Marvel's Spider-Man

Release date: September 7, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The Heart of the Matter

In the forty-third mission, Spider-Man tries to obtain a sample of vaccine from the Devil’s Breath
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Left without his Sables, mayor Osborn was caught by Martin Li and his demons when he tried to get to his secret lab. By the time Spider-Man gets to the 10th and Cathedral Street, the square in front of Oscorp’s recording studio is full of enemies.

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Fortunately, none of the thugs (yet) knows about the presence of the superhero, so you can clear the site stealthily. Your primary goals are snipers on both sides of the building. We’ll start with the shooter on the north-eastern side of the location as he is the closest one.

In addition to the sniper, two more demons are on the balcony. One stands behind a tree and guards the shooter, while the second is on duty at the rail. Jump on the lantern above the balcony and use the web to pick up the guard, and the knock out the remaining enemies with two consecutive web attacks.

The second sniper is in the building with a broken window on the south-west side of the square. Eliminate this sniper by kicking him at the face and turn your attention to the two thugs on the balcony. You can pick one of them using your web, and deal with the remaining one manually.

You should be more careful with the demons on the square itself. First, deal with two “singles” – the first one wanders under the balcony in the south-west of the square, while the other one stands on the porch in front of the entrance to the recording studio, far from a couple of thugs. Don’t approach them at this moment – if you knock one down, the other will raise alarm.

If you followed our advice, seven more people will be left on the square: two at the entrance to the building, two more under the balcony of the first sniper, and three more near the exit from the location. Theoretically, you can distract all these three groups and deal with them one by one, but we know a faster method.

Sit on the peak of the building next to the couple that stands near the Sable’s interactive lookout tower and demolish the building (L1 + R1) on the heads of your enemies. Thus, you will not only get rid of two opponents at once but also separate the remaining enemies.

After this, you will need to use web attacks to deal with the remaining demons. Start with the demon with a whip and a grenade launcher – if the hero is discovered, these most dangerous opponents will be unconscious and will not be able to take part in the fight.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The Heart of the Matter-11

No matter how quiet you were during the battle with the demons, Sable agents will appear on the square. Despite the mountains of enemy bodies in the area, mercenaries will decide that Spider-Man attacked the garrison of the recording studio and will enter the battle. Get ready: several shooters, one grenade launcher, and soldiers with jetpacks will be among your opponents.

If you have the skill ‘’Payback’’ (allows you to instantly eliminate the shooter if you perfectly dodged his bullet), now is the time to use it since Spider-Man will be opposed by fighters with long-range attacks. Once the enemy sight indicator turns red, you can dodge (‘’circle’’).

The combination of the function ‘’Battle focus’’ and the skill ‘’Chain finisher’’ will also be useful. Thanks to the first one, you accumulate the charge non-stop for a while, while the second one allows you to spend one filled scale point to neutralize two ordinary enemies, including ‘’flyers’’.

In addition, many heavy objects are scattered across the arena. They can be used to deal with soldiers with jetpacks. As there are many shooters around, set your priorities right - focus on dodging and then attack.

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At the end of the battle, Sable herself will rush to help her soldiers. The head of mercenaries will almost shoot Spider-Man, but in the end, she will agree with his arguments: Norman Osborn is in great danger if they do not act together.

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However, you cannot count on Sable’s help in the upcoming fight. As soon as the couple enters the building, a whole crowd of demons will run out to the square. Sable will have to stay on the square to deal with them. Thus, you’ll be on your own in pursuit of Martin Li and medicine for the Devil’s Breath.

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The interior of the building is significantly damaged, so be careful while moving around – a negative flame can hurt Spider-Man, so it’ better not to step on it. In this regard, the most optimal way to move around the building is to pull up on the web (L2 + R2).

Jumping from one point to the other, follow through the lobby and get into the elevator shaft. Go down the girders to the hole in the wall and fly through it with the help of the pull-up. You will find yourself in a spacious room with a huge hole in the floor. Jump down and get ready to meet Mr. Negative.

The third battle between Spider-Man and this villain starts with a forced walk through the halls of Li’s mind. Follow the luminous character until you get to the office of F.E.A.S.T. director. Come to the altar to open the passage to the secret room which is filled with ‘’Li’s pain’’.

At the end of the promenade, the superhero will be thrown back into the real world, and you will watch a small flashback: Dr. Michaels created the only sample of the vaccine from the Devil’s Breath and handed it over to Li. Having obtained the vaccine, the villain decides to kill Norman Osborn, but Spider-Man prevents the execution at the last moment.

The superhero will try to reach out to Martin Li, who, as the protagonist believes, is still living in Mr. Negative. A couple of seconds of doubt from the leader of demons – and Spider-Man flies through the lab glass and heads to the arena of battle with the next boss.

Boss: Mr. Negative (attempt #2)

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On the third encounter with Spider-Man, Mr. Negative will bring his sword which makes the villain invincible to your gadgets. Just like any other enemy with the same weapon, the boss can also shoot with his blade. Get ready to dodge once you see that the blade begins to glow.

At the first stage of the confrontation, there are just three methods in the arsenal of the boss:

  1. Mr. Negative raises the sword above his head and releases a ‘’high’’ vertical wave in front of him. To avoid getting hit, just jump off to the side.
  2. Mr. Negative turns the sword in his hand, then makes several hits in a rotation either after a rush, or while standing (depending on whether the hero is far away or close to Mr. Negative at the time the attack begins). You will need a couple of dodges to avoid damage.
  3. Mr. Negative freezes and starts emitting a bright white light, then releases a powerful beam directly from himself. The beam is accompanied by an explosion around the boss. Once you notice the signs of this attack, run away or jump to the side.
Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The Heart of the Matter-27
In a few seconds, a weakened Martin Li will again become Mr. Negative

The boss will combine these skills (however, the third method is rarely used), often applying them one after another. After several of these series, Martin Li will lose his ‘’negative’’ face for a few seconds. In his human form, the enemy cannot oppose you, so use these instants in full.

