Metro Exodus

Release date: February 15, 2019
Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

120 Memorable Metro Series Quotes and Dialogues

We picked over a hundred phrases that fans remeber the Metro series for — Khan’s philisopical thoughts, Miller’s briefings, Ulman’s jokes and much more

The Metro games are a series of first-person shooters based on the books of Dmitry Glukhovksy and developed by 4A Games. The story is set in post-apocalyptic Russia, mainly in Moscow Metro, after World War 3. So far, three games were released — Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light and Metro Exodus.

We picked 120 quotes and dialogues said by Artyom, his friends and closed ones, their enemis and minor characters. If you want to lean more about the franchise, read 112 Facts About the Metro Series.

Metro 2033

120 Memorable Metro Series Quotes and Dialogues-1

''By fire and sword we'll take back our world...'' — Miller

Bourbon when going through the tunnel with Artyom: ''Strange sounds. Either the ground is making that noise, or the wind. I also heard tales of singing pipes. They say if you listen long enough, you can hear the voices of the dead. What bullshit.''

Bourbon when looting: ‘’O-ooop! A trip wire! An excellent way to get rid of the blind and daredevils.’’

''So that’s the dead city. Welcome home, Artyom.'' — Bourbon

''Is that a gun in your pocket? Or are you just happy to see me?'' — Nikki

''Now close your eyes and wait for a big surprise!'' — Nikki

Khan leading Artyom through the tunnels: ''I know this tunnel, and it knows me.''

''Force answers force, war breeds war and death only brings death. To break this vicious circle one must do more than act without any thought or doubt.'' — Khan

''It appears that the devastation we brought upon ourselves was complete; Heaven, Hell and Purgatory were atomized as well. So when a soul leaves the body, it has nowhere to go and must remain here, in the Metro. A harsh, but not undeserved atonement for our sins, wouldn't you agree?'' — Khan

Khan on the lightning ball anomaly: ‘’Wicked phenomenon, yes? But, you know, it’s not any more ‘’evil’’ than, say… fire. It all depends on your point of view. Try to get a better understanding of things before you make your judgement.’’

120 Memorable Metro Series Quotes and Dialogues-2

Khan in a shrine with a secret passage: ‘’A shrine to Hope. Even in these times, we cannot relinquish the things that make us human.''

''Keeping silent? You are turning into a Ranger. Take a close look at the road you follow, Artyom. And be aware of how it might end.'' — Khan

''You can't hide from the future.'' — Khan

''Medkits, filters, knives, everything you need when traveling in dangerous areas!'' — Weapon vendor

''I was alone again...and soon I would look into the eyes of fear — literally.'' — Artyom

'''The chaos of the tunnel was locked away behind the airlock gates. They seemed invulnerable...and at that moment, so did my comrades.'' — Artyom

''It was one loss after another. And for everyone who died helping me save my home station, I felt a needle in my heart.’’ — Artyom

''Same old story huh, you save the world while sitting waist deep in shit and no one gives a damn.'' — Miller

120 Memorable Metro Series Quotes and Dialogues-3

Ulman after saving Artyom from Nazi: ''You know, one thing I like about the bad guys is that there's always a lot of discussion before they get to pulling the trigger.''

''Throw your junk away, that's for babies!'' — Weapon vendor

''Another push, can't die twice anyway!'' — Miller

Miller on soldiers joking: ''To hell with you! Another comedian! Stop laughing!''

''Cool! Just like in old Hollywood movies about the Soviet Union!'' — Miller

''We're invisible... and we taste like shit!'' — Miller

Weapon vendor when the player has a worse weapon: ''This stuff is five times better than your toy gun.''

''Join the army they said, it will be fun they said...'' — Miller

''If we are to survive, this threat must be eliminated, no matter the cost. Eliminated. Understand?'' — Hunter

''If it's hostile — you kill it.'' — Hunter

''The Dark Ones are not simple mutants — they are Homo Novus, the next step in evolution. You've heard about ''survival of the fittest''? Guess what? We lost.'' — Alex

''Lord, what a splendid world we ruined.'' — Mikhail Porfirevich

120 Memorable Metro Series Quotes and Dialogues-4

Artyom after destroying the Dark Ones: ''A wise man once said, ''He who leads a war for the love of his fellow men, will defeat his enemies.'' I led my war protecting my family and friends, protecting my home - the Metro. We had won. But to this day, I wonder: When we burned the Dark Ones from the face of the earth, was something lost as well...?''

