Marvel's Spider-Man

Release date: September 7, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Pax in Bello

In the forty-fourth mission, Spider-Man faces his arch enemy
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Important: before you begin the last chapter of the game, make sure to improve your gear and skills to the desired level. Following the completion of this mission, you will still be able to explore Manhattan and earn experience points and different tokens, but you should be in the best shape as you prepare for the final battle.

The battle with Mr. Negative, as well as the unexpected and painful skirmish with Dr. Octavius, dealt significant damage to Spider-Man. Mary Jane is sure that superhero will not be able to defeat the mad scientist alone – he needs the help of Peter Parker and his scientific knowledge.

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On the way to the lab, the hero will be contacted by Sable herself who will tell about her decision to leave New York and reconsider her priorities in the light of recent events. However, this is not true for her numerous subordinates, so you cannot count on good will of her agents.

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Go to the lab once you are ready. In the context of the cutscene and several in-game hours, Peter will craft a new spider suit which is better prepared to confront the robotic tentacles of Octavius. You will immediately check the effectiveness of the new suit.

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As we know, Dr. Octopus took Norman Osborn hostage at the end of the previous mission. Now, he drags him to the roof of Oscorp headquarters to interrogate him. Under the threat of death, the mayor of New York refuses to degrade himself. For this, Dr. Octopus sends him on a forced journey towards hard urban streets.

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Fortunately (for Norman), Spider-Man is in time to catch the father of his best friend before he falls on the streets of New York. Having put Osborn at a nearby roof, the superhero enters the battle with the most dangerous criminal that New York has ever seen in Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Boss: Dr. Octopus

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Unlike the rest of the game, you will not be able to change the suit and its function in the battle with this particular boss, so you’ll have to work with what you have. In this case, you have the ability to recharge, which restores the charge of the selected gadget when you simultaneously press R3 and L3.

The battle with Dr. Octavius mostly takes place on the roof of the above-mentioned Oscorp building, so you’ll have plenty of space to dodge and swing on the web. This is good as you have to frequently dodge the robotic tentacles of the boss.

As with most bosses, you won’t be able to just get to Octavius – the mad scientist swings his iron ‘’prostheses’’ and can deal significant damage or even grab Spider-Man if he comes too close. In the latter case, you’ll have to wrestle your way out of the grab by quickly clicking on the ‘’square’’.

The boss does not have many tricks at his disposal, but they are all pretty fast, so you will have to react without any hesitation:

  • Striking with two tentacles in front of himself – Octavius raises both ‘’hands’’ over his head and hits them at the ground. The direction of the attack is determined at the time of its beginning, so jumping aside even during the first frames of animation will protect you from damage.
  • Fast attack with one tentacle – in the middle to long distance, the boss can try to poke you from afar with his iron ‘’prosthesis’’. This attack is very fast and is able to surprise the inattentive player. Dodge to the side when a threat indicator appears above your head.
  • Horizontal attack from side to side (from left to right or vice versa depending on the situation) with one tentacle – Octavius tries to hit the protagonist with his tentacle. To avoid getting hit, jump away from the attacker.
  • Two consecutive vertical hits with two tentacles – if you stand relatively close to him, the boss may try to nail you down to the ground with his iron ‘’hands’’. As seen in the animated picture above (the fourth one in the gallery), you need to either jump away from the enemy or do it twice (one dodge for each strike) to avoid damage.
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In the best-case scenario, one dodge will be enough to save yourself from Octavius’ jump

Octavius uses the above-mentioned techniques when you are within reach of his robotic tentacles. If the boss cannot reach out to Spider-Man, he will try to jump on the hero. At the landing site, the enemy causes a small shock wave, so, in most cases, jump aside twice or add jump to dodge for a greater effect.

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Dodging missiles is not as difficult as sending them at the boss

If you move far away from the boss or just hang in the air (the antenna in the center of the roof allows you to move over the arena on the web), the boss will throw various objects at you. Fortunately, you can return these fragments to the sender if you timely clamp L1 and R1.

