterattack with the fireballs upon being hit.
  • Rather than striking from a diagonal, try to hit them from the cardinal directions and roll backwards before they counter.
  • The bow works great against these enemies.


Moonlighter: Desert Dungeon Enemy Guide-2
  • There are two varieties of Mage Puppet, one much more troublesome than the other.
  • The less dangerous type wears a jester hat and spits a triad of close range flames before moving erratically or teleporting to safety. Avoid the flames and strike back with a melee weapon — they are fragile.
  • The more dangerous type resembles a hooded floating cloth doll that tracks Will, spitting fire at his current position before teleporting to a random location in the room.
  • You can tell when this type of Mage Puppet will spit fire when it begins to generate a circle of fire around it. Don’t get close to it when the fire appears as this can hit Will in addition to the projectile.
  • Use the bow or a melee weapon with reach, such as the big sword or spear, to damage them without being hit by the flame circle.


Moonlighter: Desert Dungeon Enemy Guide-3
  • These twelve-sided metal constructs are one of the deadlier opponents in the Desert Dungeon.
  • The construct can open up into a fiery turret, launching fireball mortars that create lava pools.
  • These pools stay on the ground for several seconds. They will light Will ablaze upon contact.
  • These enemies also have a highly damaging charge ability, which they use when Will gets too close.
  • Try to stay far away and hit them with the bow, baiting and dodging the fireball attack. When they reach about a third of their health, rush in with a melee weapon to finish them off with a quick combo before they can retaliate with a charge attack.


Moonlighter: Desert Dungeon Enemy Guide-4
  • These cube-like metal foes travel along the edges of an area, moving similar to the Rolling Construct.
  • They can attack by launching a huge stream of lava in two directions at once. The stream can reach nearly across an entire room but is stopped by barriers and obstacles.
  • When Will gets too close, the Cubes will counter him with a powerful sweeping laser.
  • The laser is much slower and easier to avoid than the lava stream, so try to get close and bait the laser attack.
  • You can also use the bow to attack, rolling out of the way of the lava stream. Be sure that you have cover to block the stream when using this tactic, and don’t stand too close to the cover: the hitbox on the lava stream is larger than it looks.


Moonlighter: Desert Dungeon Enemy Guide-5
  • A strange metal foe that resembles the other constructs mentioned above, but instead of attacking directly, it generates swarms of small fire-wielding missiles that seek Will’s position.
  • The missiles it spawns can be attacked with melee weapons, but you must time this correctly or risk damage. They will also explode after a short time if evaded.
  • The best strategy is to close the gap as quickly as possible with the Mother Construct and destroy it with combo strikes before it has a chance to fire missiles.


Moonlighter: Desert Dungeon Enemy Guide-6
  • This snakelike boss, simply named the Desert Guardian, is one of the more complex boss fights in Moonlighter. However, tactics learned from the remaining monsters in the Desert Dungeon are key to bringing it down.
Moonlighter: Desert Dungeon Enemy Guide-7
  • The boss has several projectile attacks. It will often start by spreading fireballs that explode into lava pools around the room.
Moonlighter: Desert Dungeon Enemy Guide-8
  • The segment behind the snake’s head launches a triad of fireball streams very rapidly — stay in the area between the streams and follow the snake for a chance to strike at it.
Moonlighter: Desert Dungeon Enemy Guide-9
  • One of the rear segments launches seeking missiles, similar to the Mother Construct. Evading the seeking missiles is a better strategy than trying to attack them here since the Guardian moves quickly.
Moonlighter: Desert Dungeon Enemy Guide-10
  • Upon taking significant damage, the Guardian will break into segments, which will bounce off the walls of the wide open arena. Fortunately, they are fairly easy to dodge.
Moonlighter: Desert Dungeon Enemy Guide-11
  • When the Guardian reconfigures itself into a snake form again, watch out for the head — it will charge at Will.
Moonlighter: Desert Dungeon Enemy Guide-12
  • After the rear two segments are destroyed, the Guardian will start launching fireball attacks more often. It will also use a hard-to-avoid radial attack: firing long-reaching fireballs in a circle.
Moonlighter: Desert Dungeon Enemy Guide-13
  • Once the head is alone, it will begin to smoke. This signals Will’s victory is near! Finish the Guardian off, but avoid the charge attack.
  • Defeating the Desert Guardian will unlock the fourth and final dungeon: the Tech Dungeon!

Chandon Kunz