Boris and Miller in the tunnel

  • Boris: Shit!
  • Miller: Watch your language, Soldier!
  • Boris: It's not language, it's shit, literally, I stepped in it!

''Boris! My Friend! Why?... The Bastards! Boris I swear on your memory — they won't rest while I'm still alive!'' — Stepan

''Artyom, you really immune to that shit?'' — Eugine

''Oh, we're Nazis, come to take your station.'' — Ulman

''Artyom! My man! You made it!'' — Ulman

''Friends. We have to protect the evacuation for a few minutes more. I won't lie to you, this will be a nasty fight. But think of your loved ones back at the station. Any beast who get through our line will show them no mercy! So lock n' load! Let's teach these freaks how real men fight!'' — Komarov

''So tell me, Colonel, is it easy to be Superman?'' — Ulman

''Mutants don't knock first, open the damn gate!'' — Kirill

Ulman to Miller: ''Colonel, I can't fight in such environment; it stinks so much I lost my sense of smell!''

120 Memorable Metro Series Quotes and Dialogues-5

Artyom in the good ending: ''H.G. Wells once wrote, ''If we don't end wars, wars will end us.'' And somehow, I stopped my war. At the time, I couldn't say what had made me spare the Dark Ones. But, I came to realize that the strange visions that haunted my journey were their attempts to reach out to us. I don't know if I was the first to communicate with them, but I will not be the last. And the future — our future — stretches before us like an endless Metro tunnel.''

Metro: Last Light

120 Memorable Metro Series Quotes and Dialogues-6

''My mother told me I'd grow up to be a good man. 'Artyom', she said. 'My light'. And I believed her. When I spared a life, I believed her. And then when I kill, believed her. It was a lie. These things I have done. My hands are blackened with blood. My soul is damned to purgatory. If I could have my time again, I would, and then maybe I could become a good man.'' — Artyom

''I remember so many random, unnecessary things… Yet I don’t remember the most important one: my Mother’s face.'' — Artyom

‘’Phew... We're out of the inner block... And the fun's just starting, blin.’’ — Pavel Morozov

There you have it, s-suka!’’ — Pavel Morozov

‘’Phooh! Thanks, chuvak! One for all, huh!’’ — Pavel Morozov

‘’’Oh my god, it's a Panzer!’’ — Pavel Morozov

Stay out of the light and stick to the shadows — they are your best friend.’’ — Pavel Morozov

Shhhhhh! Tak, tak... Now listen... Pretend you're a little freaking mouse. Get down, don't make any sudden moves.’’ — Pavel Morozov

120 Memorable Metro Series Quotes and Dialogues-7

''Whatever my intentions concerning him might be, the little Dark One just does not seem to care. He keeps following me as if I never was going after him, as if we were tied together by fate...'' — Artyom

''You all build your houses so high....now you live down there....why?'' — The Dark One

''You humans killed all your people...cruel...foolish...evil.'' — The Dark One

''Go all out. Kill the commie bastards dead!'' — Diesel

Khan’s negative look on smoking: ''I knew a smoker once. During the last year of his life, he had to eat, drink, and breathe through a tiny hole in his neck. But don't let me stop you...''

‘’What the heck is this? Huh? You're letting this beast loose on me, huh? Boy, you're some hero, huh.’’ — Pavel Morozov

Pavel Morozov after escaping from the Reich: ‘’Whoa! That's the way to do it, bro! Just like the three Musketeers, eh? — if there were two of them. Bh-kha! You ever read the book? Really confusing, but I freaking loved it. Always wanted to be Athos — and you can be d'Artagnan, eh?’’

120 Memorable Metro Series Quotes and Dialogues-8

''It's hard for me to tell you these things, Artyom... But I want to feel that I'm... Alive.'' — Anna

''Well, what are you waiting for? Come along, rabbit'' — Anna

Catching Artyom’s look: ''Quit looking at my ass — it's way out of your reach, rabbit.''

Anna after Artyom saved her: ‘’I have a feeling that everything will end soon. We won't survive this war, Artyom. No one will.''

''So, come on, grab your gear! The filters. The mask. The medkit. And the guns.'' — Kuzmich

''Oh, by the way — when you take a beast down, try looking inside. You know how many guys they eat whole, with all their stuff? The bastards...'' — Kuzmich

Moskvin to his son: ‘’There’s no power without blood.’’

