Release date: November 16, 2011
Platforms: Mac, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS Vita, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, iPad, iPhone

Minecraft Cheats and Commands

How to use commands in Minecraft and a list of the most useful cheats and commands 

How to input commands

Minecraft does not have a developer console. All commands are used through chat, which you can open by pressing T or any other assigned keyboard key.

Targeting options

These are the shortcut targets you may use to only affect the specified targets

  • @p ― nearest player
  • @r ― random player
  • @a ― all players
  • @e ― all entities
  • @s ― the entity executing the command
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Commands and cheats list

  • /atlantis ― Significantly raises the world's water level, submerging most of the terrain under water, expect for the highest points
  • /ban <player> ― Bans the specified player
  • /ban-ip <IP/player> ― Bans the specified player via IP
  • /banlist ― Shows the list of the banned player
  • /clear [player] ― Clears your inventory or an inventory of the specified player, if nickname is given
  • /difficulty <peaceful/easy/normal/hard> ― Sets the difficulty
  • /falldamage ― Enables or Disables the fall damage
  • /firedamage ― Enables or Disables the fire damage
  • /freeze ― Freezes all mobs on place
  • /gamemode <creative/survival/adventure/spectator> ― Sets gamemode
  • /gamerule doDaylightCycle <true/false> ― Enables or Disables the passage of time and day cycles
  • /gamerule keepinventory <true/false> ― Enables or Disables the ability to not drop your items upon death and respawn with them
  • /give <player> <item> <amount> ― Gives the specified player the specified amount of the specified item
  • /help <command> ― Displays help for the specified command
  • /instantmine ― Enables or Disables instant mining
  • /instantplant ― Enables or Disables instant growth for the plants
  • /itemdamage ― Enables or Disables items' use duration
  • /kick <player> ― Kicks the specified player
  • /kill [player] ― Kills the specified player
  • /pardon <player> ― Unbans the specified player
  • /ride ― Turns the entity you are facing currently into a mount
  • /save ― Saves the server data
  • /save-on ― Enables auto-save for the server data
  • /seed ― Shows the current map's seed
  • /setidletimeout ― Sets the time after which the idle player will be kicked
  • /setworldspawn ― Sets the server spawn for all players
  • /spawnpoint ― Sets the player's spawnpoint
  • /superheat ― Smelts all items in player's inventory
  • /time set <day/night/noon/midnight/sunrise/sunset> ― Sets the time to the specified time of the day
  • /tp <player> <player/coordinates> ― Teleports the specified player to the other player or "x y z" coordinates
  • /waterdamage ― Enables or Disables drowning damage
  • /weather <rain/thunder/snow> ― Sets the weather to the specified type
  • /xp <value> [player] ― Gives the specified amount of XP points to the specified player

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