Metro Exodus

Release date: February 15, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Metro Exodus Cheats and Console Commands

How to install and activate the developer console in Metro Exodus and a list of useful commands and cheats

How to activate the console

Metro Exodus does not have a built-in developer console. Therefore, to access the console, you will need to use an additional app, which you can find here.

This app will also enable NoClip mode. All procedures needed for installation and use are listed in the source. After you install and enable the app, you will be able to access the console by pressing "~".

Metro Exodus Cheats and Console Commands-1

Cheats and console commands list

  • new_game_plus_allowed — Enables "New Game +" feature that allows you to start a new game with all the gear and further build upon your experience
  • ngp_armored_mode — Upgrades armor of all human NPCs making it harder to defeat them
  • ngp_backpack_limit — Disables backpack crafting, making it only available on workbench for increased difficulty
  • ngp_bad_weathert — Makes harsh weather conditions appear more often
  • ngp_dev_comments — Enables developer commentary on levels
  • ngp_grenadier_mode — Makes human NPCs use explosives against you more often
  • ngp_iron_mode — Disables checkpoint feature, making saving available only between levels
  • ngp_radiation_mode — Increases the amount of radiation zones across the game, making the gas mask use more important and difficult
  • ngp_realtime_weather — Makes the game change times of the day according to real time, making the day and night last for around 8 hours
  • ngp_tough_creatures — Makes animal NPCs harder to defeat
  • r_base_fov — Changes the field of view to the specified value
  • return_to_main_menu — Returns player to the main menu
  • pause — Pauses or Unpauses the game
  • joy_sens_y_scale — Changes the sensitivity of the alternative controller to the specified value
  • gamesave — Makes a checkpoint on the current position
  • gameload — Loads the latest save
  • g_game_difficulty — Changes the core engine difficulty
  • disconnect — Stops the 4A engine from running any processes. Required to use "map" command
  • map — Changes the current map. Needs "restart" command after use
  • restart — Restarts the engine after the map has been changed
  • nextlevel — Skips over to the next campaign mission
  • g_player_speed_scale — Changes the player's speed
  • g_god — Enables immortality for the player
  • g_global_god — Enables immortality for every character
  • g_unlimitedammo — Enables unlimited Med Kits, projectiles and ammo
  • g_notarget — Makes hostile NPCs ignore the character
  • ph_dbg_render_range — Changes the render range
  • ph_movables_range — Changes the render change for movable objects
  • r_adaptive_ssa — Changes SSA settings
  • r_foliage_scale_clr_mp — Changes foliage settings
  • r_foliage_scale_ao_mp — Changes foliage settings
  • r_foliage_scale_range — Changes foliage settings
  • r_lod_shadow_quality — Changes shadow quality
  • m3\000 — Moves player to the main menu
  • m3\01_dead_moscow — Moves player to the Moscow map
  • m3\05_winter — Moves player to the Winter map
  • m3\06_bridge — Moves player to the Volga map
  • change_map_nl m3\06_spring — Moves player to the spring map
  • change_map_nl m3\07_yamantau — Moves player to the Yamantau map
  • change_map_nl m3\08_desert — Moves player to the The Caspian map
  • change_map_nl m3\08_summer — Moves player to the Summer map
  • change_map_nl m3\12_valley — Moves player to the Taiga map
  • change_map_nl m3\12_autumn — Moves player to the Autumn map
  • change_map_nl m3\13_deadcity — Moves player to the Dead City map
  • change_map_nl m3\14_outr — Moves player to the Finale

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