Release date: May 29, 2018
Platforms: Mac, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Moonlighter: The Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide

In this guide you will find a list of useful tips on how to fight enemies, explore the dungeons, manage your shop and deal with bosses in the game

Getting started in Moonlighter can be a grind, but this guide will help you take shopkeeper Will from lowly retailer to heroic merchant in no time.

Combat Tips

  • Pay attention during the tutorial. There’re no real consequences for dying here, so use it to get familiar with Will’s movement and hitbox.
  • Will has a generous amount of invincibility frames during his roll. Rolling is his primary method of defense.
  • Every enemy in the game, including the bosses, has an animation indicating when they are about to strike, so timing your rolls is the key to victory.
  • Some flying enemies can only be hit after they attack, so be ready to move and counterattack them. Flying enemies also tend to be easier to knock back.
  • While the third hit in a weapon’s combo does extra damage, don’t get greedy. Will is fragile at the beginning of the game, so rolling towards an enemy for a strike or two, then rolling away is a safer strategy.
  • Many enemies can only attack in cardinal directions, making it easy to position Will at a diagonal to strike from safety.
  • The sword and shield is a great choice for a primary weapon. You gain it free early on, it does a fair amount of damage, and its attack can hit multiple enemies. The secondary attack button brings up your shield, which can block weaker attacks and projectiles completely.
Moonlighter: The Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide-1
Will can roll past pits, enemies, and attacks without taking damage
  • The first weapon you craft should be the bow. Due to its range, it complements the sword and shield well — especially in rooms where you have the space to keep enemies at a distance. The spear is also a decent choice, due to its charging power attack.

Town and Shop Tips

  • Purchase the potion seller and blacksmith as soon as possible. The retailer, hawker, and banker aren’t necessary, but they can provide some decent perks to the shop later.
  • The bed should be the first upgrade for your shop, as it increases your survivability within the dungeons. The cash register should be second, as it gives a nice bonus on top of your shop sales. There is plenty of storage space and floor space in the starting shop, so ignore the chest and sale box upgrades.
  • Use the wishlist feature at the blacksmith and potion seller. It will give you a better idea which loot to keep and which should be sold when dungeon crawling.
  • When selling unpriced items in the shop, break up your stacks and price each individual piece differently. Monitor customer reactions to the prices, and change them accordingly.
  • The journal records customer reactions automatically, so refer to it often when setting out merchandise. The journal also provides a clue as to the value of newly found items — more expensive entries are listed near the top, and cheaper items are at the bottom.
  • The Blacksmith can upgrade your weapons into only one of two paths: stun/elemental damage over time (bottom path), or higher damage overall (top path). Damage over time slightly favors more mobile playstyles.
Moonlighter: The Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide-2
Unlock the alchemist and blacksmith as soon as possible for an early edge
Moonlighter: The Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide-3
Unstack new items and price them differently to find the best price more quickly

Dungeon Tips

  • Stick to the first two levels of a dungeon if you’re in need of items to sell in your shop. The third increases in difficulty dramatically, and most items needed for crafting are dropped from enemies or found in chests on the first two floors.
  • Keep an eye out for skeletons of fallen adventurers. Striking these with a weapon can reveal free gold, extra potions, dungeon hints, or even valuable weapons.
  • Exploring all rooms on a floor will awaken the slime monster, a huge invincible creature that gives chase throughout the floor. The slime monster can be avoided by taking the stairs to the level below or teleporting to town.
  • There are occasionally secret rooms at the bottom of pits. Secret rooms come in several varieties. Some secret rooms just have free items. The room with a chest in the center can send one item to the shop. The room with an activation button spawns waves of enemies but rewards you with chests. The room with a pedestal has a highly valuable book but summons the slime monster immediately.
  • Important items can be found in the Golem dungeon. The first floor contains the Pendant, which allows you to teleport back to town in exchange for a portion of your gold. The first room of the second floor contains the Mirror, which allows you to exchange items in your backpack for a small amount of gold on the spot. The third floor provides the Catalyst, which allows you to create a temporary portal to town that you can use to return to your current position in exchange for even more gold.
Moonlighter: The Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide-4
Pay attention to item curses - some can help you
  • Pay attention to chest items — many are cursed. Curses can be beneficial as well as harmful, so use this to your advantage to free up space for more loot in your backpack.
  • Never enter the dungeons without enough gold to teleport out with the Pendant. Doing so will force you to use the mirror and potentially give up valuable items.
  • Will doesn’t lose gold upon dying, and the top five slots in his inventory will still keep their contents even if Will is defeated. Prioritize important loot to the top five slots.
Moonlighter: The Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide-5
The Golem King

Guardian Run Tips

  • Upgrade to the best armor you can before tackling a dungeon Guardian. Try to max out your armor enchantments and equip several potions as well. Weapons are important, but armor takes priority.
  • When you get to the third floor, find the boss stairs as quickly as possible. Defeat the enemies in the room and use the Catalyst to empty your backpack in town before returning to confront the Guardian with full potions and health.
  • Good luck!

Chandon Kunz