Pavel going through a creepy area: ‘’A good Communist doesn't believe in souls, Artyom... but this freaking... place of death makes me... ah... wonder.’’

''Hello, hello and hello again. I'm Shaman.'' — Shaman

120 Memorable Metro Series Quotes and Dialogues-9

''Nobody knows what they mutated from. We call them Shrimps. Eww ugly as hell, but good eating, especially with beer!'' — Fedor

Fedor sailing into a log: ''A LOG!!!''

''Woohoo! I'd say we lost the beasts, an anchor up their asses!'' — Fedor

Fedor to Artyom, after escaping from the shrimps: ‘’What do you think of the local fish, eh? Aren’t they charming? Seemed moody, though — looks like somebody went through there us and angered them.’’

''What kind of... ...spineless worm!'' — Führer

''The cost in blood is outrageous, I'll tell you that.'' — Vladimir

''Hail Reich!'' — Führer

''Angels don’t place machine guns at every entrance.'' — Ivan

''I can’t help thinking, the entire Metro has been offered a chance of salvation, and all we can do is go to war over it.'' — Ivan

Miller before the battle at D6: ‘’My brothers in arms! I'm not a man for speeches, but here it is: you are the most dedicated, most couragous soldiers in the Metro. Each of you is worht five Reds. If you simply do your job you were trained to do, we'll win this battle. Sparta! To battle!’’

Metro Exodus

120 Memorable Metro Series Quotes and Dialogues-10

''The sun on my face, the fresh air in my lungs, the grass beneath my feet... I've heard of such things, yet I've lived in a world with them. An underground world.'' — Anna

Miller on a briefing: ''Most of the country has been destroyed or occupied. Even those who speak our language might be enemies.''

‘’There is only Metro, nothing else!’’ — Miller

''Colonel, sir, we can't just leave them here, they will be eaten alive!'' — Stepan

Tokarev to Artyom: ''If you put your heart into it, the weapon never fails.''

''I think your destiny brought you here…'' — Idiot

''I'll drown you in your own blood!'' — Miller

''Don't you see what you are doing to my daughter, to your wife?'' — Miller

''The future is still all I fear'' — Anna

120 Memorable Metro Series Quotes and Dialogues-11

Silantius preaching: ''And the skies rained missiles, and the ground burned to ash, and the seas boiled, and people turned into shadows. So let us not fear the heretics at our door! Even with their iron steed standing before us, stinking of machine oil, and shining its heretical light upon us.''

''So let your hands slay the enemy servants, with no rest or mercy!'' — Silantius

‘'I remember that we used to be different, used to live up there, on the surface. We used to be the masters of the whole world'' — Artyom

''One day the radiation on the surface might subside, and our grandchildren or their grandchildren might be able to return there'' — Artyom

''We, humans, are just too bad at surrendering. We tried to make the best of what we had, we banded together and worked to make the Metro our new home.'' — Artyom

''I don't care if I'm called an idiot, but if even a single shard of the old world still exists out there, I have to find it.'' — Artyom

120 Memorable Metro Series Quotes and Dialogues-12

''The Munai-bailer, as we call them, turned my people into slaves, wanted to put me in shackles, too... Better death!'' — Giul

''So you do understand. There is no other way. Man is a beast. A beast!'' — The Baron

''You freaking dickheads! What's so hard about nabbing one measly broad with a whole gang? So, she killed a dozen boys already? Well, if you continue thinking with your asses, she'll kill you all, too, and come calling at my door! The tribals are already telling legends of that witch! And if you continue performing the way you just did, they will start worshiping her, too! I don't really give a damn as to how you get her! Burn the whole islet if you have to! But if you dare come back empty-handed, you'll be singing falsetto come morning! Freaking cretins...'' — The Baron

''Gentlemen! I received news of some traveling gang on a train invading our territory. This is unusual since as far as I remember, we did a pretty good job teaching the neighbors that actions like this end up costing them. These newcomers seem slow on the uptake... Or not from the neighborhood.'' — The Baron

''This is what life's supposed to be…'' — Damir

''Who knows what adventures lie ahead, my friend?'' — Alyosha

''Don't worry man, everything's going to be A-OK!'' — Sam

120 Memorable Metro Series Quotes and Dialogues-13

Artyom takes a smoke, Olga: ‘’Decided to relax a bit before the trip? That's a good idea.’’

