Marvel's Spider-Man

Release date: September 7, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Step into My Parlor

In the forty-second mission, Mary Jane tries to sneak into Norman Osborn’s penthouse to learn about the location of the secret lab

Having gone through a boatload of archive material, Mary Jane could not find any mention of Osborn’s secret lab. However, now that most of the Sinister Six are behind bars, Spider-Man can help his friend in her search for the cure from the Devil’s Breath.

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Since there is no information about the secret Osborn’s institution in the official sources of information, MJ decides to sneak into his penthouse. At this stage, Spider-Man just needs to be in the nearby – having landed on the roof of the building, Spider-Man falls into ‘’hibernation’’, and you’ll play for the journalist until the end of the mission.

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For security reasons, Sable agents drove all tenants out of their apartments, and now they are crowding in the lobby of the building. Osborn’s apartment is on the top floor, but the elevator does not work, and, for some reason, the heroine cannot go up by foot. You need to unlock the elevator from the security room, the entrance to which is guarded by a security guard.

The first task of MJ is to distract the guard. Since the foyer is crowded with disgruntled tenants, you can transform their righteous anger into something useful. Find three groups of annoyed people (they are marked by the ‘’triangle’’) and provoke them.

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The angry residents will go to deal with the abovementioned watchman. A colleague will come to help him, leaving the service room unlocked. As soon as both guards stand with their backs to the passage (you won’t be allowed to do it earlier anyway), sneak into the corridor – the door will automatically shut behind the heroine.

In the security room, the Sable agent speaks with the guard. Don’t worry about them now. Pick up an electric shocker from a nearby shelf – now Mary Jane can neutralize enemies on her own. Try the gadget on the mercenary that came out of the nearby room – sneak closer and press the ‘’square’’.

Move along the corridor until you see another Sable. Take cover behind the laundry basket and throw the bait behind the enemy. He will turn around, and you will be able to use the electric shocker. Another agent is waiting for you directly in the security room. Neutralize him with your new gadget.

Use the computer to turn on the alarm and lure Osborn together with his security team from his penthouse. You’ll also unlock the elevator. Having got out of the office back into the lobby, wait for Norman and his team to stand with their backs to the cabin and then sneak inside. If you are detected, you’ll have to start at the last checkpoint.

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Once on the top floor, you can easily inspect the whole apartment of Norman Osborn as there are no guards left. There are many interactive objects here, but only a few carry practical and storyline value so we will not waste our time – the owner can return at any moment.

To the left of the entrance to the office (few walls are separating rooms), you’ll find a prototype of a combat mask that is capable of detecting structural anomalies. Having tried the helmet, you’ll see such an anomaly next to the family portrait of Harry and his father.

It seems that the picture is hiding something. MJ’s suspicions are confirmed by the plan of the penthouse, which shows ‘’empty space’’ behind the wall with the canvas. Next, inspect the sign next to the portrait to find the combination lock.

It is not possible to hack the device, so you’ll have to search for the password. Take a minute to examine the coffee table in the hallway – Norman is obsessed with Spider-Man and his abilities (this will impact the story later) – and then check out the order for a combination lock on the table near the fireplace. The password is the last Harry’s day (the date and month) before his trip to Europe.

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You might think that Mary Jane remembers when one of her best friends left to the other end of the world but no – you’ll have to find out the exact date with the help of tips which are scattered across the apartment. By the time of this revelation, the internal check of the apartment will be complete, and you will be allowed to inspect the second half of the penthouse.

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Go to the kitchen. On the way there, MJ will assume that the date may be recorded in Harry’s journal (later, this information will be confirmed by an answering machine in the living room). On the dining table, you’ll find Osborn’s order to lock up his son’s room so that nothing is changed when he returns.

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Well, now we have to look for a key. There’s nothing you can do at the pool, so move forward. At the entrance to the living room, you’ll find the mentioned telephone with an answering machine. On the nearby wall, you’ll see a number of photographs and letters which are memorable for Norman. You’ll also see an empty place in the middle. Apparently, something has been recently hanging there.

Move along the right wall until you see a family photo with Emily (Harry’s mother), Harry and Norman. Next to the picture, you’ll find a locked door to the room you need, and a little further you’ll find an exit to an open terrace. Here, MJ will find a dictaphone – it seems that Osborn, Jr. went to Europe not to have fun.

The audio will provide a clue regarding the location of the key you need: ‘’Hold the key, Em. I’m sure you’ll keep it.’’ Head towards Osborn’s bedroom (it’s adjacent to the terrace) and, having examined the upturned photo on the table – you’ll find out why Norman took it off the wall – go to the image of Emily near the bed.

The key to Harry’s room is hidden on the back of the frame. Unlock the previously locked door – Harry’s bedroom is filled with medical devices and medicines. Instead of a bed, there’s a hospital bed. Of all the things in the room, you’ll be most interested in the journal on the table next to the window.

