Monster Hunter: World

Release date: January 26, 2018
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

The Most Overlooked Things You Should Know When Starting Monster Hunter: World

Beginner’s guide, which includes basic information and tips and tricks on hunting, crafting, player’s assistants, weapons and armor as well as the game’s world

Monster Hunter: World is the newest game in the long line of Monster Hunter games. The first Monster Hunter game to be released on a console since Monster Hunter 3: Ultimate on the Wii U, and the first to be released on PC worldwide. World has been drastically overhauled in terms of graphics and gameplay.

The following is focused on the things players new to the Monster Hunter series, and veterans just getting back into it should know. While the new weapon mechanics are a big part of Monster Hunter: World, that is a whole beast in itself.

Take This, It’s Dangerous To Go Alone

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Monster Hunter: World offers everything you could want when taking down titanic beasts. World has tools for every type of hunter with its 14 weapon categories:

  • Long Sword
  • Great Sword
  • Dual Blades
  • Sword and Shield
  • Switch Axe
  • Charge Blade
  • Hammer
  • Hunting Horn
  • Lance
  • Gunlance
  • Insect Glaive
  • Bow
  • Light Bowgun
  • Heavy Bowgun

Don’t know what weapon to pick? Therein lies the real beauty of it all: you can pick all of them! Pick what looks fun, pick what looks most badass. The game even helps you out by giving you the starter version of every weapon in your equipment box.

Ready For Anything

In Monster Hunter: World, you have access to custom item sets. The game doesn’t introduce them very well, so the function is easily overlooked. The customs item sets allow you to save a loadout, so you can easily grab the right items before departing on a hunt or expedition.

For instance, you can have a set for a bow, which carries all of the coatings you could need. Or you can have a set for capturing monsters loaded up with traps galore and the ingredients to make more.

Crafting Level: 100

Monster Hunter: World has introduced an in-hunt crafting mechanic. You can craft traps, bombs, coatings, ammos, and more with just a quick scroll through the crafting list. The only caveat is that you need the ingredients in your inventory.

The devs at Capcom have added an auto-craft function as well. If you are low on potions while on a hunt, just pick up some herbs and they will be auto-crafted into potions, unless you reached the max number in your inventory.

Class Change

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If you forgot an essential item, want to change equipment, or need more ammo, it’s only a farcaster, short walk, or quick cart back to the nearest camp. From there, just enter your tent and change your equipment and craft anything you need.

If your longsword just can’t reach that flying monster, load up your bowgun and open fire. If you need more traps, armorskin pots, or ammo, grab them right out of your box or craft them and get back to the hunt. Changing equipment mid-hunt is especially useful for when you are tracking multiple monsters. When you finish one, you can just switch to optimal gear for hunting the other.

Spin the Wheel

If you don’t have the time to scroll through the entire crafting list, Monster Hunter: World has radial menus. These radial menus can be used for communicating with teammates, quickly getting to that ammo, crafting, but most importantly emotes.

By customizing the radial menus you can craft demondrug at the press of a button, drop a life powder quick enough to stop your friend from carting, or plant every bomb imaginable in front of a sleeping monster. You can customize the radial menus however you choose.

0/10 Bugs Caught

Switching gears from menu and equipment customization, let’s talk about the world itself. In World, each of the areas is seamlessly connected to each other, unlike the older games where each area was self-contained.

Throughout each of the regions featured in the game, there are a wide variety of bugs, plants, mushrooms, ores, and other objects. All of these may seem useless at first, but you should take your time gathering as much as you can on every hunt. These items are what will be used to craft more essential items like ammo, traps, charms, and even upgrades to your gear.

Welcome to the Jungle

The environment wasn't just designed to look pretty. The regions of the New World are filled with objects that can give you the upper hand in a fight, like falling boulders to K.O. a monster or vines to trap it, and endemic life that can be a double-edged sword, like the paratoad or wiggly litchi. Master your environment and score that cinematic finishing blow.

This Town Ain’t Big Enough For The Both Of Us

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Just because you picked a quest fresh off the board to capture an Anjanath, doesn’t mean that it will be the only large monster in the locale. More often than not, there are other dangerous beasts lurking around the corner. Sometimes one of these monsters will drop in on your fight unannounced, a good hunter will use this to his or her advantage. When two monsters meet in the same area, it will trigger an event called a turf war. The titans will clash and in the process, doing massive amounts of damage to each other. The winner stays, the loser leaves. Then you can emerge from the shadows and continue where you left off or chase after your wounded prey.

Who Needs A Map?

Speaking of chasing your prey, Monster Hunter: World has introduced the scoutfly mechanic. The scoutflies will mark items you can collect, but that is only a secondary function.

Their main function is to help you track down monsters. When you drop into a hunt, the scoutflies will lead you to a track of the monster you are hunting. Collect a few tracks and the scoutflies will point you in the direction of your prey. That is until you see the monster and then you will not only get the trail but also have the monster marked on your map.

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The next part is what the game fails to explain well. As you pick up monster tracks, two things increase in level: ecological research and scoutflies.

The number of ecological research levels differs on the monster. As the level increases, you will obtain the following information:

  • elemental weaknesses;
  • damage-type weaknesses;
  • low-rank drops;
  • high-rank drops.

Scoutflies have three levels. The first level leads you to the first monster track. The second level automatically leads you to the monster. The third and final level automatically locates the monster on your map.

Crime Scene Investigation

The last use for picking up tracks is that they give access to special investigation quests. These investigation quests are usually to kill or capture large monsters. They will often have a caveat that makes the quest harder than the normal optional quests. For example, you may only have 15 minutes to complete the hunt or you only have two carts instead of the standard three.

In exchange for being harder, the quest comes with extra rewards ranging from bronze to gold and purple for tempered monster investigations. The bronze, silver, and gold rewards each have higher percentages to get rare drops from monsters, so if you are hunting for gems to craft equipment, invest time in investigations. The purple rewards are used late-game to upgrade weapons and improve your armor skills.

Felyne Friends

There is a special type of track that you can find scattered around the map, doodles. These doodles, both small and large, are left by the grimalkyne, wild versions of your felyne partner. Collecting these doodles will lead you to their camps. Thus, when you discover them, you have the chance to befriend them.

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Befriending the grimalkyne holds many benefits. When playing solo, they will sometimes join you on the hunt, and they will teach your palico how to tame local wildlife to assist you on your hunt. The biggest benefit of all is giving you access to new palico gadgets, besides the default vigorwasp.

With A Little Help From My Friends

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While the older Monster Hunter games required you to know people to squad up and go hunting, World no longer requires you to have friends. If you are having some trouble with a tough hunt and just can’t seem to figure it out, fire off an S.O.S. flare and hunters from all over the globe will come to your aid. They won’t be as coordinated as a group of friends, but with the right help, they can be just as good. Don’t be afraid to fire one off whenever you need to, there’s always someone to help.

Good Hunting!

Now you know the most overlooked mechanics by beginners in Monster Hunter: World. Use this knowledge to your advantage and rise through the ranks of hunters. We wish you luck and many hunts to come!

K. Satina