The Admiral talking to a corpse: ‘’Don’t sorry, be better.’’

A survivor from Irkutsk talking on the radio: ‘’Well, that was Zakhar's idea, and Zakhar is the man! He crossed Baikal — alone!’’

Giul on the radio broadcast: ‘’Brothers and sisters! The Baron, that old dog, is dead! I killed him myself! All of the Munai-bailer are confused now, like headless chickens! Our day has come! Fight them, fight them however you can! Come where the Baron's rug used to be! Come, and we'll give you weapons! You served those dogs for too long, and what did you get in return? Only cruelty, death and ''the holy flame'', which I spit at! It's time to chase them away from our land, for good! Now, all of our land, all oil, all food will be ours! Death to the Munai-bailer!’’

The Ark and the cannibal government

Approaching the Yamantau shelter

  • Nastya: Mama, look, are we going to live here now?
  • Katya: I don't know, why?
  • Nastya: I don't like this place. It's creepy.

Anna doesn't like not going with the team

  • Anna: How about me? You've been dreaming to get here for so long, and are now leaving me behind? Am I your daughter or not?
  • Miller: Alright. Come with us, or else I'll never hear the end of it.
  • Anna: A wise decision.

Krest gets nervous: ‘’Oi, ne-ne-ne. This is a bad place. We shouldn't have come here, really.’’

Sam: ‘’Erm. So where's my welcoming committee and red carpet? I don't get this!’’

Signs on the Yamantau shelter entrance: ''Welcome'', ''No parking at the gates''.

Krest when nobody answers: ''See, nobody home! How about we go back, huh?’’

''Never liked going underground, but this place is completely creeping me out.’’ — Krest

Sam having entered the shelter

  • Sam: Why is it so deserted here? No gun emplacements, no patrols. Not even lookouts?
  • Miller: Why would the need any of that? A nuclear warhead couldn't take it out!
120 Memorable Metro Series Quotes and Dialogues-14

Idiot on all the rubbish lying around

  • Idiot: Air's clean, we can take the masks off. This place, though, looks kinda abandoned. What are the maintenance people thinking, I wonder?'
  • Miller: Yeah, this place could use some cleaning at the very least.

Going down in the elevator

  • Anna: Did you at least prepare a speech? Reporting to the Minister is no joke!
  • Miller: Oh get off my case! I pulled an all-nighter!
120 Memorable Metro Series Quotes and Dialogues-15

Meeting the government

  • Miller: Comrade Minister! Commander of the Joint Special Operations Forces Squadron of the City of Moscow Colonel Miller reporting! I would like to request that my people are provided with temporary quarters and supplies, as there are women and children among us. still our fighters are in top shape and ready for action!
  • Commander: Women and children? Haha! Good! Haven't had those in awhile.

Captured by cannibals

  • Miller: I demand a meeting with the Minister of defense, now!
  • Minister: Do not worry, everything will be fine, and even better! The minister and the Chief himself are expecting you for dinner!

Minister to Anna talking back: Watch your tone, young lady. Do as that young man does: he woke up long ago, but quietly listens to wise people talk.

Colonel getting angry

  • Miller: Where is the government? Answer!
  • Minister: All here, Colonel, all here! We are the government you people deserve!

Miller: You beasts! Come here, I'll rip you all apart. Every last one of you! Should have done that before the War!

Miller: ‘’Who could have known? Who knew these... creatures here kept eating people for twenty years. Could you imagine that?’’

120 Memorable Metro Series Quotes and Dialogues-16

In the command center

  • Commander: But the rations were simply not there! Don't you get it? Nothing to grow, radiation everywhere! What were we to do?
  • Miller: Die like humans!

Miller: ‘’These monsters had it made here, like the Watchers in Moscow. Those keep people underground with their deceit, but these...’’

Anna seeing the map: ''It's not just Russia out there. It's the whole world!''

Colonel reflecting on the Ark events back on the Aurora: ‘’To think I believe those pricks from Hansa... I believed that Moscow was controlled by the HQ, that we were under occupation, that we were still in war! That there were generals here giving orders. What an idiot, suka!’’

On the train, Tokarev and Duke cleaning weapons

  • Duke: God damn it, it's still dirty! All right, another rub.
  • Tokarev: Well, having one more go would never hurt.

''Between endless years of hopeless existence and even a single moment of hope, I must choose hope.'' — Artyom

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