However, no one forces you to take a wait-and-see attitude. Unlike other bosses, you can beat Martin Li without extra preparation. The problem is that it is very difficult to avoid his attacks with such an aggressive approach – you can simply fail to notice it.

So, if you decide to engage in a near-distance battle, don’t be greedy: deal three or four attacks (a full-fledged combo) and jump away in an anticipation of counterattack from the enemy. You can use objects that are scattered across the arena to interrupt the animation of enemy attacks in their initial stages.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The Heart of the Matter-28

After receiving enough damage, Mr. Negative will try to distort Spider-Man (just like in the first battle with this boss). Quickly press on the ‘’square’’ to avoid losing the game. Nothing good awaits you at the exit from the QTE section: the enemy has become faster, and his techniques are now more versatile.

The boss received three new attacks in addition to the previous ones at the second stage of this battle:

  1. Mr. Negative bends down to the ground and jumps forward with a turn. Upon landing, he hits with a sword, releasing a vertical wave in front of him. To dodge, just jump aside.
  2. Mr. Negative lowers both hands to the floor and literally grabs the negative energy, throwing it in your direction in the form of a longitudinal horizontal wave. To avoid getting hit, you should jump (do not dodge).

Apart from this, the second stage of the battle is similar to the first one, except for the increased speed of enemy attacks. Earlier, Mr. Negative made breaks between his attacks that lasted a few seconds. Now, he will start bombarding the hero constantly.

As in the previous phase, don’t be too aggressive and make full use of the periods when your opponent is not active. More interactive items should appear on the arena by this time – boss periodically throws fragments of lab equipment into the air with bursts of negative energy.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The Heart of the Matter-31

After another dose of beating from Spider-Man, Martin Li will bend his knee and summon a huge demon, incidentally transferring himself and you to a distorted version of reality. Here, in addition to the boss himself, you’ll have to face numerous but weak ‘’shadows’’.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The Heart of the Matter-32

At the beginning of the round, the demon will hide under the ground, leaving you alone with Mr. Negative and several phantoms which are neutralized by a single attack at the face. These phantoms are the only difference (so far) from the previous stage of the battle – the boss will use the same attacks as before.

Deal with ‘’shadows’’ while keeping an eye on their leader to avoid missing another long-range attack. In this phase of the fight, Mr. Negative will decrease the rate of his attacks, so you won’t have to dodge as often as in the previous stage of the battle.

When Spider-Man and Mr. Negative are alone in the arena, the fight will return to the usual routine for a while: wait for the enemy’s attack – dodge – counterattack – retreat. You won’t have to repeat these steps for too long, as the demon will return, and you will have to fight against him.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The Heart of the Matter-33
After one demonic attack, the boss returns to human size

There are only two attacks at the disposal of the monster: driving his claws across the arena while turning around and beating with both paws at the ground in front of him. To avoid getting hit, you need to stay in the air in the first case (it’s high time to jump or fly on the web) and jump aside in the second case.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The Heart of the Matter-34

You cannot do anything with this monster, so just dodge his attacks and wait for Li to weaken. When a ‘’triangle’’ appears over his head, you can go on the offensive. The triumph of the hero will not last long – after resting, the boss will get back on his feet and begin to alternate his usual attacks with demonic ones.

After a few rounds of such a battle – in between ‘’exorcism sessions’’, you can beat Mr. Negative in the old manner – the boss will summon four phantom swordsmen. They are not that tough as in the real world but may still present a problem.

In order to avoid being distracted from the boss, eliminate/immobilize the shadows using your gadgets as Li’s minions aren’t protected from Spider-Man’s devices. At the next appearance of the demon, a whole crowd of feeble, unarmed phantoms will pour into the arena. Fortunately, at this stage, Mr. Negative will be very close to defeat.

Enemies will be so numerous that it’s easier to not beat them at all (and fly under a ‘’ceiling’’ until the boss runs out of power) or temporarily pacify them by web bombs and/or electric web. Chances are great that you won’t even have to deal with the ‘’shadow’’ horde as the boss will surrender before that.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The Heart of the Matter-35

At the scripted ending of the fight, Spider-Man will finally finish his opponent with a decisive blow to his head, liberating the world from Mr. Negative (even if for a while) and all the demons around. The heroes won’t have the time to enjoy their victory as Dr. Octavius will come to spoil the feast.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The Heart of the Matter-36

The crazy scientist will grab the only sample of the medicine form the Devil’s Breath, sending Spider-Man to the hospital bed, and will get away, taking Norman Osborn with him. Despite injuries, the hero will be able to tell his rescuers the most important word at the moment – F.E.A.S.T.

Spider-Man will be patched up in the shelter, but, in general, things are not going well – more and more people become infected, while Peter’s aunt is among the most hopeless patients. After another round of emotional hesitation, the protagonist will decide to fight with Octavius. However, he will need to find the scientist’s weak point.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: The Heart of the Matter-39

The last seconds of the cutscene that ends this mission will hint at what the player who is familiar with the comics knew well long before. At the end of the mission, you’ll get 5000 experience points.

John Davis