To move forward in the storyline, you’ll just need to look at Harry’s record (code 0718). However, if you want to find out what actually happened to him in the last year and a half, we strongly recommend reading the message to the end. As soon as you step away from the journal, Norman, Sable and her agents will come back into the apartment.

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You got it right – the move back to the family portrait must be secretive. Osborn went to a secret lab for the medicine from the Devil’s Breath, while the mercenaries’ head goes to rest a little on the balcony with a swimming pool.

Having gained control over MJ, move from the starting point along the left wall. In principle, you don’t need to eliminate anyone here as you can sneak by, and all neutralized soldiers, if you are suddenly detected, will be back on the feet after reboot.

Wait until two guards in the front separate – you can use the electric shocker on the one who went deep into the living room and then follow the one who headed to the kitchen while keeping yourself at a safe distance. You’ll have to stay at a distance because another mercenary will come out of the laundry and stand facing the balcony.

If you do not deal with him quickly, he will go in your direction. It is not a good scenario, so either use the bait to create a sabotage or sneak from behind and poke him with an electric shocker. By this time, the second mercenary will already go to the hallway – follow him.

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Tip: if you get caught by the guards after reaching the hallway, there will be no mercenary near the window after reboot

If you did not spend much time with the agent ‘’from the laundry’’, you’ll be in time to catch up with the mercenary who is moving from the living room and knock him out. Otherwise, three enemies will guard the vestibule: the first one patrols the area from the entrance to the apartment to the office, the second one is in the center, and the third one is near the windows.

There are several ways to get to the portrait:

  1. If you have knocked out the security guard from the living room or used our tip, you can easily sneak to the office along the windows, hiding behind the lockers on the wheels. Make sure that the guard who is patrolling the area near the elevator has moved far away.
  2. You can wait until agents on the sides will go in different directions and knock out the enemy in the center of the room. Make sure that the stunned body attracts enough attention and use the confusion.
  3. Move along the left wall. Use the bait to distract the patrolman – while he stands with his back to you, either knock him out or run straight to the combination lock.

As soon as you interact with the device on the wall, Mary Jane becomes invisible to enemy eyes – congratulations, the heroine has successfully sneaked into the mini-lab of Norman Osborn. If you want, you can inspect the interactive objects around the perimeter of the room, but we are interested in the table in the center.

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This table will turn out to be a three-dimensional map of the Upper West Side. Osborn used it to track the movements of Dr. Michaels, Stromm and Van Adder. MJ needs the project manager of the Devil’s Breath, so choose him in the first column.

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Next, you need to find the point of intersection between Dr. Michaels route with one of Oscorp’s buildings that is guarded by Sable squad. In the type of buildings, choose ‘’Studios’’, and in the column ‘’Patrols’’ choose ‘’Bravo’’ group. You’ll only need to highlight the necessary institution on the map – it is located on the right side (see the screenshot above).

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Mary Jane will find the address of the hidden biotechnical center of Oscorp. It is located on the 10th and Cathedral street. In an attempt to find the mention of this building in the computer, she will stumble upon a video of an incident which was the reason why Martin Li hated Norman and vowed to take revenge.

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While MJ copies the information to her flash drive, her attention is attracted by a spider in the terrarium. The arthropod will frighten her so much that she will accidentally break the glass container behind her back, which, in turn, will provoke alarm and lead to heightened alertness of Sable agents.

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Your task is to avoid attracting mercenaries’ attention (no one has canceled forced stealth yet) and get to the balcony where the heroine will be literally picked up by Spider-Man. The easiest way to achieve your goal is to move along the left wall. At the exit from the lab, turn left and follow the outgoing guard.

Knock out the patrolman, hide behind the lockers on the wheels and lure two agents out of the door to the pantry using the bait. Sneak to the kitchen behind mercenaries’ backs but don’t rush to the living room – there are too many guards there. Instead, proceed to the balcony with a swimming pool.

Moving along the water, you’ll come to the bathroom. Take cover behind the jacuzzi and, when the patrolman comes into the room, divert his attention with the bait. After this, hit him with the electric shocker. Move through the empty Norman’s bedroom to the right balcony and knock out the inattentive guard at the rail.

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The enemy will fall unconscious and will inadvertently pull the trigger of his machine gun, attracting all agents including their boss to MJ’s location. Without waiting for the command of Spider-Man, the girl will jump through the rail towards the hard asphalt, but the hero will save her at the last moment.

Breaking away from the pursuit, the characters will stop to talk about what happened (with Harry in particular). For Peter, it is not easy to hear about the illness of his friend, but there is no time for grief – heroes have the address of the secret Osborn’s lab. Before you go there, you will receive 5000 experience points for the completion of this mission.

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