The bad news is that Octavius can dodge the flying missiles (throwable objects are scattered across the roof) and he does it quite successfully. To get to the doctor, you need to hit him with an object when the enemy has not yet finished the animation of his own throw or had no time to “recover” from the previous strike.

The good news is that to stun a boss (and get a chance to counterattack), you need two accurate and preferably consistent hits. If too much time passes between successful hits, the effect from them may disappear.

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You can wrap up the boss in the web without a single shot: you only need to perfectly dodge his attacks time after time.

The alternative way to immobilize the boss is to use gadgets. All attacking devices are suitable for this task while the unique function of your suit will significantly increase the limited ammunition. When Octavius has a sufficient amount of web and/or electric charge, a “triangle” will appear above the opponent’s head.

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Spider-Man always finishes his combo with a spectacular blow

Use web attack to shorten the distance between the hero and the enemy, and then beat the opponent properly. During the beating, the boss will not be able to do anything with you, so don’t spend precious focus points on a spectacular finishing – they will come in handy if you need to restore lost health.

To move to the next stage of confrontation at the standard level of difficulty, Octavius needs three full-blown beatings (with finishing at the end). Having received enough damage, the scientist will climb up to the central antenna and start throwing various trash at you.

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The situation is complicated by the fact that the boss turns the arena into a real hell: flames which can deal damage to you emerge from the roof and the tower. In this regard, we advise you to stay away from the earth and simply circle around the enemy on the web until you have a chance to send one of the missiles back at Octavius (L1 + R1).

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To bring the boss down from the antenna, you need to hit him only once. He cannot dodge when his tentacles are fixed on the tower. Use web attack as soon as you see a ‘’triangle’’ above the opponent’s head. Spider-Man will return Octavius ‘’from heaven to earth’’, and the battle will continue in the usual rhythm.

At this stage, you will need to do the same thing as before – dodge tentacles, throw heavy objects at the boss and/or use gadgets to stun the enemy. If you get tired of jumping from side to side, just clamp L2 to slow down the time and shoot the enemy from the ejectors before he has the time to react.

Repeat the procedure of immobilization and the subsequent beating of Octavius three more times (at the standard level of difficulty), and he will again climb on the antenna and set the arena on fire. Throw the next fragment of the building at the boss to knock him out of his place and proceed to the next stage of the battle.

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As a result of a dramatic and spectacular cutscene, Spider-Man will be left without his gadgets and a part of his mask, while Octavius will lose one tentacle. Due to the collapse of the antenna, the characters will move to the facade of the skyscraper. You get it right – the battle will continue perpendicular to the ground.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Pax in Bello-18
At the standard level of difficulty, you need to properly beat Octavius at least three times

You must constantly stay at the forefront of the attack. As soon as you see a warning indicator above your head, press the dodge button (“circle”) and then continue the offensive. Do not be greedy – if you miss a few shots (there is no health scale at this stage of the battle), you will have to restart this phase of the fight.

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After several successful attacks, Octavius will be defeated. Peter will sacrifice his health to get to the neural chip and literally turn off the robotic tentacles of the enemy. Without them, he is helpless.

The villain was defeated and sent to prison, the remedy for the Devil’s Breath was saved and distributed among citizens – the story of Marvel’s Spider-Man ends well for New York. However, the same cannot be unequivocally said about Peter Parker and his close ones.

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At the end of credits, the players will see a few more teaser scenes (the sequel is inevitable?). You don’t have to wait until the names of everyone who had anything to do with the project creep along the screen to see them – you can safely skip the second part of the list.

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Ultimately, you will get 5500 experience points as well as the chance to further explore the city, complete side tasks, challenges and change the weather and time of day in Harry’s research stations. Congratulations with the completion of all storyline missions in Marvel’s Spider-Man!

John Davis