Marvel's Spider-Man

Release date: September 7, 2018
Platforms: PlayStation 4

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Streets of Poison

In the thirty-ninth mission, Spider-Man will fall victim of Scorpion’s toxin
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Having sent Electro and Vulture to the prison in the previous mission, Spider-Man decides to deal with Scorpion, who plans to poison water in the city tank. Head to the north of the central park and try not to fall under the crossfire of Sable mercenaries and criminals who escaped from Ryker’s.

Upon arrival, Spider-Man will fall victim of Scorpion’s ambush. The villain will hit Spider-Man with his tail with the poisoned tip and vanish – Dr. Octavius wants the protagonist to suffer from the toxin which got into Spider-Man’s blood with the touch of Scorpion’s sting.

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If you fall into a poisonous slime, don’t hesitate and jump out quickly – it cannot kill you instantly

Because of the poisoning, Spider-Man will suffer from extensive and extremely vivid hallucinations: the whole city was allegedly flooded with poisonous slime. If you get into this slime, the hero will receive damage, so stay away from the ground (and water) in this mission.

Your first task is to climb higher to analyze the situation. Use the trees to get out of the park (a double pull-up on the web will come in handy) and climb to the specified skyscraper. Once at the top, Spider-Man will be able to figure out the toxin with the help of the already familiar mini-game.

A scientist by nature, Peter knows which ingredients are required to create an antidote – a natural steroid and an antitoxin. You will only have to find them and mix in the lab of Dr. Octavius. The first component of this antidote – the extract of Eclipta alba – can be found in the greenhouse of the local university.

The hero is advised to avoid the poisonous slime on the way to the greenhouse. Using cranes, get to high buildings in the south or, if you don’t want to risk, make a detour – there are many multi-storied buildings to the west from the direct path. Having landed on the roof of the target building, proceed to the greenhouse.

Spider-Man won’t be able to just get the necessary extract as he will become heavily influenced by neurotoxin. After waking up, Spider-Man will find himself at the entrance to Dr. Octavius’ lab. However, a phantasmagoric scene awaits him behind the door: scattered islands of consciousness united by the thought of what happened to Otto.

Follow Octavius using jumps from points and pull-ups on the web – these are the fastest ways to move. As a result, Spider-Man will get to the pot with the extract that he needs – nobody will now stop him from taking it. Waking up from the hallucination, the hero will again find himself in the relatively real world.

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The second ingredient in the antidote – synthetic atropine – is stored in one of Harry Osborn’s research stations in Midtown. It won’t be easy to get there – giant scorpion tails will start to grow from the poisoned water. To avoid getting hit, stay away from them and press the ‘’circle’’ when a corresponding indicator appears on the screen.

Having arrived at the research station, Spider-Man will again travel to an imaginary world where everything is not as good as before: the ghost of Otto will openly blame the hero for his (and not only his) failures. Your task remains the same: follow the doctor and do not fall into the abyss.

The landscape in this nightmare is more versatile than in the previous one. Here, you’ll need to use both parkour and pull-up to the point – the game will remind you how to perform these tricks – but if you wish, you can go along the entire course using web swinging.

Having picked up the atropine and returning to the sad reality, Peter will finally be able to create an antidote. Since the equipment for this task is located only in the real lab of Dr. Octavius, the hero will need to get to the place of his former work.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Streets of Poison-16
Use the crane in the background to dodge the last line of tail defense

Hallucinations persist, and an unprecedented number of scorpion tails will await you on the way to your goal (they will be especially numerous near the lab). Do not relax, dodge in the air, push away from the points and – if you have the skill – double pull-ups on the web.

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Before you are finally allowed to craft an antidote, the hero will have to go through another nightmare. Once in the imaginary world, listen to Octavius and jump on the nearby platform where Scorpion (or, at least, his phantom version) is waiting for Spider-Man.

Most of the time, the enemy will jump from one cabinet to another, trying to hit the hero with poisonous saliva from afar. It’s not hard to dodge this ‘’bullet’’ – press on the ‘’circle’’ each time you see the indicator of spider’s flair above the protagonist’s head.

If the villain decides to jump on the hero, be ready to dodge twice – the first assault is inevitably followed by the second one. In these moments, you’ll have a desire to hit the opponent, but don’t do it as you will be painfully thrown away by the iron tail.

Instead, wait for Scorpion to settle in a new ‘’sniper’’ position and shoot him from web shooters – the enemy will be vulnerable to your attack. Pull yourself up to the villain and hit him properly. After a few hits, the enemy will disappear while you will need to prepare for the main battle in this mission.

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On the next platform, Spider-Man will confront six Scorpions at once. They will attack the hero simultaneously. In this regard, be prepared to dodge constantly and to eliminate each enemy as soon as possible.

Ejectors are quick weapons, but they do not fit well for this battle (at least in its early stages): while you shoot one Scorpion, three others will have the time to shoot poison at the hero. Thus, we recommend using impact or electric web, or bombs to stun opponents.

In addition, you can finish off the entangled enemies with focus charges. First, it’s faster. Second, during this animation (unlike usual attacks) Spider-Man is invincible so that no one can interrupt his attack. Thus, the suit function Battle focus becomes incredibly useful.

Marvel’s Spider-Man Full Walkthrough: Streets of Poison-19

At the end of the battle, the centrifuge, which looks like an ordinary computer, will appear out of nowhere. Use the device to re-enter the real world. By the time Peter regains his consciousness, he won’t be wearing anything other than Spider-Man’s mask and his underwear.

Having dressed up, you can leave the lab to get your well-deserved 5000 experience points. However, the hero can assess the changes made by Octavius, listen to his audio diaries and do the remaining scientific projects.

John Davis